tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer Dragon Love

Her Dragon Love


It was her twentieth birthday. The day she was to choose a man to court her. For weeks men had gathered 'round her, trying to sway her into choosing them. None of them made her heart ache however and she so she did not choose any of them. But today she would be required to make a choice according to the law of her village.

A new suitor had appeared today, a tall man with bright crimson hair. His eyes were deep green and his smile was bright and happy. He looked at her with curiosity but had not yet approached her. This was what had eventually drawn her to him. She was curious as to why he did not seem to be trying to court her. So she went to him and asked.

"Good sir, why is it that you do not speak to me?" she asked politely, looking up into his eyes. They were neither sea green nor emerald green. In fact they were the color of an emerald sea. She had just come to this conclusion while staring into his brilliant eyes. She saw his lips curl into a smile and she frowned, thinking that he should smile more often, when she heard his voice.

"Did you not hear me little one?" he asked in a deep tenor voice. She shook her head and blinked up at him. He smiled once again,

"I said that I had not spoken to you because you needed to speak with me first," he said, seeming to find her humorous. She frowned once more and humphed at him.

"What sort of silly rule is that?" she asked haughtily. He frowned and seemed annoyed with her all of a sudden.

"It is a courtesy to you," he said, his voice rough and perhaps a bit mad. He then turned his back to her and strode away. She blinked at this, surprised at him. She went to talk to him but he was no where that she could see now. She asked around and then decided that he had probably gone for a stroll in the forest. It was what she did when she felt frustrated.

She hiked up her skirt and took off in the forest, looking around for him. She heard soft noises coming from a glen in the middle of the forest and she smiled. She was sure that was where he was. It made perfect sense to her that he would be in the glen in the middle of the forest.

She moved closer, not bothering to hide herself or to make her footsteps softer. But when she saw what was in the glen she gasped and quickly attempted to hide herself before a large rock. The large green eyes of the dragon shifted toward her and narrowed.

"You just couldn't leave it alone could you, little one," came the voice of the dragon, strangely familiar to her. The dragon reached out and in one quick swipe lifted her off the ground and pulled her close. He growled softly,

"I can not resist you now that you are in my grasp," he purred. He watched her with lust and smiled slowly. She gasped suddenly, realizing that her new suitor was in fact one and the same as this large green dragon.

"Please, no. I won't tell anyone," she cried desperately. She did not want to be eaten. He smiled, flashing his fangs at her.

"I think not. I know you will never tell anyone. But it won't be because you're trying to assuage my anger," he said. Using one giant claw he cut through her dress and gently unclothed her. He looked over her body and purred his approval. She shivering in fear but with a touch of desire as well. He smiled and lapped at one of her breasts with his long forked tongue.

She gasped and shivered, amazed at the sensations in her body that she had never imagined. He chuckled when he saw the expression on her face.

"Being devoured by a dragon is not as bad as the stories say..." he whispered to her, rasping his tongue against her nipple once more. When she gave another shiver and panted in desire he licked his way down her stomach. He stopped to admire the blond curls at the apex of her thighs.

"Such a beautiful young thing. So innocent," he whispered almost to himself. He then grinned and lapped at her pussy with his tongue. She cried out, her voice filling his ears as he eagerly devoured her. He couldn't seem to get enough of her taste. She writhed beneath him and clutched at anything she could grab. Within minutes she was begging him with soft moans and gasps. He finally had pity on her and rose above her, placing the tip of his cock against her wet entrance.

"I am sorry little one," he sighed in her ear. He then thrust into her with one long push of his hips, breaking her maidenhead easily before freezing. She gasped but then moaned again, amazed at the feeling of him filling and stretching her. She felt none of the pain that she had been told would happen at this moment. In fact she felt nothing much except for the explicit pleasure that he brought to her body so easily.

Within moments he believed her to be ready for him and he began thrusting slowly and gently. He kept up this steady pace until she gasped and moaned desperately underneath him. He began thrusting into her harder and faster until he was driving himself deep inside her. Her cries had become almost constant. He doubted he would be able to live without hearing those cries in his ears again. He needed her, his little innocent.

Just as he decided to keep her she stiffened and came hard. Her pussy rippled and clutched at his cock, milking him for every drop of seed as he came inside her. Soon they were both spent and he pulled out of her. He shifted back to his human appearance and pulled her close to him. There, in the lovely grove in the middle of the forest, they slept. They had found each other and now they would never part.

When they woke they returned to the village separately so as not to arouse suspicion. Her father told her it was time to announce her choice. She walked to the well in the middle of town which was where all announcements were made. She smiled at her lover through the crowd and announced that her choice had been made. The next day they were wed in a gorgeous ceremony, with her dressed in white and him in dashing black. He kissed her, as ceremony dictated, then whispered in her ear,

"Oh the things I wish to do to you tonight," She giggled in reply and kissed him again. She smiled happily and knew that everything would be perfect as long as she had her dragon love.

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