tagGay MaleHigh and Low Ch. 10

High and Low Ch. 10


The cab came to a stop outside Corbey's building.

"You should wear some shoes asshole!" the gruff taxi driver extolled teary eyed Simon, as the fem boy gathered his two bags from the back seat of the cab. "Oh please!" is all he could mutter as he stumbled barefoot up the steps to Corbey's place and impatiently, urgently banged on his door. Corbey opened the door just more than a little startled.

"Just what is it?" he asked, perplexed at Simon's state.

"You've gotta help me! Brenda's thrown me out!" wailed an anguished Simon, Now crying and sobbing uncontrollably. Tears streaming down onto his fem boy mesh top.

They carried Simon's bags inside and Simon sat down on the couch and lit up a cigarette. Tears still flowed down his face.

Corbey noticed Simon's ass so fine in his tight woman's jeans.

"I don't know what to do?" he sobbed again.

"Can I have a drink?" he asked Corbey.

"Er, sure." replied Corbey, now knowing that indeed, Simon was definitely a train wreck just waiting to happen.

"Well, you can stay here for a little while." Corbey offered, placing a glass of wine in front of a now much more satisfied Simon.

He was recovering slowly.

Ever so slowly.

Simon asked something from everybody it seems. Always.

Simon soon had the slut glint in his eyes though.

"Cool babe." he then cooed softly, dragging on his cigarette, Bangles and bracelets softly jangling on his wrists, sipping the wine and feeling much better.

Corbey and his Asian roommate Aja royally fucked Simon over the next few days. Simon swallowed buckets full of cum. Not just from Corbey and Aja's cocks but also from some of their friends. Simon was a popular slut wherever he went now.

"You're nothing but a street slut now, hey Simon?"Corbey admonished him as he and Ana took turns fucking his sorry ass.

Aja's fucking of Simon was especially incessant as he really didn't like him.

"Whatever will become of you baby?" he goaded him during one sex session, as his thick cock pummeled Simon's ass relentlessly.

Simon was too busy to answer with his ass being pumped, and his lips around, and his tongue swiftly probing Corbey's rock hard member.

Simon then took Aja's hot burning cum load into him, with his ass gyrating violently in the excitement, as Corbey then slapped his cock all over Simon's face, cum shooting everywhere and anywhere, until Simon got his lips on his cock head and then sucked it all down most gratefully.

"At least you have one thing going for you, you're a great fuck." said Aja dryly.

Simon just smiled, and with the cum still dripping from his mouth, he lit up another cigarette.

Aja did have reason to resent Simon though. Simon stayed at their place, drank all their wine, smoked all their pot and cigarettes, ate their food, borrowed their money with no intention of ever paying them back. He then stayed in bed all day, sleeping until late afternoon. It was so different from the way Aja was brought up.

Aja soon discussed this with Corbey.

"He's really only just started getting into all these things too!" said an exasperated Aja.

"It's okay babe. I'll tell him he has to go in a few days." Corbey then told his Asian lover.

They exchanged kisses.

Simon took the news hard.

"Why babe? Please don't! What will I do?" asked an urgent, very, very lost Simon.

"Well you can't stay here forever." is all Corbey could say.

Corbey and Aja went out by themselves to a club that night, and left Simon all alone in the apartment.

Simon just drank wine and now chain smoked cigarettes. He got more and more depressed.

"What will happen to me?" he worried, shaking nervously despite the wine he was consuming. He was a nervous wreck.

"Nobody loves me! Nobody cares about me!" he wailed to himself. Tears now streaming down his cheeks.

"Look what I've become! I'm now just a slut!" He cried to himself.

His mood got more and more dark. He felt more alone by the minute.

Every sip of wine sent him lower.

He thought about razor blades.

"Help me!" he murmured out loud and then went in the bathroom.

He opened the medicine cabinet door. He began opening bottles. Not even caring to read the labels.

He started swallowing pills two or three at a time.

"I don't wanna live!" he then cried again.

He swallowed more and more pills. He was soon swallowing handfuls!

Swaying, feeling dizzy, he turned to the bathroom door. Several seconds later his body hit the bathroom floor, reeling in darkness and confusion. Not wanting to live anymore. He was soon out like a light.

Simon lay in a coma in his hospital room at the LA general. Somehow word had been dispatched to his step mother, Irene Thomas about his condition. Irene, like Simon's real father never really cared about Simon, regarding him as nothing but a flake. Still Irene liked to keep up appearances about being a solid citizen, and dispatched her daughter Debbie to give an envelope to the doctors at the hospital regarding his welfare.

After about a week Simon slowly came out of his coma. A few weeks later he took a taxi to his old address in West Hollywood. He was moving back in there. This had been arranged by Irene. In her mind, this was hopefully the last thing she would ever have to do for Simon. Oh, it had been arranged for him to see shrinks too.

"Hopefully now I've washed my hands of him!" she told Debbie.

Jessica, Simon's fifty something blond, buxom, land lady, was most surprised to see Simon again. She didn't know where he had been for the last year, what he had done with himself, or about his hospital stay and suicide attempt. Simon's step cousin Debbie had quickly dropped off a rental deposit, left, and that was it.

Simon typically had misplaced his luggage. He now wore Levi's and t-shirts provided by a charitable organization. They still looked good on his skinny, sexy frame. Jessica was surprised to see Simon wearing running shoes all the time now. He used to go barefoot everywhere. His hair was in it's longish messy blond state. Although now thirty, he could still pass for twenty two.

The psychiatrist Doctor Mildred Bradley had a strong effect on Simon.

"I started getting into drugs when I was in Long Beach. I started having sex with men. I changed completely." Simon told her.

"Well you did get a little crazy. Let's hope it doesn't lead to suicide again." stated the doctor.

"I know. I don't need to go back there" Simon muttered nervously, his voice slightly shaking.

The only drugs, or substance of any kind that Simon took now, were some light mood modifiers Doctor Bradley gave him. He was still depressed though. His self esteem at it's lowest.

"I just wanted to experiment for awhile." he told her.

Doctor Bradley just listened. Something about Simon was really turning her on.

"Well, well, well baby. Well, well, well." She just muttered, smiling

Now that he was back in West Hollywood, Simon tried staying away from the main streets. The hardened street types who he knew before always looked down on him. Be it Kolver the drug dealer, Brenda the hardened bisexual slut, or the mega queen Claude, they all just thought of Simon as a spineless, unexciting little square. Simon was well aware of this.

"So I decided to get wild while I was in Long Beach." Simon thought to himself somehow ashamed.

Long Beach was the Suburbs. It wasn't the hard streets of LA. Somehow Simon felt safe and uninhibited there. Now back in West Hollywood, he knew things weren't so forgiving. Far from it. This made his self esteem plummet even lower.

People get eaten alive everyday in downtown LA. Simon just wasn't street wise at all.

He was from small town California.

"I'm no good at anything, and nobody likes me." He told himself. He'd often cry.

The only solace Simon found was attending a community drop in center around the corner from where he lived. Outreach 42. A lot of street people went in there. Junkies, bums, prostitutes, psychiatric out patients, the disenfranchised. Somehow, Simon didn't feel so alone at Outreach. In the late afternoons when he got out of bed, he'd drop in there.

He'd enjoy a free snack. He'd watch TV. He'd mingle with the lost souls. Sometimes his cock got hard, He'd see a hot cross dresser, or a gay hustler, and his mind raced and his heart beat rapidly. He couldn't though!

Doctor Bradley had told Simon he should stay away from drugs, and Simon was now paranoid. He didn't know who he could trust, who he could know. He was scared of meeting people.

He did talk to his Landlady Jessica though. After all, he'd known her for years.

"It's good you're going to the drop in center Simon. It's good you're getting out." she mentioned to him.

"Yeah." Simon sleepily replied.

She took a long drag from her long, silk cigarette. Sensually exhaling a thick plume of smoke from her pursed red lips. Her manicured, red nail painted fingers cradled the cigarette like a vital, sensitive accessory. Jessica exuded mature womanly vitality.

This made Simon want to ask her for a cigarette. He didn't though. Jessica always knew him as a non smoker anyway. What Simon did in Long Beach he wasn't going to do again. Doctor Bradley told Simon to stay away from any vices. He wanted to listen to her.

Sometimes at the drop in center they'd play loud techno music. Simon and some of the others would dance. Bearded hippie freaks sat around and played the bongos. Various freaks tried to bum cigarettes off of everybody. Forty two year old Terry was one of the social workers there. He was well built with longish, thick blond hair, clear blue eyes and a tell tale mustache. He was soft spoken and his mannerisms definitely encouraged gaydar meters.

"Thanks for everybody coming today. Enjoy our snacks. Don't hesitate!" He'd tell the room.

"I'm totally perplexed!" He'd exclaim when they ran out of coffee and had no replacements.

"Also, just a warning. Anybody caught using drugs here, in the bathroom or anywhere for that matter, will be banned for 6 months!"

One time he accidentally brushed up against Simon.

"Sorry hon." He apologized, stroking Simon's arm.

Simon's cock got rock hard and his fever rose.

Simon couldn't help but notice Terry's sexy ass in his tight pants as he strolled away.

Simon began to feel more and more comfortable at the Outreach. He told Terry about his appointments with Doctor Bradley, and how much he needed them. Simon didn't mention his episode with drugs. He didn't want Terry to dislike him.

"All the support we can get is all for the better Simon." Terry reassuringly told Simon.

One afternoon, before leaving for the drop in center Simon decided he'd go barefoot.

Jessica looked at him disapprovingly.

"No shoes today?" she pointedly asked him.

Simon loved the feel of the sidewalk and the cool black tarmac under the soles of his barefeet. It was a sunny afternoon. He sauntered along the streets feeling better than he had in a long time.

He entered the drop in center and loved the nuances that his sensitive bare toes and heels felt on the cool tiles and carpet. Nobody here would judge him for going barefoot. Freaks were welcome. Simon's cock was getting hard.

More techno music blasted and Simon and others, goth chicks, ravers, hippies, all started dancing. Simon shook his ass relentlessly and Terry couldn't help but notice him.

Terry was wearing a skimpy yellow top, skintight white shorts and flip flops. He was eying Simon with much desire. After all, Simon naturally exuded a wanton sexiness.

After finishing dancing, they had a snack and watched some more TV. Simon thought he would head for home, and he began his slow walk as the evening sky darkened.

He hadn't traveled thirty yards, when he heard a voice behind him.

"Hey barefoot boy. Wait up!"

It was Terry calling him. Simon noticed Terry was carrying his flip flops and was barefoot too.

"Who needs shoes when the weather is so gorgeous hon." Enthused Terry.

"Totally." is all Simon could say. His cock now stiff beyond belief..

Simon noticed Terry's cock was hard as a rock too!

"Why don't we go over to my place. We can get acquainted more." suggested Terry.

"You bet!" is all Simon could say, now full of anticipation.

Soon they were ensconced in Terry's modest but antique laden apartment.

They were drinking baby duck wine and somehow now, for some reason Simon didn't care that this was his first drink since he had left Long Beach. He wasn't thinking about Doctor Bradley now.

"I just came out as gay about two years ago. I was married you know." Terry said.

"I'd seen you around before Simon. I always thought you were so shy! I'm really looking forward to getting to know you now!" he enthused, pouring them more wine.

"I think it's cool too." said Simon, now feeling a little high, and staring at Terry very admiringly, slowly, seductively; provocatively licking his lips.

Simon rested back on the sofa, sipping his wine, his barefeet rested on the coffee table, across the table from him. Terry sat up in his chair and began tenderly massaging Simon's feet. Meticulously stroking the ball, heel and toes.

Terry began speaking in earnest.

"All I need is a sweet lover like you Simon. I think we'd be good together babe."

Simon looked at him wistfully. His toes flexed as Terry affectionately rubbed his feet.

Soon Terry was on the sofa sitting beside Simon with his arm around him. Simon smiled.

They soon began light passion kisses. Lips touching, sensitive and sensual. Terry had begun to palm his hand over Simon's breast and nipples. Sometimes so tenderly pinching.

Soon Simon's jeans clasp was open and his cock stood up solid and pulsating.

"Oh honey!" grunted Terry, still sharing passionate kisses, he soon had his fingers around Simon's rod, skillfully massaging it.

Simon too grunted with pleasure! He then had his hand on Terry's upright cock and balls. Feeling them up through Terry's tight shorts. They were now necking furiously, deep tonguing each other.

The passionate necking continued unabated for several minutes as they rocked back and forth on the sofa feeling each other up. Then they both knew they had to go further! They had to!

"Listen to me babe!" gushed Terry, breathing hard, slowly standing up.

"I wanna make love to you so bad precious one!" He again uttered, grabbing Simon's jeans by the bells and tugging them off.

"I'm so game!" exclaimed Simon, eagerly now getting down on his hands and knees on the carpet, and feverishly fingering his anus. He began shaking his ass towards Terry in anticipation.

"Yeah! Be my lover boy!" squealed Simon.

Terry got in behind Simon, and as his thick prick entered him, he leaned over and kissed and pecked Simon's neck and ears. His breathing was heavy, and Simon groaned in ecstasy when Terry's hot shaft plunged in and out of him, igniting his prostate!

"Baby what an ass you have!" Terry managed to exclaim. He'd never felt so sexually charged before as his thick, fat, cock picked up it's tempo, harder and harder, in and out of Simon's inflamed pussy.

"Oh make love to me!" Simon breathlessly purred, tears of passion now rolling down his cheeks.

Terry feverishly kissed Simon as he leaned over him.

"God! I love getting fucked!" Simon thought as Terry's thunderbolt prick smacked his anal insides, violently bouncing off his anal walls before repeatedly charging in somehow deeper. Simon was on the edge of a vicious orgasm. Heaven baby!

So they moaned on and on in excruciatingly delicious pleasure, as Terry continually swiveled and fired his prick into Simon. His cock made loud slapping noises on contact with Simon's ass.

Simon's freehand was playing with his inflamed cock and balls as Terry fucked him, and he felt Terry's hot breath on his back.

"Baby do it! Baby yeah!" Simon squealed and violently shivered!

Terry shook uncontrollably too as his cock repeatedly entered and pounded Simon's Ass!

Finally Terry's thick., juicy, burning semen, began firing into Simon's insides!

They both moaned and groaned as Terry clasped Simon for dear life on top of him, his cock screwing inside Simon's anal cavity as his balls discharged!

"I love you baby! Yes I do!" gushed Terry, with the two of them at the peak of an incredible orgasm!

Simon soon fell over on his back in ecstasy, and Terry fell on top of him. Their thick, still rock hard cocks, still gushing out streams of semen, and tightly bumping and rubbing up against each other, squeezing each other under the two lovers body weights! The sexual pleasure making them delirious beyond reason!

"You are hot beyond belief babe!" shouted Terry.

They lay facing each other, bodies intertwined, heavily tongue necking, pinching nipples, feeling up assholes and balls. Their still hard cocks bashing up against each other as they ejaculated more and more

Finally they lay back exhausted on the carpet. Bodies steaming hot and sweaty yet so very, very satisfied. Indeed total heaven, Sexual nirvana. Total bliss. The best of gay love.

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