tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoliday Blackmail Ch. 03

Holiday Blackmail Ch. 03


Lunch Break

I texted furiously on my cell phone, occasionally glancing up at the classroom to make sure the children were staying calm and quiet. I acknowledged that my situation didn't give me a lot of latitude to argue with Dave, but I felt like he was now going too far. It had been bad enough that he made me suck him off in a public park, blasting his cum all over my face in the process, but messing with me at work was crossing the line. I put the phone aside and tried to refocus on my class, but my thoughts were elsewhere as I awaited Dave's response.

Not two days earlier, I had been mortified in the staff lounge at work when a fellow teacher began telling a story about something she had seen in the mall the previous weekend. She had recounted a bizarre tale about turning the corner of an aisle in a toy store, only to see a woman on her knees blowing her husband! She had obviously been appalled, and by the time she recovered from her shock and informed the store staff, the couple had disappeared. I made a quick exit from the room once I realized that she hadn't gotten a good look at the woman, worried my bright reed cheeks might give me away. The story was a grim reminder of the risks I was already taking with Dave, and I set my jaw in anger, steeling my nerve to refuse his latest demand.

My phone buzzed quietly on my desk. I blushed as a few children glanced up at me, and discretely put the phone away for a few minutes to walk around and ask how their assignment was going. After a few minutes, unable to wait any longer, I returned to my desk and picked up the phone. Dave's messages were normally very terse, but this one was well written. In no uncertain terms, it told me that he expected my cooperation, or else my husband, as well as his colleagues and business partners, would be receiving a very interesting email and attachment in their inboxes. I wasn't sure if he was bluffing, or actually had the contact info for those people, but I knew I couldn't take the risk. I replied wearily, resigned to my fate, and agreeing to his latest scheme.

"11:30 sharp." I read, as he responded quickly. "I'll come to your car."

My morning lessons flew by as I waiting anxiously for the lunch bell. When it came I was deep in thought at my desk, and the sharp ringing caused me to jump in my chair. I quietly pulled on my jacket as the students left the classroom for lunch, and made my way to the side door, where fewer coworkers would see me leaving the building. I passed by a few of the older kids and nodded to them when they greeted me. I hurried to my car, wanting to move it to the back part of the lot before Dave arrived. I opened the door and hopped in when I reached it, turning the key and backing out of my spot to make my way to the far end of the lot. As I pulled into a spot there, I glanced in my rear-view mirror and watched as Dave's approached my car with a wide smile on his face.

"You can't be afraid of getting caught?" he asked with mock seriousness as he climbed into my car.

"Of course I am!" I replied.

"Well then you better not try to say no again!" he said, this time fully serious. "Or else a whole lot of people are going to watch you sucking my fat cock online."

I looked down and stammered for a response. None was forthcoming.

"Look," he said in a conciliatory tone, "I just want to get my blowjobs. There is no reason for us to argue about it. Lets just get the ten done, and you can go back to servicing that husband of yours."

I looked up into his eyes. "You promise this ends at ten?"

"Promise." he replied as he began to undo his pants. "Now lets get moving on number two! Lunch break won't last forever."

"Keep an eye out." I said as I dutifully bent my head towards his lap, my breasts resting uncomfortably on the glove box.

I felt Dave relax into the passenger seat of my car as I took his half-hard cock into my mouth. Rather than the face fucking of the previous two encounters, he seemed content this time to let me do all the work. After a few sloppy, wet bobs of my head, I pulled back and slapped his cock against my tongue, and grinned as I felt him harden in response. Despite my misgivings about the context of or encounters, a part of me revelled in my power over his cock, and the fact that I had driven him to this madness in order to secure my continued attentions. I moaned softly as I stroked his shaft, suckling on the head of his cock and lashing it with my tongue. I tasted his precum as it leaked from his head, and sucked it into my mouth to avoid having it stain his pants. I felt Dave's hand stroke my hair in appreciation of my technique.

I rotated my hand as I began to bob my mouth up and down the length of his cock in time with my stroking. I felt his shaft, wider and thicker than my husbands, stretch out my lips as I reached the base, and I held him there moaning with mock contentment. Dave encouraged me verbally, telling me what a good cocksucker I was, and how good I made him feel. I responded enthusiastically, edging him towards orgasm with a faster, sloppier pace. I could hear myself as my sucking mouth slid up and down his shaft, and I used my free hand to reach under and cup his balls through his slacks. I heard and felt him getting closer to cumming in my mouth, and moaned louder as I deep throated to push him over the edge.

I felt him pulse once, and then felt a blast of cum hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag. I maintained my composure like a professional, pulling back slightly to let is cum continue to fill my mouth. His cum was thick and salty, and seemed to go on for days as he moaned and bucked his hips in response to my slow gentle stroking. When I was sure he was finished, I pulled off him and swallowed the mouthful in two gulps, and then paused to suck the remaining drops from his cock. Licking my lips, I sat up to check my hair and makeup in the mirror while Dave put himself away.

"Thanks." Dave said with an honest smile. "I really needed that today."

"When do you want to meet next?" I asked.

"I'll text you." he replied as he exited my car, and headed off into the parking lot.

Glancing at the clock, I realized I had very little time left to actually eat lunch. Well, I thought to myself, this won't be the first time in your life you've let cum serve as a meal replacement.

"Maybe I'll even lose some weight!" I said aloud with a chuckle as I got out of my car and walked back to work.

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