HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 02


"Oh god, I'm so, so sorry Mistress, please forgive your stupid bitch, she should have known better." Stephanie pleaded, her eyes already beginning to fill with tears as she realised she had failed her Mistress.

"You're forgiven, but only if you shut up and allow me to enjoy your ass hole." Trish said as she began slowly pulling out of Stephanie's back door.

"Yes Mistress." Stephanie groaned weakly as she felt the horrible sensation of Trish's strap on leaving her body.

Over the past 24 hours Trish had trained Stephanie to believe the only way she could ever be complete was to have her Mistress's strap on inside her ass hole, and Trish had done such a good job of breaking the Smackdown GM that Stephanie now truly believed that.

For Stephanie the feeling of Trish's strap on being removed from her ass hole was the most excruciating pain she had ever known. It was like her soul was being torn away from her, leaving her an empty shell, which is what she felt like whenever Trish's strap on wasn't inside her ass.

But then, just when Stephanie thought she would die from the heartbreak of her loss, that wonderful dildo slid back inside her ass, providing meaning to her existence again.

And Stephanie knew this was her meaning for existence. To take Trish's strap on dick in her ass. It was all she was good for. It was all she was ever meant for and she was so grateful to Trish for teaching her that, for putting her in her place and teaching her the true meaning of her existence.

Stephanie was so lucky to have such a wonderful Mistress like Trish Stratus who saw her for the lesbian anal slut she was and used her like she had always meant to be used.

And how did Stephanie repay such a wonderful Mistress?

By failing to do something as simple as keeping her legs up while her Mistress used her ass hole for its primary purpose, her primary purpose, taking her Mistress's strap on inside her shit shoot.

As far as Stephanie was concerned her Mistress should have pulled that big dildo from her ass the moment she moved her legs downwards and bent her over her knee for the most vicious spanking she could possibly give her. Then her Mistress should have beaten her ass with her crop, which Stephanie knew was in Trish's bag because she had already tasted it shortly after they had arrived, and then used everything and anything she could have found in the room to batter her behind with until her ass was a bleeding mess. Then her Mistress should have slapped her around to teach her a lesson for being such a stupid bitch.

But her Mistress didn't do that.

Instead her Mistress gave Stephanie the privilege of her beautiful dildo sliding through her unworthy bowels, her ass hole being used as it had always meant to be used.

How her Mistress could be so forgiving was beyond Stephanie's comprehension, then again she was just a bitch and shouldn't question what a superior woman like Trish Stratus chose to do with her property.

Stephanie just wished there was some way she could show her gratitude and devotion to her Mistress but she had been told not to speak and stay still so all that was left for her to do was stare at Trish lovingly and hope against hope that her eyes could tell her Mistress how grateful she was to her for forgiving her and using her like the bitch she was.

The look in Stephanie's eyes cause Trish to smile widely again as she continued to slide her strap on dildo in and out of her bitch's bowels, the women's champion showing the Billion Dollar Princess who was boss with a nice firm butt fucking.

It was weird for Trish to look down and see a pathetic shell of a woman which sort of looked like one of her greatest enemies Stephanie McMahon.

When they had fought regularly over a year ago Trish had constantly fantasized about breaking Stephanie and turning the Billion Dollar Princess into her bitch, and when Stephanie and her father had publicly humiliated her Trish knew that one day she would find a way to turn that bitch into her bitch and finally she had achieved her goal.

The past 24 hours had literally been a dream come true for Trish.

Determined to completely break Stephanie at all costs Trish had sexually dominated her rival for almost the entire 24 hours, breaking out every trick she knew for training a bitch.

She had brutalised Stephanie's rear, finding any little excuse possible to spank the Billion Dollar Princess until her ass was a ripe and rosy red. She had constantly made the once dominant female kiss her ass, Stephanie's lips covering her ass cheeks before Trish made the Smackdown GM shove her tongue up her ass hole and rim her out. She had bent Stephanie over every piece of furniture she could fined in her hotel room and viciously butt fucked her until the brunette was begging her shamelessly to bust her butt hole wide open and make her her bitch. Once she had Stephanie begging shamelessly to be her bitch she had the brunette ride her strap on dick until the Billion Dollar Princess was a whimpering wreck, pleading with Trish to give her permission to cum. And when Trish finally gave Stephanie permission to cum the brunette had screamed hysterically and came in multiple orgasms which would leave Stephanie a broken and weeping vegetable, until Trish demanded her bitch to spread her ass for her again.

Trish had refused to leave her hotel room until she was 100% sure Stephanie was a completely broken bitch and moments ago she had learned she had been 100% right.

The woman who used to claim that she was the dominant female of the WWE had begged Trish shamelessly to keep her as her bitch forever as a camera televised the entire thing. But that hadn't been enough for Trish, after she had made the once high and mighty Stephanie McMahon beg to be her bitch she had the Billion Dollar Princess kneel down as the world was watching and kiss her feet in a sign of total submission to her and Stephanie had done this without a word of protest, the bitch covering her feet in kisses to prove how much she wanted to be her bitch, which is exactly what she was now, and what she would forever be.

Looking down at what was left of the formerly dominant female Trish could tell she was going to be reminded that Stephanie was nothing but her bitch every time she looked into Stephanie's eyes because the Billion Dollar Princess was looking up at Trish with a look of complete and total devotion. It was a beautiful look, a look that revealed Stephanie for what she truly was, a look that made Trish want to reward her bitch by telling her what her future had in store for her.

But first, she wanted her bitch to tell her how much she was loving having her ass fucked by her.

"You like it don't you Stephanie, you like having my big girl cock inside your ass hole. You do don't you." Trish teased, before commanding, "Tell me. Tell me how much you love getting your ass fucked by me. Tell me how much you love getting fucked up your ass by your Mistress."

"I do, I love it, I love getting fucked up my ass by my Mistress." Stephanie said, "I love my Mistress's big girl cock inside my ass hole. I love how your big girl cock feels inside my ass hole Mistress Trish. It feels so good. I love how you ass fuck me Mistress, please ass fuck me hard. Fuck your bitch's ass and show her who's boss. Wreck my rectum with your big girl cock Mistress, tear my shit hole up. Pound my pooper. Rip it apart for your pleasure. I love being used for your pleasure. I love having my ass hole used. Please use me. Use your bitch. Use her just as she likes to be used, just as she should be used."

"Mmmmm, such an obedient little bitch." Trish said smiling, "And you know that's all you are now right, my bitch."

"Yes Mistress Trish, I know I'm nothing but your bitch." Stephanie replied obediently, "It's all I am and all I ever will be. I'm your bitch Trish, I'm your bitch forever."

"Damn right, but if you're going to be my bitch forever then we're going to have to do some serious training. I put up with a lot of crap from you over the last 24 hours because I know when breaking in a bitch you've got to cut her a few breaks, but the fun and games are over. You're 100% my bitch now, and from here on in I will expect nothing less than 100% obedience from you. And let me tell you Steph, if you so much as look at me the wrong way you're going to get your ass beat, and I don't mean the kind of playful spanking I've been giving your ass, I mean the type of brutal butt bashing that will turn your ass into a bleeding, bloody pulp. If I'm not satisfied that you've learned your lesson I'll move on to do the same to these prize-winning tits of yours, and if that doesn't satisfy me, I'll be taking it out on your whore cunt. Understand me?" Trish explained, grabbing Stephanie's tits when she referred to them as prize-winning, before reaching down to lightly play with her pussy, causing the brunette to moan.

"Yes Mistress, I understand." Stephanie moaned.

"Good, because remember, any wasted time I have to devote to spanking your ass is time I could be using you for your only real purpose in this world, my pleasure. And make no mistake, from now on I will be using you as I want. Every hole on your body belongs to me and I plan on using them a lot. Well, maybe not your whore cunt. I mean, just look at this thing. It's so stretched out and lose I could probably shove a fucking basketball up there." Trish mocked as she continued to play with Stephanie's pussy as she fucked her bitch up the butt, "Then again, if you're a good little bitch maybe I'll reward you one of these days by fucking your slutty pussy, and you do want to be a good little bitch for me don't you?"

"Yes Mistress, I want to be a good little bitch for you." Stephanie said.

"Thought so. And don't worry, it's not like I'm not going to be regularly fucking you. I am, but it's going to be mostly up the butt cause I just can't get enough of this ass. Seriously, I loved this ass, and from now on you're going to be wearing tighter fitting things to show off what a prize piece of ass I now own. And make no mistake, I own your ass hole bitch, and I'm going to use it whenever I want. Until further notice you will be taking a minimum of five butt fuckings a day. It'll help you remember your place, and hey, it's not like you don't love taking it up the butt for me, isn't that right Steph?" Trish pointed out.

"You're right Mistress, I love taking it up the butt for you." Stephanie said.

"Right answer. But it's not just your ass hole I'll be using a lot, your mouth is going to be given plenty to do as well. In fact, your mouth will be busier than your ass hole. The only thing I'll be using your ass hole for is as a cock and cum depository, your mouth on the other hand will be worshipping my feet, strap on, ass, ass hole, tits, and cunt." Trish said, smiling as Stephanie's eyes lit up at the mention of her tits and cunt, "That's right bitch, right after I'm done enjoying your ass your mouth is going to get the privilege of sucking on my big tits, and then you're going to get your first taste of my pussy. What do you think of that?"

"I think I can't wait Mistress Trish, I can't wait to get my mouth on your big, beautiful tits and your delicious pussy. I've been fantasizing about your big tits since before you made me your bitch, and since you made me your property I've wanted to suck on them so bad. I swear if you give me the chance I'll suck your tits better than anyone you've ever given that privilege to before. And I'm dying to taste your delicious pussy. I bet it's the best pussy in the world, way better than my whore cunt. I wanna bury my face in it and worship you with my mouth. I want to lick and suck your delicious pussy Mistress Trish, please allow your bitch the privilege of licking and sucking your delicious pussy." Stephanie begged.

"All in good time my little bitch, all in good time. Like I said, first I'm going to finish enjoying your ass, and with that in mind I want to play a little game called gape my bitch." Trish said with a wicked grin, "Spread your legs with your elbows instead of your hands and then use your hands to spread your ass cheeks in your current position."

Stephanie obeyed her Mistress, awkwardly placing her right elbow and her right leg and then doing the same with her left. She had seen a few sex tapes of women doing this but she had never imagined she would be flexible to do this herself. She almost wasn't, but she was just about able to do it. Once she had done that she used her hands to spread her ass cheeks as instructed, causing Trish to smile at her obedience, the fact that she had caused Trish's happiness making Stephanie's heart flutter.

"Ok Steph, now keep your ass spread for me..." Trish said as she slowly began pulling her dildo from Stephanie's ass hole until the head was pulled out with a noisy pop, the once tight ring of flesh remaining widely stretched open courtesy of the blonde's bowel destroyer.

"And I've gaped my bitch." Trish said, clapping her hands together happily in triumph and admiring the stretched out ring of Stephanie's ass hole before pressing her strap on back against it, "Now let's see if I can do it again."

For the next few minutes Trish continuously pulled out of Stephanie's ass, staring lustfully at the gaping sign of the Smackdown general manager's submission before reinserting her strap on up Stephanie's shit shoot and giving her butt a few quick hard thrusts in between gapings to make sure that her bitch's back passage would remain open for her pleasure.

After stretching out Stephanie's shit pipe this way for a while Trish decided to take a break and really get a good look at her handiwork. Leaning down Trish looks at Stephanie's gaping ass hole and can't help but smile. The once mighty and powerful, Stephanie McMahon, compressed on the couch with her legs against her chest, using her own arms to stay in that position, and using her own hands to keep her own ass hole spread nice and wide for her Mistress. Stephanie made such a good bitch for Trish, and Stephanie knew that Trish has put her in her place, a place that Stephanie never would leave, and that's being Trish's bitch.

Leaning her head down, Trish can look up into Stephanie's ass hole. She slightly blows into it, causing Stephanie to shiver in pleasure. Trish then sticks her tongue out and starts to lick at the sides of Stephanie's ass hole. After receiving such a wonderful rim job from Stephanie, Trish felt she should give her bitch a little something extra, not that she deserved it, but that's just the kind of person Trish is. Her tongue swirls from the outside of Stephanie's ass hole, moving clockwise and forward, until Trish is tonguing her ass hole. With plenty of room in there, Trish starts to twirl her tongue all around, hitting the sides, the bottom, and the roof, of the newly gaped ass hole that used to belong to Stephanie McMahon.

"Oh please Mistress Trish...please fuck my ass hole with your big huge cock," Stephanie moaned in compliance.

Trish moved her head away from Stephanie's ass and sat upright in front of her. "You don't like my tongue in your ass?"

"Mistress its not that, its..."

"Shut up!" Trish shouted, interrupting Stephanie, and smacking her ass. "You have to be punished Stephanie, you don't have any say in what I do to you. You are MY bitch, and what I say goes! You got that?" Trish finished her questioning with a firm smack of Stephanie's butt cheeks.

"Oh yes Mistress Trish, please forgive me Mistress Trish, I did not mean to insult you or your talented tongue. Please do whatever you want with me, your bitch, Trish Stratus's bitch!" Stephanie responded, pleading to Trish.

Trish stands up off the couch and looks down at Stephanie, still with her legs behind her own arms, and still spreading her ass hole with her hands.

"Stay like that, just like that Stephanie. My bitch is gonna get it now!" Trish shouted, smacking Stephanie's ass with her hand.

Trish slapped Stephanie's ass so hard that her handprint could be seen for brief second. Trish continued to spank Stephanie's ass, hard, quickly causing it to turn red in front of her eyes. Stratusfied, Trish stopped the assault on Stephanie's ass and brought her hand down onto Stephanie's pussy, causing Stephanie to shout in a mix of pain and pleasure. The pain came from the shot on her pussy, but the pleasure came from knowing her Mistress enjoyed slapping her around.

"You like it when I slap your pathetic pussy bitch?" Trish asked in a demeaning and dominant tone.

"Oh yes Mistress Trish, I love it when you abuse my pussy!"

"You're such a pain slut, you know that? But that doesn't matter now, because all you are is my bitch, my bitch to do anything I see fit to do, what are you Stephanie?" Trish asked, after a barrage of hard pussy slaps to Stephanie.

"I'm your bitch! Nothing but your bitch! I love everything you do to me and I never want to leave you! You are my owner! You own me Trish Stratus! I'm nothing in this world but your cock sucking, ass licking, pain loving, ass gaping little bitch!" Stephanie's admittance ended in a long drawn out of moan.

Trish started to insert two of her fingers into Stephanie's pussy with her left hand, her right cupping Stephanie's face.

"That's right Stephanie, you are my bitch, forever!" Trish said, starting to slowly pump her fingers into Stephanie's pussy.

Before her bitch could enjoy the brief fingering, Trish started to slap Stephanie's face with her right hand a few times, until her cheek became a rosy red colour. Removing her fingers from Stephanie's pussy, Trish then slaps the left side of Stephanie's face, wiping off Stephanie's pussy juice in the process. Trish then backs away from Stephanie and takes in the image before her once more. Smiling at what she has turned Stephanie into, Trish gets back onto the couch and positions her strap on on the outskirts of Stephanie's wide open ass hole. She slowly pushes forward, causing Stephanie to moan another long drawn out moan.

Inch by inch, Trish pushes her dildo back up Stephanie's ass, and with every inch, Trish spits at Stephanie's face. Knowing what to do after the first spit hit her cheek, Stephanie opened her moaning mouth as wide as she could, giving Trish an open target for her spit. This continued for a few minutes until Trish grew tired of the slow re-penetration, and decides to jam the 12 inches back up Stephanie's ass. Once Trish is balls deep in Stephanie's ass hole again, she looks down at Stephanie's face and sees the look of shameless pleasure. Stephanie didn't care that she used to hate Trish. She didn't care that Trish used to use her father to get ahead. She didn't care that Trish recently humiliated her on live pay-per-view. Stephanie knew all that mattered was being Trish's bitch, and Stephanie was determined to be Trish's perfect bitch.

Trish remained where she was. The entirety of her 12 inch strap on shoved into Stephanie's ass hole. Instead of moving in and out, Trish started to shake her own ass side to side, moving the strap on inside Stephanie's ass side to side. Stephanie did the only thing she could, moan, and moan with pleasure and delight that Trish Stratus has put all 12 inches of her strap on back into her ass. As Trish moved the strap on from side to side inside Stephanie's ass, Trish leaned forward and grabbed Stephanie's breasts, groping them in her hands. She then shakes them around in her hands, squeezing them together at times, and then slaps them around in different directions. Playing with Stephanie's tits was something Trish enjoyed, especially now when there was 12 inches of strap on shoved in her ass, which Stephanie still held open like an obedient bitch. With that in mind, Trish decided she should reward Stephanie by embracing her with a kiss.

Kissing her Mistress while her Mistress played with her boobs and had a 12 inch strap on in her ass, Stephanie was in heaven. She felt Trish's rough grasping of her breasts, the pulling of her erect nipples, the wonderful feeling of having Trish's strap on buried in her ass, and now the soft but dominating embrace of Trish's tongue in her mouth. Stephanie was in perfect bliss, being Trish Stratus's bitch. Trish was in her own perverted heaven as well. She has dominated Stephanie McMahon over and over again, and now she has turned Stephanie into her little bitch.

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