Holiday Romances Pt. 02


"Well unpack, then we'll have some tea and talk about what we have planned. OK?"

Chapter 5

It was almost unbelievable. It wasn't simply the fact that we were at spa where many people were naked; it was more the atmosphere that prevailed. That was in the pool, the steam rooms, showers and, of course, the Finnish saunas.

The previous evening we had gone to a lovely restaurant near to where Sten and Ang lived and had walked home in the chill of the early October night; there had already been snow a few miles up country in the Great Lakes area where they had their cabin. Over dinner, they had explained their suggested itinerary for us.

Tonight and tomorrow we were to stay in Helsinki and then go to their cabin in the small town of Lahti, a couple of hours hour drive north through the Great Lakes. We'd spend three nights there and then back to town for the weekend before flying home on the following Monday; it sounded great.

"So tomorrow, Kevin," Sten was saying as I chatted to Angetta about fashion over strong black coffee after the delicious all fish meal. "We go to the sauna?"

"What just us?" I heard my husband asking, sounding very keen.

Sten laughed. "No the girls as well."

Back at their apartment, I think both Kevin and I were on tenterhooks. I hadn't discussed anything about sex with Angetta and certainly I hadn't asked any questions about partner swapping; after all she had mentioned several times that many friends never went down that path, yet that topic seemed to me to be hanging over us all the time. Obviously, the mention of the visit to the sauna had heightened the sexual tension, certainly with the British contingent and especially when Kevin asked whether it was a nude sauna.

"That's up to you Kevin; if you want to be naked that's fine, but equally if you wish to wear shorts that'll be fine as well."

"Will many go naked?" Kevin persisted.

"Yes probably, about fifty/fifty at least, probably more."

I was looking at both of them and at Angetta as Kevin ploughed on. "What about you Sten?"

"I usually don't wear anything, but if you want to wear shorts I will too." He paused, before looking straight at me and adding. "And of course Mandy if you are uncomfortable with me naked, then I will wear them whatever."

"Fuck," I thought, "That's certainly some way to be put on the spot. Angetta saved me.

"Look we don't have to decide anything here and now. We will go to the spa and decide then, Mandy. Just relax about it, it's no big deal."

We all kissed goodnight. Nothing heavier or sexier than simple pecks on the cheeks. As Kevin and I went to our room, the sexual tension dropped a bit for it seemed as if nothing would happen tonight, perhaps not any night I thought.

"So will you be like that at the spa?" Kevin asked as I bent forward and slipped my panties off to stand in front of him naked.

"I don't know, will you?" I responded looking at my husband's nudity.

"I might, but I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself."

I looked at him and saw that there was already some action down there.

"Hmmm, well if you can't now looking at me, I'm sure you'll be hopeless with Angetta as well."

"Fucking hell," he said as his cock reared itself upwards until it was horizontal to the ground.

"And what about you, how would you feel with Sten leering at your tits?"

"It wouldn't just be him would it, there's bound to be others there."

"Shit yes, I hadn't thought of that," he said moving forward and taking me in his arms.

We kissed for a while as he became fully erect. He pushed me onto the bed and turned the lights out.

"Lay on your front," he said pushing me. "Open your legs."

I was already wet, the evening's atmosphere, despite nothing happening assured that. It was easy for him, therefore, to slide into me. Quickly we were fucking.

"Good?" He asked.

"Yes," I grunted, pushing myself back against him. He was deeply in me so the sensations were very strong surprisingly quickly.

"You like being had like this, from behind?" He asked wiggling his hand under my chest so he could get to my tits; I lifted myself a little to help him, well me as well for they were aching to be caressed, pinched squeezed and rubbed.

"You know I do."

"So what do want me to do?"

"Fuck me, fuck me hard," I replied falling into the little game of dirty talk we sometimes played.

"Is it me you want to fuck you?"

"Huh?" I grunted not understanding what he meant.

"Who's fucking you Mandy?"

"You are, you are Kevin."

"It's not me Mandy, this isn't Kevin."

"Who is it then?"

"Who would you like it to be?"

I got what he meant.

"And who are you fucking Kevin?"

"You know that Mandy?"


"No, I'm not fucking you," he growled one of his hands squeezing my right breast, the other sliding down the front of my body and finding my clit.

"Then who are you fucking?"

"I'm fucking Angetta, Mandy, so who is this fucking you?"

"You're Sten aren't you, it's him fucking me?" I replied as he thrust himself very hard into me.

"If that's what you want, Mandy then yes, yes I am Sten."

"So are you watching us?"

"Yes, of course I am. I am watching Sten fuck you, just as you are watching me fuck Angetta.

We had touched on the subject before of watching each other having sex. Never this deeply or explicitly though and certainly we had never named names before.

Looking at Sten at breakfast the next morning, almost made me blush for I had never been with a guy so soon after fantasising about having sex with him. I wasn't sure whether I was more ashamed or pleased by the fact that because I was thinking about being shagged by him as my husband fucked me, my orgasm seemed all the heavier

In the changing rooms, Angetta had asked outright. "Naked or not Mandy?"

Although theoretically I was up for it and despite being quite comfortable topless on beaches, I was hesitant.

"I don't know, I really don't"

"Well if you don't know then don't go naked. Wear your swimsuit and then if you wish to, take it off later. I often do that."

We went into the cubicles next to each other and stored our clothes in the locker provided. Angetta was already out of her cubicle when I emerged. She was wearing a stunning, one-piece, white suit with a narrow strap, which went round her neck and was tied at the back. It was cut very high at the thighs, making me immediately think that she might well shave down there, and it was tight and almost see-through across her breasts; there was just the slightest hint of darkness of her nipples. She looked fabulous. I couldn't help thinking to myself that she was obviously going all or nothing about the nudity, whereas I was hedging my bets. I was wearing a straightforward black bikini, with thin shoulder straps. The cups were cut acutely across my boobs so that my nipples were, just about, hidden. The material then plunged down between each boob to create a deep cleavage. I liked the feel of Angetta's eyes staring at me. I also liked hearing her say.

"You look lovely Amanda."

"Thanks Angetta," I said a little thickly. "So do you."

I smiled when we saw Sten and Kevin, for they had also both opted for the safe option as Angetta and I had.

As we had walked from the changing rooms to the pool, I had seen several naked guys and women. We sat on chairs in a small cafe alongside the pool and watched as the, mainly naked, swimmers went up and down the pool. On the chairs and loungers round the pool there was again about an even split between swimsuits and nudity, with probably a third of the women just topless. That made me feel better, for I was clearly not the only 'shy' one.

However, the overall most surprising and unbelievable aspect of the entire situation was the almost total absence of any sense of sexual arousal or even sexual interest. The mood was almost antiseptic and sterile. Was this the Finnish sophistication about sex, I wondered? Little did I know, though, that things were all about to change?

"Ok Amanda?" Sten asked as we sipped our tea.

"Yes, fine," I replied catching his eye as it roamed over my body, sending a little shudder through me. Was I beginning to fancy him, a little too much, I questioned myself?

"I think I'll have a swim," Kevin said, standing up. I noticed that there was a slight bulge in his shorts; he clearly hadn't found the atmosphere as clinical as I had.

I watched him slip into the pool and start doing his lengths. That's when I noticed a gorgeous young girl just ahead of him. She stopped at the other end of the pool and stood up. She looked to be young, early twenties I guessed, and she had her wet, blonde, of course, hair down so that it was all straggly and tumbled down onto her shoulders; a very sexy look I always think. It was her breasts, though, that caught my eye and what I was sure had attracted my husband into the pool, for he wasn't that keen a swimmer. As he reached the end where she was standing, he stood up as well. I could see clearly that Kevin was staring at her chest, but then, in some ways I didn't feel I could blame him for it really was awesome. She must have been at least DD, but they looked to be so firm, almost pert, that they stood out from her chest seeming to defy gravity. Quickly they were chatting away. Why wasn't angry I wondered as my glance, once more, was held by Sten.

"I'll be right back," Angetta said, standing up and resting her hand on my shoulder. "I'm just going to see Micha and Kat," she told Sten.

"Sure," he replied.

"So Mandy, alone at last," he said leaning forward.

I didn't know either, what he meant or, how I should respond.

"Yes," I said sipping the last of my tea from the glass cup.

"I have thought a lot about that dance we had together in Crete," he announced. It was so out of the blue that I was tongue-tied.

"Oh, really."

"Yes of course," he went on.

Although, I too had thought a lot about that evening in the taverna, I was a little fuzzy with my recall of what actually happened. I knew that I had been kissed by a couple or three of the men and that I had kissed them back. I knew that I had felt two different erections pressed against my stomach and I knew that at least one guy, probably two, had caressed my breasts and bum. What I didn't know, for I couldn't quite remember, was who had done what and just what had happened between Sten and me.

"It was wonderful Amanda," he went on. "It was so beautifully unexpected, welcomed of course, and exciting, but not what I, or Angetta was anticipating."

"Angetta? What do you mean?" I blurted out, without thinking.

"Well, her and Kevin."

"What about them?" I asked, now intrigued and a little concerned.

"Haven't you and he talked about it?" He went on worryingly.

"No. No we haven't, what's there to talk about?" I somewhat naively asked.

"Well nothing really."

"What do you mean, nothing really?" I said sharply.

"I can see that I am worrying you Mandy, am I?"

"Er, well yes, sort of you are."

"Don't be. Kevin and Ang, did no more than you and I, and all we did was kiss and er touch each other, didn't we?"

The memory of his erection pressing into my stomach, of our mouths grinding together and, perhaps it was, his hand on my breasts, flooded my mind. I felt myself becoming aroused. I was, though, slightly surprised and a little hurt that Kevin and Ang had been up to something that evening; I had assumed he was probably shagging the young Dutch bird. I did think that Angetta, particularly, would have mentioned something, but then of course I hadn't said anything to her about Sten and my tongue had been right down his throat, so carried away was I.

Kevin returned just as I was about to ask more of what Ang had told Sten, He was looking a little flushed and I didn't know whether that was due to his exertions from swimming or from ogling the big titted bird who was walking round the pool her glorious bare beasts swaying and jiggling in what must have been an erection inducing manner for most men, but then these were Finns, I thought.

My chat with Sten, looking at the girl's tits and seeing my husband's interest in her was certainly having a swelling affect on the part of a woman that hardens with arousal. And I saw Sten looking at my breasts, a slight, almost quizzical smile on his face.

"Ah here comes our missing partner, our hostess," Sten said as I looked at Kevin, wondering just what he had been saying to the young woman. He smiled and nodded at my boobs for he too must have clearly sent their hardness.

I turned to look for Ang and saw a group of men and women walking towards us. They all seemed to be slim and blonde, they all seemed to be in their mid or late thirties, they all seemed to be attractive and laughing, but most intriguingly, they all seemed to be naked, including Angetta. My guess earlier when looking at her in the one-piece swimsuit was correct, her pubic area was totally bald as, indeed were several other women and men, perhaps a Finnish habit I thought?

Angetta came and stood by Sten and looked at both of us. She rested her elbow on his shoulder and leaned on him crossing one ankle over the other. She was totally relaxed as indeed, were all of the group of, I guess, five or six guys and women. I had never seen so much nudity, particularly male at the same time. I have to admit I couldn't stop taking furtive, I hoped, glances at, especially the men. Two of them were particularly well endowed with thick long, dicks. I had never really been interested in size, but then I had never been with anyone that was more than slightly above average. In these circumstances, though, where I was: already slightly aroused; unexpectedly surrounded by a number of good looking, naked men; standing close to several attractive, completely nude women with gorgeously slim figures; being stared at by my beautiful, bare friend Angetta, who seemed to be flaunting her bald pubis at me and where my husband was probably going crazy inside, size did seem to matter. I felt as though I was being hypnotised by what I was seeing and experiencing and I found it difficult being introduced to the group. They had been drinking, and one of the men poured vodkas for Kevin and I.

"Prost and schnell," they said loudly encouraging us to down the shots in one. We did.

With some of the group standing, others sitting on chairs or laying on loungers we all chatted. They seemed very interested in the UK and asked us loads of questions about life there. As more vodka and schnapps was drunk, so there was more laughter and the topic turned slightly. As a group, they began to take the mickey out of the reserved Brits and our attitude towards sex. It wasn't nasty, but it was pointed and I could understand their view when one of them, a full breasted, rather chubby, but pretty darker haired woman said.

"It even extends to not being comfortable with nudity doesn't it?"

As she said it, she quite pointedly stared at my bikini and Kevin's shorts.

"Alright, leave our friends alone," Sten called out. "Let them make their own minds up," he went on.

I smiled my thanks at him and could have kicked Kevin when, as is his wont, he took their bait.

"We're not uncomfortable or scared of being nude, are we Mands?"

"Leave it Kevin," Angetta said. "They were just being perverse, that's very Finnish, now stop it Karlina."

"Sorry," the chubby girl said. "Vodka talking," to which most of them laughed. Someone added. "And yes Karl, it does a lot of talking for you doesn't it?"

She waved her hand at them staggering a bit as she stood up and moved a little closer to me. She then added in a much quieter voice. "But more the pity Amanda," as she ran her gaze up and down my body. That was just about as blatant a lesbian or bi pick up remark as I had ever heard.

"Oh for fuck's sake Mandy," Kevin was saying in a slightly slurred voice. "Come on."

I looked over at him and he was undoing the tie on his shorts. Momentarily, I was mortified, but then I saw Sten and Angetta nodding encouragingly as many of the others discretely averted their gazes. Suddenly I felt brave, my inhibitions had been 'vodka and Karlinad' away. It seemed the natural thing to do. I reached behind me, unclipped the bra and slipped that off quickly.

Karlina was standing next to me and I heard a low. "Mmmmmmm."

As Kevin slid his shorts off, I did the same with my panties. We were both naked and both showed some signs of arousal. My earlier examinations of both the men and women told me, though, that we wouldn't be out of sync with that. Thankfully, Kevin didn't have a full erection, just a slight stiffy, as did a few of the other guys, but my nipples along with most of the other women's were hard and full.

Where the Finnish sexual sophistication came into its own was with their reaction to Kevin's and my nakedness. There wasn't any. No remarks, no staring, nothing. To them it was of course perfectly natural.

I sat down in a low chair and had another vodka, to which, this time I added some water and sipped slowly. Angetta came and perched her elegant bottom on the arm of my chair.

"Well done Amanda," she said touching the back of my wrist.

The group starting breaking up as some went for a swim and others decided to go home. They called up cabs on their mobiles explaining that there was zero tolerance on drinking and driving in Finland, any alcohol at all in the past twenty-four hours and you'd had it.

"How about some sauna?" Sten asked coming over and standing in front of us. I saw that he was naked and it surprised me that I hadn't noticed it before. Maybe I was developing that Finnish sophistication about nudity!

Sten and Kevin followed Angetta and me as she led the way out of the pool. As we went into a fairly narrow corridor, she said.

"Excuse me Amanda, if I go first, I'll show you the way."

I had forgotten just what a gorgeous bum and marvellous wiggle she had. I remembered being in Crete watching her walk, perhaps, round the pool in her bikini or in the restaurant in tight trousers or a slinky dress, thinking that the movement of her hips made for the sexiest walk I had ever seen. Looking at others also looking at her, confirmed that, for both men and women seemed to have their eyes glued to the slowly undulating twin mounds of soft, yielding flesh. Now, with those merely a few feet in front of me, naked, they seemed to be beckoning to me. Angetta's bum made me feel slightly hot and flustered, something that had not happened with a woman for ages.

We walked through another chamber that had various types of shower and small plunge pools and into a long, dark corridor with a series of wooden doors.

"These are the private saunas," Sten explained moving past Ang and me and opening a door. As he did, so he slid a sign across. It had read 'liberer' but now showed 'occupieder.'

"How do you mean private?" Kevin inevitably asked.

"A couple or a small group can book them their private use." Sten explained. "We have booked it for us for a couple of hours. Ok?"

"Yes great," we replied, laughing, which in my case was slightly nervously.

It was quite small inside the sauna, which I noticed had a lock that Stem pushed across. It could probably have seated eight at a push, so four was comfortable, but without using the upper bench, we were seated closely together. Sten sat on my left and Ang on my right and Kevin alongside her to her right. Sten's knee and outer thigh was continually pressed against mine and my other leg occasionally brushed against Angetta. I couldn't see where she and my husband were touching, but I was pretty sure he would be making the best of the opportunity.

As we soaked up the dry heat, we chatted about our first experience of a Finnish spa and sauna and about their friends. That discussion together with the closeness of the four naked bodies created what was the most intimate atmosphere I had ever experienced with more than one other person. Sure the three or four threesomes I had with Sharon and Carl when I was younger were pretty intimate, but nowhere near as strongly as this, although back then, I knew full well I was about to be made love to by a man and a woman. Now, I may have had my suspicions, hopes even, but I didn't know for sure.

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