tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 05

Holly Watches Ch. 05


Holly stayed in her room the rest of the day, not even getting up from her bed to answer her cell phone. Throughout the day she had a number of calls from Amie, but she just didn't want to talk to anyone. Her arm and hand still ached from where she had slapped Ricky. She hadn't intended to hit him, and certainly didn't plan to hit him so hard she hurt herself but when he called her a slut... Well he didn't actually call her a slut, but what was she supposed to infer from what he said.

And then Ricky, she knew he'd want to be with girls and would want to do more than just take them out, he'd want to do more than what he did together with Holly, but Liz? She wanted to gag. Of course, after hitting him, Ricky certainly wouldn't want to do anything more with Holly. Somewhere in the back of her mind she felt a bit of relief, the last time she and Ricky were together she had actually grabbed his cock and rubbed it on her pussy. It wasn't like having sex, but it was like a balancing act, not crossing the line, but getting closer and closer to it.

The had kept it innocent so far, brothers and sisters everywhere have seen each other naked, have spied on each other, so what Holly did so far with Ricky was not so much more than that, just watching. Now that was over, no more watching him stroke his cock, no more seeing the cum spurt out of it, no more smelling it, feeling it splash on her. He'd be going back to college in a few days and next year she would be off to school herself. He got scholarships and went to an expensive school, Holly's parents couldn't afford for her to go to a school like that, so they'd be off hundred's of miles away from each other.

Most likely by the time he finishes college, Ricky will be married and there'd be no way for him and Holly to watch each other then. Hell, after she slapped him so hard she'd be lucky for him to talk to her again. Of course, after calling her a slut, she wondered if maybe that was a good thing.

As the day passed her mother came up and knocked on the door. Explaining she had a big fight with Amie and didn't want to see anyone, Holly was able get her mother to leave her alone. She was surprised her mother did leave her alone, hell, Holly never did clean up the dishes like her mother told her to do that morning. She did come down for dinner, noticing the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room. The family would decorate it on Christmas Eve, just like they would since Ricky was a little boy.

Ricky wasn't at dinner, he was off on a date Holly's mom explained, "I'm surprised you haven't had any dates. I thought you'd be gone every night now that school is out."

"Amie and I were going to double date, but then Amie and I..." Holly said, feigning tears and thinking, "I better call Amie later and let her know they had been 'fighting.'"

"There, there Holly, I'm sure you and Amie will make up, you've had fights like this before."

Holly nodded and continued eating. After dinner she cleaned up the dishes and headed back up to her room. Putting on her headphones she got back in bed and just listened to music the rest of the night. She never heard Ricky come back that night and the next thing she remembered was waking up in the morning.

There was a light tapping on her door.

"Who is it? What time is it?"

"It's me," Ricky said, "It's almost eight o'clock."

"What do 'you' want?"

"Holly, can I come in? I'm so sorry and you were right. Please let me in."

Holly got up, unlocked the door and climbed back into bed as Ricky opened the door. He stepped inside, closed the door and walked over sitting on the bed beside her. He sat there in silence for a few moments and then reached out and lightly touched her arm.

"How's your arm?" he asked.

"It still hurts," she replied curtly.

"You probably pulled a muscle or two. Can you move your fingers?"

She lifted her hand and moved her fingers for him.

"And bend your elbow?"

She bent her elbow.

"Holly, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to say that."

"Say what?"

"About the slut thing."

Holly tilted her head inquisitively.

"I didn't mean to imply, to say you were a slut. I was trying... I was trying... Holly, I'm just sorry. You are not a slut and I don't think of you that way. I just tried to defend Liz. What a joke defending her."

Holly felt the tears running down her cheek, "Oh Ricky, I'm sorry I hit you. Did it hurt?"

"Hell yeah it hurt, but I really deserved it. I felt so bad but you would talk to me yesterday. I went down and moved the furniture and then cleaned up the kitchen."

"You did the dishes for me?"

Ricky smiled. He ran his hand over her arm, squeezing the muscle just above the elbow asking, "Does this hurt?"

"Yeah, a little."

Moving his hand down below the elbow, "And here?"

She nodded.

"Like I said, you probably pulled a muscle, perhaps hyper-extended the elbow. Our defensive ends hurt their arms like this. It's from slapping the blockers in the head, not really legal, but if you don't get caught, hey," he said shrugging.

"You're eye's a little black."

"Yeah, I told everyone I got hit by a football, no one asked when I had time to play catch with anyone."

Holly kissed fingertips and reached up and touched it to his eye. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

As he nodded Holly felt Ricky's hand on her hip. "And you're sure you feel okay?" he asked.

"Just a little soreness in my arm," she replied, feeling his fingers toying with the elastic waistband of her panties.

"We could put some ice on it," he replied, sliding his whole hand over the top of her panties.

Opening her legs some she replied, "No, it's okay." She could feel herself breathing harder as she felt his hand cup her pussy. He was touching her, but just on top of the panties, that was okay, not crossing the line.

"At football practice they will put ice on their arms," he replied, sliding his hand in circles over her panties, feeling her lift her hips slightly. He then hooked his middle finger around the leg opening in the panties and pulled them to the side just enough to slide his finger into her. She was wet, very wet, so he pushed deeper into her, feeling her respond by pushing her hips up more.

"No ice," she said, breathing hard. He shouldn't be doing this, she thought, he... She opened her legs wider for him. She moved her hand to his thigh as she felt his fingers slowly slide up her slit. Oh God, he touched her clit and she felt the excitement spark though her entire body. She squeezed his thigh and closed her eyes as he continued moving his fingers over her clit.

"Okay, no ice," he whispered watching her pump her hips up and down, pushing herself against his hand. He continued on her clit, circling it and then gently pinching it between his thumb and fore finger. As he toyed with her clit, he moved his other hand up and slipped one finger into her pussy. Working both hands together he watched as her face contorted in the ecstasy.

"Oh Ricky," she moaned, feeing his fingers inside her, feeling her clit, her clit, her clit, oh God, she came, lifting her ass off the ground and feeling him shove his finger deep into her pussy she came. Her cunt pulsated, squeezing her brother's finger as she said, "Ricky, not on the clit now, not on the clit, it's too sensitive." She felt his fingers move away and she relaxed feeling the pleasure slowly subside, her pussy pulsing slower now. In a few minutes she felt his finger slip from inside her.

"Is that better?"

"Yes," sitting up she asked, "What about mom and dad?"

"Relax, they are out again. Dad decided he wanted to replace the lights on the tree."

Holly reached down and holding his hand between her legs she asked, "Ricky, will you stay with me a while?"

"Of course," he replied, turning onto his side beside her. Leaving his hand cupped over her damp pussy he stayed there kissing her forehead.

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