tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 04

Holly Watches Ch. 04


Holly woke that morning and immediately started working on the door between her room and Ricky's. Peeking though the keyhole she could see he was still sleeping, so she'd need to be quiet to avoid waking him up. They both planned to work on the door but since Holly was already up she thought she'd get a head start on it.

She did not remember ever seeing the door actually open so she was afraid it might be either nailed or painted shut. Not wanting to create any suspicion in her parents she wanted to keep the door looking exactly as it did right then. That way there was no need to have to make up some story about why they opened the door, if they could get it open.

Looking over the door from her room she could see it opened into her room, which was convenient because Ricky wouldn't need to dismantle all his shelving. Thinking he could just move them out a bit on one side, just enough so she could slip through, so all they needed to do was get the door to open.

The edge of the door had a small gap between it and the frame that seemed to run all around the door, so it didn't appear to be painted shut. Of course she couldn't see her brother's side, so she didn't know for sure. The next concern was the doorknob itself, there was a keyhole so obviously the door could be locked. Reaching to the knob she turned it and though it stuck for a moment as she turned it harder she felt it release and the knob turned.

She pulled lightly but the door didn't budge. Pulling harder she could see she was not strong enough to get it open. Of course it could still be locked so she went to her drawer and grabbed a flashlight. Shining the light in the tiny gap between the door and frame she saw a piece of metal going from the door into a hole in the frame. It was locked.

Her first reaction was to simply grab her key chain, but she quickly figured out that the rest of the doors in the house had been changed at least once since this knob was installed. None of her keys even looked like they'd work. Going through one of her drawers, she found a metal nail file and pushed it into the keyhole, moving it around some. There were a few places where it hung up on something, but she couldn't get anything to move.

Looking out her window she noticed the family car was gone, so she quickly got dressed and quietly came out of her room. Her parent's bedroom door was open but when she looked in she saw it was empty. Going down stairs she walked into the kitchen and spotted a note from her mother.

Dad and I have gone to finish shopping. May also pick up a tree.

Holly, empty the dishwasher and then put the breakfast dishes in but don't start it.

Ricky, move the furniture like we did last year at Christmas.



Damn, it was as if the world would end tomorrow if mom couldn't pass out a job or two. Figuring she could always take care of the dishes anytime, she decided to creep around the garage some and see if she might find some of the old keys there. She remembered at the back of the garage there were still a few old closets with old knobs, maybe one of those keys might work.

Turning on the light in the garage she walked back to her father's workbench where she turned on the bright fluorescent lights over his bench. It was almost as bright as outside with all the work lights on. Holly looked at the closets at the back of the garage and the knobs looked similar to the one on her door. One of the closets was unlocked, but she noticed the other one was locked.

Whispering to herself, "If the door is locked there must be a key somewhere. Daddy sure wouldn't just leave the door locked all these years," she went to his bench and began looking around. All his tools were neatly hung up on the pegboard or tucked in shelves under the bench. She slowly scanned the pegboard thinking the keys might be hung up with the tools but she didn't see anything looking like a key.

She then opened one of the top of three drawers. It was full of screwdrivers, ranging from the tiny ones you use to repair glasses all the way up to one that must have been eighteen inches long. Just in case the key was underneath the screwdrivers she reached in and shuffled them around bit by bit exposing the bottom of the drawer, but she didn't find the key.

The next drawer was wrenches and pliers again of many different shapes and sizes. Again she dug through the drawer finding a few screws and other odd hardware type things but she didn't see any keys. The third drawer was deeper and there was an assortment of boxes, each filled with screws, nuts, bolts, nails and a lot of stuff he didn't recognize. She was about to close the drawer when one of the boxes shifted a bit and toward the back of the drawer she saw two keys, each hung on a tiny nail.

Reaching back into the drawer she grabbed both keys and held them up together. They looked the same so she carefully hung one back on the nail and then closed the drawer. Turning off the workbench lights the garage suddenly seemed dark, but in a few moments she could see enough to safely walk out of the garage. She turned off the overhead light and then moved from the garage into the house.

Quickly heading for the stairs she ran up to her room and rushed over to the door. Peeking though the keyhole she saw Ricky was still in bed, so she quietly pushed the key into the hole and then turned it. It turned and then seemed to come against something. She tried to force the key but it wouldn't budge, so she tried turning it the other way. Once again it turned freely for a short way and the came against something. Turning a bit harder it seemed to move a bit and then stopped. She took a deep breath grabbed the key end with one hand and then her second hand, leaning as she turned. It held firm for a moment and then suddenly it turned with a loud clack.

Moving her chair completely from in front of the door she grabbed the knob and turned it. She then lightly pulled on the door but nothing happened. Once again she took a deep breath, turned the knob with one hand and then using both hands she pulled, leaning back as she did. The door opened, swinging free from her hand and banging loudly against the window sill. Holly, who had fallen into her chair, watched as her brother leapt out of bed and look around.

He looked a bit wild with his hair an absolute mess, his shirt half off and his jockey shorts bulging outward. It took him a moment to figure out what happened, but finally he said, "You got it open."

"Well, duh," she replied.


"Found the key down in the garage in dad's workbench."

He looked at her and noticed her attention was focused a bit lower on his body. Looking down he saw the bulge his erection was making and quickly moved his hands down to cover it.

"Don't cover it up. Amie told me guys usually wake up with it hard."

"Yeah, most times it's the best one of the day," Ricky replied moving his hand away, giving Holly an unimpeded view.

"If we can find a way for me to slide around your shelves we might just see about that."

Ricky hurried over and grabbed the shelves, pulling them out on one side. "How's this, will this work?"

"Just a second," she said, walking over and locking her door into the hallway. She then pulled off her clothes and gave the narrow passageway a try. She was just able to slide by and then found herself in his room again. "I'm naked now, how about you?"

Ricky pulled off his shirt and then eased the elastic waistband out over his hard cock and let the jockeys fall to the ground. Seeing Holly had already moved onto his bed he moved over so he stood between her legs, looking down on her. He immediately began stroking his cock while letting his leg brush against Holly's leg each time he pulled his hand down the length of his cock.

Holly was mesmerized watching her brother stroking his cock, she moved her fingers to her pussy and slipped them into her wet hole, wetting them and then sliding them up between her lips searching her sensitive clit. She felt his leg rubbing against her and she was having difficulty pretending to ignore it. That line she had drawn for herself had already begun to blur and this was what, just the second time they did this together. Holly could feel herself getting close and remembering her mom and dad weren't home she looked him in the eyes and said loudly, "Come on Ricky, I want you to come all over me, I want to feel it splash on my pussy."

Hearing his sister talk like that put him over the edge and Ricky moaned, moving his hand furiously up and down his cock. He arched his back and said, "Oh, Holly, here it comes, here it come." Once again he let his cum spurt onto his sister, splashing the gooey white cum in the dark curls of hair and then down onto her pussy.

Feeling the warm wet cum splash onto her, Holly ran her fingers though the cum and then began rubbing her clit with it, watching Ricky's eyes as he watched. The thought of smearing his cum all over herself was so fucking hot, "I'm coming Ricky, I'm coming," she screamed as she arched her back feeling her pussy bump into his cock. Without thinking she grabbed his softening cock and rubbed it through the pools of cum in her pubic hair. She then slid his cock down over her clit, feeling the soft skin at the tip of his cock rub on her throbbing clit.

In a few moments he let go of his cock, closed her legs and rolled onto her side. Feeling Ricky sit down next to her she avoided talking about grabbing his cock, instead she said, "We better get up. Mom left us some chores and she and dad will be getting home soon."

"Okay," Ricky replied, grabbing his jockey shorts off the floor and pulling them on. He then went to his drawer, pulled out a tee shirt and pulled it over his head. Just as Holly rolled onto her back to get up he said, "Oh, we probably won't be able to do this tonight."

"Why not?"

"Well I'm going to the movies with Liz and well, I just might get lucky."

Holly looked up from where she was using one of her brother's dirty shirts to dab up some of his come from her pubic hair. "Oh Ricky, I wish you wouldn't."

"What's wrong with Liz?"

"I heard she'll do anything with a guy, she's such a slut."

"Well that's funny, you call her a slut, but you're the one wiping my cum off you."

Shocked, Holly looked up at him and said, "You called me..." she didn't finish, instead she slapped her brother harder that she has ever hit anyone in her life. Then, ignoring the intense pain running all the way up to her elbow, she turned, slipped back into her room and slammed the door. She then locked it and threw the key into her wastebasket. She fell onto her bed crying, ignoring Ricky's knocking, not listening to whatever he was trying to say.

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