Holy Shit Ch. 03


Maybe it was nasty of me but I took both of her nipples in my fingers and gave them a good twist along with a pull and she screamed "OH FUUUUCCCKKK YESSSSSSSS!" Her head rolled on her shoulders like it was hanging by a thread before she dropped to my chest and locked her lips to mine, her hips still shaking rapidly like a super sonic vibrator.

Once again her pussy clamped onto me powerfully and she stopped all movement as she hugged her body tight to me, her face buried now in the crook of my neck. I stroked her back and she groaned loudly and shook hard. My hands stopped and she stopped shaking, the only sound her rapid yet shallow breathing. I waited several moments before moving my hands on her again and still she shook hard and groaned into my neck so once more my hands halted their motion.

In a very soft breathless voice she said, "Wow." I kissed her by her ear and she groaned then squeezed my cock with her pussy. "Damn am I glad I came over here," she quite softly said, still speaking into my neck. I heard her only because her mouth was so close to my ear. Finally she lifted her face and just stared at me for a few seconds before uttering, "If you are wondering, that was a solid twelve on the Richter scale! Jesus Ron, you can sure make a girl feel good."

I pulled her in for a kiss that lasted much longer than I had expected it to. Once she moved back from me I said with a grin, "Sexy Mandy, I believe it was you that made yourself feel good, with maybe just a bit of help from me." She started to argue with me and I silenced her with two fingers on her lips. "Either way, it's my turn to fuck you! I think we are both going to enjoy this."

Carefully I rolled us over and took the top, my cock still fully within her hot and moist pussy. "Oh that's nice," she said as her back hit my sheets. Her legs splayed out wide as she held my hips in her hands. "Okay Ron, show me just how good of a stud you are. Fuck me and make me cum better than ever."

"Do you mean better than a twelve?"

"Oh god I sure hope so!"

"Nothing like putting the pressure on a guy," I said as I gave her a very slow full length thrust where I crushed her clit with my pelvic bone. Mandy groaned as I pulled back till just my tip remained within her slit and then pressed right back all the way again. "Shit girl, I love how your pussy grabs onto me like that."

"I don't think.....oh fuck yeah....that I was grabbing you. I think you....shit that's good....are just so big that it....oooohhhhhhhh....feels like that." Mandy looked to our joined bodies and moaned as I pressed back into her. "Oh my god Ron, fuck me baby, fuck me hard deep and fast."

No more had the words slipped from her lips when I braced my feet better and then gave her 15 to 20 full length hard and super fast thrusts that shook her body and moved her up my bed as she grunted, "Uhn ... ooof ... oaph ... ooo ... oh ... umph ... oooo ... um ... oaph ... ooof ... uhn ..." and more as I powered my granite slab into her.

"My god Ron..." she said softly as I took each of her ankles in my hands and lifted them up onto my shoulders. "Ooo fuck yeah," she moaned as I resumed pumping into her at a slower but still powerful pace. She moaned again when I turned my face and kissed her calf as I kept right on giving her pussy a pounding. Moments later she gasped, "I'm gonna cum!" and her chest heaved mightily off of the bed.

My mom and Becky had already learned that once I had shot my load a couple of times I was good for long marathon fucks that always left them drained even though their pussies would end up full of cum. Now it was Mandy's turn to find this out as she screamed in joy as her body was pummeled by her orgasm.

Her climax eventually finished but my hips never stopped moving into her with authority and purpose. I was determined that this beauty would come back for more. Her eyelids fluttered and finally she opened them and looked up at me. "Holy shit that was SO good," she said breathlessly as her hips moved in upward motions helping to continue our fucking movements. "What do I have to do to get you to cum inside of me?" she asked with lust painting her face.

My hips ramped back up till I was pounding into her relentlessly. "Just don't stop your wonderful contractions with your pussy and I'll be pumping you full soon," I said.

"I think I'm better at that like this then," she said as her legs lifted off of my shoulders and soon were wrapped around my ass. My hips pumped into her as she squeezed her legs around me thus tightening her pussy around me quite effectively. My groan told her all she needed to know and we did the dance of love like that for several minutes.

Neither of us spoke for nearly five minutes as we slowly worked together on building our pleasure. "Ooo, somebody is growing," Mandy cooed softly.

"Hell yes I am," I said. "Your pussy feels so damned good, I'm nearly there."

"That's what I want! I want to feel you shoot off inside of me!" Mandy said just before kissing me powerfully, her tongue deep within my mouth. That set me off and with my first blast of cum she groaned, "Oh god yes, give it to me! I'm cumming again! Oh god fuck me and give me all your stuff!"

I couldn't speak as my body put all its effort into filling her with hot cream. However my grunts and groans spoke volumes about how good it was. Finally I was finished and held my body above her as both of us recovered from our intense cums.

"Wow, Mandy, you are one incredible fuck! I am really glad you came over today," I said around my gasps for air.

"No shit!" she managed to get out. Two more gulps of air and she grinned as she said, "You really made me feel good! I didn't think it could be so good!" Her hands pulled on my shoulders and I dropped down onto her as we kissed gently.

I finally rolled off of her and pulled her tight against me. She draped her leg over mine and snuggled in even closer, her lips softly kissing my chest. We talked in hushed tones for several minutes, actually getting to know each other. After about half an hour I asked her a question but got no reply. Gently I turned my face and looked at her as she drifted into dream land. What the hell, I liked that idea so I joined her there shortly.


I felt hot lips gently working over my rapidly hardening shaft and said, "Damn Mandy, you want more?" My ears heard the giggle even as I realized Mandy's head was still tight against my chest. I looked down and softly gasped, "SIS!"

Becky winked at me then shoved her face fully onto me while really working her tongue on me. Finally she pulled off and said, "Hi Ron, looks like you've been busy. You'd better already know that she tastes REALLY good!"

"No shit!"

"That's my brother, good man that he is." Sis gave me two more full length inhales of my cock and then gave me a devilish grin as she moved to my side and eased Mandy's leg over. She locked her eyes onto mine as she slipped her tongue into Mandy's gash and slowly slurped it from the bottom to the top.

"Ooooooohhhhmmmmm," Mandy groaned.

Lifting back a bit she dropped down again and retraced her movements as Mandy groaned again, louder this time. As her tongue reached the top Becky sucked Mandy's clit into her mouth and I watched as it swirled around the little nubbin.

"Ohhh Ron, that feels good," Mandy moaned before her eyes fluttered open. "RON?" she gasped as she saw my face above hers just a bit. Becky sucked down onto her hard and Mandy gasped, "BECKY!" then "Ooh god yes, suck my clit girl friend."

Mandy flopped back onto the bed as my sister ramped up her efforts at eating out her best friend's pussy. If having Becky suck my cock for a bit hadn't done it seeing her muff diving really did as my cock went stone hard in milliseconds. I gave Mandy a kiss before sliding down the bed. Fifteen seconds later Becky was naked from the waist down and had her legs wide spread in the doggie position.

Her head lifted up as I slipped my shaft into her pussy, then she dove back into Mandy's super moist cunt. Each time I shoved my shaft into her I forced her face even tighter into the feast before her. Mandy groaned loudly every time I bottomed out as I really tried to pound my sister hard.

After about six minutes I moved my right hand from Becky's hip and slipped it around her until I found her rock hard clit. She lurched and Mandy groaned loudly when I found it, then I rubbed and stroked it hard as I kept on pounding into her from behind. Mandy grabbed Becky's head with both hands and held her tightly against her as I watched her chest and face flush.

Suddenly Mandy cried out, "OH FUCK ME I'M CUMMING!" That set off my sister and she started bucking in front of me while staying locked onto Mandy's snatch. My cock succumbed to the greatly increased pressure from the grip of Becky's pussy and I shot five hard blasts of cream into her making both of us groan in pleasure.

With my last huge blast from my cock I slumped forward onto Becky's back, forcing her face deeper into Mandy's overwhelmed pussy. A powerful shudder shot through Becky's body while Mandy gasped loudly as she tried to pull away from my sister. Mandy screamed again as Becky groaned into her pussy as her nose rubbed over Mandy's sensitive clit.

Finally Becky and I fell to our left as if we were one being, groaning in unison as we flopped onto my bed. Mandy grabbed her pussy and rolled away from us as she gasped harshly. Becky recovered first as she moaned, "Holy fuck was that...."

"Intense!" Mandy finished for her. Then Mandy rolled over and hugged to my sis, kissing her full on the lips while their tongues dueled feverishly. When their kiss finished Mandy said, "Girl friend, you can eat my pussy ANY time you want to! My god that was good!"

"Better than when I did you?"

"No Ron, you are BOTH incredible pussy eaters! Damn, can I move in here?" she gasped to laughter from the three of us. We moved into a jumble of bodies so each of us could kiss each of the other two and we lay there for several minutes like that. Then Mandy gave me a shove saying, "Move your ass stud, I have a pussy to eat!" So I did and then she did, much to Becky's delight.

She had been going at it quite noisily for several minutes and I lay there enjoying the show while my dick recuperated. Becky was really groaning in pleasure as my cock grew back to full mast, so I moved behind Mandy and slipped easily into her well fucked pussy once more. Her face briefly lifted as she gasped in pleasure then she dove back into my sister's snatch with more gusto than before.

"I thought I told you to take it easy today," mom said into my ear making me shove extra hard into Mandy who in turn nearly swallowed Becky's clit. Both of them groaned as I snapped my head around in shock.

"Mom!" I softly said.

"Don't stop on my account," she said as she leaned in and kissed me on my lips. After her tongue pulled back from my tonsils she stood upright again and quickly undressed.

Just before mom slipped onto the bed Becky screamed in release then gave a mighty shove to push Mandy out of her over taxed pussy. I ended up on my back with Mandy still impaled on my lance where she instantly began rocking and rolling her hips as she tried to heighten her pleasure.

Mom moved to Becky and kissed her gently on her lips, their tongues softly dueling together. "Rest up honey while I say hello to Mandy," she said before climbing onto the bed and knee walking up to Mandy. Somehow they managed to give each other an incredibly sexy kiss while Mandy managed to still move up and down on my rock hard cock. Even with the incredible scene around me I knew I was a long ways from cumming again.

"Get me ready for you son," mom said as she moved over and straddled my face even while still kissing Mandy. I looked up into mom's pussy as she lowered herself onto my face and began licking and sucking on her everywhere I could reach. Meanwhile Mandy stepped up her movements on my cock as she worked hard for her climax. Mom shifted her ass and I briefly saw her and Mandy kissing above me, each of them mauling the others tits with both hands.

Suddenly Mandy's pussy clamped onto me super hard and her body shook in release. This time her cries of pleasure were muffled by mom's tongue being halfway down her throat! My hands gripped her waist tightly in an effort to stabilize her as she came thunderously. The kissing sounds above me stopped at the same instant that Mandy screamed "FUCK!!!!" as her body stiffened and then sank down onto me fully, her pussy clamping and twitching around my cock as if she was having a seizure.

My mother was wiggling her pussy on my face as if she wanted to cum right along with Mandy but that just wasn't in the cards. Yes I gave her my best effort under the circumstances, but having the incredible body called Mandy cumming like crazy on top of my hips was taking a lot of my attention.

Mandy finally leaned forward fully onto my mother as she gasped (I guess around kisses with my mom), "Oh Ron, that was incredible! Fucking you and kissing your mom was just too much!" Then she slowly pulled her pussy off of me and moved over to sit next to my sister. Each of them sighed softly as their hands eased over each others body.

I gave mom's clit a slurp and she groaned, "Oh god son, that feels so good, but I want you inside of me again." Then she climbed off of my face and slowly turned around to face me as her pussy eased down fully onto my stalagmite of a cock. "O-O-O-O-Oooooh god you feel so good inside of me."

Mom slowly moved her body above me, working herself gently but effectively towards another climax for her...and hopefully one for me. This was something new for my mom; she had usually been very focused on cumming hard and fast. This time she was trying to make our fucking last as long as possible.

"Oh mom, your pussy is making my cock feel so good," I croaked out. It was as if each time she lifted up or settled back down onto me I could feel each and every cell of her pussy flesh as it massaged around me. It felt incredible! After about ten minutes had passed she gasped and shook hard as her orgasm rolled through her entire body. Even with her vagina convulsing around me I was still not ready to cum so I just helped her get off by moving my hips and tweaking her nipples with my fingers.

"Oh son," she gasped after her climax was over, "That was so incredible! I've never cum like that before." Mom leaned in and kissed me softly yet deeply while her pussy had small convulsions around my rock hard cock. "Oh baby, you're still hard for me!?" Then she lifted back upright and started rocking her hips back and forth then side to side. She licked her lips and said, "Umm, I can taste myself on your lips! I hope you like it as much as I do!"

I started telling her that I thought she tasted heavenly but Mandy put her hand on mom's shoulder while saying, "Hold on a minute, I want to ride that pussy licking face." Mandy eased her swollen pussy over my face then settled down onto me, nearly cutting off my air supply. I looked up Mandy's body...damn her tits looked incredible from that angle...as she wiggled her pussy into perfect placement over my mouth. I started licking and slurping everywhere I could reach while mom resumed fucking her pussy on my resurging cock.

Both Mandy and my mom were moaning in joy as they pushed their bodies closer and closer to another tumultuous climax. My hands were moving from one to the other as I stroked and pinched on their tits and clits. My momentarily forgotten sister reached over and grasped my hand for a moment as she softly said, "God Ron, that is so fucking sexy! Seeing you work your magic on Mom and Mandy like that is getting me so horny. You'd better still have a hard cock when you're finished with them!"

No way could I say anything with Mandy's cunt pressing tightly down onto my mouth so I just managed what I hoped were encouraging grunts in reply. About three minutes later everyone froze in place when my dad stepped into the room shouting, "HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON IN HERE? JEAN (that's my mom), HOW COULD YOU?!"

I felt mom twist above me as she gasped, "Oh honey, I'm SOOOOO close!"

Even before my stunned father could reply to that Becky pleaded to him, "Oh daddy, I'm so horny! Please get up here and fuck me! Please daddy!!"


Note: Okay, this is where many of you got pissed at me. Not ALL of you but those of you who were got very passionate about your displeasure! So I have done something that I don't like to do. I have re-written the ending just a little while still (sorry) keeping dad in the mix, not that he helps much. Like it or not, this is the only rewrite I will ever do on this one!

The original ending is still here after this new ending.


"What?" my dad gasped out in a shaky voice. "God Becky, do you know what you are saying?"

"Yes daddy, I do," she said leaning towards him while totally displaying her incredible body to him. "I'm soooooooo horny and there was nobody here to help me cum. But now you are here and I want your cock! Please daddy," she said while giving him the look that always made him give in to her, "please fuck me and make me cum again!"

"Oh god baby girl," dad said as his will faltered. "Um ... Jean ... help me here," he pleaded to our mother who was still riding me like she was a cowgirl chasing a herd of stampeding cattle.

"I'm busy Ralph, just do what she saiddddd ... oh god I love your cock Ron!"

Becky was whining for relief as dad stumbled against the bed. "Gotcha!" Becky cried out as she grabbed his pants and quickly got them down along with his briefs.

"Oh baby girl," dad moaned as I heard her mouth working over his most likely rapidly growing shaft. "Becky, you really shouldn't ... oh shit ... be doing ... holy shit you're good at that!"

I heard more of Becky's usual blowjob moans intermingled with dad's groans of pleasure. She must have stopped and after a pause said, "Well, guess that's all the bigger it's going to get."

Mandy nearly fell off of me as she bucked in climax and I peaked over at Becky riding dad just as mom was still riding me. The view disappeared as Mandy dropped onto my face once more as she sought the finish to her interrupted climax.

Mom was really going wild over me, driving her hips powerfully down onto my pelvis as she neared another powerful climax. I felt her lean towards Mandy as Mandy seemed to twist above me, then I heard their moans and kissing sounds.

"Jean?" dad gasped as he noticed what they were doing. "Ooohhhhhh fucccckkkkk baby girrrrl, I'mmmm cumminggggg!"

"NO!!!! NOT YET!!!" screamed Becky as dad's grunts signaled his eruption into his only daughter. The motions of the bed told me sis was straining to reach her relief even as dad finished and shrank inside of her.

Mom tensed above me and then crushed her pussy onto me as she wiggled her clit hard into my cock's base. I shoved my tongue deeply into Mandy's pulsating pussy while my nose rubbed fiercely against her engorged clit.

"OH FUCK...I'm cumming again!" mom cried out as she shook violently above me while her pussy clamped down hard onto my rock hard cock. I was not close to cumming after all the fucking that had been happening so I just pushed my hips up to give her just a little bit more cock to cum on.

Even as mom continued to extol her rapture Mandy shook violently then bathed my face with her nectar as she cried out in her own powerful orgasm. The two ladies riding me continued moaning and groaning as they each rode out their powerful climaxes.

"Oh no, daddy you're soft already! Damn it, I need to cum so badly!" Becky groaned in sadness beside me.

"Here you go honey," mom said as she fell off of me dragging Mandy with her where they embraced in a soft, tongue filled kiss.

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