tagIncest/TabooHomelands Pt. 05 Ch. 02

Homelands Pt. 05 Ch. 02



Author's note

As ever, if you have questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. Either way, I'll try to respond in a timely manner.

This is primarily an incest story, but it is also sci-fi/fantasy, and supernatural elements are not incidental to the plot. Additionally, many chapters will feature elements of other categories, particularly group sex and anal.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.


Nick was one of those guys who understood that what got one woman off might do next to nothing for another. With Jennifer, he was all tender kisses and gentle teasing. But that would have bored Gabriela to tears. Thankfully enough, though, he understood that.

Even so, Gabriela was surprised by the farewell she got from Nick.

When he'd grabbed her, forcefully but not quite roughly, she'd swooned a little. When he'd pressed his mouth to hers, seeking out her lips hungrily, her heart had started to race. And when his hands ripped her robe open and started groping at her breasts, she knew she was in for a treat. But, even then, she'd expected him to build things up gradually, the way he usually did. Perhaps he'd spend less time on foreplay, she'd figured, but surely he'd put his tongue and fingers to work before granting her the pleasure of feeling his beautiful, young, hard cock inside her.

How mistaken she'd been.

Beautifully, wonderfully, mistaken.

Just a few moments after pulling her robe open, he'd spun her around, barely giving her a chance to prop her hands up on the tiled counter-top. Then he'd lifted the back of her robe up and pressed his glorious manhood against her swollen labia. The closest to foreplay he came was smacking his fat dick against her vulva a few times, rubbing his head along her slit and against her clitoris, before he buried himself to the hilt in her hungry pussy.

Sometimes, Gabriela actually did enjoy a slow build. There was definitely something to be said for skillful seduction. No one could deny that Nick was beyond talented in that department either. But, just then, she couldn't have been happier to have him take her so suddenly, so decisively. The surprise of it, and the overpowering sense of desire she felt radiating from his Libido, gave her the sense that his actions were born out of an irresistible need, a genuine inability to go slow even if he'd wanted to. And that alone had her halfway to orgasm before his fat helmet even parted her lips.

Then the exquisite pleasure of feeling his bulbous head stretch nearly as wide as when she'd brought her children into the world very nearly finished her off.

That sense of being opened as far as she could go lasted but a moment before giving way to the most intense of pleasures. Nick took her breath away, made her knees wobble, and turned her spine to jelly. The shaft of his beautiful manhood was no thicker than her son's, of course. But that thick head made the initial penetration an experience all its own.

Slowly, her womb accustomed itself to his size and shape. Her muscles relaxed, her walls retreated, and she found herself thinking that she'd never felt anything quite so good. That he'd reminded her of the pain of childbirth just a moment ago was irrelevant. If anything, it only made what came after that much more enjoyable.

As Nick pumped his stiff prick in and out of Gabriela, he alternately smacked her ass and groped at her tits. She'd never known him to be so insistent. So relentless. Even as Gabriela felt her backside start to burn and her nipples grow sore, requiring her to draw upon her powers to numb the sting, she found herself silently pleading him to go harder still. It felt so good to know that she could cause him to lose control, to forget all about his usual tendency to be selfless.

To forget about his other mother.

"Mmmph...yeah...just like that," she moaned.

"God, I'm going to miss this," Nick said.

"Ungh," she grunted. "Me too."

Gabriela poured some energy into Nick, amplifying his sensitivity.

He was close already, she was sure. Left alone, he'd be shooting his warm cum inside her soon enough as it was. But she couldn't wait any longer.

"Oh...god," he stammered.

"That's it," Gabriela whispered, pushing her hips back to meet his every thrust.

With his next pump, Nick paused, and Gabriela felt his hips jerk. Then he slowly withdrew and slammed back into her. Again, once buried to the hilt, he stopped.

Gabriela cooed at him, reaching between her legs to tease his balls with her nails. She needed to feel his sperm swimming about inside her. Feel his life-giving juice fill her up.

Even before she felt his balls twitch and his warm seed begin spray inside her, Gabriela felt something stirring in his Libido, and she knew it was going to be a big one.

"Ooohh, yeah," Nick groaned.

"That's it baby," she said. "Give it to Mommy."

Her son unleashed a torrent of cum into her, filling her to overflowing. A sense of warmth spread throughout her body as her son's jizz worked its way up her cervix.

He slowly withdrew, and his fat head forced her to open up wide again. This caused Gabriela to let out a whimper. Every time that beautiful cock retreated, she felt a bit cheated. Her body groaned in protest, demanding to be reunited with his gorgeous member.

But she knew that he was just getting started.

Slipping out of her silk robe, Gabriela turned to regard her son. His glossy black hair was plastered to his forehead, and sweat covered his brow. His lips were stretched into a lazy smile, and his eyes were unfocused.

The lean muscles of his chest and abdominals swelled outward than settled back as he sucked air. Damn, that was a beautiful sight. He might not have Eric's divine form, but he was more than a little impressive.

Only then did Gabriela remember that they weren't alone.

Veronica was on the floor, lying on her back, legs spread wide. Eric knelt above her, thrusting in and out of her more rapidly than any human possibly could have. Gabriela felt flushed as she watched his round little ass cheeks clench and relax, clench and relax.

Neither Veronica nor Eric spoke a word. Eric had never been the most vocal lover Gabriela had known,, but how Veronica could be so quiet was a mystery to Gabriela. If that had been her, she'd have had a hard time keeping her mouth shut.

Watching her son work filled her with pride, excitement, and jealousy.

Feeling a bit flushed, Gabriela looked away. She had been about to ask Nick if he wanted to go another round when he put a hand on her shoulder and guided her down to her knees.

Ordinarily, she wouldn't have let anyone but Eric give her a silent command like that.

But the look in Nick's eyes brooked no argument.

Besides, Nick had so often, and so enthusiastically, pleasured her, that she felt he'd earned the right to push her to her knees just this once.

He held her hair back from her face while she bobbed to and fro. Otherwise, he mostly just stood there and let her do the work. He didn't try to fuck her face or anything like that. She had to admit that the way he started to melt almost as soon as she started, moaning and sighing and cursing and begging her not to stop, was more than a little gratifying.

Gabriela started to really get into it after a while. Her hands roamed over her son's insanely sculpted abs or gripped his hard thighs. She cupped her lips around his foreskin and worked her tongue back and forth against the smooth underside of his swollen helmet. She also showed off her talent for deep-throating every now and then. And took him out and stroked him in her hand while sucking on his balls a few times too.

"God, that feels so good," he moaned.

By the time Nick finally busted his load, Gabriela had started to enjoy herself enough that she was almost disappointed that he didn't last longer. Not so close to disappointed as to offer to keep going, mind, but she was still surprised by how pleasant the experience was.

Of course, she would have preferred it to be Eric's cum pouring onto her tongue. Nick's tasted faintly of almonds, and was too salty. Eric's was almost fruity, and a bit sweeter. If anything, it reminded her of pineapple.

But, all in all, she found herself thinking that she probably ought to have done this for Nick more often. It was a shame that she only realized this now, during what just might be their last time together.

"That was incredible," Nick said, running his fingers through her hair. "Thank you."

She rose to her feet and went up on tiptoes to kiss him on the lips.

She'd freshened up first, but most guys had a visceral reaction to the thought of kissing a woman who'd just sucked them off. Of course, Nick wasn't that kind of guy. He didn't even hesitate before returning the kiss.

Before they'd quite finished, Eric tapped her shoulder and asked, "Can I cut in?"

"Mmm, of course," Gabriela said. "Your sister done with you?"

"Not exactly," he said.

Gabriela looked to see that Eric was still on the floor, taking Veronica from behind. She'd almost forgotten that her son had learned to wear two bodies. That her little boy was finally growing into the man she'd always known he'd one day become.

"Neat trick," Nick said.

"Easier than it looks," Eric said. "Give it a try."

So Nick did.

Before Gabriela's eyes, the dark-haired youth split in two. It was like watching a video about mitosis in biology class. First he grew wider, then a seam formed down his middle, and a moment later, his two halves pulled apart. Only they weren't halves, but wholes. The effect was both unsettling and strangely arousing.

One of the Nicks went to go join Eric and his sister, kneeling before her and offering her his cock. As if he hadn't just received the best blowjob he could have asked for. The other took one of Gabriela's heavy breasts in his hands and started sucking at her nipples. Meanwhile, the second Eric came around from behind and did the same for her other one.

Gabriela stared down at her two handsome sons, both suckling at her tits like babes, smiling. Here she was, mother to both boys, allowing them to do what little boys should do with their mothers...but not once they were grown up. It made her feel beautiful and sexy and desirable and womanly and motherly and dirty. All at once.

A particularly perverse thought came to her just then. She'd never tried it, but given all the other fantastic things their powers enabled them to do, there was no doubt in Gabriela's mind that it would work.

With a thought, she began lactating.

The boys coughed and gagged as mother's milk began seeping into their mouths.

Nick's eyes widened in surprise. Eric's in lust.

But neither wasted much time in resuming.

If her birth son was a little quicker to engulf the swollen nipple staring him in the face than her other son was, it was only by a fraction of a second.

Gabriela giggled and ran her hands through their hair as they drank up.

She'd never before thought of breastfeeding as a sexual act. And, even now, it didn't exactly strike her as the most satisfying one. But the psychological thrill of having her grown sons suck at her tits, of watching her milk dribble down their chins, was potent indeed.

Still, she didn't let that go on for too long. It felt a little awkward, for one thing. And sexual energy was pouring out of her more rapidly than breast milk was. The image would be forever burned in her mind as it was. No need to keep it up.

After the milk stopped flowing, Nick elbowed his larger brother aside, picked Gabriela up and sat her down on the counter. Then he set to work eating her pussy.

With a derisive snort, Eric glowered at him. But when it became clear that Nick wasn't about to stop, Eric resumed playing with Gabriela's breasts, despite the awkward angle from which he was forced to do it.

Gabriela closed her eyes, rolled her head back, and sighed. Having two beautiful, strong sons worshiping her with their mouths felt an awful lot like heaven.

Though Nick was the more talented of the two when it came to cunnilingus, she was pleased when he stepped back and let Eric take over. Looking down and seeing her baby boy's head between her legs, his sandy locks matching the tuft of hair sitting above her sex, sent chills down her spine.

"Yes, yes, just like that," she told Eric, pressing her nails into his scalp as she tried to bury his face deeper between her thighs.

Moments later, she exploded.

Her whole body tingled, and every muscle seemed to relax at the same time. She felt warm and peaceful and satiated.


Ordinarily, Eric didn't do much for Veronica.

He was gorgeous, all right. In fact, her blonde brother was almost too perfect. So much so that he made her feel more self-conscious about her own shortcomings. Which was the exact opposite of how Nick made her feel.

But the heightened sense of insecurity she felt around him didn't really stem from anything he did. Maybe what he didn't do, seeing as he never touched her the way Nick did. Never looked at her with all that much affection, let alone the adoration and unbridled lust she so often found in Nick's dark eyes. But it had been years since Eric had teased her about her weight or joked about how no guy would ever want her. No, it wasn't really his fault that she didn't feel comfortable around him. And Veronica realized that it wasn't entirely fair to hold the words of a fourteen year old against a man of twenty.

But she couldn't help feeling the way she felt.

That said, Eric was exactly what she needed just then.

Veronica had rarely gone so long without getting some play after her brother had initiated her. Oftentimes, she'd had to settle for girl-on-girl action, but even that got the job done. Ever since she'd laid eyes on Hank, though, she'd been horny as hell, yet afraid to let Nick touch her. It was starting to get unbearable.

She didn't want to be seduced. Didn't want to make love. She needed to get fucked.

And boy was Eric delivering.

True, he wasn't really looking her in the eyes. He was looking down at her, but his eyes were unfocused. Staring through her, really, into the tiled blue floor.

But that was okay.

His deep blue eyes might have been unfocused, but they practically shone. Not really, of course. She'd only met one man whose eyes did that. Yet her brother's were still beautiful.

As was everything about him. His sculpted chest was rippling and hard and smooth, with just a little tuft of golden brown hair. The arms that stretched out to either side of Veronica's head were like tree trunks. His abs couldn't have been harder, more well-defined. His jaw was square and broad, his features proud and handsome. Almost pretty. Whereas most people had just the slightest asymmetry to their features, Eric's face was absolutely, completely, perfectly symmetrical. There had never been whiter teeth. His cheekbones could cut glass, and his fuzzy stubble gave him an air of maturity. His spiky blonde hair, slick with sweat, could not have been sexier.

"Mmm, yeah, fuck me, baby," she cooed. "Fuck me good. Like a whore."

Her brother grunted by way of acknowledgement. Or maybe just by coincidence. His eyes continued to pierce through her rather than gazing upon her.

She thought that last phrase might have gotten his attention. Veronica wasn't in the habit of talking that way. She'd never tell Nick to fuck her "like a whore." But it seemed apt just then, given the way her brother was indeed using her like a piece of meat, barely acknowledging her existence as anything other than a receptacle for his cock.

It made her burn with indignity and shame and humiliation.

But it also turned her on. Mightily.

Veronica raked her nails down Eric's back. As she did, she nibbled at his ear and neck. And not lightly either. Though her love bites elicited some exhilarating gasps, she still couldn't quite get a real reaction from Eric.

Only then did it finally hit her. He was, against all odds, in two places at once. Kneeling above her, thrusting that fat cock of his in and out of her faster and harder than any mortal man could, while at the same time suckling at his mother's tits.

As was Nick. There were also two Nicks now as well. One had his face pressed against Gabriela's breast and another was walking over to Veronica, his hefty cock swaying beautifully between his legs.

Her head spun. She'd been avoiding Nick. Now it didn't seem she had much choice but let him join in. Of course, she didn't exactly want to turn him away. But she hoped that her two brothers kept her aroused enough to keep Nick from noticing anything in her Libido other the insane and overpowering lust that she was currently feeling.

To her disappointment, Eric leaned back, pulled out of her, and stood up.

She hadn't been too close to a climax, but close enough that her body groaned in protest after he left her hollow and empty.

Without a word, Eric stepped aside and gestured for Nick to take over. Nick nodded to his brother then turned to Veronica. "Cowgirl?" he asked.

Fretting at her lower lip, she mumbled, "Okay."

It didn't take long for her anxiety to fade away. If Nick noticed anything out of the ordinary in he Libido, he wasn't letting on. So she decided to push all her concerns aside and just focus on enjoying herself. While bouncing up and down on one huge dick, she enthusiastically sucked on another. And loved every second of it.

Veronica experienced a huge ego trip, having not one but two guys, who were both nearer to gods than men, focus all their attention on her. Granted, she knew that they weren't really focusing all of their attention on her. They were both busy seducing Gabriela as well. But she chose to ignore that pesky little detail.

"Suck that dick," Nick whispered to her, taking her by surprise.

She took Eric's cock out of her mouth, stroked him with her hand, and looked down at her brother. "You like that? Watching your sister swallow another man's cock?"

"Oh, fuck, yes," he said, thrusting up into her a little harder with each word.

It took Veronica a moment to regain her senses. She wasn't sure if Nick actually was the type of guy who got off on watching his woman pleasure another guy or if he was just going with the flow. He wasn't above pretending to be into something he wasn't just for her sake. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. Titillated, yet maybe just a little upset that he wasn't more uncomfortable with it all.

The moment she realize that she'd thought of her self as "his woman", she felt ashamed. Just a tad bit presumptuous.

But it felt right too.

Eric slapped her with his dick, snapping her out of her reverie. "You heard the man."

Veronica smiled wickedly before taking him back in her mouth.

To make him pay for the comment, and the slap, she sank her teeth into his member. Lightly. Very lightly, in fact. But, like many guys, he was sensitive enough that it didn't take much pressure at all to make him squeal like a pig. He jerked his hips back a little, but stopped himself short of reacting more dramatically.

Nick, presumably realizing what had happened, laughed.

Taking Eric back out for a moment, Veronica smiled at him and said, "Behave yourself and maybe I'll play nice."

"Deal," he said, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

And, from there, he was a good little boy.

So she rewarded him by giving him the best blowjob of his life. At least, she told herself that it was. If she was being honest, she'd perhaps admit that Gabriela had undoubtedly already beaten her to that punch. To say nothing of Olivia. When people asked her what she was majoring in, Liv sometimes answered, "Fellatio."

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