tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 05

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 05


"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to... No Anal Mercy." Lillian Garcia blushed, "Please welcome from Boise Idaho, Torrie Wilson."

Shortly after she was introduced and the music began playing Torrie wandered out, got in the ring and waved cautiously, the whole time looking understandably nervous.

"Ok, now welcome from Toronto Canada, the WWE women's champion... Trish Stratus." Lillian announced, quickly exiting the ring as the dominating blonde's music started to play.

Appearing with her title belt over her shoulder and her strap on dildo in hand Trish marched to the ring and posed as if she was getting ready for a regular match and not thinking about stretching Torrie's ass as soon as this foregone conclusion was over.

However when Trish's music ended a different track fired up and Victoria appeared on the stage with a microphone in hand, "You know Trish, I always knew you were a gutless coward, but now it's not just obvious to me, but everyone watching. Why else would you be ducking me and going after the likes of Stephanie, Stacy and Torrie who don't stand a chance against you?"

Grabbing a mic which someone at ringside quickly handed her Trish fired back, "Maybe I'm saving the best for last... or maybe I'm going after the hottest pieces of ass first. Actually, what am I saying, this is HLA, hot lesbian anal... not MALA, mildly attractive lesbian anal, so you don't even qualify."

"Excuses, excuses. We both know the only reason you are not facing me is because you know I can beat you. Hell, I bet you think I would beat you and it terrifies you. What's the matter Trish, afraid to get your ass stretched out and gaped? Afraid it will hurt, or afraid you might like it?" Victoria challenged.

"Nice try Victoria." Trish grinned, "You're not going to goad me into a match when I already have one."

"Oh, so you're saying beating Torrie Wilson will take so much out of you that you couldn't possibly handle me afterwards? Is that what you're saying?" Victoria mocked.

"NO... I... you know what, fine. I'll beat your ass right after I beat Torrie's, then I'll have two whores' asses to stretch out and tame." Trish snapped, before she got hit roughly from behind by Torrie who was able to get enough momentum from running at her opponent to knock her down.

Not giving her a chance Torrie began roughly kicking the woman intent on butt fucking her, forcing Trish to roll out of the ring to get out of the situation. Stupidly Torrie followed her only to come face to face with an angry women's champion who made a swing for her. Before Trish's hand could connect with her pretty face Torrie ducked and began running for her life, or more accurately the well being of her ass, Trish quickly giving chase.

In a rather ridiculous display which had some of the crowd booing the two blondes began running around and around the ring in circles, Trish unable to catch up to her foe no matter how hard she tried.

Eventually Torrie hopped the barricade and ran out through the crowd, the collection of mostly males with a couple of lesbians all smacking her on the ass as she passed them, the braver members of the crowd doing the same to Trish. The women's champion considered throwing a punch into the crowd, but she couldn't risk this thing turning into a brawl. Besides, attacking the crowd would not be good for business. So Trish allowed the audience to smack her booty as she chased Torrie all around the arena, finally catching up to her when one of the audience members intentionally blocked the running girl's path.

Thanking the interfering audience member Trish grabbed hold of Torrie's hair and began dragging her back to the ring, but Torrie wasn't willing to go so easily.

After punching Trish so hard in the ribs it threatened to leave a bruise Torrie push the other blonde roughly forwards, Trish doubling over as she was flung into the guard rail stomach first, the force of the impact knocking the wind out of her. Taking advantage of the compromising position Torrie quickly pressed one hand down on Trish's back to keep her in place while bringing the other repeatedly down on the other diva's well rounded backside, Torrie spanking Trish as hard as she could.

Trish was momentarily so horrified by what was happening she just lay there doing nothing, however the audience cheering at her humiliation and stinging blows to her butt quickly fuelled her rage and she pushed herself upwards. Trish was stronger than Torrie, however it did take some manoeuvring on the Canadian's part to struggle out of the firm grip of the other blonde so she could stand up. While doing this Trish grabbed ahold of the hand Torrie had been using to hold her in place and reversed their positions so it was Torrie who was forced over the barricade with Trish viciously spanking her.

Torrie desperately tried to reverse the position as her opponent had done however Trish was much stronger and thus was able to keep Torrie in place. Eventually Torrie just gave up fighting it. Sure, it hurt but it also where'd Trish down, so the plan was working. It was unfortunate she was getting humiliated in the process but a public spanking was much more acceptable than a public butt fucking so this was a small price to pay.

To add to Torrie's humiliation she was unable to stop herself from crying out as the vicious assault to her behind continued, her small comforting thought not really changing the fact that at this current moment in time she was suffering so badly.

Despite herself Trish got totally carried away with spanking Torrie. Trish couldn't help herself. Torrie's ass was so tight, firm and spank-able... not to mention fuck-able, a fact that had Trish practically salivating as she brutalised the ass in front of her. The Canadian even considered removing Torrie's wrestling tights and exposing her naked butt to the entire world so she could further humiliate her and enjoy the spanking even more, but really she should be concentrating on winning this match, not spanking Torrie's ass.

Trish still had to beat Torrie, and then Victoria, and she couldn't be declared the winner of this match if the referee was still all the way over in the ring. What the hell was he doing all the way over there anyway?

That's when Trish realised to her horror that she hadn't specified in the rules of a HLA match whether she had to beat her opponent in the ring or not. She had specified the matches be no DQ or count outs, but that just meant it was basically a street fight in which the common rule is you have to beat the opponent in the ring. She should probably make amends to that when she next got the chance, however for right now Trish had to concentrate on getting Torrie back to the ring so she could beat her.

Deciding it would be best to beat her opponent as much into submission as possible first Trish continued the spanking for several minutes, before reaching down, pulling Torrie up by the hair and then slamming her head down on the steel guard rail she had just been bent over.

Crying out in agony Torrie clutched her head as she fell backwards onto her sore and beaten butt, the Canadian letting her fall only to pull her up by the hair and repeat the process over and over again until the referee was forced to come down and try and step in, if nothing else to try and stop a clearly angry and frustrated Trish from committing murder live on PPV.

Letting go of her now bloody opponent Trish got in the ref's face and totally bitched him out, explaining in no uncertain terms that all he was there for was to count the pin and call for the bell. This gave Torrie a enough time to collect herself together enough to try and attack the women's champion but Trish was ready for her and all Torrie got was another face full of guard rail.

Grabbing her opponent by her hair Trish practically pulled it out by the roots as she dragged Torrie back to the ring, throwing her over the barricade headfirst before climbing over so they were both in the ringside area. Torrie was able to crawl into the ring and deliver a few quick, sharp kicks to Trish as the WWE women's champion entered the ring, but the blonde Canadian quickly regained control by grabbing onto Torrie's leg and executing a dragon screw take down.

Quickly getting up Trish returned the previous favour by kicking Torrie while she was down, after a while concentrating most of her kicks to Torrie's legs before locking the other diva in a sharp shooter. Torrie try to fight being turned over into it but it was no use and the crowd roared as it looked like the match was coming to an end via tap out. However Trish had misjudged how close they were to the ropes and Torrie was able to crawl the short distance so that her hand was touching the rope.

As a result the referee tried to convince Trish to let go, but the GM of RAW and Smackdown simply yelled at him that there was no rope break in this match and he should just get down and ask Torrie if she wanted to submit. Unsure of what to do in this situation and not wanting to lose his job the referee did as he was told, Trish grinning as he did so and then grinning even wider as she saw Torrie's hand raise up like she was about to tap. Then, at the last possible second Victoria pulled the referee out of the ring, Torrie's hand smacking against them at several times immediately afterwards to signal a tap out submission, but thanks to Victoria the referee didn't see it.

Furious with rage Trish let go of the sharp shooter and went after Victoria, the strong brunette surprisingly retreating with the angry blonde in hot pursuit in a scene which was nearly identical to the one that had begun the match.

Realising this was getting her nowhere Trish rolled back in the ring as she saw Torrie begin to get up, the WWE woman's champ reaching down to pick up her opponent when she was suddenly caught in a small package, the referee quickly kneeling down to count 1... 2...

Trish kicked out just in time, the referee's hand even hitting the canvas as she rolled away, viciously hitting Torrie with the Chick Kick as the other blonde got up to face her.

Rather than immediately going for the pin Trish bitched out the referee for fast counting her, the ref trying to insist he didn't but Trish didn't want to hear it. Turning away from him the champion knelt down and prepared to cover her opponent for the easy win, but hesitated. After biting her lip and looking thoughtful for a moment Trish turned to the ref and fired him on the spot before calling for another referee, preferably one who could do his job.

As the former WWE referee left the ring Trish picked Torrie up and gave her a stiff looking suplex, the thing almost a brainbuster given how sharp it landed.

Trish picked Torrie up time and time again, delivering a collection of suplexs and slams, posing after each one of them to make sure she was making her point. Torrie may have got in a few lucky shots but Trish was the WWE women's champion and she ruled the women's division. Unfortunately in her anger Trish had forgotten the deal she had made with Victoria, a glance at the smirking brunette several minutes later reminding her of the suddenly very dangerous situation she found herself in.

Without any further ado Trish grabbed Torrie by the head and delivered a picture perfect Stratusfaction and covered her as the new referee kneeled in perfect position to count the 1... 2... 3.

"Here is your winner and still WWE women's champion..." Lillian began, but before she could finish Victoria had jumped Trish, the victorious blonde not even given a chance to lift herself off Torrie before she received a vicious strike to the back of her head.

Rolling over the dazed Canadian Victoria mounted her, grabbed her by her pretty hair and began punching her in the face over, and over, and over.

If the first shot hadn't knocked Trish completely loopy the next half-dozen definitely did the trick, but even though she could have probably got the win Victoria didn't even try to pin her.

For Trish the situation of only a moment ago was suddenly reversed and it was her opponent who was toying with her to prove a point, Victoria wanting to make absolutely sure she got to put Trish in her place right from the start.

"Take this you worthless whore! And this you stupid skank. And this you piece of shit!" Victoria spat, beginning to insult Trish with every other punch, the brunette mercilessly hammering her opponent.

After giving Trish a broken nose, a black eye and several bruises all over her cover girl face Victoria finally got up and briefly posed to the crowd before reaching down, grabbing Trish by the hair and dragging her over to the corner. After throwing the blonde into the corner and propping her up so her arms hung limply on the sides Victoria began to lay into her with rights and lefts, really able to punish her in that position with all sorts of brutal punches such as right hooks and uppercuts as the sadistic brunette used Trish like she was a boxing dummy, the referee watching on unsure if he should try and stop this or not as the audience tried to decide whether they should boo or cheer this turn of events.

The audience definitely decided to cheer when Victoria tore Trish's top to shreds and then took her time tearing apart her bra before she pulled the tattered remains of it away from the helpless blonde, completely exposing her massive jugs to the delighted crowd. Victoria's face also lighted up, the brunette unable to resist taking one of those nipples into her mouth, if only to bite down on it so hard she drew blood.

This finally awoke Trish from her stupor and she began to struggle, Victoria laughing at her discomfort before slapping her big tits and spitting in her face.

"You like this Trish? You like being my bitch?" Victoria asked, cruelly twisting Trish's levels harder than ever.

"Fuck you bitch!" Trish screamed in response, smashing her forehead into Victoria's in a severe head-butt, quickly then beating her back with a few right hands before trying to bounce off the rope to get some momentum enough to knock the sadistic brunette down. Unfortunately for the women's champ she ran right into a big boot from Victoria.

Embarrassed and angry Victoria began kicking Trish again, completely knocking the wind out of her and leaving the women's champion helpless as the brunette sadistically screamed the same two words over and over, "Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt!"

Half a dozen kicks later Victoria picked up her opponent and threw her across the ring with a fall away slam. She then gave her a series of scoop slams before going up to the top rope to deliver a picture perfect moonsault and then allowing the referee to count 1... 2...

At the last possible second Victoria pulled Trish's upper half off the canvas, grinning wickedly before getting up and lifting the Canadian into a suplex, holding her high above the air and letting all the blood rushed to her head before bringing her crashing down to the matt.

By the time Victoria picked Trish up again the WWE women's champion was too dazed to stop herself being shoved shoulder first in between the ropes and corner, her head hitting the post which knocked her unconscious.

Grinning sadistically Victoria gripped onto Trish's tight-fitting spandex pants and slowly pulled them down to reveal a thong buried in between the blonde diva's large ass cheeks, admiring those fleshy globes and then standing back so the cameras could get a good view of that bubble butt before she kneeled down and began playfully playing the bongos on Trish's big, round rear.

Slowly coming back to consciousness Trish groaned but she was too light-headed to retaliate, the poor Canadian beginning to cry out in pain as Victoria's playful slaps quickly turned vicious, Trish's meaty cheeks rippling, jiggling and eventually turning pink from the force of the blows.

All these savage strikes to her rapidly changing colour behind eventually awoke Trish enough to try and get herself out of her current situation, but the moment she did Victoria pressed one hand down firmly on her lower back, ensuring the WWE women's champion wasn't going anywhere.

Trish struggled as hard as she could but it was no use, Victoria had all the leveraged and was stronger than her. All Trish could do was wriggle and cry as her butt was brutalised. Trish continued fighting it for a long time, way past the point it was obvious there was nothing she could do and she was only wasting precious energy, but still she refused to give up. However eventually it all became too much.

Victoria smirked as she felt Trish go limp, the challenger for the women's title only increasing the force of her strikes as Trish began wailing like never before, the sound almost as loud as the deafening sound of her hand connecting again and again with Trish's butt cheeks which echo throughout the arena.

When Trish's ass was rosy red Victoria gripped onto Trish's thong, the sadistic brunette grinning as the blonde whimpered helplessly before her.

Victoria took her time, savouring the moment, pulling that butt floss deeper in between Trish's meaty cheeks to make that big bubble butt seem even bigger, the camera zooming in on it certainly helping matters. When she was sure she had everyone's undivided attention Victoria slowly peeled that tiny string away from in between Trish's massive butt cheeks, the arena suddenly becoming dead silent before erupting with cheers as that thong fell down to around her ankles, leaving her completely naked except for her boots.

The cheers grew louder then Victoria spread those large globes of flesh to reveal Trish's pussy and ass hole to the watching world and the audience in the arena, the camera zooming in so far it practically disappeared up Trish's ass.

Once Victoria was sure the world had gotten a good look she grabbed hold of her opponent, pulled her out of the corner, shoved her between her legs and lifted her up to deliver her finishing move only for Trish to reverse it by flipping forwards and rolling Victoria into a pin 1... 2...

At the last moment Victoria kicked out, kicked Trish in the face and then quickly went for her finishing move again, this time completing it to perfection and making the cover 1... 2...

Again Victoria picked Trish up, pure evil on her face, immediately getting to her feet and pulling Trish with her so she could the quickest and perhaps the most vicious looking Widows Peak anyone had ever seen.

Still not satisfied with that Victoria got out of the ring and quickly returned with a chair. The referee tried to talk Victoria out of whatever she was trying to do but the brunette gave him such a terrifying look he immediately backed off, happy to let Victoria do whatever she wanted to Trish as long as she didn't touch him, the security guards feeling the exact same way.

Lifting the chair high above her head Victoria brought it down again and again on Trish's lifeless body, mostly concentrating on the back of the poor blonde's head while also making sure to spend plenty of time on the other diva's back. Finally Victoria dropped the chair, even the audience relieved that it was seemingly over, only for Victoria to slowly, sadistically pick Trish up, hold her in a front face lock and position her over the chair. The arena fell completely silent as everyone watched in fascination and horror as Victoria savoured the moment and then spiked Trish head first on to the chair in the most brutal DDT anyone had ever seen.

Kicking Trish's body over Victoria grinned wickedly to see that her nemesis's pretty face was practically a mask of red, the blood loss from her nose nothing compared to the blood oozing from a large wound on Trish's forehead.

Slowly getting down onto her knees Victoria grinned sadistically at the camera before covering Trish one final time 1... 2... 3.

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