Home Invasion

byMistress Maria©

I have been married to William for about 8 years now. I am 30 years old and William is 32. We have a good marriage and a healthy sex life. The only problem is that William will not touch me when I am menstruating. It is unfortunate, because I feel very horny during that time. I can't explain it really, but I feel so womanly and feminine during my period. I know it is a messy nuisance sometimes. I actually find sex relieves my discomfort from cramps. I have always worn pads, because I was afraid to use tampons.

At any rate, one evening I was feeling particularly amorous, but I was in the third day of my cycle. William and I retired for the evening. I decided to wear a white, sheer, silk, nighty to bed to see if I peak Will's interest. The night gown was long, but very sexy. It had a lacy bodice and spaghetti string straps. It was very flattering for my figure. My ample breasts and shapely thighs filled out the gown exquisitely. My chestnut brown, shoulder length hair contrasted nicely with the bright white hue.

"You know I don't like to when you are having your period. It's a turn off for me." William whined.

"But my heaviest days are over. It won't be that bad." I tried to explain to no avail. I was disappointed and very horny indeed. I would have loved to pleasure myself, but I couldn't think of a good excuse to leave the bedroom so late in the evening, and after 8 years of marriage, William and I are not comfortable masturbating next to each other. I went to bed frustrated. I reached down and felt my bulky maxi pad over my white shiny nylon bikini panties. The smooth material was so pleasant to touch. I caressed myself to sleep as Will rolled over away from me and snored away in his slumber.

"Mmmmmm!" I tried to scream, but no words were coming from my mouth. I tried to get up, but something heavy was holding me down. Then I heard the terrifying words from a strange man.

"You scream and I kill you where you lay!" The sinister male voice said. It was pitch black and I could not see my attacker. "Get up!" the unseen stranger ordered me quietly as he pulled the covers off of me and hoisted me effortlessly to my feet. The dark figure of a man was much taller than my 5'-4" frame. He was bigger than Will, who stood about 5'-9". I believed him to be about 6'-2" and muscular. He had horrible breath and I could tell that he had been drinking. The man dragged me to the light switch on the wall and turned on our bedroom light. I was blinded by the brightness for a few moments, but when my eyes adjusted, I saw Will still asleep on his side facing away from me. I glanced up at the stranger and noticed he was dressed all in black. He had a black knit ski mask and he wore black pantyhose beneath it so his skin would not show through the eye or mouth holes. I could not tell his race, but I think he was black, by his distinctive street dialect.

"You tell him to wake up and don't try anything funny." The dark stranger ordered as I felt something hard poke at my temple. My heart leaped out of my throat when I saw it was a revolver pointed at my head. When the man released my mouth, I asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"Shut up and wake him up!" The stranger hissed. I cleared my parched throat and called out to Will. He stirred and awakened, but he was very groggy.

"What's wrong?" William asked me rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, still not knowing what was happening.

"Get your ass up and don't try to be a hero, or I will waste this pretty wife of yours!" Said the stranger as he pointed the gun over my shoulder at Will. Bill was shocked as his mouth dropped open in disbelief and his eyes were wide open now too. Will was clad only in his silky white bikini briefs with rainbow pin stripes arranged in a net-like configuration. He seemed awkward and even embarrassed in his near nudity. He was a handsome man. He was a medium build and had short brown curly hair. His chest was bare and he had a slight belly that hung just a tad over his briefs, especially while sitting in bed.

"Get up and turn around! Get down on your knees!" The intruder barked.

"Who are you?" Will asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Shut up and turn around!" The man was more agitated now. He threw me hard down on my bed. I fell on my back. The momentum caused my legs to launch backward almost passed my head, which caused my gown to fly up and settle just above my waist. The man caught a sight of the whiteness of my panties and moved quickly toward them. He shoved his gun hard into my padded pussy. Luckily, I was wearing my pad because he would have really hurt me otherwise. "Do exactly what I tell you or I will blow your wife's pussy up." The stranger stated with clenched teeth. He glared at my husband as he held a loaded firearm to my privates. I was much too shocked and frightened to speak. The fear paralyzed me.

"P-Please don't!" Will stuttered. "Don't hurt her. I am getting down and turning around. Just don't hurt her." The man told me not to move an inch as he walked over to my kneeling husband. He pulled a pair of steel handcuffs from his back pants pocked and quickly handcuffed Will's hands behind his back. He jerked Will up and threw him down on a padded lounge chair in the corner of our bedroom. The man pulled out a second pair of handcuffs and tossed me over onto my stomach. He managed to whip the handcuffs right on my slender wrists with ease. The man caught a glimpse of my plump pantied covered backside. He placed the palm of his huge hand on my ass and rubbed it.

"Mmmmmm! That's a sweet ass girl." He cooed.

"Please!" William pleaded with the armed masked man who violated the sanctity and security of our home and bedroom. "Take whatever you want, just leave us alone. Please don't touch my wife like that."

"Oh big man over there in your skivvies giving me demands. You forgot who has got the power here. How bout I touch her like this." The stranger smacked me hard on my fleshy buttocks. "Or like this!" He spanked me wildly with 8 to 10 quick blows. I screamed into my rumpled bed sheets as he assaulted my posterior. My ass was stinging and burning when he stopped. The man bolted over to Will and shoved the gun hard into groin, causing him to double over. The barrel of the gun parted his scrotum right between his testicles. "I will do whatever I damn well please. You got that? Will nodded in the affirmative as he tried to catch his breath.

"Don't hurt him!" I blurted out, concerned for the love of my life.

"Shut-up-bitch!" The stranger was very slow, deliberate, and emphasized each word. "How would you like me to give hubby here a .44 caliber vasectomy?"

"No!" Will and I sung out in unison. "Please stop this. Why are you doing this to us?" I began to break down and cry.

"Well you know what? I am a poor boy and I would like to have some of your nice things. I saw your house and said that's the one tonight. I was just going to rip your asses off, but then I came in here and saw you there little lady, sleeping all nice and cozy with your hand on your pussy. I stared at you for several minutes while you slept and I told my self that I got to get me some of that. Now here we are."

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked knowing very well what he had in mind, but dreading his answer.

"To put it in the most basic terms, I am going to fuck you."

"Oh Please no!" I pleaded tearfully.

"Please just leave her alone." Will begged, "My wife has some expensive jewelry in that box over on the dresser. Take what you want, but don't hurt us. There is no cause for it."

"Oh you're so pathetic. Thanks for the heads up on the jewelry, though. I will grab that on my way out. But first, I am going to fuck your wife in front of you." The stranger was just toying with us. There was nothing we could do. I wished William would try to do something, anything. He could try to rush the guy, but I know that the stranger is bigger and Will is at a further disadvantage by being handcuffed. But still I wished he would try to do something to come to my rescue.

The man tied William down to the plush chair by using some of his neck ties from his dresser drawer, which dashed all hopes of Will trying anything to save me. The man in black hovered over me and pulled me down toward the foot of the bed by my ankles. I cringed and let out a stifled scream. He pulled my legs apart exposing my white pantied and padded crotch to his full view.

"Whoa! Stop the fucking train! What the hell is this?" He asked as he smacked my pad with the back of his hand.

"I-I am on my period." I stammered. I was very humiliated and felt very naked even though I was still clothed.

"Oh this shit won't do." The stranger was upset and he began slapping my padded pussy like he spanked my ass earlier. My pad absorbed the blows somewhat, but I still felt the deep impact down onto my clit. The last few blows he was using his fist and hitting me very hard. I jolted and screamed no with each strike. My clit was throbbing as it was repeatedly smashed into my pubic bone. I felt something warm and wet gush inside me and leak out of my vagina and dribble down my perineum. I felt wetness on my inner thighs at the edges of my panties at the crotch. I looked down at myself to see that blood spurted out the leg openings onto my creamy white inner thighs. It was menstrual blood, I thought, and not some hemorrhage from any injury, I hoped. Somehow, I found the spankings oddly erotic. I actually was getting aroused from the throbbing sensation.

Then the stranger grabbed the full thick padded crotch of my panties. He shoved his thumb into one side of the leg opening and the rest of his fingers on the other side and dug deep inside. I shuddered as I felt his sharp fingernails scratch my sensitive tissues and bit down on my lip as he grabbed some dark pubic hair as he clutched his hand and ripped out the crotch of my panties, blood soaked pad and all. I yelped as he yanked out some pubic hair along with it.

My husband began protesting loudly. The stranger walked over to Will and shoved my bloody pad into his mouth. Will gagged as the stranger cackled with delight. "How's that taste partner? That'll shut you up for a while." The stranger jeered. He then applied duct tape to Will's mouth to seal it.

The stranger came back to me as I lay quivering on my marital bed. He grabbed the top of my gown by my breasts and tore the sheer, thin, garment right down the middle and off my shaking body.

"Damn you got some nice titties too." He commented as he pawed at them. He cupped his hand behind the back of my neck and pulled me up off the bed and forced me down on my knees. He unzipped and withdrew he chocolate colored cock. It was recessed in its foreskin as it was not fully erect yet. I never saw and uncircumcised penis before. I never saw a black man's penis before for that matter. It was so thick, large, and intimidating. He pressed the tip to my mouth and made me kiss it first. He pointed his gun at head and held me by the hair with his free hand. There was nothing I could do. I had to take him in my mouth or die. It was that simple. I opened my mouth wide and accepted his huge cock. He was so large that I was gagging. He fucked my mouth for several minutes and became frustrated for some reason. "I can't cum this way. I am going to have that pussy of yours, bloody or not."

"Oh no, don't! Please, I beg of you! I pleaded, "I can get you off with my mouth. I just have to get used to your size."

"Oop! Too much protesting from you too. We'll take care of that." My would be rapist tore off the remainder of my makeshift crotchless panties, bunched them up, and shoved them forcefully into my mouth. He pushed me back down on the bed, dropped his pants, and climbed on top of me. He rammed his cock into me violently. I jerked my head back in pain. He made it in on the first try and thrust himself to the hilt with his second motion. He was very wide and thick. It felt like I was being ripped open from within. He raped me violently for several minutes as I cried like a baby. He came inside me, but I was so wet and bloody that I could not tell. He pulled out of me as hard and quick as he went in. I closed my eyes welcoming any mode of death to end this torment I was experiencing.

"Awe baby, that was nice." He whispered. Then he looked over at Will in the corner. Tears were in his eyes. "So what did you think of that hubby? You like the way I schooled your wife on how to satisfy a real man?"

"Uck-ooo!" Will tried to curse through his gag.

"What was that...Oh! Lookie here! My man's got hard on." I looked over a Will and his penis was stiff as an emery board. The tip was sticking out over the waistband of his briefs. The intruder turned rapist waltzed playfully over to Will and crouched down to his ear and spoke softly, "What's getting you hard little man? And I do mean little." The stranger laughed at his pun. "You like seeing your wife get fucked by another man? You like to see your precious wife get raped by some street scum like me. You see how I stretched that pussy of hers out. Hell, she won't even feel you anymore after I stretched her from kingdom come. You like that? Huh? Or did you like looking at me and my big horse dick?" Will was bawling like a baby as the rapist was mindfucking him.

"That's it. You like a big strapping lad me to bust that cherry asshole of yours. I lost mines in the pen. I got it stuffed up my shitter by ten bad assed dudes. Didn't even kiss me first." The stranger gently brushed a tear from Will's cheek. He continued whispering in his ear. I could not hear what he was saying anymore. The stranger cupped my husband's silk bikini clad balls in his big powerful hands. "You like that? You like when I touch you there?" The stranger manipulated and juggled my husband's testicles in his hand. Will breathed deeply and pulled his head back. The man juggled them faster and harder. Then he alternated mashing his scrotum sack into his pubic bone and squeezing balls playfully.

The stranger stripped the tape from Will's mouth and scooped out my soggy rag. The man thrust his hips into Will's face and stuck his black cock into his mouth. The stranger shoved every inch of himself into my husband's mouth. I never considered the sight of two men together as being was erotic or arousing before, but I was tingling deep within my vagina. It was such a bizarre sight to behold.

The stranger was now breathing heavy. He began to shudder and stand on his toes as my Will lapped him up. The stranger convulsed as he shot his wad into Will's mouth. Will gagged and spit it out.

"Can't you swallow bitch!" The stranger shouted and slapped Will hard across the face, "I'll teach you to spit me out, bitch!" The stranger was incensed. He yanked Will up from his seat and threw him down on the bed next to me. He pulled Will's underwear down to his thighs and pounced on top of his backside. The stranger rammed his angry, thick, black, cock into Will's puckered asshole. Will screamed into the pillow and tried to struggle. The stranger overpowered Will easily and continued to thrust deep and hard into Will. As the stranger backed up to get the running started needed each time he slammed into Will, I saw blood on Will's pale ass cheeks near his point of entry. My husband was getting violently raped in our marital bed right next to me, I thought. I was scared to death as he looked like he was hurting Will terribly. I was scared for the both of us. Will grunted with every forward thrust from the stranger's powerful hips. After two brutal minutes, the stranger roared loudly and came into Will's well thrashed anal cavity.

The stranger slowly got up as he was exhausted. Will laid prone on the bed, breathless. He rolled on his side to look at me to see if I had witnessed his rape. By the horrid look on my face, he knew I had. He looked down in shame. I noticed that he had thick, white, viscous, fluid just below his navel and above his erected penis. Will came on himself during his assault. Did he enjoy it? I wondered.

The stranger got his second wind and armed himself again. He screwed the gun into Will's ear and said, "Fuck her!"

"W-W-hhat?" Will stammered.

"You heard me fool. I said fuck her." The man slapped the barrel of the gun up the side of Will's head. Will paused for a moment. "Get on top of her and fuck your wife, son." The stranger insisted. He removed both of our handcuffs. My wrists ached. I felt relieved to have them off me. My shoulders were also sore.

Will stripped his underwear off and mounted me in the missionary position. He entered me and began thrusting and grinding away.

"That's right. Keep it going." Said the stranger. "Perfect."

"What are you going to do with us?" Will asked while continuing to fuck me without missing a beat.

"I am going to kill you two." The stranger said nonchalantly. I squealed and buried my head deep into William's chest.

"No! Please! We can't identify you. We can't see you through that mask. Please don't kill us." Will whined.

"You kidding? My DNA is all over this place. It's in both of you. They will make me in a week and I go back to the joint."

"We won't go to the police. You know where we live. There is no way we could and not fear you hunting us down later."

"That's why I am just going to kill you now and not have to worry about it later."

"No!" Will and I both begged for the heartless rapist to spare our lives.

"At least I am letting you two go out with mercy fuck before you die. That's more than what they will do to me when they strap me to that table and stick that needle in me. Ah! The only way to go. To go out fucking. That's the way I want to do it. To have my last earthly memory be that of me inside some girl's cooze. You two are very fortunate. If you keep it going nice and steady, and just enjoy yourselves, you won't feel a thing. I will make it quick and clean for you two. At least you'll be going together."

Will and I both cried as there was nothing we could do. I was no longer afraid. I just wanted it to be over. There are worse ways of dying, I supposed. I told Will that I loved and said good bye. He told me the same and kissed me. He kept penetrating me with slow, steady, rhythms. I buried my head into Will's chest and waited for our inevitable fate. I stopped waiting and went with the soothing rhythms of Will's thrusts. He was rocking me gently to sleep, a sleep where I would not awaken. Rocking me gently, gently, gently.....

The morning sun rose and came in strong through the bedroom window. All was very still and quiet. The sun was warm against my face. I opened my eyes and wondered if I was dead. I struggled to focus. My head was in a fog. But I felt pain. Pain is good. It meant that I was still alive. I found that William, my sweet, dear, William was still alive too. He was sleeping on top of me. He was still inside of me and he was snoring. I laughed with relief. The stranger spared us. He must have left us as we lulled ourselves to sleep. Or, was it a dream? No, I feel pain all over my body. I looked over on my dresser and saw that my jewelry box was gone.

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