High Voltage Mittens


"My goodness, Nina, you whine nearly as much as those huge transformers. The ones that are energized right now. Ready and waiting, Nina, for me to unleash their power into your poor little cunny." Her finger ran around the edges of the button, slowed towards its center. "We're about to move a lot of electrons in a very short time, Nina. On the order of milliseconds. If you're particularly observant, you'll be able to smell the ozone."

"I'm scared!" cried Nina, white and trembling, the hum of the power supply loud in her ears. "Oh Jesus!"

Samantha laughed. "He won't help you now. You belong to me. Here it comes."

Adrenaline and endorphins mixing ice and fire together, Nina watched the tip of Samantha's finger whiten and flex against the button, and was shocked to feel herself tipped into orgasm - she had exactly one second to consider how she felt about that, before the button's internal switch made contact.

Time seemed to slow down - she heard a tiny click from the button, watched the lamps behind the meters dim, saw the "A" meter jump - then, like a rubber band, time snapped back and everything happened very quickly indeed, and that was when the coils energized and the projectile accelerated and the toy moved backwards inside Nina with a tiny recoil and tickled her labia - and then the slug hit the bracket and the toy burst forward with a muffled thump that knocked Nina's teeth together, the shockwave belting through Nina's cervix and into her abdomen, splitting her in two, burying itself inside her in a way no mortal ever had, leaving her quivering, screaming, shaking on the table, her orgasm gushing through her.

It was like a bolt of lightning, thought Nina, panting unashamedly on the table, the rabbit hugging her perinium, prodding snugly between her buttocks. And also a little bit like being punched in the cunt... but in a good way.

I didn't think that was possible.

"Did you just come?" asked Samantha, her tone light and amused. "From one jolt? More from the anticipation, I'll bet."

Nina chuckled, panting and broken, knees giving out, clutching at the table to keep herself upright. "Yeah..."

"Come again, then." Samantha pressed the button.

Nina's world exploded. She cried out, a high, breathless "Ah!" The toy jolted inside her, a brutal, uncaring machine. Shock traveled through Nina's thighs and abdomen, pleasure following a split-second later.

Then, it happened again. Nina noted with horror that Samantha was holding down the button, and the jolts were pounding into her one after the other.

"So we've got a three-stage toggle switch, a button, and a potentiometer," said Sam, raising her voice over the cries and yelps of pleasure and shock bursting forth involuntarily from Nina's lips. "You know what the button does. The toggle switch turns on up to three coils - right now there's just the lower coil active. That determines how hard it pounds your poor little pussy. The potentiometer, here, influences how fast it brutalizes you - right now it's firing at two hertz, or twice a second. It goes up to eight as standard, but there's an overdrive that puts it into what I like to call "Woodpecker mode." That's for when you absolutely have to be brutally fucked as hard and as fast as possible, and you don't care about the lifespan of the coils or power transistors. I only ever used it on rather cold days, to give it a better chance of not overheating. Are you paying attention, Nina?"


"Good. Want some clit stimulation to go with that?" Nina felt Samantha's hand underneath her, fingers pressing on either side of her clitoris, pulling and jerking upwards...

"OH-SHIT-FUCK-JE-SUS-FUCK!" opined Nina in single syllables forced out between jolts, her insides tingling and glowing, her diaphragm jumping upwards with each thump, another orgasm thundering towards her.

"Yes, precisely," purred Samantha. "Call me 'mistress,' Nina."


"Does make it hard to talk, doesn't it?" asked Samantha. "I like that. You're my dirty little fuckslave, aren't you, Nina?"


"What are you?"

"I'm-y-y-your-dir-" Waves of hot, pulsing orgasm struck Nina, crashing through her, shattering her into pieces. Language became one of those things that happens to other people. "AA-AA-AA-AA-AAH!"

"Dir-ah-ah? You're my dir-ah-ah? Tell me, Nina. You're my dirty, filthy, naughty little bitch. You're mine, to do with as I please. And what I please, now, is for you to keep coming."

Nina's eyes crossed - in her view, the voltmeter switched places with the ammeter and they become one, pulsing in time with the jolts.

"That's the wonderful thing about this toy, Nina. When you're with some brute of a man who's thrusting his dick into you over and over and over, and you start to come, half the time he'll change the pace, speed up or something - like a fool, because how does he think he got you to orgasm in the first place?"

Nina, of course, continued her agonized, ecstatic screaming, her throat becoming raw. She had just enough presence of mind to consider the length of her orgasm worrying, then frightening - being this out of control of her body wasn't new to her, she'd learned it recently, at Sam's hands. But for this long?

"But this is just an uncaring machine - it keeps up the same rate," said Samantha. "Very predictable, very stable. I can sit here and hold down this button and twiddle your little clit all day long, Nina. You might never stop coming."

She lifted her finger from the switch, and everything abruptly stopped. Nina's hips bucked against the toy out of habit, her orgasm diminishing, the waves slowing down.

"Or, I could not," said Samantha, yawning. "That's a problem with this toy. It's either fucking you or not fucking you. You don't get to come down nice and gentle, slowly fading out like with a nice variable-speed vibrator." Nina, sweating, panting, saw through blurry eyes Samantha's fingers press against the rocker switch. A click, a whine.


"Well, you sort of can," said Samantha, turning the knob a few degrees. "But to do that you have to increase the power or the frequency, first. It's not a smooth drop from energized to nothing, is what I'm saying."


Nina watched with terrified eyes as Samantha's finger circled the button, trying to summon enough breath to beg her to stop, as Samantha continued. "Another problem is that using all three coils is only time and a half as strong as using two, but two coils - which is what we're set to now, Nina - are twice as strong as one."

Twice as strong!

"Nina, look at me."

Nina looked up. Samantha looked down.

"Are you frightened?"

Nina swallowed. "Yes." The truth.

Samantha smiled, and slowly ran her hand down to the crotch of her jeans. "Do you realize how much that excites me?" She gripped herself between her legs, rubbing slowly back and forth.

It does. She's not acting, she's not playing around. She's starting to become truly aroused at seeing me shaking and terrified.

Nina looked at Samantha in mixed horror and excitement.

She's a genius, and I've arranged things so that she gets off on scaring me.

What have I done? What sort of force am I unleashing?

The safeword bubbled up in her mind; Nina knew that she would not say it.

Not with two coils. Not with two-thirds the power that Sam sometimes uses.

I can take it.

Samantha pressed the button, and there was a bang from inside Nina's vagina. The shockwave belted through her body, reaching her throat. The difference in force between one coil and two literally took Nina's breath away - she felt the shockwave corrugate the air inside her lungs. She felt the force of the blow bounce off her tailbone and reverberate around her pussy. Before she had time to yell, another jolt pounded into her, shaking her, rattling her teeth.

Not just twice as strong, twice as fast too!

She was a piston in some unspeakable engine, hurled back and forth by violent explosions she was powerless to resist. She gripped the table; the piles of detritus shook with each thump, screws and resistors rolling off and skittering on the kitchen floor. The ammeter jumped rhythmically in front of her, its needle reaching almost the center of its travel, its lamp dimming with each explosion. Her hot, abused cunt was overwhelmed in sensation - numb and tingling but still insistently telling the rest of her that it was time to fall over and die for a little while.

But Samantha wouldn't let her. Samantha had her finger on the button, openly groping herself through her jeans as she watched Nina writhe in the torment she had created, her eyes widened and unashamedly excited.

Another orgasm came riding up on her - no, I don't want that, I can't take it, I'll die! - and Nina was overcome by it, run down by it, abused by it.

"I love watching you lose control like that," moaned Samantha. "You're a dirty bitch, aren't you, Nina?"

Nina, screaming in the middle of her orgasm, felt an abrupt and overwhelming urge to urinate.

No! That's not possible! I just went, before we left the museum!

She screwed her eyes shut, her screams growing louder, and realized with shame and horror that she wasn't even nearly going to be able to hold it in.

She gave up and let go - and as she did so, her orgasm intensified, more than she ever thought it could. A point of brilliant white light stabbed through somewhere between her vagina and clitoris, filled her, spun, pulsed, and exploded outwards, leaving her suffused with a radiant glow that rebounded from every muscle in her body, her shame running in hot trickles down her thighs.

Her knees shaking, she slipped in her own puddle.

Samantha, of course, caught her before she could hurt herself.


"I don't think this is pee, Nina." Samantha held Nina close, stroking her. "It doesn't smell like it. And it's clear. Well, clearish."

They lay in the puddle, on the kitchen floor, Nina on top of Samantha, staring up at the ceiling, still weak and trembling and fighting for breath.

Nina sighed. "I was beginning to think that, yes," she panted. "That's only happened to me once before."

Samantha grinned. "I think you squirted."

"It's certainly less embarrassing," said Nina. "I wouldn't want to think of you saving me from falling into a puddle of my own piss by throwing yourself into it."

Samantha squeezed Nina tightly. "I don't mind. I'd swim in your piss, if it'd mean stopping you from being hurt."

Nina contemplated the image. There was silence for a moment.

"That was..." Samantha began. "That was a very strange thing I just said, Nina."

Nina chuckled. "Yup."

"I made you squirt." Nina could hear the smile in Samantha's voice.

She smiled herself. "You did."

"I've never been able to do that, myself," said Samantha. "I've tried, y'know. Last time I tried it with a guy... didn't go so well."

"What happened?"

Nina felt Samantha shrug. "He was fingering me, I was on the brink, we'd been trying to figure out the whole squirting thing, it looked like it was about to happen... so of course I farted."

Nina chuckled.

"Not just a little girly toot, either," said Samantha. "I mean a big, long, rippling honker, the sort that makes your eyes water. The cat got up and left the room."

Nina's chuckle became genuine laughter, and she felt Samantha's chest jiggling behind her too.

Her lungs ached beautifully. Laughter, so soon after orgasmic screaming, felt strangely like a mini-orgasm in her chest. It warmed her heart.

"Was that with Todd?"

Nina felt Samantha nod. "Heh. Yeah - and you saw how well that turned out!"

Nina guffawed. "If there was ever a guy that deserved it..."

"I know! Hah!"

The two laughed together in the puddle under the kitchen table.

"Come on," chuckled Samantha, "we just spent the morning in a fancy art gallery, we can't be laughing at farts now, it's not proper..."

"All right," said Nina in between giggles, "Let's get you out of those wet clothes."

"Agreed. I should probably shower, too."

Nina turned her head, awkwardly, to look at Samantha. "I put that gunk on you. Can I help you wash it off?"

"I played my part in putting it there too, love," said Samantha, stroking Nina's hair. "But that sounds nice."


Samantha slid down her underwear, her eyes on naked Nina, grinning.

Since when, thought Samantha, do I enjoy showing off my body like this?

Oh, that's right. Since that little striptease in the bedroom, our first afternoon. Samantha watched Nina struggle to understand her shower controls.

Nina turned towards Samantha, her brow furrowed. "You've changed this again."

Samantha nodded, getting into the shower behind Nina. "Figure it out, little rabbit. I want to see how intuitive I've made it."

Also, I'm truly beginning to enjoy watching you struggle.

Samantha meditated briefly on this new aspect of herself, as Nina clumsily activated and deactivated the backup pump and thermocouples. That's a new sensation. Is it worrying?

Only in the respect that I entered into this with the single goal of loving Nina and making her happy - I assumed that I'd be sexually satisfied because she's my best friend and wouldn't leave me in any other state, but I anticipated I'd get more pleasure from observing her reactions than from performing the acts themselves.

"Sam, I hate to break it to you, but this is not intuitive at all."

Samantha peeked over Nina's shoulder. "You're in the debugging menu, now. Back out of that, and start again."

I guess I'm a little selfish. But I'm also learning that it's okay to be selfish, and immodest, and such... it's all right to indulge in minor vices around Nina. I help her indulge hers, after all.

"Is this Linux?" Samantha saw Nina's frown reflected in the touchscreen. "This is fucking Linux, isn't it? You made a shower that runs on Linux. Why, Sam?"

Because it means I get to watch you naked and struggling - something I've come to enjoy as of late. "Well," said Samantha, "you know how when you get into the shower, it runs cold at first and then you have to mix scalding hot and icy cold water together until it's an acceptable temperature that you determine by testing it with your skin, and the cold water gets colder as it runs and the hot water gets hotter too and you have to constantly adjust it, and if someone flushes the toilet you get scalded, and it's just a huge mess, and we're all carrying tiny little supercomputers around in our purses and there are robots on Mars and cars that drive themselves and we still haven't sorted out something as basic as a shower?" She took a deep breath. "Yeah. That."

"Yes, Sam, I know," muttered Nina. "You've told me before about how much bathrooms suck. In detail." She turned to Samantha. "Look, I just want a knob, okay?"

Samantha stared at Nina, biting back laughter.

Nina held up a finger. "Don't say it..."

"You -" Samantha snorted. "You won't find one of those 'round these parts!"

Nina sighed. "Yes, yes, very funny. Is this temperature readout in Kelvin?"

"You can change it to Celsius if you make a new profile..."

Nina buried her face in her hands and sighed. "Sam, I'm up for nearly anything, but if you try to get me to use Linux, I'm saying the safeword. Gotta draw the line somewhere."

Samantha patted her on the shoulder. "It's probably confused because there are two of us in the shower."

Nina turned around and peeked at Samantha between her fingers. "Is it watching us?"

"It's using sonar to guess at which user is inside, based on height and shape and stuff. Then it can set up the pressure and temperature that it knows you like."

Nina smiled. "You didn't think to program in a sexy, two-ladies shower mode? Oh, Sam."

Samantha blushed. "Didn't occur to me at the time." She glanced at the display. "Interesting problem, though. It'll have to alter temperature on the fly as one or the other gets under the head, especially if they're such different heights as you and I - water cools down fast when it's falling through mmph..."

Without warning, Nina was kissing her. She closed her arms around Nina, and kissed her back. Two warm, naked bodies pressed closely together. She felt Nina's soft, wet tongue push urgently into her mouth, and she greeted it with a friendly suck, closing her eyes.

This, thought Samantha, running her fingers up and into Nina's hair, is the absolute best way for someone to let you know that you're rambling.

After some time, Nina drew back. She raised a finger, and touched it gently to Samantha's nose. "We are two attractive naked women in a shower," she said, slowly. "And we're talking about Linux, Sam. Less tech-talk, more soapy cuddles."

Samantha grinned. "Yes, ma'am." She reached over Nina's shoulder and touched the screen. Water fell, at an immediately perfect temperature.

"Smartass," said Nina, and squeezed Samantha's butt.

"You know it," murmured Samantha, running her own hands down Nina's back, now wet and slippery. She found the soft curves of her behind, squeezed. Nina sighed happily.

Samantha grinned. "Wash your gunk off me, little rabbit." She stepped past Nina, facing the touchscreen, her back to Nina.

She felt Nina's hands leave her for a moment - when they returned, the shower smelt of jasmine, and Nina's hands felt slippery on her shoulders. Samantha smiled and leaned forward, the palms of her hands against the tile.

"That's nice," purred Samantha.

I just purred that, thought Samantha. But I was right to. She's stroking me like a cat.

Nina's hands were gentle, sliding from her neck to her upper arms and back again. Samantha closed her eyes, concentrated on the sensations.

I'm being bathed. This is what that feels like. Different than when anyone else did it; gentler. Kinder. More considerate and careful.

Samantha sighed happily as Nina's hands proceeded down her back, lingering at her shoulderblades, stroking down her sides, swirling up and down her spine.

Why did our species stop engaging in social bathing? pondered Samantha. Lover or friend, erotic or platonic, this is delightful. Like a massage. Everyone should have someone wash their back, sometime.

Nina's hands slid smoothly across Samantha's buttocks.

"Oh..." breathed Samantha. I see. We don't bathe socially anymore because we'd never get anything else done.

"I enjoy washing you, mistress." Samantha could hear the smile in Nina's voice. "Shall I get you squeaky-clean?"

Samantha felt Nina's hands move shallowly between her buttocks - slow, gentle, soapy. "Yes, Nina," breathed Samantha.

This is...

Samantha struggled to put her thoughts into words as Nina's gentle fingers lathered her. This is wonderful. Sexual and yet not, at the same time. Tranquil. Intimate.

She felt Nina's breath on the right side of her neck - she moved her head, exposing herself to Nina. Nina responded with a slow, shallow kiss on Samantha's neck, and slid her hand deeper between Samantha's buttocks.

"That's nice," murmured Samantha, her eyes closed. She felt Nina's finger slide gently under the curve of her left buttock, over her perineum. It stroked softly and slowly over the delicate, secret spot between Samantha's buttocks, and continued upwards, to her tailbone.

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