tagInterracial LoveHippies On The Beach Ch. 04

Hippies On The Beach Ch. 04


Michael returned in the night with the news that their tickets couldn’t be postponed by more than two days. A sort of a glum set down on us as I sat in their room with them.

“Oh shit,” Steffi groaned, leaning back into the chair. “Thirty six hours! Is that all that’s left?”

“I’m afraid it is, baby,” he replied morosely.

I was sitting beside him on the couch, directly opposite Steffi. As usual, she was clad in her skimpy bra and an almost invisible pair of panties. Michael and me were wearing our loose shorts.

And as usual we were smoking pot.

“Oh hell,” I exclaimed. “What’s gonna happen, is gonna happen. So lets make the most out of what time we got.”

She smiled, those cute dimples showing. “Hey Michael, you know what happened today when you were at the airport?”

“You guys fucked,” he replied tonelessly, sending a puff of smoke out of his nostrils.

“Not just we, darling. His friend and the friend’s girl joined.”

This perked him up. “W-what? Without me?”

“Calm down. Hey stud, what say we have a kinda last bash tomorrow? I mean you could invite Vijay and Mimi to the party.”

“No problem. What time does your flight leave, Michael?”

He glanced at his watch. It was ten in the night. “Tomorrow, this time we will be at the airport.”

I picked up the phone and dialed. I knew it was futile, because Vijay had informed me that he would be going over to Mimi’s place.

“Her husband’s on the night shift. That means we got the place all to ourselves,” he had grinned.

“Whom you calling?” Michael asked suspiciously.

I sighed and cradled the phone back on the hook.

“Just took a chance. I was wondering if I could get my friend and his girl. No luck. The guy’s at her place already.”

“Oh come on,” Steffi said impatiently, crushing her weed in the ashtray. “I would have loved three cocks on me and that wonderful cunt of that girl’s, but I guess I’ll settle for two.”

She pushed her bra down, exposing her heavy tits. The grass had already got into her; she was horny and it showed in her nipples, which were already erect. Still seated on the chair, she spread her knees apart and thrust her panties aside to reveal her cunt.

We made her wait, partly to tease her and partly to finish our weeds, and watched her playing with her pussy with one hand and fondling her tit with the other. All the time, she was looking at us, a lewd smile playing across her face.

“I liked that part when you put your cock between my tits,” she purred.

“He what?” Michael asked, his jaw dropping.

“I wanted to fuck her tits and I did that,” I answered for her. “You never did that?”

He fixed his gaze at her tits hanging out of her bra. She had pushed the bra down so that it looked like an elastic strap was wrapped around her body, just below her tits. It also made her tits seem larger than they really were because the bra pushed them up and bunched them together.

“Never really thought of doing that, dude,” he answered, slowly crushing his weed in the ashtray. I could see the bulge inside his shorts. Apparently, the thought of fucking Steffi’s tits was turning him on.

“So why don’t you?” I asked him.

“Yeah. Why not? Come over here baby, that chair’s gonna be too small because I want you to see you sucking his cock when I fuck your tits.”

I moved over to one edge of the couch to make room for her.

“No, no. You stand by that edge. Let her lie down with her head between your legs.”

She giggled as she sashayed her way to where we were. She lay down on her back on the couch and I raised one leg to rest my heel on it. She leaned her head on my bent knee and raised her face to look up at me.

As he rose to push down his shorts, she slid one hand inside my shorts and fished out my cock. It was still semi-erect and all she had to do was turn her head and open her mouth. The feeling of her hot and moist mouth enveloping my cock inside it was heavenly.

He was naked by this time, revealing a very stiff cock. He got onto the couch, straddling her waist. Since she was leaning against my bent knee, it was as if she was sitting on the couch, using my knee as a backrest. He had to kneel right in front of her body so that his cock was in level with her bunched up tits.

As I began to pump my cock in and out of her mouth, he arranged his cock between her tits. He had to slightly pull her bra further down over her body to get his cock trapped between her huge tits.

He started to rock to and fro.

“Hold her tits together so that you don’t slip out,” I instructed, marveling at the way I was dictating the action.

“Shit man, you really got some exciting things to do with tits,” he gasped as he pushed her tits together. His cock disappeared in her cleavage and he began to move to and fro again.

“Ugghhh, this feels great,” he said. My cock instantly hardened and was full mast when I saw her tits getting fucked. I too began to move my hips now, fucking her mouth. I pulled back her head so that I could watch her white pretty face getting impaled with my black cock.

“It’s a bit dry, man,” he groaned.

“Go get some oil or cream,” I told him.

He pulled out his cock and got off. I grabbed her cheeks and began to fuck her mouth earnestly. She lapped the underside of my cock, one hand fondling my balls.

He came back carrying a can of cold cream. “Found it in her purse,” he explained. She shivered when she felt the cream being smeared over her tits but continued to suck my cock.

He threw the can on the couch. He climbed on the couch and knelt down in front of her. He pulled apart her heavy tits and parked his cock between them. This time his cock slid easily back and forth in her cleavage as he cupped her tits together.

She moaned around my cock and struggled to watch his cock spearing her tits. She had to struggle because I wasn’t about to let her take her mouth off my cock. Her lips were like vice, clamping my pulsating shaft between them. Too, she was salivating now, so that it felt like my shaft was drowned in it.

His thrusts were making her body move up and down so that I quit shoving my hips to and fro, allowing my dick to slide in and out of her mouth as her body moved.

“Oh shit, this is really good, oh god, baby, your tits feel so hot and tight around my cock, oh yeah baby, suck him, come on and suck his cock.”

There he goes, I thought. He just couldn’t get off his rocks without talking.

“Oh yeah, man, shaft her mouth, fuck her face, oh yeah, this is good, so good, oh fuck, I love this, oh yeah, you horny bitch, come on and suck him, I’m going to blast my load over your tits and watch his load splatter on your face, go on, suck his black cock, you bitch.”

Steffi was sucking furiously on my dick, fondling my balls, while her body moved up and down and across my knees. She struggled to accommodate his cock between her tits without letting it out; not wanting to perhaps break the rhythm with which she was sucking on my cock.

I would have never believed a couple of days ago that I’d be having a white girl resting on her back on my knees, sucking voraciously on my cock and getting her tits fucked by her boyfriend at the same time.

Watching her pretty white face stuffed with my dark cock and her tits jiggling around his pale dick at the same time was one hell of a turn on for me. I wanted it to last for as long as it was possible; but what the hell! A guy’s got his limitations and I knew I had reached mine.

I blocked off his endless torrent of comments that he was making, and concentrated on fucking her mouth. I indulged in what was another turn on for me; pulling her long blonde hair till I could twirl the strands around my cock.

I recalled what he had told her: blast his load over her tits and then watch me splattering my juice on her face.

I guess I let him down if he meant that I would come after he did.

I let out a cry and shoved my dick in her mouth, feeling it expand and then contract again as I exploded.

I vaguely heard him shout at me, “Pull it out, damn it, pull it out and let me watch!”

Reluctantly, I pulled my spurting cock out of her mouth. She had swallowed almost half of my juice so that what splattered onto her face was not much. Still, I managed to wet her cheeks and her forehead.

As I drew back to watch my juice dribbling down over her face, he cried out, pushing her tits together and speeding up his movements.

He pushed her down roughly on the couch so she was spread eagled on it. He straddled her again and pushed his cock back between her squishy and rubbery tits. This time around, she held them together and he grabbed her shoulders and moved fervently to and fro, bucking like a bull gone crazy.

And boy, he did he blast! He covered her entire tits and her chin with a copious amount of his juice till it looked like she had a gallon of milk splashed over her there.

Sure I had let him down. I wasn’t supposed to have come before him.

But what the hell! Every guy has at least one day off at the office!


THE GROUP THAT HAD PRACTICALLY OCCUPIED THE shrubs for the past couple of days had moved away and it was here that we chose to have the final rendezvous.

The entire entourage assembled late in the afternoon; the time when the beach wears a forlorn look after the furious activities of the morning. Vijay was there with Mimi (conveniently, her husband was out of station) and there was the German couple. I looked around the shrubs. It was as quiet as a cemetery, save for an American couple making out in another shrub quite far away from us.

The smell of grass permeated around us; and the initial apprehension was slowly disappearing. Pot does that. Besides, it also sets the adrenalin pumping. I was excited and the fact that this would be our final fling had increased the level of anticipation in me.

The sand was pretty hot and so was the air around us. The two girls wore one-piece bikini suits, as if it was pre-arranged (maybe it was). Vijay and me wore identical thin t-shirts above our loose shorts while Michael preferred just a pair of cut-away denim shorts, leaving his chest bare.

Michael seemed to be fascinated with Mimi. She was looking gorgeous; there was no doubt about that. The top of her bikini wasn’t cut as low as Steffi’s and it concealed most of her tits. But I could easily make out the shape of her firm tits and the way her nipples punched the front.

Steffi, on the other hand, was wearing a bikini that had a plunging neckline. It revealed almost half of her big tits. At the moment, she was seated between Vijay and me and I noticed that he kept glancing at her semi exposed tits and her long legs.

After the second round of tokes was over, Michael made the first move.

“Come here, you delicious morsel,” he slurred, looking at Mimi and patting the sand next to him. She giggled, blushing, and sidled toward him.

He was lying with his back against a palm tree and when she was within reach, he simply pulled her over to him. She squealed, sprawling over his body and between his legs.

“Feel that bumping against your belly?” he enquired of her, drawing her closer to him. He bent his head down and kissed her mouth. He garlanded her waist with one hand, and lifted his hips; apparently, he was grinding his erection against her belly.

Her face was raised to his and now she groped below, pushing her hands down to that which was ‘bumping against her belly’. She had to pull back slightly as he refused to let go of the kiss and I could see her hands pushing his shorts down.

When he lifted his hips to allow her to slide down his shorts, he had to support her weight as she was lying on his top. Her hands managed to push his shorts down over his knees and he used his legs expertly to divest himself off it.

His hard cock sprang out and though she couldn’t see it, she groped down to seize it in her fist. We heard her moaning in his mouth and we saw him cupping and fondling the front of her bikini.

Like him, Steffi too was leaning back against a tree with her legs splayed out in front of her. The bottom of her bikini was drawn up over the top of her thighs to reveal her pubic mound. Casually, I wrapped one arm around her shoulders, reaching for her tit on the far side.

I winked at Vijay and nodded to him. He did what I did: put his arm around her shoulder from the other side to cup her half naked tit on my side. We watched Michael and Mimi like that, Steffi between Vijay and me, each of us cupping and fondling a tit apiece.

Steffi wasn’t idle either. Her eyes fixed on the gyrating couple in front of us she reached down to cup our cocks straining inside our shorts.

Leaning towards her, I whispered, “Take my cock out of my shorts.”

She did without looking down. Not only did she pull my cock outside my shorts, she did the same to Vijay too.

And so we sat there, with Steffi fondling our cocks, we kneading her tits (both of us had pulled down the top of her bikini to expose her big tits) as we watched Michael and Mimi grapple in front of us.

“Whoa, baby,” he told Mimi, pulling his mouth away. “Get out of that dress. I want to see you naked.”

She leaned back and urgently pulled out the bikini, pushing down the straps and wriggling out of it. Her eyes were on his throbbing cock and she was licking her lips. When she was naked, he said,

“Stand here between my legs and face me. I want to eat your cunt.”

She walked up to him and leaned against the tree. Below her, he grabbed her buttocks and pulled her to him. We could see her ass pushing deeper into his face and she stifled a scream when he began to lick her cunt.

It was erotic. Her hair hung half way to her back and the rest of her body was in sharp contrast to his white body sprawled out under her.

I pulled Steffi so that she was leaning sideways and down, her face in my lap. I looked down to see the tip of her pink tongue flick out of her mouth and lick my dark erect cock.

“No,” I told her, sinking my hands in her blonde hair. “Don’t just lick, take it in your mouth.”

She smiled at me and did that. I groaned when I felt her hot mouth enveloping my cock and she began to bob her head, content with sucking only half of my cock while she held the bottom half and jerked it with one fist.

Vijay drew back and pulled the bottom of her body so that she was lying on the sand on her side. He pulled out her bikini, revealing her pink glowing body. He sprawled out on the sand and his head disappeared between her lush legs.

She moaned around my cock as she felt him lapping away at her cunt and raised one leg to throw it around his head. Trapped as he was between her legs, he had no option but to lick her cunt. I could see his tongue flicking up and down over her slit, occasionally sliding inside her cunt lips.

She pulled out my cock and moaned, “Lick my clit, please!” and went back to sucking my cock.

I could see Vijay’s tongue stabbing her swollen clit and she almost screamed around my cock. I slid my hands down and captured her tits, kneading them, pinching the engorged nipples.

I glanced at Michael and Mimi. They were now doing the reverse of what they had been doing. Michael was standing on the sand and Mimi, kneeling down was sucking on his cock. Her cheeks puffed and hollowed and he groaned. Obviously, this chick knew how to suck cock. His hands were at the back of her head and he was actually fucking her mouth.

Steffi rolled over. “I want a cock in my pussy,” she said.

Vijay was sliding up her body and in quicker time than it takes to say Jack Smith, was positioning his cock into her cunt. I didn’t release my cock from her mouth and continued fucking her face.

She moaned around my cock and I knew that Vijay was inside her.

“Get on your knees,” I told her.

She did and Vijay didn’t waste any time plunging his cock into her from behind. This way it was easier for her to suck my cock.

I glanced at the other two and was surprised that they were fucking standing up. Michael had her standing up against the tree, her hips around his and was plunging away into her. He kept his mouth on hers and I guess they liked tasting each other after eating their cock and cunt. It was a turn on: she was so black and he was white. She was on his body like a monkey climbs a coconut tree. He was holding her hips as he moved furiously.

Vijay too was banging away inside Steffi as I was inside her mouth. I had reached below her to take hold of her dangling tits.

Michael started to roar and Mimi to scream. Obviously they were coming.

“Come outside my cunt, please. I don’t want to take a chance,” she said.

So he pulled his cock out of her cunt and blasted his load over her belly. He was shuddering and shivering. So was she.

That signaled Vijay’s orgasm. The sight of them coming, I suppose was too much for him. He began to push into her urgently: short and quick strokes, and then pulled out his cock. It erupted, landing on her back.

That left me. As I had said, I had one day off at the office. Now, I was the last to come. I grabbed her cheeks and really fucked her mouth. She gagged, but took my cock without flinching.

“Where?” I asked her.

She pointed at her tits, cupping them. I stroked one last time and then pulled out. She fell back on the sand and I straddled her. I felt her tongue licking my balls as I furiously jerked off my cock.

I came in copious bursts. It landed on her tits and one spray went as far as her belly.

I collapsed on her body and she clamped her legs around my back. We lay like that for quite a while. I glanced around me. Vijay was totally fucked up; Michael and Mimi were lying under the tree, watching us, their chests heaving.

And it was still afternoon. We made our way to our room and the games we played are too crazy to write about.

At one point, Steffi had a cock in her mouth, one up her cunt and one between her tits. And all this time, Mimi was sucking her cunt. Don’t ask me how we managed it: its true.

Mimi insisted that she too wanted it and we obliged.

Too soon it was time for them to go. We exchanged addresses, though I knew that neither Vijay, nor me could ever visit them.

Vijay hated goodbyes, so I dropped them off to the airport. At the airport, Michael asked the cabbie to get a bottle of fenny for him. No cabbie refuses fenny for foreigners. We told him we would take care of his cab.

When the cabbie went off to get the fenny, Michael stood outside the cab to keep a watch; he leaned against the cab. As a goodbye, Steffi and me got into the back of the cab and I tit fucked her. It’s very uncomfortable doing it in a car, but it’s worth it. Steffi pulled up her blouse and bra and leaned back. I straddled her and put my cock between her tits. She normally had pulled down her garments and when I asked why she had pulled them up, she told me that she wanted a souvenir. I gave it to her by splashing my come on her bra.

The cabbie came back with the fenny and it was time for them to check-in. You are not allowed to go inside the Departure lounge, so I said my goodbye and took the same cab back.

Vijay wanted to stay on at Goa, but I didn’t. He had Mimi, though he said he would share her with me. I didn’t want that.

And to think that apart from jerking off and being jerked off, I had never even fucked in my life!

Even though the Government has banned hippies, I am going to go to Goa, because foreigners still visit the place. And who knows, I might find people like Michael and Steffi again!

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