tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Ch. 06

Homecoming Ch. 06


Lynn continued to suck my cock as I relaxed and hoped to regain my hardness quickly. Kim and Sara laid quietly beside me while we watched Lynn. Her efforts resulted in my cock inflating to its' normal size. With both hands wrapped around the base, she tried to match Sara's ability of taking my cock all the way down her throat, but was not able to accomplish it yet. We could hear her gag, but it did not dissuade her from trying again. She tried so hard, and gagged so often, she had tears in her eyes. It got to be funny really. Coming off me, she stated "I will get to where I can do this. My daughter will not be the only one."

Sara moved down my body, reaching to my cock, covering her mom's hand with hers. She leaned to my balls, sucking one gently into her mouth. She played as she watched her mom suck my cock. Her index finger found my ass, rimming my hole, teasing. My body arched slightly as she pressed gently on my asshole. "Don't do that baby" I told her. "I don't care for that." She returned to sucking my balls.

I scooted up in the bed. Kim slowly crawled down and slid underneath Lynn, pulling her pussy down on her mouth. I could see Lynn react to Kim's skillful tongue. I reached out, grabbed Kim's leg near the ankle, and swung her body next to mine. I could look at her body, long, muscular legs leading up to her flat mound, covered in silky hair. Her cunt was visible to me, I parted her legs gently, running my hand up her thigh until my fingertips grazed her libia. I danced my fingertips across her cunt lips, teasing them and parting the lips. Her clit was protruding visibly. I flicked my fingertips over them, causing her body to spasm. I continued my play. Her cunt moistened quickly from my play. I placed two fingers at the entrance of her hole. Teasingly, I rimmed her hole, and pushed them in gently, filling her. Wet, slippery, her cunt sucked my fingers deep in her body. She moaned deeply into Lynn's cunt, burying her face deeper between her folds. I started hammering her cunt, fast and hard.

"Bring your cunt to me Sara," I stated. Sara turned her body, positioned it to allow me access to her. She was laying on her side, knee propped up in the air, her cunt inviting me to play. Her hand reached for my cock, pumping it gently as her mom sucked me down her throat. I reached to Sara, my fingertips playing with her cunt as well. I slowly inserted two fingers in her as well. With symmetric strokes, I pumped my fingers in both girls equally, hard, fast. I watched as my fingers disappeared into their bodies. They arched to meet each thrust of my hand. I would pull back my fingers, rim their holes, and plunge deep again. Sara grunted loudly. Kim, face buried in Lynn's cunt, grunted as well.

I buried my fingers, and stopped movement. I could feel their cunts sucking on my fingers, muscles tightening, relaxing, tightening again. I reached my thumb to their ass, teasing the bud gently. I pushed my thumb forward, popping through the closed hole to my first knuckle. Kim arched high, Sara rolled to her back. I twirled my thumbs, retreated slightly, and pushed forward hard. My thumbs entered them quickly. Both girls tensed, and relaxed as I pulled my fingers and thumbs back slightly. I pushed forward hard again. I continued, gaining a rhythm that left the girls frantic to cum. Groaning, grunting, arching, the girls danced on my fingers and thumb. Bodies twisting, humping, I drove my fingers and thumb deep.

With Lynn sucking on my cock, I got even harder!! Eyes open, she watched as I hammered the pussies and asses of the girls. Two hands wrapped around my cock, she pulled me deep into her mouth. She reached around me, grabbing my ass. With great force, she pulled herself down on my cock. Suddenly, her throat gave way, and she buried my cock entirely down her throat. Simultaneously, she started humping Kim's face hard, driving her pussy down on her. Groaning loudly, she ground her cunt on Kim's face, cumming hard! Her mouth sucked my cock hard, teeth lightly grazing the sensitive skin of my cock. She started fucking my cock hard, pulling back off to the head, and driving down to its' base.

"Jesus fucking Christ," escaped my lips. I wanted to grab the back of her head and pull her even tighter down the length of my cock, but my hands were busy pounding the girls' cunts.

"Daddy, fuck me daddy," Sara started screaming. Lynn pulled off my cock to watch. Eyes open, turning to watch Lynn she continued, "Make me your whore daddy! Mom, see what Daddy is doing to your little girl," she hissed. I pounded harder. Lynn crawled off Kim's face. She reached to both girls mounds.

"Momma's going to make you girls cum," Lynn said. With that, she reached for each girl's clit. With a gleam in her eye, she started rubbing each clit with an intensity not yet seen from her. "Cum for me you little bitches," she said. "Cum for mommy!" With my fingers pounding deep inside their bodies, Lynn's fingers raised the level of excitement in their bodies. The girls were approaching orgasm. Breathing was labored, bodies arched. Both girls reached for Lynn, Kim rubbing her back, Sara grabbing a handful of tit. Lynn continued to masturbate the girls, spreading their lips wide, exposing the clit to the cool air. Rubbing them, hard and fast, she matched my strokes in rhythm.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Kim said loudly, quickly. She started cumming first. Within seconds, Sara's body arched as well, cumming hard on her moms' fingers. Lynn continued to stroke their clits as I slowed my assault on their cunts and asses. Both girls were soaking wet, bodies glistening, cunts ravaged.

Kim spoke first "that was great Lynn" she breathed heavily. "Daddy, you royally fucked my pussy and ass," she continued. "Even now, I still feel you pounding me," she groaned, clamping her legs tight together.

"I need you Lynn," I said, looking deep into her eyes. She crawled up my body, pushing me down on the bed. She kissed me hard. I reached out and hugged her tightly against my body, pressing her tits flat against my chest. She reached down between our bodies, grabbed my cock, and guided it to her pussy. She drove herself down on me hard. Half my cock disappeared with the first thrust. Pulling back, she drove down again. My cock completely disappeared in her cunt. She abruptly sat up, placed her hands on my chest, and began rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her cunt down on my cock. I opened my eyes, found her staring at me.

"Hold on big boy. Time to bounce," she said. With long, solid strokes, she raised her pussy up my cock, hesitated, and drove down my shaft. She would hit bottom, grind, and raise up again to repeat the bouncing. Faster now, she was impaling herself on my cock. "Fuck me, god damn, fuck me," she said. And she bounced harder on me. I reached to her tits, grabbing one in each hand. I pinched the nipples hard. "Yes, baby, pull my nipples! That's it baby, oh shit, fuck me," she continued. She was flooding my cock with her juices. Her cunt squished with each stroke, slapping down on my hips. Her rhythm slowed. "Now my ass baby. Let's do it for the girls. I want Sara to make me cum with your cock buried deep in my ass," she said. I could have fucked a post, he needed to cum so bad. "Watch momma Sara! I am going to have Daddy fuck my ass," she told Sara.

Lynn pulled off me, turned around, and straddled my body. She reached for my cock. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass. They were smooth, firm globes. I could feel her guide my cock against her puckered hole. "Jesus Dad, you cock is big," she said. With that, she lowered her body down slightly. I felt the pressure, and the "pop" of the head penetrating her ass. Slick with her juices, she slid part way down my cock. "Sara," Lynn whispered, looking at her daughter. "You have ridden this cock in your ass?"

"Yup," was all that Sara replied. "Take your time, but bury all of it," she finished. "When it feels good, I am going to suck you cunt Mom."

Both Kim and Sara were now watching Lynn attempting to bury my cock in her ass. Lynn pulled up, reached to her cunt, gathered lubrication, and spread it on my cock. She drove her ass back down my cock. Groaning loudly, she buried more. Pulling up, she drove back down again. "Oh God," she groaned. She wiggled her ass on my cock, rotating more of it in her body. Not much was left to go. "This time Dad," she said as she drove down again. My cock disappeared in her ass, her ass tight against my body. Her eyes opened wide, mouth gaped, and she groaned deeply. "Oh fuck," was all she said. She began to grind her body on me. "Yes, yes, yes," she started. Leaning back on me, she exposed her cunt, legs spread beside me left her open.

"Eat me Sara," Lynn stated. Sara jumped to her cunt, tongue out she started licking the wide open pussy. "Yes baby girl, eat mommy," Lynn groaned. Sara attacked Lynn's cunt. She sucked the clit into her mouth, nipping at her clit with her teeth. Sucking it hard, holding it between her teeth, Sara flicked her tongue quickly over the sensitive bud. I started short, quick bounces by flexing the cheeks of my ass. The bounce made my cock move in and out of her ass a couple of inches with each bounce. Lynn held her breath, feeling the sensations of my cock buried in her ass, and her daughter licking her cunt. "Put fingers in my cunt baby," Lynn pleaded. I could feel Sara's fingers as they entered her cunt through the wall. She began rapid finger fucking her mom. Sara licked her mom, sucking her juices, flicking her tongue rapidly over the exposed clit. All our play was driving Lynn to an approaching orgasm.

Kim, not to be left out, kneeled beside our heads, stepped over us, opening her cunt to Lynn. Grabbing her by the hair with both hands, she pulled Lynn's face to her cunt. "Eat me mom," Kim stated, pulling her to her cunt. Lynn had no choice. With her cunt driving down on her mouth, Lynn started sucking Kim's clit. Just as quickly, Kim started humping Lynn's face, pulling her into her cunt by the hair. Lynn's hands reached around Kim's legs, pulling herself deeper into her folds. The passion displayed for eating Kim was intense. I hoped Kim would let Lynn breathe. She was humping so hard, I wondered if Lynn could feel Sara sucking her cunt or my cock buried in her ass.

I started bucking my hips harder. I needed to cum, and the situation was making me as excited as hell. "Sara, grab my balls honey, pull and stroke them for Daddy," I told her. I felt the softness of her hand as she grasp me balls gently, rolling them around in her hand. I pumped Lynn's ass hard. Sara's fingers stroked my cock from inside Lynn's cunt. Lynn's body tensed, she started convulsing with an intense orgasm. That was all it took. I started stroking Lynn's ass as hard as possible, feeling my nuts tighten. "I'm cumming," I shouted for all to hear. For the first spurts, I pumped her ass, and slowed to a stop as my spurts of cum slowed. I wanted Lynn to feel it in her ass. Several more spurts, and my cock subsided.

"Oh shit,' Lynn screamed into Kim's cunt as Sara brought her to one more orgasm. She ground her face deeper into Kim's cunt. Kim assisted, pulling her face deep. Arching her hips into Lynn's face, Kim's head tilted back, eyes clenched, she started cumming as well. She bucked against Lynn's face repeatedly. Kim collapsed off Lynn's face onto the bed, legs pinched tight together as her orgasm subsided. She reached to caress my arm gently.

Lynn turned her face to me. "Kiss me," she said. I could taste Kim on her lips as I tried to kiss her in our awkward position. I laughed genuinely. Lynn had to push Sara from her pussy. Sara was still attached to her clit. After three orgasms, Lynn's clit was too sensitive now for more tonguing at the moment. Sara was ready for more. My cock popped out of Lynn's ass. "Sara, you were right about being fucked in the ass by Dad. It was fantastic," Lynn continued. "Come here baby, lay beside me," she told Sara. "Your turn baby." Sara spooned to the front side with Lynn.

Lynn reached across her body and gently caressed Sara's tits. She pulled on Sara's nipples, stretching them, rolling the nipple between her fingers. She pinched them gently, but firmly. Each time, Sara's body responded, breath shortened, hips ground back against her mom. She could feel the need in Sara. Her hand slowly slid down her frame, reaching her hip and mound. Sara lifted her knee, allowing Lynn to lightly stroke the front of her slit, fingers touching the top of the bud. Sara's breath shortened. Moans escaped her lips as she enjoyed her moms' caresses. Lynn pulled away from Sara, raised to her knees, and positioned herself over Sara. "My turn to do you baby," Lynn said. With that, she leaned forward to Sara's cunt.

Gently, she spread Sara's lips apart. Her tongue flicked out from between her teeth, quickly finding its' target. She teased the bud, tongue rolling it around, pressuring it, and slapping it from side to side. Lynn leaned forward, sucking the clit between her teeth. She gently pulled back, stretching the clit, holding it between her teeth. She licked the clit hard with her tongue, driving it against the inside of her mouth. Faster, repeatedly, she assaulted the clit with her tongue. Sara started bucking under her mom's pussy eating. Lynn, her arms around under her legs, held her by the hips. She did not want to be bucked off her daughter's cunt. She wanted to drive her to an intense orgasm, like the one she had just received. Her cunt tingled, sending waves of feeling between her legs. She wanted to touch herself.

She reached to Sara's cunt, placing two fingers at the opening. Leaning back, she watched as she inserted the fingers into her dripping cunt. Sara gasped, feeling her mom bury the fingers into her cunt. "Oh mom," Sara breathed heavily. Lynn leaned forward, sucking her clit into her mouth again. Her fingers began to pump faster. Sara reached to Lynn, placing a hand on the back of her head, pulling her tight against her cunt. Lynn's tongue entered her hole, going as deep as she could. Lynn sucked her juices, and returned to her clit.

"Cum for mommy baby," Lynn told Sara. "I want you to fuck my face, cum for me," she continued. With a vengeance, she attacked Sara's cunt, both with her mouth and fingers. Sara was only too happy to oblige her mom. Lynn groaned as she lapped at Sara's cunt, driving her fingers deep. Lynn hesitated, placed all fingers and her thumb at her hole. Slowly, repeatedly, Lynn drove forward, felt resistance, retreated, and drove forward again. With a few strokes, her hand was fully lubricated, and her hand disappeared into her daughter's cunt. A frenzy began. Lynn started pumping her fist into her daughter's cunt. Hard, fast, and deep she drove her hand.

Within seconds, Sara grabbed Lynn's head with both hands, pulled her tight against her cunt, and started bucking hard. "Oh shit mom, fuck me. Fuck me hard!" she hissed. Sara bucked hard, hips grinding against Lynn's face, fist buried deep in her cunt. She came hard, flooding Lynn's hand with juices. "Fuck me mom, a little more," she screamed. Lynn hammered her cunt as she reached the peak of her orgasm, and slowly came down. Lynn slowed her licking, removed her hand from Sara's cunt. Crawling up her body, Lynn hesitated at her tits. Slowly, Lynn sucked a nipple into her mouth. She nipped the hard little rock between her teeth. Licking, sucking, she moved to the other tit. Kissing, sucking, teasing, she made the nipple stand ridged before her. Moving upward, Lynn laid down on Sara, tits mashed together. Lynn kissed Sara deeply. Sara held her mom tightly, kissing her back with a passionate tenderness. They rested, Sara's head nestled on Lynn's chest.

Kim and I had watched this scene, and were cuddled close. Kim spooned to my front side. As he chubbed, Kim had inserted my cock into her cunt. We slowly rocked back and forth, burying my cock as deep as it would go. I reached over her, and made her cum quietly as we watched Sara and Lynn. Too soon to cum again for me, I promised Kim that I got to fill her later. She moaned appreciatively. We rested with my cock buried in her cunt.

I arose, grabbed a comforter, and jumped back on the bed, pulling it up over all of us. Time to rest. Maybe later, I would get to suck Lynn's tits.

Over the next several weeks, our lives got more defined. Lynn, after several discussions with Bill, has left him. Lynn, with Sara have moved into our home. We are adjusting, becoming a family in the traditional sense of the word. In the bedroom, however, we are not the typical family.

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