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His Relaxation


The candles she lit around the room filled it with a soft glow, and a light fragrant scent. She walked into the bathroom and ran her bath water, filling the tub with warm water and bubbles. She put her long hair up on top of her head, and lit the candle that sat on the edge of the bathtub.

She sighed as she slid into the water. Keeping her eye on the time she allowed herself five minutes to relax then picked up her razor and shaved. She made sure she was completely hair free. Sir did not like when she missed hairs. He had been known to pull them out individually if she missed any. She wanted to be perfect for him tonight. She had his favorite meal cooking. and planned on being dressed in his favorite outfit when he walked in the door.

He had been tense lately due to pressures at work. This was the first weekend in about two months that he wouldn’t be working and she wanted to make him relax as much as possible.

Once she finished shaving and washing up, she climbed out of the tub, and put on Sir’s favorite scent. It was light and feminine and she always enjoyed wearing it for him. Letting down her long hair she brushed it out so it hung free down her back. She slipped into her stocking and garter, pulled on a short skirt, and a shear blouse with nothing on underneath. Sir always liked when she wore this blouse with nothing underneath, where he could see her breast, and watch her nipples harden in response to a touch or look.

She hurried back to the kitchen to finish with the last minute preparations. She had just put the salad on the table when he walked in looking tired.

“Hello Sir, dinner is ready”

“Hello Pet, we will eat when I’m ready”

“Yes Sir” she turned the heat down on the dinner to keep it warm.

“ Can I get you something to drink Sir?”

“No, but I do want you to come over here” He pointed to a spot in front of him.

She quickly walked to where he indicated, standing tall with her hands behind her back.

“Lift up your skirt”

She pulled her skirt up to reveal the stockings and garter. His hand stroked her thigh, and then lightly touched her between her legs. She wore no panties, as she knew he preferred her to not wear them. His hand lingered for a moment, feeling her wetness, smelling that sexual aroma that she couldn’t control. He touched her lips lightly with the finger he had just removed from between her legs. She took the finger into her mouth, knowing it was expected of her.

He walked around to stand behind her, pulling up the back of her skirt so that he could see her naked ass. He lightly ran a hand down one cheek, then the other. He gave each side a swift hard crack with his hand, leaving two very distinct handprints on her bottom.

“Let’s eat dinner”

“Yes Sir”

She put dinner on the table, and served him before serving herself. They ate in companionable silence. Once they were done, she started to clean up the table and kitchen. She had just started the dishwasher and was wiping down the counter when he walked into the kitchen. He came up behind her, and grabbed her breast through her blouse. She felt the moisture between her legs as soon as he pinched her nipples. He pressed up against her pinning her against the counter. He gripped a handful of hair and tugged, pulling her head back.

She stifled a moan. Knowing he would become upset if she made too much noise.

Still holding her hair he tugged her hips back so she was laying forward on the counter with her legs spread behind her. Releasing her hair, he reached past her and grabbed a little wooden spatula that was in the utensil jar on the counter. Lifting the back of her skirt up to expose her bottom, he lightly smacked her with the spatula. With each hit she could feel the moisture building between her legs. She wiggled a little to ease the ache that was building there. He gave her several hard smacks that had her whimpering, but otherwise she said nothing.

“Turn around and on your knees” he spoke with steel in his voice. She knew that tone meant he was not in a mood to play, but in a mood to be obeyed without question.

She sank to her knees as she turned around, looking straight ahead, hands going behind her back. He lightly stroked her hair, before grabbing it in a fist again.

With one hand he undid his trousers and pulled out his already throbbing cock. She always loved the sight of him, so aroused. It almost made her feel light headed, knowing she could do that to him without touching him.

“Suck me till I come or tell you to stop is that understood?”

“ Yes, Sir”

She leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth, slowly licking the head and shaft with her tongue before closing her mouth over the shaft. She took long slow strokes, up and down his cock. Feeling him rock against her mouth, feeling him become larger as he became more aroused. She continued to suck and lick, moving faster up and down the length of him. As he came closer to orgasm, his hand tightened in her hair pushing her against him, making his cock go farther back in her throat. She felt the first drops of hot cum hit her throat and instinctively swallowed. He emptied himself into her mouth, resting there for a moment before pulling out of her mouth.

“Come in the bedroom” He turned and walked away knowing she would follow.

He was standing by the bed when she walked into the room. He looked more relaxed than when he had come home from work and she smiled to herself. He needed this tension release.

“Undress, down to your stockings and garter”

She quickly moved to do as he ordered. Sliding the shear blouse off her shoulders and laying it across the chair, then sliding out of her skirt and leaving that with the blouse.

She stood before him in nothing more than her stocking and garter belt.

He looked at her and motioned her forward with his finger. She stood before him, her hands behind her back her chest thrust forward, head bowed. He reached behind him on the bed and put a blindfold over her eyes. Once that was in place, he took the small nipple clamps that he had on the bed and attached one to each of her nipples, after sucking on them to make them hard. He then attached a clamp to her clit that made her squirm. He attached a chain from the nipple clamps to her clit so that every move would make her wetter. He lightly ran his finger across her clit, causing her to shiver.

He pushed her shoulders forward so she was bent at the waist. He lightly ran his hand down her back, to her ass, which he gave a light squeeze.

“Spread your legs Pet”

She spread her legs open, making her put her arms out for balance.

“Take three steps forward and brace your hands on the bed”

Once she was braced on the bed he continued his light exploration of her body. It always brought him a thrill that she belonged to him.

She heard the slide of his belt through the loops of his trousers. Her juices started to flow down her inner legs at the thought of his belt smacking her. She could almost predict exactly where the fist hit would land and how hard. He very rarely used the belt any other way. The first smack of leather against her ass made her jump. Over and over he smacked her in a steady even pace. Slowly he increased the strength of the smacks, making her bottom start to sting and turn a nice shade of pink.

He stepped behind her and lightly brought the belt up between her legs, spanking her clit much the same way he had her ass. Even and steady. This was how he relaxed. Using her for the shear pleasure of giving her this pleasure that he knew she needed and wanted.


She stood up straight her arms falling to her sides. The moisture and pressure between her legs was almost more than she could handle tonight. She wanted to beg him to let her cum, but knew that he wouldn’t allow it just yet. She felt him tug the chain connecting her breast and clit and she stumbled forward a little.

His fingers lightly stroked her nipples making them ache even more. He took one nipple in his mouth, and put one hand between her already dripping legs.

“You’re just a little horny Pet tonight aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir”

“ Well I have a little bit more for you before you can cum.” His fingers were playing with her clit and he slowly slid two fingers deep inside her making her moan.

“Not yet my Pet”

He carefully pulled the clamp off of her clit, and she let out a moan. Then he took the clamps off of her nipples, she arched her back as the blood rushed back into her already throbbing nipples.

He pulled her across his knees, lightly holding her down with one hand the other stroking her already hot ass.

He smacked her hard with a paddle, almost making her jump off his lap.

Over and over the paddle came down, each strike a little harder than the last.

Soon she was on the brink of orgasm just from the sweet pain of the spanking.

“Please Sir, may I cum for you?” she begged.

“No” was his reply as the paddle continued to strike.

“Please, Sir. Please let me cum for you” she said through tears of pain and need.

“You may cum, but I want you to cum hard for me” He reached between her legs and stroked her clit as he said this making her clamp onto his finger and cum almost uncontrollably. Soon she was lying limp across his lap. He gently helped her up, and wrapped her in his arms.

“Thank you Sir” she whispered as she laid her head on his shoulder.

“You’re welcome Pet.” He gently kissed her brow.

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