Holloween and Drugs

byJust Plain Bob©

When we finished she kissed me and said, "Time to get up and get going. Got to get out and earn our daily bread."

"I'm going into work late this morning. I have a dentist appointment at nine."

"Something wrong?"

"No, just my regular check up and cleaning."

As soon as Beth's car backed down the drive I went down into the basement to see what the recorder had for me. I watched as Beth went over and unlocked the basement window and then go over and begin sorting things and loading them into the washer. I watched as Jim came in the window and I watched as he sat on the dryer and Beth sucked his cock. I watched him bend Beth over the washing machine and fuck her from behind. I watched as she sucked him hard again and then got up on the washer and gave him her ass. When the washer went into the spin cycle I almost wished I were Jim so I could feel the sensations that he must have been feeling, but the worst of it was not the watching -- it was the listening. Jim had just finished fucking her bent over the washer and as he eased out of her cunt he said:

"You going to fuck dickwad tonight?"

"Hell yes. I really get off on letting him have seconds."

"Sloppy seconds?"

"Just a little."

"What do you mean just a little?"

"He always eats me before we make love and if I still had all that you shoot still in me he would likely catch on. What I do is take a spoonful of your stuff out of me and then I shower and douche and put the spoonful back in me. God, but it is such a turn on for me knowing that he is tasting you and then knowing that his little dick is sliding around in what little of you that I do have in me."

"I wish you would give him the full experience some day."

"Maybe after the party. He will be so groggy that he probably won't notice."

"You have the timing figured out yet?"

"It will depend on how quick the drugs knock Rob out. I figure the party will start breaking up around ten-thirty or eleven. If Rob is out by then we can get started."

As I shut off the unit my hand was trembling because of the anger surging through me. The bitch had deliberately fed me her asshole lover's cum. It was at that moment that my anger and outrage turned into full blown burning hatred. I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me as I tried to hide what I was feeling from Beth.

I managed to get through the evening without revealing anything to Beth although she might have wondered why I didn't try to screw her that night. I told her I pulled a muscle in my back at work and she seemed to buy it.

The next day was spent getting the house ready for the party and then at seven the guests began arriving. First to show up was Jim and his wife Carol. I wondered how that was going to work out. Were they going to leave and then Jim would sneak back or maybe she was going to get drugged also. Ten minutes after Jim got there Beth brought me my first drink. I pretended to take a sip and when Beth didn't see me make a face at the taste she smiled and went to talk to some of our guests.

Beth brought me nine drinks that night, but I didn't drink any of them although I did start acting like I was taking on a load after the third. By the time Beth gave me the ninth I was slurring my words and staggering.

"Poor baby" she said, "I think you have had too much to drink. I think you should lie down for a bit. Let me help you up to bed."

I let her lead me down the hall, but she surprised me by taking me into the guest bedroom. I pretended not to notice and got down on the bed. She left me there and went back to the party. I looked at the bedside clock and saw that it was just after ten. If I had it figured right she would be back to check on me in about twenty minutes. She was back in fifteen.

"You okay baby?"

I pretended to be out. She shook me a couple of times and I didn't respond. She put her mouth down by my ear and loudly said:

"Are you okay Rob?"

"I didn't move.

"Thank you God" she said and left the room.

Ten minutes later it was Jim. He shook me while saying, "Rob? Rob?" and I acted like I was totally out of it and then I heard Beth ask:

"What do you think?"

Jim laughed and said, "He is so far out of it he may not wake up until sometime late tomorrow afternoon."

"Good. Most of the guests have left and we can get started."

I gave it fifteen minutes and then I cracked the door open enough to see out. The master bedroom was just across the hall and the door was open. What I saw almost made me want to rush into the room and start kicking ass and taking manes, but I wisely didn't. No fucking way that I wouldn't have ended up in the hospital if I tried. I can give a pretty good account of myself in a scrap, but no way I could handle six or eight guys. Beth was being gangbanged. She had a cock in her ass, a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. All thoughts of burning Jim by showing his wife the video I had of Jim fucking Beth went out the window. Carol was next to Beth on the bed and she was being spit roasted.

Standing around and waiting for an open hole were three other guys that I could see. There might have been more, but if so they were off to the side where I couldn't see. I knew most of the assholes I could see. Four were neighbors and two of them worked with me. I closed the door and then shook my head in disgust. I walked over to the window, opened it and climbed out. I walked down to the end of the block and walked up to a parked car. The passenger window came down and I looked in as I said:

"Anything else I need to do?"

"No. We have it all bagged and tagged. When we get the report from the lab we will move on it. Just be careful and don't do anything silly that might get you locked up. No taking the law into your own hands stuff."

"Don't worry. I won't do anything that might give them a chance to lessen the hammer blow that is coming."

"We should have the proof by noon on Monday. I'll give you a call" Detective Sergeant Thomas Callings said as he rolled up the window and his partner started the car.

I went back to the house, went back through the window and settled in for a long night. As I laid there I though back on what I had done on Friday afternoon. I'd gone to the City and County building and asked for the district attorney. They gave me to an Assistant District Attorney and I played him the video of Jim and Beth talking about drugging me. He called Detective Callings and we set things up so that Callings could come to the party as a friend of mine. Callings would observe Beth and Jim handing me drinks and then I would pass them to him and he would bag and tag them and then turn them over to a lab. When the lab report came back showing that the drinks were laced with drugs Beth and Jim would be arrested.

While Beth was in jail I would divorce her cheating ass and she wouldn't get a fucking thing as far as asset distribution was concerned. I think I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The next day I acted like I had the hangover to end all hangovers and Beth stayed clear of me until late afternoon when I started acting human again. As we ate dinner Beth said:

"You over did it a bit last night."

"I don't understand it. I didn't think I drank that much, but given the way I felt when I woke up I must have."

"You left me hanging."

"I did? How?"

"You know how horny I get when I drink. I was expecting you to take care of my itch after the party. You will have your work cut out for you tonight."

"I'm afraid I'll have to let you down again. The way I feel right now any exertion at all would probably kill me. I'll do my best to recover in time for tomorrow night."

After seeing what I saw the previous night there was no fucking way I was going to let my dick anywhere near her fucking cunt. I'd probably not even be able to feel the sides.


Monday at eleven I got a call from Callings. "The lab report came back positive. We are getting the warrants even as we speak. Would you like to be there when we do it?"

"Yes and no. Do Beth where she works, but do Case at his home around six tonight. That way I can be on my porch watching as you take him away."

Before I left work I told my boss that I'd caught my wife cheating and I was going to need to take a couple of days off to take care of things. Then I told him that two of the men she cheated with were coworkers and when I got done with taking care of Beth I'd get to them so he should be prepared to lose Fred and Alvin to sick leave for a while. He asked if I was sure and I told him I had it on tape. When I got back to work three days later both were gone. My boss reasoned that if my coworkers could have done something like that then they were untrustworthy in other areas also and so he did some checking. Alvin was fired for cheating on his expense accounts and Fred, by then aware that I knew about him, had resigned and left town.

I was sitting on the porch and thinking of Beth's phone call to me when the police car pulled up in front of Jim's house. As the police walked up to Jim's front door I rolled over in my head the conversation I'd had with Beth.

"Rob honey; I don't know what is going on, but I'm in jail. They say it has something to do with drugs. I don't do drugs. There has to be some mistake. They won't let me go until I go in front of a judge. What do I do Rob?"

"Well Beth; I've always heard it said that you shouldn't do the crime if you can't do the time" and I hung up on her.

Next door the police were putting the cuffs on Jim and as they walked him to the police car he looked over at me and I waved 'bye bye' at him. Carol was on the porch and she saw me do it. When the police car pulled away she came over.

"I saw you wave at Jimmy. Do you know what is going on?"

"I guess it is against the law to drug somebody."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you should have waited until I was out of town to have your gangbang instead of drugging me and stuffing me into the spare bedroom to get me out of the way."

I saw understanding register on her face. "You bastard! You are responsible for this."

"No Carol, you, your husband and Beth are the ones responsible. I don't recall raising my hand and saying "pick me" when the question "Anyone here want to be drugged?" was asked.

"He could go to prison."

"Yes he could and that is what I'm hoping for. Maybe he and Beth can share a cell."


"She was arrested at work around four this afternoon."

"You could do that to your own wife? What kind of man are you?"

"A very pissed off one. Did any of you assholes bother to find out if I was allergic to the shit you tried to feed me? What if I had gone into shock and died while you were in my bedroom fucking and sucking every cock you could get your hands on. You, your husband and my cheating whore of a wife are damned lucky I don't own a gun or the police would have been here for me for committing multiple murders. Now why don't you get your slutty whorish ass off my front porch."

She left and halfway to her house she turned and gave me the finger. I just laughed at her and blew her a kiss. I finished my beer, went into the basement and got busy. By noon the next day a copy of the video of the gangbang was on the way to the wives and girlfriends of all the men who took part. Except for one. I just couldn't bring myself to send one to her.


At ten the next morning I got a call from the Public Defender's office. An attorney named Andrew Morris was representing Beth and he called me to tell me that her bail had been set at twenty-five thousand and if I would make the necessary arrangements she could be home that afternoon. I think he was shocked when I laughed at him and told him that she could sit in jail and rot for all I cared and then I hung up on him.

As soon as I hung up I realized that I hadn't thought things through. Beth had her checkbook and credit cards. Once she knew I wasn't going to help she could get cash advances and drain the checking account to bail herself out. I quickly called the credit card companies and cancelled all of our cards and requested new ones. It would take maybe a week to get the new ones, but I would be able to get by until they arrived. Then I rushed to the bank and cleaned out all of our accounts and closed them.

I stopped and had dinner at the Outback Steak House and then I went on home. I spent the next morning going through the house and gathering up everything of Beth's that I could find. I packed it all in boxes and garage bags and moved it out into the garage. The locksmith showed up at eleven and changed all the house locks.

I had a three-fifteen appointment with an attorney to get the divorce going and I debated going out for lunch and then going to my appointment or just making a sandwich. Before I could make the decision the doorbell rang and when I opened the door I saw Jim standing there.

"You owe me twenty-five hundred dollars cocksucker and I want it now."

"Why do I owe you twenty-five hundred dollars?"

"Because that is the ten percent I had to put up to go your wife's bail."

"Well gosh Jim; I certainly want to see that you get what you have coming. Come on in."

He stepped into the house and I hit him as hard as I could right in the face. I must have broken his nose because there was blood everywhere. He staggered and I hit him again as I said:

"I'm damned sure going to see that you get what I owe you."

I hit him a third time and he slumped to the floor. I proceeded to tire out my foot kicking him in the head, ribs and crotch. Then I got on the phone and called the police station and asked for Detective Callings. When he came on the line I said:

"Case made bail and came after me. He said he was going to make me pay for what I did to him. He pushed his way into my house and I had to defend myself. What should I do?"

"You okay?"

"Yes. A little shaken up, but okay."

"Where is Case?"

"Lying on my floor. He doesn't look too good."

"I'll get a car to you right away."

Three minutes later a squad car pulled up and when the officers looked at Jim they called for an ambulance. As Jim was being carried out Carol came over and said:

"What the fuck have you done now?"

"Just defended myself."

"Bullshit Rob. He didn't come over to fight you. He just wanted the money he put up for Beth's bail."

"And he really thought I'd give it to him? She's your whore now. I washed my hands of her. Anything you do for her is between you and her. If you know where she is you need to call her and tell her to get in touch with me to make arrangements to get her things."

"She said she was going into work and explain why she wasn't there before coming home."

"Coming home? She doesn't live here anymore. But if she is coming I'll leave the garage door open so she can get her stuff. Tell her anything still here come trash pick up day will go out on the curb with the rest of the garbage."

"You can't mean that."

"Of course I mean it. Now if you will excuse me I have some blood I need to clean off my floor."

That afternoon after giving the attorney all the video that I had on what Berth had been doing I told him about Jim's visit and he said that along with filing the paperwork for the divorce he would get a restraining order against Jim and Beth.

"Have to include her. If she was willing to drug you no telling what else she might do."

I found Beth sitting in her car on our driveway when I got home. I parked in the street so I wouldn't block her and keep her from leaving. I could see that she was pissed as she walked up to me and when she got close she said:

"You bastard!" as she went to swing at me. I caught her wrist and squeezed hard and didn't let go until she said "That hurts. Let go." I let go and got ready to grab her if she tried it again, but she didn't.

"Why did you hang up on me when I called you from the jail and why wouldn't you come down and bail me out. And why can't I get in the house?"

"Let's take the last one first. You can't get in the house because I don't want you there and I had the locks changed. Next, I didn't go your bail because I hoped that you would rot in that jail. Finally, I hung up on you because I was pissed at what you did to me that put you in jail."

"What I did to you? I didn't do anything to you."

"That's true, but you tried."

"Tried what?"

"To drug me so I would sleep through your gangbang."

"Have you been drinking Rob? You aren't making any sense."

"Give it up Beth. I have you and Jim on tape planning what you were going to do to get me out of the way. I have your laundry night fucks on the washing machine on DVD and I have your Gangbang on DVD. Face it Beth; your cheating ass is busted. Your clothes and other things are in the garage. You need to get them out by next trash pick up day or they will go out on the curb with the rest of the garbage."

I walked away from her toward the house as she said, "Wait Rob. We have to talk about this."

"Tell you what Beth. I'll send you a copy of what I gave the divorce lawyer and after you watch it you still think we should talk give me a call."

"Divorce? I don't want a divorce Rob."

"Maybe not Beth, but you are going to get one just the same."

I unlocked the front door, went into the house and locked the door behind me.


When Jim was released from the hospital he went in front of a judge with the new charges against him and the judge revoked his bail and then denied bail on the new charges. He will have to sit in jail until his trial. Beth moved in with Carol and I saw her on most days, but never had anything to do with her. She tried to talk to me a couple of times even after I sent her copies of the DVD showing what she had done, but I managed to avoid her except for one time when she caught me getting out of my car in the driveway.

"You have to talk to me honey. You don't understand and I need to explain things."

"Of course I understand Beth. I understand that the ass you rationed out to me was Jim's anytime that he wanted it. I understand what a turn on it was for you to fuck Jim on my desk in the den and I understand the charge you got out of fucking Jim on the washing machine with me being right upstairs over you. You are the one who doesn't understand. You don't understand how disgusted I am with you and what you did. Get away from me Beth and stay the fuck away from me."

When Beth's trial came up she pled not guilty, but the security system footage was damning and she was found guilty on all charges and was sentenced to a year and a day. While she was doing her time the divorce became final. All she got in the distribution of assets was ten percent of the value of the house at the time of divorce. I had the house appraised and then took out a second mortgage for ten percent of the appraised value and then opened a savings account in Beth's name and put the money in her account. That hopefully put an end to her being in my life.

Jim was found guilty on all charges, both in connection with the attempted doping and attacking me in my home. Because he was the one who obtained the drugs he got three to five on the doping charges and a year on what happened at my house.

I was in the court for his sentencing and Carol came up to me and said:

"I hope you are happy now."

"Not really. I was hoping that he would get at least ten years."

"Asshole!" she snarled. "Whorish cunt" I said with a smile and then I went back to work.

The packages I sent out to the wives and girl friends of the gangbang participants caused six divorces and two break ups of engaged couples and two of the guys tried to get even with me for causing their problems. One ended up in the hospital and the other almost beat me until I picked up a rock and smashed him in the head with it. I left him lying behind a dumpster and I don't know what happened to him.

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