tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Ch. 05

Homecoming Ch. 05


The girls and I played again for several hours Saturday evening. We got up, ate dinner, and watched a movie on our wide screen. Around 10:00 p.m., Sara called Lynn to let her know she was on her way home. It was more of a formality, but good to let her mom know what he plan was. After she left, I was ready for a jump in the hot tub.

Cool night, light snow now falling, I invited Kim to join me. It was nice to slow down, relax, and enjoy a dip in a relaxing hot tub. We undressed standing inside the house, grabbed a large towel, opened the door and quickly ran tip toed to the tub. We quickly got in. The cool air caused nipples to harden. The water came bubbling over our bodies as we slid into the tub. I took one of the built-in recliners, and had Kim lay on me. I held her close under the hot water streaming over our bodies. Warm, cozy, and tired, we relaxed. All to soon, our bodies turning to prunes, we retreated to the house.

Time for bed. I tucked her in, gave her a good night kiss. “Daddy, you really care for Lynn don’t you” Kim asked? “I could see it in the way you made love to her” Kim stated.

“Lynn is a very special woman” I replied. “But she is married. I do not intend to do anything that would take her from Alice” I chuckled. “But, I would not resist discussing the possibilities either” I continued. “Only time will play that card! Now go to sleep daughter, before I have to get tough with you”. I rubbed her back for a minute, stood and exited the room. I turned out the light and closed the door on the way out.

During the night, I lay staring in the darkness. What would I do to get Lynn? Was I truly interested? Was she interested? What would she do if she knew Kim and I were both fucking her daughter? What would she do if she knew Sara wanted to fuck her?

My mind was spinning, unable to shut down for the night. I finally drifted off to a restless sleep, playing the questions over and over in my mind.

Sunday morning, I received an early call from Lynn. “Rich, you have been on my mind all night” she whispered. “Can I see you this morning” she queried?

“Absolutely, I will be here” I replied. “Stop by when you get time. I will leave the kitchen door unlocked for you”.

With that, she was gone. I hurried myself around picking up stray papers, straightening up the house. I got my coffee and sat down to watch Sunday morning on the tube. Kim, as with most teenagers, was still asleep, and probably would not wake to 10:00 a.m. or later.

It was not yet 8:30 a.m. when Lynn arrived. She let herself in, hung up her coat and kicked off her boots in the mud room, and entered the kitchen. I heard the door open, yelled I was in the family room, and waited for her to come in.

She came to me, plopped down on my lap in my recliner, wrapped her arms around me, and planted a soft kiss on my mouth. Nestling in against my body, she snuggled close to me, her hand caressing my chest. “Good morning” she said.

“Good morning yourself” I retorted. “Can I grab you a cup of coffee” I asked?

“Not just yet” she replied. “What are we going to do Rich” she asked, looking deep into my eyes searching for an answer. “I don’t think I slept an hour last night” she continued. “I kept feeling you making love to me, your cock buried deep in my pussy” she whispered. “And I can’t think of anything else. I want you again, now! Is something wrong with me” she asked?

“Nothing that I can think of” I replied. “I also thought of you during the night. You know I care for you deeply. Over the past 12-years, you have been the primary woman in my life. Not in a sexual way, but in support of Kim and myself. Where do you think this will go” I asked matter of factly? “You have been the fantasy of many masturbation sessions over the years though” I chuckled.

“Take me now Rich! Make me feel like a desired woman” she said.

“We have a lot more issues than just our crotches wanting to join” I told her. “God knows I want to make love to you again, but we need to talk here and now” I continued. “There are some things you need to know that might direct a relationship between us away from what you expect”.

“Try me” Lynn stated. “Nothing you can tell me will stop me from wanting you, loving you the way I do” she continued. I was not so sure, once she learned truth, that she could make such a forgiving statement.

I thought long and hard. The moment had arrived to try and explain my relationship with my daughter and her daughter. And now she was in the middle of it. “Lynn, for the past several weeks, the girls have made themselves playthings for my use” I blurted out. “Unplanned, accidental, but a sexual relationship has developed. The girls and I continue to have sex on an ongoing basis” I said flatly. “I have become their mentor, their teacher”. I waited for the hammer to drop.

“Our girls” she said with shock in her voice. “You are fucking our girls” she said with a great deal of emphasis placed on fucking. Then nothing, she just sat on my lap staring at me.

I did not know what to do or say. Moments passed. No fury, no anger, no anything was not what I expected. “Originally, it started with play wrestling around, then progressed over a week. They planned entrapment of me, but I had the chance to deny the relationship. I thought it started with Sara, but it was Kim that took the initial step. Then both together seduced me. Lynn, I was as surprised as you but I take responsibility” I finished.

Lynn got off my lap, headed for the kitchen, put on her boots and coat. Just that quickly, she was gone. Nothing was said. I was totally lost. “Kim” I called. “Wake up please! Call Sara to let her know that I told her mom that we were having a sexual relationship, and that she just left the house headed toward home” I said. Quickly, Kim got on the phone to let Sara know what had occurred this morning. “Tell her I did not say anything about her wanting her mom to join us in lovemaking” I continued.

Several hours passes. We heard nothing from either Lynn or Sara. About 1:00 p.m., Lynn’s car pulled into the drive. Both Sara and Lynn got out, and headed for the kitchen door. Kim and I headed for the kitchen, not knowing what to expect.

Upon entering, Sara grabbed Kim’s hand and headed them upstairs. Lynn entered, watched the girls head upstairs and headed for me. I was more than a little nervous, watching to see a pistol pulled out of her pocket, a knife unsheathed from under her coat. I knew something was going to happen to me. You pay for the sins of lust.

“I talked with Sara” Lynn started. “She told me how your relationship started with the girls. She said how they talked dirty with you, saw your hard-on in your sweats, displayed their pussies for your viewing, even playing with them directly in front of you. She told me you were part of a plan to seduce me, to allow me to join in sex with my own daughter, maybe you and Kim as well” she continued. “They watched us fuck yesterday” she half screamed at me. And then she just stared at me.

“Lynn, let me explain” I replied. “I did not know they were back” I said before she interrupted.

“Nothing from you now” she retorted. I detected a degree of anger in her voice. “Upstairs now, I want to confront Kim and Sara as well as you” she said.

“Lynn, please” I said.

“Shut-up, move” she said.

I trudged slowly up the stairs, dreading the moment to come. I tapped on Kim’s door. No answer? I opened the door slightly. The girls were not there. Drawing a deep breath, I guessed that Sara had warned Kim, and they had escaped before the wrath of Lynn to come.

I heard a moan come from my room. I turned, headed toward my room, Lynn close in tow. I pushed the doors open to find Sara and Kim locked in an embrace on my bed. Sara’s hand was busy playing in Kim’s cunt, fingers deep pumping hard while her lips were sucking a nipple into her mouth. Sara was humping Kim’s leg, grinding her own cunt hard against her thigh. Kim, lost in bliss, had her head thrown back, eyes closed, telling Sara to “fuck her cunt hard”.

Lynn approached the bed, standing over the girls. She stood there, frozen, breathless. No movement, no words, nothing. I was expecting a outbreak of words, actions that may leave the girls hurt. I quickly moved forward to Lynn’s side. Watching the girls play, my cock chubbed quickly in my sweats. Lynn just watched. Her breathing was shallow.

“Girls” I said loudly. They turned to my voice, and saw Lynn and I standing over them. An eternity passed. Sara reached for her mom.

“Mom, I want you” she said. Her hand reached for Lynn’s tit through the sweater, grabbing a hand full, squeezing tightly, pulling her to her. Lynn sat on the edge of the bed without a word. Sara pushed her down, pulling her sweater up, exposing her bra. Unclasping the front of her bra, Sara leaned forward and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Her hand roughly squeezed the other tit, pulling hard on the nipple. I watched, Kim watched, both of us frozen in place. Sara climbed on her mom, straddling her leg so she could grind her pussy against her thigh, but could also grind her thigh into her mom’s pussy. This went on for moment or two.

Lynn, eyes shut, was enjoying her tits sucked by Sara. Movement began in her pussy, pushing up against Sara’s thigh. I pushed Sara off her mom, without withdrawing her liplock on her mom’s tit. I moved to remove Lynn’s shoes, socks, and pants. She assisted by raising her body, allowing me to pull the clothes off her ass. Her panties remained. I spread her legs, leaned forward to lick the wetness seeping through the material of her panties.

“Oh baby” Lynn said. For the first time, Lynn reached to the back of Sara’s head, pulling her tighter to her tit. “Suck mommy’s tit honey” she continued. “Yes baby, that’s it. Suck it hard! Bite mommy’s nipple baby!” Moaning deeply, she pushed her cunt upward to meet my tongue as it played on the outside of her panties. I reached the edge of her panties, pulled the material away from her pussy, and stuck my tongue into her folds, licking hard. I pulled her pussy lip to the side, exposing her clit. I leaned to suck it into my mouth. Her body responded, flooding her opening with more juice. Lynn’s breathing began to get ragged.

Lynn reached to Kim. “Sit on my face Kim” Lynn instructed. “I want to taste your pussy”. Kim hesitated, looking at Sara. Sara grinned ear to ear. “Now” hissed Lynn.

Kim scrambled to Lynn’s face, her backside to Sara. Slowly, Kim lowered her pussy to Lynn’s face, grinding down as she felt Lynn’s tongue reach into her pussy. Leaning forward, she lowered her clit to Lynn’s mouth. Lynn sucked it in, grabbing her ass and pulling her tighter to her mouth.

I continued to suck Lynn’s pussy. I got up, removed Lynn’s panties. As I got up and removed Lynn’s panties, Sara moved down her moms body, leaving a trail of kisses down her body until she was staring at Lynn’s pussy. Suddenly, Sara moved quickly, lowering her face into Lynn’s pussy. Sara literally ground her face and chin into Lynn’s pussy. Lynn’s hips arched, her free hand reaching into Sara’s hair, and pulling her tight into her cunt. Each lady was now groaning deeply, savagely, wanting to cum. I stroked my cock, but it could not get much harder.

Sara reached to her own pussy. Fingers began to work hard on her own clit, flicking over its’ head hard and fast. Her fingers reached into her pussy, pumping hard and retreating to her clit. Faster she ran her fingers over her clit. I could see her body quickly responding to her touch. Lynn’s legs clamped together on Sara’s head. Her body arched high. Her hips started bucking rapidly. Lynn came hard. She continued to cum, pumping wetness from her cunt.

Sara continued to suck her mom’s clit. Her fingers continued to stretch and pull on her own clit. Her orgasm was just seconds away now. Faster, harder she drove her fingers over her cunt, lighting fire to her clit. All other movement in her stopped, her fingers rapidly firing over her clit. Hips arching into her hands, she came hard. She bit down on her mom’s cunt, sucking the clit deep into her mouth.

Kim continued to grind her cunt on Lynn’s mouth. Close, she prepared to cum. “Suck me Lynn, come on baby, suck it” she groaned. Tipping her hips, driving Lynn’s tongue into her cunt, she arched her body and came hard, flooding Lynn’s mouth with wetness. Lynn swallowed deep, and kept on licking the cunt on her face.

The ladies slowed their actions now. Each kept licking the cunt in their face. Each was ready for more. But with only one cock between the three of them, I knew I would be used shortly. Who first I thought.

Kim climbed off Lynn’s face and slid down to hug her tightly. Sara, fresh from her orgasm, moved up to hug her mom. Three naked ladies, intertwined, bodies pressed tight together, tits mashed flat, glowing in each other, having each cum, were laying in the afterglow, coming down from their highs.

Sara, the first to regain her composure told her mom “Mom, watch this. I want to show you what I can do”. With that, she turned to me. “Dad, lie down on your back”. Only too happy to oblige, I did as requested. With my cock leaning over my leg, Sara grabbed my cock, licked the end and down the sides, leaving my cock sufficiently wet. Planting her lips directly on the end, she sucked hard on my slit, wanting to get any precum available. Then, looking directly in her mom’s eyes, she lowered her mouth to the head of my cock. Slowly, she opened her mouth wide, allowing the head of my cock to enter her mouth. Swirling her tongue, my body arched quickly, unexpectedly. Sara groaned, sucked in more of my cock. Retreating, she licked her lips, and started back down. Lynn and Kim watched intently. Sara continued to swallow more of my cock. Halfway, she slowed, pulled back up, and pushed forward again. More of my cock disappeared into her mouth and throat. Two more retreats, two more pushes downward, her nose hit my pubic hair. Groaning, I started fucking her face. She grabbed my balls, pulling them up as she drove hard down my cock. She sucked my cock like a demon in heat. My cock disappeared completely down her throat.

“Jesus Christ baby, where are you putting that” her mom laughed. Sara pulled off my cock.

“Your turn mom” Sara said.

“A challenge huh” Lynn replied. “Let me see what I can do”. She approached me, licked the head, sucked the head into her mouth. Relaxing her jaw, she started down on my cock. Several tries up and down my shaft had gotten her about 7-inches down my cock. I put my hand on the back of her head. Holding her head tight, I pushed forward with my hips. Held tightly, she was unable to pull away. I forced my cock deeper down her throat. Within an inch, she pushed back hard on my hips, forcing me to withdraw my cock from her mouth. “I could not breathe” Lynn said, gasping for breath.

“Well baby girl, you can teach your mom a thing or two” Lynn chortled. “Kim, what can you do” asked Lynn.

“Watch this” said as she moved toward me. Down she went, tongue out, locked on a ball, sucked it in her mouth. Quickly, she licked up the shaft, popped the head in her mouth. Down the other side of my cock with her tongue, she moved up my torso to my nipples. Without hesitation, she straddled my body, grabbed my cock, and promptly jammed her pussy down hard on my cock. Wet, warm, tight, she raised her hips, slammed more of my cock up her cunt. Groaning wildly, “Fuck me Daddy. Stretch my cunt with that monster cock of yours”! And she started rapid movement up and down my shaft.

I grabbed her tits, pulling the nipples taunt. “Yes baby, ride me” I moaned. She was bouncing like a woman possessed. I loved to see her cunt lips stretch to hold my cock in her pussy.

“Cheater” laughed both ladies. “You get it first”. Lynn moved to my face, and gently lowered her pussy to my waiting lips. Facing Kim, she leaned and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Kim pulled her face to hers, and kissed her gently, each exploring with their tongues. Lynn lowered her face back to Kim’s tits and began sucking again.

I lapped hard, sucked Lynn’s clit into my mouth. She was flooding me with wetness, humping my face. I reached around her ass, and moistened a finger with her cunt juice, and drove it in her ass. Her moan was loud. Sara moved to watch me. She leaned to lick my finger buried in her mom’s ass. She planted kisses on her ass, my forehead, eyes, and back to her ass. She moved between the other two ladies, and took turns sucking a tit of each. Both ladies reached to her cunt, and began fingering her. She raised up on her knees, pulling both Kim and Lynn to a tit. Fingering her cunt, sucking a tit, the ladies were moving toward orgasm again, pulling me along very quickly. I buried my face in Lynn, deep, tongue forced full length into her cunt. Kim, bouncing on my cock, could feel my orgasm approaching, and doubled her efforts to fuck my cock off. She reached for her clit, fingering herself as my cock drove home, deep into her pussy.

I came first, exploding, arching my hips into Kim. I pulled Lynn down hard on my face, sucking with orgasmic intensity. I drove Lynn over, cumming hard on my tongue and face. Kim, fingering her clit, forced her own orgasm. I thought her cunt would eat my cock. It sucked hard on my tool, draining it of it white pearly liquids.

Sara, watching us all cum, assisted the ladies in making her cum by pulling her nipples. Kim and Lynn continued to pump her pussy with their fingers, raking over the exposed clit hard and fast. Sara’s breath held, hips arched, and she joined us in cumming.

We became a pile of flesh, piling on me. Kim lowered her body down to mine, keeping my cock in her cunt. Lynn and Sara lay beside me, snuggled in close.

“Daddy, what a great fuck” Kim said finally breathing again. “God your cock is big”

Lynn, eyes closed, whispered softly “Girls, you do not know the half of it. Your dad here is the best you will probably ever have. I get him next” she laughed. “I will have you all know, I have not tasted a pussy since experimental days during college. What a treat!”

“Mom, take him in your ass” Sara said. “It is absolutely the best” she continued. “And, I get to eat your pussy while he fucks your ass” she said grinning. “I will make you cum again and again, Kim will help me”.

We lay anticipating more to come.

“Lynn, we still have to talk about Alice” I said. Both Kim and I started laughing, a private joke between family. “I mean Bill” I said between laughs.

“We will” Lynn replied, “but first, I want your cock”!

“Yes dear” I replied. “Suck me until it gets hard”. Down she went, pushed Kim off my cock, and gently took my cock in her hand, licked the head, and started sucking my deflating cock down her throat. The girls snuggled in close to me as we watched Lynn suck my cock.

This day was the new beginning of a relationship between the girls, Lynn, and myself. We expect to be together for a long time to come.

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