tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer New Toy Ch. 03

Her New Toy Ch. 03


When I woke up it took me a few moments to realize where I was. A warm body was pressed up against me. Dark hair was in my face, smelling of floral shampoo. One of my hands was wrapped around her front, palming a breast. The thick length of my cock was nestled between the cheeks of her ass.

It all came roaring back to me. The way Dani had looked standing naked above me. The taste of her lips. How her mouth sucked at the head of my cock. I remembered being inside of her, fucking her pussy with long strokes. I remembered the way my cum tasted as I licked it off of her breasts and then kissed her.

She was waking up too. Her ass flexed a little around my cock, squeezing me for a second. And then she rolled over to stare into my eyes. Her face was blank for a second, like she was deep in thought, but then she smiled. "Good morning Emma," she said, still a little sleepy, and reached out to massage one of my breasts.

I moaned a little as she pinched my nipple. And I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She was still here, and she still wanted to be here. I couldn't have really blamed her if she had left. It's not everyday that you come home from vacation to find that your roommate has grown a huge cock and an insatiable urge to fuck. I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss.

When our lips separated I looked deep into her eyes for a moment. "Thank you." I really meant it.

Dani raised an eyebrow. "For what?"

"For yesterday. For right now. For not running screaming from the room."

She laughed. "Run? Away from this?" Dani reached out and lightly grasped my cock. "This might be the greatest thing that's ever happened." She was gently stroking me now. I was hard in seconds, a small burst of precum flowing from my tip.

We stayed that way for a while, kissing playfully, our nipples brushing together and our breasts pressing into each other. Dani was stroking me with a purpose now, using my precum to lube her hands. I had to roll away, gasping, before I came all over the both of us.

"You're going to make a mess." I slid out of bed and took her hand. "Let's go somewhere easier to clean."

We were in the shower a long time. It was fun to wash each other. I shampooed her hair, which she seemed to enjoy. Dani spread body wash all over herself, and then rubbed against me, using her body as a sponge. We probably spent more time than we had to on our breasts and sensitive parts.

We had just gotten down to the good part when we were interrupted. Dani was on her knees, tongue flashing across my slit. And then the doorbell rang.

Dani rolled her eyes. "Don't go anywhere," she said, jumping out of the shower. She wrapped a towel around her hair and threw on a robe before running out into the hallway.

I waited for a few minutes. But the water started to get cold, and my cock began to wilt. So I got out and dried myself off. I was almost done when Dani came back in, a wicked grin on her face.

"Dr. Bennet is here to see you." My cock twitched when I heard her name.


Dani's smile got bigger as she nodded her head. She knew all about me and Dr. Bennet. Ali had been the first woman I had fucked upon receiving my cock. I was still trying to figure out what had happened that day.

I looked around for something to wear, but I didn't have anything in the bathroom. And then I looked down at my cock, wondering if I should tell it to go away. A thought struck me.

"Is she alone?"

Dani nodded.

I debated a second, and then shrugged. I wouldn't be showing Ali anything she hadn't already seen. I walked down the hall to greet her, naked. I even focussed my thoughts for a second, making myself longer and thicker. I wanted to make a good impression.

Apparently it worked. Ali's jaw dropped as she gazed upon the massive rod swinging between my legs. It took a visible act of control for her to tear her eyes away from my cock and look at my face. Even so, her nipples hardened and her face flushed.

She obviously liked what she saw. So did I. Ali was dressed for work. Her reddish gold hair was done up in a loose bun. She was wearing a white sleeveless blouse and a grey pencil skirt. High black heels completed the outfit. She looked great. Her breasts and ass were perfectly presented. I wanted her immediately.

We stood for a second, neither of us really sure what to say. Ali broke the silence. "Emma, it's good to see you. Thank you for inviting me in."

I smiled. "Of course. Would you like to sit down?" We were being strangely formal, considering that I was completely naked.

We moved to the living room. I sat on the couch and Ali took the love seat. Dani snuggled up next to me. She had taken off her towel, and her wet hair was draped across her shoulders. The water on her skin had soaked through the green silk of her robe, and it was plastered to her body, leaving nothing to imagination. She had let the robe fall open, down past her belly button. The smooth skin of her chest was exposed, and the only thing that was stopping her breasts from falling out completely was the fact that her stiff nipples were snagging the edge of the fabric. Tantalizing glimpses of her pussy peeked out from under her hem. I felt the blood begin to pool in my cock and my length became heavy and sensitive.

I grinned over at Ali as I slowly stroked Dani's bare thigh with my fingertips. She sighed happily into my shoulder and snuggled closer. "So what brings you here doctor?"

Ali was visibly aroused. Her nipples looked like they were about to cut through the thin fabric of her blouse. She crossed and uncrossed her legs a couple of times, rubbing her thighs together. I was waiting for her to talk, and she took a deep breath before she began.

"First, I want to say that I'm truly sorry for what happened the other day. It was completely unprofessional."

I laughed a little at that. "I'm not sorry. I was pretty confused at first. But," I looked down at Dani. "I think I'm ok with it."

Ali nodded. "Ok, I guess I can understand that. But I think I might be able to at least explain why it happened."

That got my attention. "I'm listening."

"Do you know what a pheromone is?"

"Sort of. It's like a scent that animals use to communicate, right?"

She smiled. "Something like that. Humans have them too. No one is really sure what the mechanism is, but most scientists who study this sort of thing think they have to do with physical attraction. If people have compatible pheromones they will be more likely to have sex."

That wasn't too hard to follow, even for a history major like me. "So what does that have to do with me?"

"I think there may have been changes in your body that go beyond the more obviously physical. I'll have to run some tests, but it's possible that you're releasing some sort of chemical that arouses people around you. That lowers their inhibitions and makes them more likely to do things they wouldn't otherwise." She looked over at Dani. "When did you first feel attracted to Emma? Sexually?"

One of Dani's breasts had slipped out of her robe, and she ran a fingertip around her nipple as she thought. "At the airport, when we hugged. I thought she smelled good. Different. Like she had started using new soap." She smiled. "After that, it was like I couldn't get the idea of us together out of my head. I kept daydreaming about us fucking." She pulled her robe to the side and began lightly rubbing her clit. "Was it like that for you?"

If Ali was shocked by the question she didn't show it. "It was more sudden. She was right there, and so was her cock. I was focussed on figuring out what had happened, so I think I ignored some of the effects of being so close to her." Ali smiled fondly. "Until I couldn't anymore. And then she was in hands, in my mouth, in my throat. And in my pussy." Ali was fondling her breasts through her blouse. Her breathing was getting faster, and I could feel the tension in her from across the room.

I could see where we were going. My mind flashed back to the hot tunnel of Ali's throat as she swallowed my rod. I wanted that again. I was getting hard, my cock rising in little pulses, in sync with my heartbeat.

Dani was closer than Ali, and she had been waiting for a chance at my cock since we woke up. I moaned as her lips wrapped around me. She couldn't take much of me. I was too wide for her throat. But she sucked on my head like she was born to it, her tongue swirling around my crown as she drank down my copious precum. She pushed her head down and gagged a little as I pressed into her throat. "Baby, make yourself smaller so I can get it all in," Dani gasped as she popped her mouth off of my cock.

I didn't answer. I just grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down onto my rod. She swallowed my head and continued to suckle on my tip. My eyes were locked on Ali. She was staring at us, massaging her breasts, a look of pure lust in her eyes. "What are you waiting for?" I asked quietly. "Come and play."

Ali stood and began removing her clothes. She had more control this time, carefully unbuttoning her blouse instead of ripping it open. Her bra fell to the floor, exposing her wonderful breasts. Then her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties.

That made me laugh for a second. "Dirty girl," I moaned. It was getting hard to pay attention to anything but Dani's mouth. "I thought you were coming over to apologize."

Ali blushed a little as she walked across the room, her heels clicking on the floor. "I was, but... I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I was hoping this would happen."

She stood over us for a second, watching Dani suck my cock. And then she leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue was in my mouth, her hands on my breasts, she was tugging at my nipples. I moaned into her mouth. Her hands combined with Dani's mouth were almost too much.

Ali pulled away from me, and then laced her fingers into Dani's hair. Dani gasped as she was pulled away from my cock, a small whine escaping her lips. Ali silenced her with a kiss. Their tongues battled for a moment, and then they separated, a small string of my precum connecting their lips. "Let me show you how it's done," Ali said, smiling down at Dani.

She settled on her knees in front of me. Her hands went to work on my cock, twisting and milking me from root to tip. So much precum ran out of me that it spilled over her fingers to trickle down onto my soaking pussy. The rest Ali greedily sucked up, running her lips up my length. She went back down again to tease my pussy with her tongue.

I was in heaven. It was like Ali knew exactly what I wanted. I massaged my tits while I moaned on the couch, back arched, trying to push my hips into her face. Dani shuffled up next to me on her knees and fed me one of her tits. I sucked at her hungrily, trying to fit as much of her perfect breast into my mouth as possible. The memory of how she had abused herself the day before flashed through my head, and I bit her nipple and pulled back, stretching her to the point of pain. Dani loved it, howling above me and using her hand to pull at her other breast.

And then Ali's mouth swallowed me up, and everything else ceased to exist.

Not literally, but she certainly caught my attention. I had my arms around Dani, pulling her close, and we both watched in amazement as Ali worked her magic. She looked at me and smiled as she devoured my head, tongue flat against my crown. Her mouth opened a bit wider, and then I was in. Ali's jaw worked slightly as she took me down, I could feel my cock curving a little to fit down her throat, an obvious bulge forming where I filled her up. She was perfect, hot and wet and tight. She kept going, taking half of me, then more, until her lips touched her hands down near my root. She pulled off slowly, throat clenching around me, her tongue hot and mobile against my skin. When she finally released me a rush of precum and saliva spilled out of her lips to run down her chin and drip onto her breasts. Ali smiled at me, the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

Dani shuddered against me. She'd been fingering herself the entire time, and Ali's performance was too much. "Holy shit," she said, once she'd caught her breath. "That was amazing."

Ali's tongue was still on me, sweeping around my crown and slipping under the flared ridge of my cockhead. She took me in her throat again, driving even deeper. Over and over she swallowed my cock whole, until I was nothing but a squirming, moaning heap. Finally she pulled off of me and motioned to Dani. "Come down here, and I'll show you."

Dani got on her knees at Ali's side. "All you have to do is open your throat and push. Ignore your gag reflex and just go for it." Ali demonstrated with one long thrust that had me right on the edge of cumming. "You try," she said as she finally pulled my cock out of her throat.

Dani opened wide and pushed down on me. The tip of my cock was in the entrance of her throat, but the rest of me was too wide. Ali had her hand on the back of Dani's head, pushing down on her. I started to get a little worried. Tears were forming at the corners of Dani's eyes and it seemed possible that Ali might actually hurt her. So with a thought I made my cock just a bit less thick. All of a sudden Dani was sliding down me, the hot sleeve of her throat wrapped around my cock. She stayed that way as long as she could, her lips down near my root, until her breath started to run out. "You cheated," she gasped, smiling at me through lips slick with saliva and precum.

They traded me back and forth for a while. I was constantly on the edge of cumming, kept there by their sucking lips and throats. Finally, I couldn't keep it in any longer. I was buried in Ali's throat, and I grabbed her head and pushed her even deeper as I began to pump my load down deep into her. She let me stay in her as long as she could, but she began to struggle with the lack of air and I reluctantly let her up. I was cumming the whole time. She kept my head in her mouth as my last few spurts oozed out of me. Ali climbed up my body with a mouthful of cum and kissed me, sharing my load. When our lips split a long string of my spunk connected us and she smiled as I gathered it up. "You like tasting yourself, don't you?" She was licking her own lips, trying not to lose a single drop of me.

I could only nod in agreement. The taste of my gift was overpowering and intoxicating, like I was drinking some fine wine. I wanted more. Ali and Dani did too. Both of them had their hands on my rod, stroking and massaging my length. The kissed while they jerked me, moaning in anticipation. I hadn't even gone soft after that climax. If anything, I was harder. It felt like my cock was about to burst. I needed to fuck someone. Now.

I reached down without really looking, and grabbed a hand, pulling its owner upright. It was Ali, and she smiled triumphantly as she stepped forward to straddle my hips. She reached down to grasp my cock, slowly rubbing my thick head across the slick lips of her pussy. "I've been dreaming about this for two days straight," she said, before impaling herself on my length.

It was perfect. I saw stars. Ali was just as wet and tight as I remembered. So tight that I had to go slow for the first thrust. My length split her open, pushing apart the muscular walls of her cunt. Finally, I bottomed out, the head of my cock brushing against her cervix. Ali moaned and stiffened, her pussy rippling around me as she came. She was still for a moment, but then she leaned forward, kissed me, and began fucking herself upon me. I have to say, she had fantastic technique. Ali kept her upper body still, her breasts pressed against mine, and fucked me using the movement of her hips alone. For our first time I had been in control, pushing her down on a table and thrusting into her from behind. It was nice to lay back and let her have her way with me.

She was moaning over me, hair flying loose to form a beautiful halo around her face. We kissed again, and then I leaned forward to take her nipples into my mouth. We were so wrapped up in each other that I think Dani started to feel a bit left out. So she took matters into her own hands. I moaned in surprise as I felt her tongue sweep over my pussy and up my shaft to where I was thrusting into Ali. And then it was Ali's turn to moan in shock. "Oh shit!" Her eyes went wide and I could feel her cunt clamp down on me. "Oh, she's licking my asshole. Keep doing that." She reached a hand behind her, grabbing Dani's head and pushing her deeper into her most secret place.

It was like we had gone from being three individuals to becoming one creature. A sucking, thrusting, squeezing, licking organism built for one purpose. And we were rapidly approaching culmination. I was pushing my length into Ali with a frenzied urge. She reciprocated by grabbing at me with the muscles of her cunt and feeding me her sweet nipples. Dani was attacking both of us with her tongue, coating our juncture with her saliva. Ali and I were both being driven to our breaking points.

She beat me there. She gave out one last long, deep moan and fell limp against me. Her cunt clamped down on my length, and I could feel her nectar running over my pussy. Dani's chin brushed against me as she swallowed Ali's juices. We were still for a moment, Ali leaning against me, taking deep shuddering breaths. I tilted her chin up to kiss her, then gently helped her to lay face down on the couch. Dani moved up to Ali's head and tenderly kissed her as I positioned myself.

The first thrust brought her back to life. She was stretched out flat on the couch, and I slid into her from behind. My feet were pressed into the armrest and I was using all the strength in my legs to push into her sopping pussy. Ali was moaning with every thrust, her staccato breaths timed to the movement of my cock. Dani shut her up by feeding her a breast. My little half-Japanese mynx locked eyes with me over Ali's head and gave me one of the naughtiest grins I've ever seen. My hands were tight on Ali's hips. Looking down I could see the crack of her ass, slick with Dani's spit. I spread her cheeks a bit, staring at the wet asshole in front of me and I remembered the promise I had made myself the first time I had fucked Ali.

I started slow, bringing over a thumb to rub at her tight rosebud. That made her moan and she tried to push her ass back on my finger. I took that as a good sign, and slowly eased my thumb into her. Ali released her hold on Dani's tit to say the only word I needed to hear: "Yes." She was quiet, but perfectly clear.

I pulled out of her, my length was slick with her nectar. My cock rested in the crevice of her ass. It was like it knew what was about to come and a sharp spasm ran through me as a burst of precum rushed out to lube Ali's asshole. I used the head of my rod to smear my desire across her rosebud, and then I lined up for entry. Christ, she was tight. I had to go slow, easing into her a little and then pulling out. Each time I went a little deeper. Dani was holding up Ali's head, whispering into her ear what I was doing in exact detail. I watched as her hands slowly tightened around Ali's neck. Ali's moans began to sound increasingly strangled as Dani cut off her airflow.

Her ass was unlike anything I'd ever felt. Tight and warm in a way that was completely different than her pussy. I wasn't going to last long, and I knew it. Ali's asshole was slick with my precum now, and that helped lube my passage. Soon I was thrusting into her in a steady rhythm. Ali was clearly enjoying herself. Her moans were weak, barely escaping the tight collar of Dani's fingers, but they were constant. Every time Dani saw that Ali was on the verge of passing out she released her grip to allow Ali to draw in a heaving breath, and then went back to choking her.

I was close. The tight feeling in my gut was growing. I was thrusting into Ali like a machine, sweat running down my breasts and dripping onto her back as I sawed in and out of her ass. Finally, I was there. I pushed into her ass as deep as I could go and released a massive load into the furthest recesses of Ali's body. And then I went right back to thrusting into her. It was like I couldn't stop. Each time I stabbed into her, I came again. Cum was pouring out of me like water, filling her up completely. I was starting to get light headed. In the end I couldn't keep going like that, as much as I wanted to. I fell backwards, my cock popping out of Ali's ass, a few final ropes of cum spraying across her back. My vision started to fade. The last thing I saw before I passed out was Dani crawling over Ali's back, her breasts smearing my cum. She pushed her tongue into Ali's ass, lapping up my gift. And then everything went black.

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