tagAnalHis Fantasy or Mine Pt. 01

His Fantasy or Mine Pt. 01


My ass has always been off limits to my hubby. I love his big cock more than anything in the world but not in my ass. An occasional finger is ok but not a thick 10" cock. We enjoy watching pornos and he always picks the anal ones. I know what he wanted.

My husband would travel for business every week. I would always try to give him a treat when he came home on the weekends. So this week while he was gone I had lunch with my sister and the subject of sex came up. Of course I asked about anal. Long story short she loved it.

I was thinking about what my sister said as I lay in bed. My hand crept down to my pussy and after a minute or two of rubbing I was drenched. I reached for my favorite dildo and was soon shoving it in my throbbing pussy. I was morning and gasping as I decided to slide a finger in my ass. That pushed me over the edge as I came all over the bed. Yes when I cum it's pretty much a waterfall. My husband loves it when I cum all over him.

My decision made as decided I would finally give my hubby my virgin ass. I'm excited to think about this weekend and had to go out for some new lingerie. He loves it when I dress up for him. I love it too. I feel so sexy and slutty. I found the perfect teal outfit. He will love it.

Friday finally arrived and I had the kids at friends so we could have the house to ourselves. His flight was on time and he was due home at any minute. I was dressed and already wet with anticipation. Of course while getting dressed I had to rub my pussy for a few minutes. If he only knew what I was in store for him.

I was pacing around the living room and I finally heard the garage door open. I met him at the door with a drink. I kissed him passionately before I turned and walked into the living room. The room was already set for our night of erotic pleasure.

I had him sit down and started to dance seductively for him. He could only utter "you are so fucking hot. I love the body stocking".

I was gyrating in front of him and slowly started to grind on his leg. He reached for my thigh but I slapped his hand away. I could feel how wet I was as I continued to grind his leg.

"You can look but no touching." I stopped and acted as if I was getting up. "I am in control. Do you understand?"

He only shook his head in affirmation.

I was giving him a lap dance neither of us would ever forget. My pussy was so wet as I continued to dance for him. I finally straddled his lap and was dry humping his engorged cock. It was staring through his pants to break free. It really wasn't dry humping since my pussy was dripping juices all over him. A few more moans from both of us. And I was ready to explode. I squeezed him tight as a very intense orgasm caused my body to stiffen.

I scooted down his lap between his legs on the floor. I kissed and squeezed his cock thru his pants. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled his pant down his legs in record time. His cock sprang free as he let a moan and I licked my lips with anticipation. I stroked his shaft ever so gently as he continued to moan. I could tell he wanted to fill my mouth with his cock as he thrust his hips toward to my face.

I let go of his cock and crawled back up him to whisper in his ear. "Be patient this will be a night you will never forget." I started to kiss him passionately as he squeezed me closely. "Hands at your side." He quickly obliged as I started grind on him again. I was so hot and excited at this point I really want him to take me at that moment but I knew I had to wait too.

I slithered my way down his body and my mouth was only inches from his cock. I knew he could feel my hot breath as my breathing got intense. I started to lick the purple mushroom shaped head of his cock. I could feel him throbbing as I gently sucked just the head of his cock. God I was ready to cum and wanted him to cum in my mouth at that moment.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/27/18

Such a tease.

Readers, check the title. Totally enjoyed this opening story and hope to see Pt 2 soon.
Only critique is to proofread better and don’t rely on spell checker; it’s moaning not morning (morning andmore...

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by Anonymous09/12/18

Very good,

but you left us hanging up there...

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