Hiding from Herself


Melanie followed her tongue with her fingers. She pushed one inside Andy's ass to the first knuckle. When Andy flinched at the delicious pain, Melanie quickly began to lick Andy's clit in long, hard swipes. Andy began to rock against Melanie's mouth and hands, moaning her pleasure as Melanie thrust two more fingers deep inside Andy's pulsing pussy. Andy felt stuffed, filled, as her body began to crash into Melanie, thrusting and rocking, unable to control her movements. She was focused on Melanie's tongue circling and lapping at her and when Melanie settled in to lick the spot she knew drove Andy crazy, Andy screamed at the pleasure running amok through her body. It was too much for Andy - being fucked in both holes and getting a great pussy licking from a gorgeous woman. She came with an earth shattering orgasm, her cries loud in the dark room. Melanie's mouth and fingers didn't slow as she sensed another orgasm building quickly in the blond woman writhing beneath. She began to fuck her hard and fast as she sucked softly and slowly on Andy's clit. Melanie moaned into Andy's pussy, her muffled sounds mixing with the pants and moans from above her. As she stepped over a cliff to orgasm Andy cried out.

"Melanie, I'm cumming for you, baby. I love you." Melanie was so shocked she nearly stopped what she was doing. She didn't think Andy had the least idea what she had just said in the throes of passion. She knew from Andy's body language that she was spent and Melanie crawled up to kiss her and share the tastes of her. She pulled her fingers out of Andy, instantly missing the tight warmth of her. She sucked the cum off her fingers as Andy mumbled something unintelligible and slipped into sleep.

Melanie found a blanket at the end of the bed and after turning Andy onto the bed she crawled in beside her and lay her head on Andy's out flung arm, her own arm possessively twining around Andy's chest to cup her breast. Melanie closed her eyes and quickly slipped into sleep, Andy's words dancing around in her head.

Melanie awoke with a start. At first she couldn't place her surroundings, but the soft woman under her arm moved and last night came back to her in a flash. She smiled, stretching like a cat and enjoying the sensation of waking to a beautiful bare bottom pressed against her and the sun on her face. Wait, sun on her face?

Melanie bolted upright with a start, searching frantically for a clock. Andy's bedside clock read 9:07. Melanie groaned. She had a meeting this morning that had begun exactly seven minutes ago. In the heat of last night's passion, neither of them had thought of practicalities like setting the alarm.

"Andy, darling, rise and shine," Melanie murmured into her lover's ear. Andy smiled sweetly in her sleep, and Melanie wished that she could call in a sick day. She leaned over Andy to grab the petite, black phone sitting beside the smug alarm clock. She quickly dialed and the phone was answered on the first ring. Melanie was relieved to hear Frank's voice on the other end.

"Frank, I'm glad to hear your voice this morning. Listen, I've, um, had car trouble this morning, and I'm running late."

"Car trouble. Wow. That must be some kind of psychic powers you have there considering your car was blocking me in my own driveway this morning. AND the caller ID just now registered a certain sister-in-law's house," he said teasingly. Melanie laughed unable to contain her mischievous giggles.

"I'm really sorry. Things happened, and we ended up unable to set the alarm."

"I can only recall those days with fondness. Listen, get here as soon as you can, but don't worry about Mr. Harrison. I have personally been seeing to him, and he is happy to be receiving free legal advice while he waits for you. I assured him that he wouldn't be billed for the time you aren't here."

"Yes, you definitely know how to suck up to Harrison. You're a lifesaver, Frank. Now, if only I can wake up sleeping beauty here."

"You owe me one, Melly-Mel."

Melanie managed to wake Andy by kissing her until she was giggling breathlessly and insisting she were already awake. When Melanie relayed the time, Andy popped out of bed with a groan, and the women were a flurry of laughing activity as they quickly dressed and groomed for work. Andy dropped Melanie off in front of her house where she called a cab and quickly changed, having showered at Andy's. She finished just as the cab pulling into her drive.

The day passed quickly, and Melanie was surprised when Frank stopped by her office at one and asked if she'd like to have lunch together. They walked across the street to Gino's where Melanie ordered a slice of deep-dish spinach. Her stomach rumbled in anticipation reminding her that she hadn't eaten in almost a day.

They chatted happily for some time before the conversation took the turn Melanie knew it would eventually go.

"So, you and Andy worked things out last night?"

"Technically, no," Melanie said lightly, and Frank looked at her in puzzlement.


"She played with her friends' band at the club last night," Melanie said in an effort to change the conversation.

"Oh, yes," Frank looked pleased at the tidbit. "She always could play like a devil and sing like an angel. It's too bad."

"What's too bad?" Melanie asked, unable to resist the bait.

"Her parents. They have always been so hard on Andy. There are three girls; they have an older sister Beverly. She's a real hard-ass. Andy's father doted on her. Well, she was the tomboy of the group and the youngest. And you should have seen her when she was little; she made cherubim look bland."

"So she was a daddy's girl, related to him more than the women in the house?"

"Yes. Well, I have dated Deanne since we were sixteen so I've known Andy from the time she was twelve. Bev was twenty at the time. Anyway, it was like Andy had two nagging mothers. She was a good girl, always lived up to her mother's expectations and wishes. That is until she joined a band. You would have thought she'd become a fanatical zealot waging holy Jihad."

"So that's where her strict ideas come from about what she should and shouldn't be, do, etc. But I still don't understand why she never rebelled and broke free. From what I can tell, she's very hardheaded and capable of being her own person."

Frank sighed, looking Melanie in the eye for a long while before seemingly coming to a decision.

"Do you care about Andy, Melanie?" Melanie's eyes widened and she nearly choked on her tea.

"Pardon me?" she asked in a strangled voice.

"I want to tell you some personal things about Andy that would help explain her, but I don't want to share intimate details of her life with someone who isn't going to stay."

"Oh," Melanie said breathlessly. "I do... care for her. I have a hard time expressing some... Things, but I do."

"Ok." Frank carefully wiped his mouth with his napkin before continuing. "As you have probably guessed, Andy has always been attracted to women. Hell, I think I figured it out before she did, though. Anyway, she was a rebellious sort always defying her mother and sister when it came to personal decisions about herself. They constantly told her that one day there would be serious consequences. Well, when Andy was a junior in high school, she met a girl."

Melanie's eyes widened. She was entranced by Frank's story and leaned forward to catch every word. He lowered his voice so no one passing could overhear.

"Unfortunately that girl was her English teacher. She was fresh out of college and completely smitten with Andy. Funny thing is, when Andy had Katherine in her life, she settled right down; did everything anyone asked of her. She was happy." Melanie was surprised to see Frank's eyes water. He cleared his throat with an embarrassed smile.

"Well, the two of them met one night; the first and only night they had ever seen one another outside of school. It was just horrible luck that as Katherine dropped Andy off at the corner of her block, she kissed her and a group of kids from school happened to be out that late and drove by." Melanie didn't realize that she had made a sympathetic noise until Frank patted her hand. Melanie could feel her heart breaking for the young lovers. She could guess where this story was heading.

"As you can imagine, it was all over school by Monday. Andy was shunned, but I don't think that really bothered her as much as Katherine's absence. She went from being the girl everyone wanted to be friends with, to nothing but all she cared about was her lover. As for Katherine, first thing Monday morning the school was flooded with parents calling threatening to sue if she weren't fired. Andy's parents were called in, and, it was just a mess."

"Oh my god," Melanie whispered hoarsely.

"Andy was taken out of school to finish the year at home. Katherine was dismissed and everyone knew she was ruined. Andy was forbidden to see her. Her mother had a breakdown, although from what I don't know. I think it was to create more guilt, which it did. But you know what hurt Andy the most?"

"What?" Melanie asked quickly.

"She broke her father's heart. They haven't been the same since. Andy told me once when she had had one too many to drink that losing her father's love was like losing most of herself."

"And Deanne? How did she react?" Frank sighed sadly and tossed his napkin onto his plate.

"She supported her mother and sister. I don't know why it bothered her so much to learn that Andy was in love with a woman. I think that family is so caught up on appearances that they care for little else. Especially people."

"I didn't think and have never thought that Deanne was pretentious."

"Oh, no, she isn't at all. But when it comes to her family, she is a mama's girl," he said with a smile.

"Aha, that makes sense," Melanie said wryly. She had dated girls who had wanted to be with her but couldn't pull themselves off mama's nursing strings.

"So now you know. Andy felt so guilty about what happened to everyone else, especially Katherine. I think in some way she feels it was the serious consequences that she was always warned about. And you know, it might just be, but not in the guilt trip she puts on herself."

"That makes sense," Melanie said as she looked out the window lost in thought. Her heart ached for that young Andy.

"Well, my dear, lunch is officially over now. Shall we away to the grind?" Melanie laughed in spite of herself as Frank stood and bowed to her with an exaggerated flourish.

As they made their way laughingly across the street back towards their office, Deanne called and Frank's secretary answered, secretly pleased at the number displayed on the caller ID.

"Frank Long's office."

"Matilda, it's Deanne. How are you today?" Matilda let the silence linger longer than necessary before answering in a guarded voice.

"Not very well, dear."

"What's wrong? Is Frank alright?" Deanne asked, her voice filled with concern. Matilda felt sorry for the poor thing. She was so good and sweet and her husband having lunch with that harlot.

"Oh, Frank is alright. It's nothing I should concern you with."

"You know I will listen as long as you need me."

"Well, dear, I saw two junior partners having a cozy lunch. Their heads were so close together a sheet of paper couldn't have passed between them. And talking so quiet, you couldn't have stood right beside them and heard a word of their conversation."

"I see," Deanne said, her voice sounding exasperated and relieved.

"He's married," Matilda said indignantly, wondering how Deanne would feel if she knew it was HER husband having that cozy lunch.

"What a shame," Deanne said, wondering how of Frank's associates was cheating on his wife.

"It's not right how that girl dresses. She is always teasing these poor men, and now she has taken one beyond the limits of decency. Someone should complain about Melanie."

"Matilda, Melanie is a good friend of mine, and I seriously doubt that she is having an affair with a married man," Deanne said indignantly, her tone insisting that she was finished with the conversation.

"Hmm," was all Matilda answered as Frank and Melanie walked in laughing together. "Frank just walked in, dear, he's just returned from lunch. With Melanie." At Deanne's gasp, Matilda barely kept herself from nodding in satisfaction.

Melanie could barely stand waiting until Wednesday night to see Andy again. They had talked on the phone Monday and Tuesday well into the night, and Melanie kept replaying last night's phone conversation in her head.

"So what are you up to tonight?" Andy asked.

"Me? Just thinking about how much I wish you were here right now," Melanie wrapped a delicate finger through her hair and twirled.

"Oh? And if I were?" Andy's voice sounded so sensual and seductive, Melanie shivered with a delicious tremor of lust.

"I don't think we would be having a conversation that involved so many words," Melanie answered huskily. "But it would definitely be a meeting of the minds."

"That sounds very promising," Andy whispered, and Melanie's eyes closed in the darkness of her room as her hand slipped beneath the waistband of her pink panties. "Tell me more about this meeting." A small moan escaped Melanie's mouth as her middle finger began to swirl slow circles around her hardening clit. She dipped her finger into the copious fluids dribbling out of her aching hole, wetting the digit thoroughly before continuing to draw slow, tight circles around her nub.

"I wish I could show you, but words will have to do for now," Melanie gasped, her voice thick with desire. She proceeded to explain in great detail all the ways she would make love to Andy's delectable body. Melanie had felt an almost animalistic passion rip through her at the sounds of Andy's moans and muffled orgasm. Melanie could feel a powerful release tear through her own body as Andy whispered her name.

"Penny for your thoughts," Frank said over her shoulder, causing Melanie to jump. He grinned down at her reddening face. "Or do you need my credit card number?" Melanie playfully punched him the arm, and with a mighty effort put Andy out of the forefront of her thoughts so that she could get her work done and leave!

Melanie showered and dressed in black slacks and mock neck, sleeveless shirt. She pulled on a russet brown suede jacket and stepped back to admire her reflection. She thought she looked like a porcelain doll, except for the lusty fire shining out of her sapphire blue eyes. She slipped silver hoops through her ears and went through thirty minutes of trying to find the right pair of shoes to accentuate her outfit and her mood. It came down to a pair of low sling back black heels and pair of square heeled Milanos with a squared toe. She decided on the Milanos and smiled at her reflection. She couldn't help but smirk at the image grinning back at her. Dabbing on some Glow, she grabbed a tiny purse and headed out the door.

Melanie couldn't wait to see Andy, and when the blond opened the door, Melanie nearly melted into the floor. Andy was dressed in a strapless white dress that hugged and lovingly caressed every curve. The taller woman smiled widely at Melanie as she closed and locked the door behind her.

Melanie couldn't remember getting into the car and driving. She could only guess what came out of her mouth for conversation. When they arrived at Melanie's favorite Japanese restaurant, Andy was looking at her with some concern.

"Melanie, are you alright?" The husky voice sent shivers down Melanie's spine, and she had to close her eyes to try and regain some sort of composure.

"I'm fine. It's just that being here with you is making it very difficult to... what I mean is...."

"I don't understand," Andy's voice sounded confused and slightly hurt. "Are you saying that you don't want to be here with me?"

"Yes, no, I mean... dammit," Melanie smiled bashfully at Andy. "I don't want to be at this restaurant with you. I want to be in bed with you."

Andy laughed and playfully caressed Melanie's cheek. "I know what you mean. I haven't been able to think of much else since I saw you standing on my front stoop." Melanie felt a lump of desire settle firmly between her legs and knew she wouldn't make it through dinner without a little taste.

Leaning in closer to Andy, Melanie scanned the parking lot carefully. She had parked on the backside of the building and saw no one moving about. Andy giggled as Melanie's eyes found hers in the near darkness.

"And just what are you doing?" Andy asked, her breath beginning to come quicker as Melanie slid her hand slowly up Andy's thigh, her fingertips stroking her inner thigh with feather-light touches.

"I just need a taste," Melanie said, barely recognizing her own voice it was so deep with desire. "I need you now," Melanie pleaded as her fingers curled over the lacy tops of Andy's thigh highs and slid upwards to slip under the band of Andy's silken thong.

The low moan Andy gave was all the encouragement Melanie needed. Her sapphire eyes were glued to Andy's jade ones as she pulled the other woman's panties aside and entered her slowly, deeply. Andy gasped and reached out to clutch Melanie's forearm, feeling the muscles flexing and relaxing as Melanie began to make love to her smoothly, her fingers sliding deeper with each thrust.

Melanie felt an animalistic pleasure course through her as Andy moaned her name. She could feel the wet pussy around her fingers beginning to swell and tighten. With a little maneuvering she was able to flick Andy's clit with her thumb. Andy cried out, burying her face against Melanie's shoulder and nipping lightly. Melanie was almost impatient to hear, feel, and smell her lover cum. She growled low in her throat, her actions frenzied. She barely felt Andy's hands slip under her shirt as Andy grabbed hold of her back, her nails scratching lightly. Andy was incoherent as she came with explosive force. Her legs were opened wide, one foot on the dash, her head pressed back against the window as she cried out.

Melanie slowly withdrew her fingers and licked the girl cum off her fingers, sucking the delicious wetness off every inch. She lovingly eyed Andy's pussy, wanting to lick the glistening wetness off each lip and from the lovely smooth thighs opened for her. Andy quickly snapped her legs shut with a small, breathless laugh.

"You are supposed to buy me dinner FIRST, you know," Andy said with a small chuckle as she quickly straightened her dress. Melanie laughed and pulled Andy's face to her for a slow, languid kiss.

"That was just to let you know what is going to happen after dinner. Dinner is just an appetizer to the meal I intend to eat tonight." She watched Andy flush from her words and smiled sexily.

"If you keep talking to me like that we may never leave this car," Andy moaned, her eyes gazing lustfully into Melanie's. Dinner was saved, however, by a car that pulled in beside them. Laughing, they got out and went inside.

Melanie spent the evening in a warm glow. She and Andy laughed and talked well into the evening. After a small battle over who would pick up the check, they walked to Melanie's car arm in arm. As Melanie started the engine, Andy placed a warm palm on her thigh. Melanie felt the electric current through the material of her pants as it raced to the pit of her stomach and turned into a tight ball of need.

"Your place or mine?" Andy asked softly, and they both laughed quietly.

"Stay at my place tonight," Melanie said huskily, barely able to concentrate on putting the car into reverse to back out of their stall.

"I was thinking," Andy said almost timidly, "that you should bring some things over so that when you stay with me, you won't have to rush off in the morning." Andy's voice trailed off into a barely discernible whisper. Melanie turned and smiled at her reassuringly. Inside she was shocked and delighted at the unexpected turn of events.

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