Hollywood Honeymoon


They slept fitfully but were up and ready when their transfer minibus came for them at eight the next morning. With only a short delay they were in the air by Midday, eager to get some distance between themselves and their ordeal.

Katie was a little quiet the first few days after they got home; lost in her own thoughts. Mike sensed she needed the time and waited for her to talk if she wanted. He returned to work on the Wednesday. Katie did not need to resume her studies until the end of the month.

It was the following weekend that Katie "took the plunge" and brought it up again. Once started Katie talked and talked and talked, pouring out her feelings and sharing all of herself with Mike. It was therapy for both of them; the more they talked the easier the whole experience seemed to become for her.

"I've been thinking a lot about what happened last week Mike ... Obviously!" she said "and I've come to the conclusion that we can do one of two things; we can either feel sorry for ourselves and be the victims of what happened or we have to accept it"

"Accept it?" said Mike.

"Yes, accept that it happened, that it wasn't our fault and that while rape is absolutely horrible, part of accepting it, managing it, is to actually try to focus on the positives, not the negatives".

"Meaning?" he said.

"Well it might seem mad but think about it... We're still alive; they didn't actually cause any real physical harm. They kept us together and I know I shouldn't have but I can't pretend I wasn't turned on by some parts of it. You know that. It was the same for you..." She went on "I've been thinking about it and I think what I am saying is that I have had fantasies about being raped for years..." She looked at Mike for his reaction. She had once told him about those fantasies but in such an offhand way it didn't really register with him as significant.

"Go on" he said.

"Well they were never like what happened last week but I have often had fantasies about being overpowered by a handsome stranger and fucked against my will. I think it's the idea of being completely at someone's mercy; someone who doesn't seem to give a shit about me but in taking his pleasure he makes me orgasm. I know it seems weird but I always found that incredibly exciting!"


"So despite the bad parts quite a lot of what they did were things that in my fantasies really turn me on! Do you see what I'm saying? I need to make it okay for me, for both of us, by making it my fantasy! If it's my fantasy I can feel in control of it, does that make sense? If I allow myself to only see it as an awful experience then it will haunt me as that. My dreams will all be nightmares!" she said.

Mike couldn't help thinking there was little chance of that; he had lain awake at night listening to her moans and whimpers, the odd garbled words in her sleep, thick with arousal. He had seen the evidence the next morning; try as she might to hide it her panties and the sheets were sopping wet when she woke.

"The only way that I can see to make it positive for me is to incorporate it into my own fantasies; to make it mine. I need to find it arousing; that way I am in control. And it seems to be working so far".

"You're studying psychology Kate, I'm sure you're right" said Mike. "What do you think you need me to do?"

"Hold me when I cry. Listen to me. Be with me like you are now; share my pain and my joy. God that sounds really trite doesn't it?" She laughed. "I need you to fuck me Mike. I'm not sore any more and I've been gagging for it!"

"Seriously?" he asked.

"Oh Yes!" she smiled.

"Well I did notice the knickers crisis!" he teased.

"I don't know what they've done to me but I've been horny all week!" she smiled. They had awakened a ravenously hungry beast inside her with her cunt as its mouth!

Fortunately with the resilience of youth Katie found that after a few days the soreness had faded and by the end of the week her vagina showed no signs of the abuse she had been subjected to, apart perhaps from the fact that she had been constantly sopping wet; she was having to change her panties two or three times a day! For the first couple of days after they returned she assumed it was till their semen leaking from her but as it continued she realised it must be her own secretions. Her pussy was pulsing and twitching, constantly drooling sticky strands of clear fluids.

That evening they showered and went to bed early, falling into bed and kissing passionately before Katie broke the kiss. Despite the shower the insides of her thighs were already saturated with her slippery secretions! She was literally dripping! It was too soon for any re-growth of her pussy hair, her naked sex shiny with the wetness.

"Mike, before we go on I need to say something" said Kate, looking deep into his eyes "You know my friend Anna? Well when she was doing my hair before the wedding I was in her bedroom with her. Well I laid back on her bed and accidently found her dildo under her pillow! Her boyfriend had bought her this huge rubber dildo; she was a bit embarrassed but she showed it to me. She said he likes to use it on her and that after a while she had grown to love it!"

"She joked that she was going to get me one for a wedding present and I just laughed". To be honest at that point I was shocked that she could enjoy something that large; it was about as thick as the cucumber you fucked me with!" She paused a moment "Well it turns out she wasn't joking; she did buy me a big dildo! Fortunately I spotted it before we opened the rest at Mum and Dads. Imagine how embarrassing that would have been!

Mike smiled; he knew exactly what she was up to!

"Go and get it then... Let me see"

"The thing is Mike; the one she bought me is really fucking huge! I mean really! When I opened the parcel before we left England I thought it was just for show"

"Let me see" he said.

Katie hopped out of bed, went to the built in cupboard and returned with the partially unwrapped package. Mike was surprised at the weight of it as she handed it to him. He shook the parcel over the bed and the rubber cock fell out.

Mike stared at it in silence while Kate looked on.

The dildo was absolutely huge! It was a bright pink, grotesquely thick parody of the human penis. They read the packaging that it had come in. It was a called the 'Gigadong' and was ten inches long with a girth of twelve inches, evidently purchased from an online store in the UK.

"You want me to use this?" Mike asked, turning to her slowly.

"I need you to Mike" she said "I know I won't always but I need you to now!" she was being very insistent. "I know this may not make much sense to you but they took something away from us that night..." she paused "You have to take it back; I need you to reclaim me again. I need you to do what they did to me; tie me down and take me like they did! Fuck me with your fist! Shove that fucking huge dildo up me! Make me come over and over again!" She almost pleaded "I don't want them to have had any part of me that you haven't, does that make sense? It's about making it ours; they can't keep it, I'm not going to let them!" Katie was sounding really desperate, "Tie me down and do it to me, please?"

Mike smiled at her. He was starting to understand her more now; happy to fulfil her needs. It would be therapeutic for them both. Whatever mental turmoil he may have been experiencing his cock seemed happy about it too, standing to full attention as he quickly fetched ties and secured her spread eagled on her back to the bed. Katie was breathing heavily, lust-filled eyes watching his every move.

"Oh fuck Mike this is going to be good, see how wet my pussy is?" she breathed sexily, voice thick with arousal. Once he had her at his mercy he thought he would taunt her a little;

"So this has nothing to do with the fucking enormous size of their cocks then?"

Katie thought about her reply a moment "You know I can't deny the size was a turn on but it was not 'their' size it...It was 'the' size" she said. "I know it probably doesn't make any sense but what you did with the cucumber and what they did to me has shown me that having my cunt really stretched wide and fucked is incredibly exciting! But I know you can do that for me, I don't need anyone else; it's only you that I want!"

"So you're not going to run off with a guy with a bigger cock then? He teased.

"Not unless you keep me frustrated!" she said "For Gods sake Mike, get on with it! I need you to fuck me!"

She looked so beautiful and sexy, lying there so naked and vulnerable and ready. Quite obviously ready; her pussy lips were flowered open and there was a growing dark stain on the sheet where her pussy juices had leaked! Her whole pelvic area was wet!

Mike didn't waste time on foreplay. Much as he would have loved to have buried his face in her creamy wet pussy, tasting her sweet nectar, he knew what she really needed now. He climbed on top of her and aimed his rigid cock at her hungry little cunt. With one swift thrust he slid right into the hilt, she was so wet and ready it was easy. But to his surprise she was still tight as ever, her inner muscles gripping him in a firm embrace.

"Oh shit Yesss!" she moaned "Fuck me Mike, Fuck me hard!"

Mike needed no second bidding as he picked up the pace, rapidly jamming his cock deep inside her sopping cunt. She was so wet there was little friction but he liked that; he could keep going for longer. It was like that when he had fucked her after she had taken the huge cucumber and he found the sensation curiously arousing.

"Oh Mike I love you so much!" she moaned, "come for me, come inside my pussy; she needs it so much!"

"Ohh God! Oh God! You want it baby?" he groaned.

Yess!" She breathed, "Give it to me!"

"AaaaGHH!" He cried out, shooting hot jets of come deep inside her heaving body


Breathing heavily, he slumped on top of her as he recovered.

She wanted to hold him in her arms but her other need was more pressing right now; she needed to be tied and helpless for the next part of their lovemaking.

"Stretch me Mike!" She whispered softly "stretch my little pussy till it hurts; make me yours again, I need to come for you!"

Mike was only too happy to oblige. Withdrawing his softening cock from her dripping hole he swiftly replaced it with the fingers of his right hand. She was so eager and hungry to be filled she took all four fingers pressed together with ease!

"Ohh Yes!" she moaned "Fist me Mike, I need your whole hand inside me, I don't care if it hurts, I want it!"

He was amazed at her cunts capacity to expand so quickly! He tucked his thumb in alongside his fingers and pressed hard into her incredibly elastic little pussy.

"Ow!" She whimpered, swallowing his entire hand inside her greedy little pussy!

"Ohh Fuck! Mike, that feels so good! See what you've done? You've got your whole fist inside me. You can fuck me with it all night long if you want to... Take me, I'm yours!"

Mike took the hint; she needed him to take charge; to totally control her like her rapists had! With his fist buried inside her he leaned over and kissed her again passionately, their tongues entwined. Katie's cunt pulsed around his wrist in sharp spasms of pleasure.

He broke off the kiss, looking deep into her eyes. "Oh don't think I won't little girl, I'm going to show you no mercy!"

With that he began to fuck her, gently at first but as he saw she was starting to respond to it he fucked her more vigorously.

Katie's hips were jerking upwards; hungrily welcoming his thrusting fist inside her. His fist was clenched and as he fucked her harder and harder he replicated her rapists actions; pulling it ever further out upon each backstroke. Despite the fact that her little pussy looked stretched painfully wide she was moaning and whimpering in delight.

"AAhh! Ahh! Fuck! Oh Shit!" she cried as Mikes clenched fist popped right out and he rapidly pumped it straight back inside her!

"OOHHH GOD! You're going to make me come!" She wailed. She was looking down at him with a glazed look in her eyes, jerked back and forth by the force of his fisting.

Mike had noticed something when she was being raped; something Katie assumed he would have been unaware of. He remembered the rapist, Steve, calling himself "Daddy" and the effect it seemed to have on her.

"That's right you greedy little bitch!" he growled menacingly "Daddy's going to make his little girl come so fucking hard!"

Katie surged at his words, a momentary spike of shame then intense arousal. She was already too far gone to think about it; she just went with the flow;

"OOHHHhh Daddy! Daddy! I'm coming, I'm coming, I can't help it, AAAAAGGGHGHH!" She convulsed, surging against the restraints; thick spurts of her come splattering on her belly and his arm! Mike was grinning wildly, as he fisted her roughly throughout.

"Don't think Daddy is going to take pity on you, you little slut! I'm going to fist you all night long and there's nothing you can do about it!" he said in that menacing tone.

Katie absolutely loved it; he was doing all the right things, somehow knowing how to press all of her buttons to make her come. "Thank you Daddy" she said breathlessly, looking down at her belly. It was sopping wet with her come. She could see the rise and fall of it with each pump of his fist. "Have I pissed myself?" she asked.

"No baby, that's your girl come; you know, female ejaculation!" he smiled at her "you didn't know you could do that did you?"

"That's what they meant when they called me a squirter then?" she said, panting heavily with excitement "Do you like it?"

"Fuck yes!" he said "It's so fucking hot; I love it!"

Getting into the role Mike mercilessly fist fucked Katie through orgasm after orgasm, her spasming, squirting pussy helpless to resist the onslaught of pleasure! "No more Mike, no more!" she finally cried after he had fisted her for over an hour!

"NO WAY LITTLE GIRL!" he yelled, "Daddy is not nearly finished with you yet! You're going to take Daddy's huge fucking cock in your little cunt now!"

"No!" she whimpered "Please?"

"Yes baby girl" he countered "Yes you will... Daddy's going to force that whole fucking Daddy-cock up your pussy and make you come on it! You're going to love it! I'm going to make you come so many times you won't believe it"

Katie knew full well that he meant what he said. She knew she would be glad of it. She responded, playing to his words "Oh no Daddy, I'll never be able to manage it; it's huge!"

"Open your pretty little cunt wide for me" he ordered as he slipped his fist from her. He grabbed the massive rubber cock and used the copious juices on his hand to coat the head and shaft of the fake cock. He then presented the huge blunt head of it to her sopping wet hole and pressed it into her.

"MMMmmmmh!" she moaned as it stretched her wider and wider. She felt the burn of the stretch and forced herself to relax.

"Ah! Ah AGGGGHH! OW! Ow!" She cried "FUCK! Oh Fuck! Take it out!" She wailed as it impaled her completely, sliding deep inside her. She craned her neck and looked down at her pussy. The balls of the dildo were pressed against her pussy lips; she had taken it all! God she felt so very full, but the pain was easing.

Seeing the way Mike was staring at her crotch she was in no doubt about it; that cock was not coming out of her until he had fucked her with it as mercilessly as her rapists had fucked her! She was actually glad of it! She knew it was what she had wanted all along. It was his cock now, her Daddies cock!

Mike worked the heavy rubber cock in and out, the first few abrasive thrusts rubbing hard against her stretched insides, soon becoming easier as his strokes became faster and faster.

"Grrrrrhhhhnnnnn!" she moaned, a deep guttural sound wrenched from deep in her stomach. "OOOHHHH GOD, Fuck me!" she growled, staring intensely at him "Fuck me you bastard!...Make me come!"

Over the course of the week Katie had come to recognise that her rape had not only inserted something physically very large inside her but mentally too; forced it in, through her unwilling orifice. It was therapy to have it taken out of her this way; to open herself again completely for her husband this time. She needed it to be an equally large and difficult extraction; it was therapeutic for her. With every thrust of that mammoth cock inside her the demons of the rape were being ousted. Her body and soul were being reclaimed by Mike, her husband, her Daddy.

The more excited she became the more her fantasy was being revealed in her disinhibited words "Oh God, yes, fuck your little girls pussy, rape me; there's nothing I can do about it! Make me come on your huge Daddy's cock!" she said, words thick with her arousal "Go on you bastard, rape me, you know I deserve it; I should never have fucked those boys in school; I should have saved myself for you! Fuck me Daddy!" she cried, free now to live out all her fantasies with the man she loved.

Faster and faster he fucked that huge dildo in and out of her welcoming, hungry cunt. Girl-juices were streaming out of her, soaking the sheets. Mike watched as she was rapidly driven to orgasm, hips jerking; her head rolling from side to side in absolute ecstasy. She was so incredibly sexy-looking like this.

"Nnnn, Nnnn, NaaaaGGGHHHHH!" she cried out, coming hard upon her Daddy's massive rubber cock; her Daddy's cock! "Ohh God! Oh God!" She moaned "That's so fucking good!"

Mikes chest was bathed in strong spurts of her sexy girl-come as she was made to squirt again and again. He knew better than to let up on her; this was her therapy, he could show her no mercy!

On and on he fucked her with that massive cock, relentlessly punishing her with it, absolving her of all guilt, forcing her to come time after time until she was completely exhausted and cleansed; her rape had been reclaimed by them.

Their lives had been changed by the events in Hollywood. But not all in the way one might have expected. Katie and Mikes efforts to minimise the impact had proven remarkably successful. She did have the odd moment when she was reminded of the most difficult parts of the rape but with things she had learnt in her studies she had largely transformed as much as she could into a 'good enough' experience. Most of that part was made possible by the transformation in their sex-life, the revelations that occurred as a result of the rape having made it possible for them to share with each other like never before.

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