tagBDSMHer Gift to Papa Ch. 03

Her Gift to Papa Ch. 03


Day 3 - New experiences

The next morning Kaitlin awoke to the sun streaming across her face as she slowly opened her eyes focusing on the picture across the room of her Master standing in all his naked glory beside the heavy draperies of the window overlooking their view of the city. A smile graced her lips as she gazed upon the man that had quickly mesmerized her very soul.

“Good morning Papa”, she said as she looked up at him approaching their bed as he saw that she was now awake. “Is that magnificent view part of “room service?” she inquired with a hint of laughter in her voice.

“I couldn’t wait for you any longer to wake up so I decided to take matters in my own hands so to speak” he said grinning down at her.

He lay down beside her and gathered her in his arms as his lips claimed her own. His hands were on her ass pulling her tightly against him as she felt his burgeoning erection against her thigh. He stopped briefly to grasp the hem of his t-shirt she was wearing once again and pulled it over her head tossing it on the floor carelessly beside them. Pulling her tightly against him once more, there was no doubt of his intentions or what he wanted this morning from his baby. Kaitlin was quickly learning his sexual appetite was vast and he expected her to be at his disposal whenever he desired her.

She felt the moisture building between her legs that spoke of her own desire for him and almost unconsciously they parted on their own accord for his access to his baby’s cunt. She felt his large palm moving from her ass and cupping the smooth mound between them. She sighed in utter contentment as lust pure and simple flashed through her body for this man.

As he parted the lips encasing her womanhood, Andrew lowered his mouth to her left breast. Lapping at her nipple gently at first, he gradually sucked into his mouth and nipped at it with his teeth. Kaitlin moaned beneath him as he first laved her breast and then his fingers seeking and finding her clit. She gasped from what this man, her Master was doing to her this morning and once more she was seeing one of the many sides of him. She was so very grateful to whatever forces brought them together, but the thoughts forming in her mind quickly fled as her Papa made love to her body.

Her Master bit down rather hard on her nipple and she squirmed slightly but didn’t utter a sound as he made it known to her that he owned her now. This ‘session’ was no longer the ‘lovemaking’ she had envisioned but instead Andrew wanted her by force. Rather quickly she felt herself being turned over and her wrists almost before she knew it were handcuffed to the headboard in front of her.

“That’s it my slut, up on your knees for your Papa”, he ordered her and she quickly complied with his request. “I love looking at your ass, MY ass that is, begging to be fucked by your Master.”

He caressed the lovely white orbs forming her ass as she wiggled in front of him smiling softly to herself. Then without warning, she felt the first sting of the paddle as he slapped it against her butt. She groaned but knew better now than to say anything aloud to her Master. Tears filled her eyes as she said the words she knew he expected of her and preparing her mind for where she knew it needed to be this morning.

“One, thank you Master, may I please have another”, she quietly intoned as she slipped into the role that was expected of her as his and his alone.

Her Papa rubbed the quickly pinking white skin of her ass and brought down his paddle once more across her backside slipping a finger into the already dripping cunt of his baby. Her body never failed to betray her true feelings on whatever her Master did when they were together.

“Two, thank you Master, may I please have another” she said as the tears of pain now rolled down her cheeks the pink giving way to a brighter red now as Andrew hit her bare ass once again.

He was rock hard as he watched his baby pulling unconsciously at the restraints that held her wrists firmly in place for his use. With his open palm he spanked her exposed mound now bare for him. Kaitlin whimpered louder as her body writhed beneath him begging for his touch. Leaning up against her, she felt his hard cock resting between the crack of her ass. With one fast thrust he was buried into her eagerly waiting pussy and he felt her muscles tighten around him. Sighing with pleasure of having her Master’s manhood sheathed by her surrounding wetness, she moved back up against him trying vainly to get him to fuck her.

He abruptly pulled his cock out of her throbbing cunt and her actions earned her another smack to her red ass as she cried out in pain but remembering to gasp out the words he had instructed her to say. “Three, thank you Master, may I please have another.”

“Be still my slut”, he admonished her while rubbing her hot red skin where he had inflicted the latest blow. “Don’t forget your cunt belongs to me now and I didn’t give you permission to move baby.”

Once more he pushed his pulsating prick inside her and thrust in and out of her eager opening. Just as the walls of her cunt were gripping him, Kaitlin felt him slide his glistening cock out of her and felt the tip of it at her anal opening and then knew what her Master wanted from her this morning. She mentally braced herself for the intrusion into her body. Before Andrew had become part of her life she had never thought she would enjoy anal sex but he was fast changing her mind as she eagerly waited for him to enter her orifice. She moaned as she felt him pushing inside the tightness of her ass.

He pulled roughly on the hard little bud of her clit as he pushed deeper into her body and felt the gradual opening up for him. Deeper he thrust inside as his baby groaned beneath him silently accepting the way he was taking her body this morning. Stroking her clit faster now he could feel the wetness oozing out of her pussy onto his hand as her desire for what he was doing to her became more evident.

“Tell Papa what you want baby”, he said. “I want to hear what my whore needs from me.”

“Master, please fuck me. Please fuck your baby’s ass. I need you so much Papa. Please fuck your slut Master”, as she gasped out the words he wanted to come from her lips. “Your slut is begging you to fuck her hard”.

They both felt the pop as her ass opened up to him completely and he rammed his cock all the way in with his balls nestling up against her butt. He momentarily rested as he gave her body time to adjust to him but then began pumping in earnest, fucking his baby the way she begged him to just mere second before. Kaitlin tried to remain still and in place the way he wanted her on the bed before him, but it was harder than she would have thought possible. She longed to push back up against him as he slid his throbbing cock in and out of her, but true to form she stayed as motionless as possible as she allowed him the use of her body for his pleasure.

Her body was slick with sweat as her Master continued to fuck her rubbing faster on her clit as he increased the tempo of their coupling. She felt the stiffening of his body as his eminent release became evident. Then without warning, she felt him pull out of her butt and shoot his load all over her back as he came. He visibly shook as the cum spewed forth from his still throbbing cock.

Rubbing his hand in the secretions on her, he guided his hand to her mouth pushing her lips open with his fingers. She lovingly licked the wetness from them and cleaned the digits with her tongue. She was a little disappointed to not to have been allowed to cum herself, but kept those thoughts wisely in her own mind and not voicing them aloud.

Andrew now undid the handcuffs that had shackled her to the bed for him to use the way he desired this morning. For the most part, although each time with her was for pure enjoyment, it was also another one of the ‘tests’ he had mapped out in his own mind in contemplating making Kaitlin his sub in his life beyond this vacation they were having together. As usual, she hadn’t disappointed him and had further cemented his wish and desires to make her ‘his’.

He now stood up beside the bed and scooped her into his arms and carried her to one of the suite’s bathrooms off the living area. He sat her down on the lowered toilet seat as he turned towards the Jacuzzi like bathtub. Turning on both faucets, he adjusted the temperature to his liking and then retrieved Kaitlin from where he had left her. Lowering her gently into the bathtub, he softly stroked her cheek as she smiled up at him.

“That was wonderful my precious slut. Thank you for making your Master proud,” he said to her as he gazed at the lovely creature before him.

“Thank you Papa for allowing me to be your slut and servicing you the way you desired this morning,” Kaitlin stated as she lowered her gaze in the proper manner as she spoke directly to her Master.

Andrew picked up one of the plush bath cloths in the basket on the ledge of the tub. Liberally applying some of the scented bath gel that the hotel had provided for their use, he lowered his tall frame to his knees and began gently bathing his baby. When she was clean again, he let the water drain from the tub before once again replacing the plug to fill it up, this time turning on the pulsating jets in various positions on the sides. He then stood before her as she drunk in the sight of her Master and grinned up at him as his eyes locked with hers.

Kaitlin then knew in her heart that although he had just ‘used’ her moments before for his own pleasure, it was now ‘her turn’ for the ecstasy her body was craving from this wonderful man. As he stepped into the deep tub, she scooted up to allow him room to join her. Once he was seated, he pulled her body onto his lap with her facing away from him and her delectable ass on his already hardening cock.

Reaching between her legs, he pulled her cunt lips apart exposing the hard little nub of her clit. Her Master then positioned her in such a manner that one of the pulsating streams of water was directly touching his slut’s cunt. He laughed out loud at the gasp that came from her when it struck her clit so forcibly. He realized then just how much he was going to enjoy giving her multiple orgasms in this manner today.

“Do you like that baby, enjoying how it makes you throb?” he inquired.

“Oh yes Papa, very much,” she said somewhat breathlessly as her limbs became languid in his arms.

Still chuckling to himself he pulled his baby’s pussy lips further apart and pushed her closer to the powerful jet. Within seconds her head was thrashing and without her Papa’s arms firmly wrapped around her, she felt she might have slipped underneath the water.

“Oh my God Papa, please Papa, please,” she gasped out loud.

“Please what baby? What is it you need?” he asked still smiling at the vision in his arms.

“Master please let me cum,” she pleaded with him. “So close Papa. I’m begging for your permission to cum.”

“Of course baby, but only on one condition,” said Andrew. “I’m going to let you cum now but you can’t stop cumming until I tell you that you may. Is that understood?”

Somewhat perplexed by his instructions, she nevertheless replied to him immediately. “Yes Master, I will cum until you tell me to stop. Please Sir I am begging your permission to cum now.”

“Of course baby. Cum for your Papa now,” he instructed her as he held her tightly in his arms.

Those words were all that Kaitlin needed to hear to succumb to the needs and desires from her body. As she slipped into oblivion with her Master firmly grasping her, her body shook from the tremors. She screamed out loud with what her Papa was doing to her, her juices gushing out of ‘his’ hot cunt. She barely had time to recover when she felt her Master holding her lips further apart while holding her in place for the jet stream to kiss her clit repeatedly. Once again, she began shaking as she mindlessly tossed her head from side to side as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her.

She could now feel her Papa sliding first one finger, then two in and out of her tight ass as the hard stream of water continued to hit her clit. Gulping in air to try to control her breathing, she was now speechless with what her Master was doing to her. Before she could even begin to recover somewhat, she began to feel yet another climax building within her. Andrew was freely fucking her ass with his fingers, pumping the digits in and out with ease as she breathlessly told her Master to her amazement she was cumming yet again.

She knew she was acting like the wanton slut she had always known existed deep inside her, but it had taken this man, her Papa to bring out her true animalistic behavior. She no longer cared about ‘proper manners’ taught at her mother’s knee, she just knew she reveled in what this man made her feel. She began shaking again as she felt herself falling over the edge into to the sweet darkness that enveloped her very being. Stroking her cheek her Master held her tightly to him as the spasms rocked her body.

He lifted her slippery body up from his lap and turned her around facing him as he lowered her once again. Pulling apart her cunt lips, without words and only actions between them, he indicted to her what he wanted from her now. Following his silent directions she raised up a bit only to sink down this time on his engorged cock sheathing him with her wetness. Grasping his hands to her waist he guided her in an upward movement to slowly begin fucking her Papa.

He told her that she was to continue stroking her clit as she fucked him. She was so swollen now from the three rapid orgasms one following rapidly upon the heels of another but knew better than to protest any discomfort she might be experiencing at this moment. She remembered his words from earlier that she was to continue cumming until he said she could stop. The warm water continued to pulsate around them as she began fucking her Master in earnest rubbing the nub furiously between her legs as she struggled to reach the fourth climax her Papa showed her with actions that he expected from her.

Faster she moved up and down on his throbbing erection with her head thrown back in ecstasy. Her Papa could feel the tremors begin in her body as she once again gushed all over him grunting like the animal she was for her Master’s use. Screaming out his name, she felt his own hot secretions pummel into her cunt.

Barely giving her time to catch her breath, he rose and lifted her out of the tub and carried her back to their bed not even bothering to dry either of them off with the plush towels on the heated towels racks of the bathroom. He dropped her none too gently in the center of the bed quickly fastening her wrists to the headboard one more time. He took some rope from his suitcase by the bed and with spreading her legs as wide as possible, also shackled her ankles to the footboard in the same manner. He had his baby just the way he wanted her, spread-eagled for his use.

He fumbled around a bit more inside the suitcase until he found what he was seeking. Using his tongue to wet the tips, he fasted two suction cups onto her still wet nipples from their time in the bathtub. She whimpered from the sensations but otherwise made no movement or sounds as she waited for whatever her Master wished of her now.

He lowered himself above her onto the bed and then while squeezing her firm breasts, he buried his head between her legs. After four very intense orgasms, Kaitlin hadn’t even seen how she could possibly cum any more or at least anytime soon. But now with her Master’s expert tongue alternately fucking his baby’s cunt and his teeth nibbling on her hardened and raw clit, she knew that was his wish and desire and her body as always was responding to his touch.

Her cunt that her Master had shaved for the first time yesterday was so smooth to the touch and even more sensitive than it had ever been before. Before long, her Master had her thrashing about the bed once more with what little latitude the restraints allowed as she raced toward yet another climax. She jerked beneath him as the contractions shook her down to the soles of her feet. Raising his head up from between her legs, Andrew grinned at her as his eyes sought out her passion filled ones.

Slowly he undid her restraints and rubbed the circulation back into her limbs as she lay on the bed exhausted. As her focus came back into view, she glanced at the travel alarm that was on the nightstand beside her and much to her astonishment realized in less than one hour her Master had ‘made’ her cum five times for him. She sighed with the contentment of a woman well and truly fucked by her lover as she patiently waited for further instructions from her Papa.

“I’ve decided I need to feed you to keep up your strength for the rest of the day I have planned,” he said smiling down at her. “I think to expedite matters I will call room service to deliver brunch to us instead of going down to the dining room this morning.”

He reached for the telephone on the nightstand by the clock and quickly ordered for the both of them as she lay on the bed stretching and watching him. When he finished and hung up the phone he sat down on the bed beside her gathering her in his arms. Lowering his mouth to hers, he gently brushed her lips with his own.

Breaking their kiss, Kaitlin lay her head on his chest wrapping her arms tightly around his torso. “Thank you so much Master for such an exquisite morning,” she said somewhat dreamily.

“You are quite welcome baby. I enjoyed it every bit as much as you so obviously did,” he said chuckling to her.

The imp in her made her teasingly reply to his remark. “Wow Papa…I never would have guessed,” she said smiling up at him once more with her eyes twinkling in their amusement.

“Hmmm,” he said. “Is that a ‘bad girl’ streak in you there?”

“Moi, bad? Of course not Papa. I’m such a good little slut for you,” Kaitlin stated with ever increasing boldness.

Their exchange was interrupted by a knock at the door. Kaitlin hadn’t figured on room service responding so quickly and she hurriedly looked for something, anything to cover herself with.

“Not so fast my little slut,” said her Master. “I think I need to remind you just who is in charge here in case it has slipped your mind.”

With that he lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the little dining alcove off the living area of their suite. Pulling back a chair for her at the table, he unceremoniously dropped her bare ass in the seat while calling out to the person on the other side of the door he would be there shortly. Kaitlin silently waited further instructions from her Master but with a stern look on his face and other than telling her stay exactly where he had put her, he issued no more orders or details.

Apprehensively she quietly waited for whatever was now set to transpire, whatever she may have set forth with her teasing comments a few moments ago. She heard the door quietly open behind her and a cart of what she was sure was their brunch being rolled toward the table. It was all she could do to not give in to the urge to flee as quickly as possible from the room to the bathroom behind the door close by her side. She sat ramrod straight with her hands folded in her lap as she heard her Papa and what she now recognized as a male approaching the table.

Kaitlin wanted to cross her arms across her chest to vainly try to cover her complete nudity from the strange man’s piercing gaze. At first she had dropped her eyes to look at her lap but knew in her heart that wouldn’t please Andrew, so she struggled to keep her head held high and meet the man’s staring face as he audibly gasped from seeing her completely nude and appearing to him at least to be so nonchalant as he began placing their food on the table.

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