tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoliday Blackmail Ch. 02

Holiday Blackmail Ch. 02


Afternoon Jog

I zipped up my pink hoodie as I reached for the front door, knowing the chilly November wind would feel very cold until I got warmed up. I left my cell phone and keys on the table beside the door, not wanting to have them bouncing around in my pocket while I ran. As I opened the door to leave, I heard my husband call out from the family room.

"Have a great jog hun!"

Nervously, I answered, trying to keep my voice from wavering. "I'll see you in forty minutes."

"Wow, long one today! Have a good workout!" he replied as I walked through the door, feeling my cheeks burning with the lie of omission.

I warmed up my legs with a swift walk to the end of the block before taking it up to a light job, heading down the street in the direction of a nearby nature trail. I normally preferred to job on the suburban streets near my home; I had a three mile loop all worked out that always left me breathless and with my legs burning. But today I had a specific goal in mind, and I picked up the pace slightly, knowing that I would be hard pressed to make it to the prearranged point at the park for the agreed upon time. I didn't want to push my luck by being late.

Dave had texted me the day before, letting me know the plan. I in the previous few days he had me send him my daily routine; it was in my own best interest to allow him into my life, so that he could schedule meeting times that would impact my schedule the least. I still 'owed' him 10 more blowjobs in order to have him return the video of our first encounter, and wanted to finish them as soon as I could. I was not much of a hand at sneaking around, but his plan to meet in the park near my home had seemed like a good one. It was relatively neutral ground, and gave me an excellent excuse to get away from my husband for a little while, since I was a regular afternoon jogger.

I reached the entrance to the park on schedule, and wondered which parked car belonged to Dave as I continued on into the woods. The clearing where I was supposed to meet him was just up ahead, and I glanced at my watch. Three minutes ahead of the appointed time; my pace had actually been too fast, I thought to myself with a smile. I didn't see anyone waiting, and took the turn Dave had told me to, down a bumpy trail that lead off to the right of the main one. I could tell immediately from the overgrown weeds that it was rarely used, but even so I felt nervous and self conscious as I looked around for him. Unsure of what to do, and not wanting to look conspicuous, I leaned my butt against a tree and bent down, pretending to tie my shoes.

My head was only down for a few moments when I head the snap of a twig in front of me. Still bent over double, I arched my neck to look up, and found myself making eye contact with Dave less than a foot in front of me. As I tried to straighten up, I felt his hands grasping my shoulders, holding me down so that I came face to face with his belt. With one hand in the middle of my back between my shoulder blades, he held me there, while the other hand began to undo his fly. I glanced past him, towards the main trail, feeling suddenly exposed.

"Shouldn't we head a little deeper into the trees?" I asked with trepidation.

"No. This spot is perfect." he replied with authority. "Now grab onto your ankles and open your mouth."

I did as I was ordered, watching him free his cock from his pants, already raging hard with a bright purple head. It looked like he had been stroking it for the whole morning in anticipation; edging himself for this encounter to maximise the size of his load. I felt my ass being pushed back into the rough bark of the tree behind me, my yoga pants providing little protection from it. While I grasped my ankles, he grasped my head in both hands, bringing his cock towards my lips. I stuck out my tongue to lick his head, but gagged immediately as I found myself licking his balls instead, his cock driving forward forcefully into the back of my throat.

With no pre-amble, he began to fuck my face, hard and fast. I felt my round ass bounce against the tree, and also felt the rough bark pricking at my expensive pants. I could hear myself gagging on his cock as he thrust home into me, and I sensed the copious saliva flowing from my mouth to drip all over his balls and the forest floor at my feet. I heard him grunt with his efforts and it dawned on me that I was taking the face-fucking of a lifetime. It had all happened so fast that I didn't even have time to protest; every ounce of willpower focused solely on catching brief gasps of air around his shaft when I had the chance. I heard myself moan in lust and anguish as he humped my mouth; a sloppy wet sound barely distinguishable from a gurgle. I began to feel light-headed from lack of oxygen, semi-conscious as I sustained his barrage of cock thrusts, never once letting go of my ankles.

I was only semi-aware, shaken back to reality by a loud groan, as I felt him pull his cock from my mouth suddenly. I stayed in position, gasping for air as I felt his fist bumping into my forehead while he stroked his cock vigorously. I felt a warm surge of liquid begin to spurt messily out onto my face along my hairline, and tried to arch my head back to cover his cock with my mouth. He avoided me, slathering my face with cum before I caught him between my lips, and swallowed the remainder that leaked from him. He pulled his cock back out, rubbing it onto my cum-coated face while he told me what a good girl I had been. I was in a daze, watching him absentmindedly with the one eye not caked in cum as I caught my breath, finally removing my hands from my ankles to rest them on my knees as I straightened up. Dave walked a few feet away and retrieved his cell phone from where it sat on a nearby stump, the camera lens facing us. He approached me, still training the camera on me as he did.

"Look at this cum-covered slut." he said. "What a good cocksucker she makes."

Self conscious, I wiped the cum from my face with my hands, not thinking about where I could wipe them afterwards. Dave watched with a chuckle as I finally settled on rubbing it into my hair, not wanting to stain my clothes. I rubbed it all into the skin of my face and hair, hoping to hide it with sweat as I ran home. All I could smell was its chlorine-like odour on myself, and I rubbed my sore throat as I straightened my clothes, looking back to make sure I hadn't ripped a hole in my pants.

"Seeya later slut." was all Dave said as he walked swiftly away into the woods.

Glancing again at my watch, I realized more time had passed than I anticipated. Not wanting my husband to get worried, I started home, jogging quickly through the woods before picking the pace up to a run on the streets home. Luckily, by pushing myself, I made it home in just under the forty minutes. I glanced into the mirror beside the front door as I walked in, checking to make sure my husband wouldn't see a stay splatter of cum on my cheek. I looked ravaged, my lips and cheeks bright red from the exertion and friction of the brutal face-fucking I had sustained. My hair was slicked back to my scalp, wet looking from more than just sweat. I blushed an even brighter shade of red as I saw my hubby walking towards me from the kitchen. Not wanting him to get close enough to smell the cum all over me, I bee-lined for the bathroom with a mutter about needing to pee. I heard my husband lean against the outside of the bathroom door and bite crisply into an apple as he spoke me.

"Wow babe! That must have been quite the workout! You look beat!"

He didn't know the half of it!

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