Homesick For Mom Ch. 02


Eric's face took on a giddy look, and Sue smiled, understanding his thoughts.

"The one with wheels, baby," she chided him with a gentle chuckle. "Not the one with a pussy. You know that we can never tell anyone about what we've done, or what we might do later on. I could go to jail, for it."

"But, what about the rest of my birthday?" Eric asked.

"Well, I baked you a cake, but it's still early in the day. We can have that, later. Just make sure you don't stay out until all hours, and that you come home alone. That new car of yours is bound to be a 'babe-magnet', but you have to decide whether you want some sweet young thing, or the 'babe' who's going to be sitting at home, waiting for you to come back to her."

"Okay, Mom," Eric agreed -- though he found himself suddenly reluctant to leave. "Are you sure that you don't want me to stay home, here, and spend time with you? I can go cruising with the guys, anytime."

"Baby," his mom laughed, "We'll have plenty of time, once you get home, for the kind of 'spending time' you've got on your horny little mind. I don't have a job to get up for, tomorrow, and neither do you. Really, we have most of the summer, for that sort of thing. But, if we're even going to consider continuing what we started in that meadow, we have to keep up appearances. That means that you're still going to have to spend some time with your friends, so they don't start asking suspicious questions, no matter how much I might want you to stay home with me. So, go, already!"

Sue stood up, then, and Eric rose as well. Taking her in his arms, he gave her a soft hug, and then pressed his lips to hers. His kiss was soft, at first, and then her mouth opened to him and their tongues met, and the kiss took on a wholly different proportion. Sue found herself balancing on one foot, and lifting the other slightly, like a scene out of some of the classic Hollywood films she enjoyed, and a part of her mind smiled at the image.

"Go, baby," she finally pulled her lips from his and commanded. "Go, before I change my mind! I've been planning something special, for days, and I don't want it ruined!"

Eric took a quick shower and headed out to show off his new car to his buds. They cruised the main drag in town for a while, acting and feeling as though they were riding the 'strip' in Daytona during Spring Break. A number of the girls they knew from their high school days were out, as well, most of them with boyfriends, and most in far less flashy chariots. Eric reveled in the looks that several of the girls tossed his way, but his mind was still awash in the events of the afternoon and the promise of something even more wonderful that awaited him back at the house. Eventually, they got hungry and pulled in at a fast-food place for burgers and cokes.

Finally, shortly after nine o'clock, Eric told his friends that he needed to head home.

"Are you out of your freakin' mind, dude?" Ken asked in amazement, taking a quick glance at his wristwatch. "The night is still young, and this is the perfect chic-mobile! Let's cruise for a while, yet, and pick up some girls."

"No, I really need to get home; my mom's waiting for me."

"You're kidding, dude!" Steve, another of his friends, laughed. "You've got to be! Your mother is waiting for you?"

"No, I'm serious," Eric retorted, trying to keep his smile from betraying his true thoughts. "She baked me a cake, and we didn't have any, yet. Besides, this car was Mom's gift to me, and I have a pretty good idea how much she spent on it. The least I can do is spend a little time with her. She's missed me all year, you know. We have the whole summer ahead of us, to cruise and stuff."

"Okay, go on home, momma's boy!" Ken chided him, and the others chimed in, echoing the words. "We'll see ya tomorrow, if your mom will let you come out to play."

Eric put the car into gear, understanding that his buddies didn't mean their wisecracks in a bad way, they were just kidding with him. Still," he thought to himself, "if they only knew how right they are, with that 'Mama's Boy' stuff! I know that Ken would probably give his left arm, up to the elbow, for the chance to slurp Mom's sweet pussy!"

Giving vent to a secret smile, Eric guided the car back past Ken's house, so that his buddies could grab Ken's battered Pontiac and head back out for more cruising, and then headed for home.


While Eric and his buddies were out cruising, Sue had not been idle. She had a few little preparations of her own, to take care of, before her new-found lover returned home for the night. First, she took a long, hot soak in the tub, complete with bath-oil beads to help soften her skin. Following the bath, she had shaved herself from navel to toes, rubbing herself down with a lotion whose scent matched that of her favorite perfume.

Next, she rummaged in her dresser to find the pile of sexy night-clothes that hadn't been out of the drawer since she lost her husband. She laid them out on the foot of her bed, surveying them and selecting the sexiest outfit of them all to wear for her new love. She didn't feel any guilt over wearing things that her husband had given her, to pleasure her son. Eric was almost an extension of John, not a replacement of him. Even so, she was beginning to understand that he would want her to move on with her life. She wasn't sure how he'd take finding out that she was going to take her son to bed, but that was a question best left unanswered.

Eventually, she chose a black lace teddy with a long, sheer matching gown, and then dug in her closet until she found the pair of black sandals with the three-inch heels. They weren't exactly 'come fuck me' heels (she'd run across that term long ago, on an Internet story site), but John had never bought her a pair of those, and she could never see the logic in spending eighty dollars for a pair of heels she'd only wear in the bedroom. Still, she knew that the pair she'd selected would enhance the curves of her long legs and make her ass look even tighter than it already was. She also knew, from her late husband's comments years ago, that -- when she walked in them -- her hips and buttocks moved with just the right amount of 'sway'. She was positive that her chosen ensemble would make her son's eyes just about pop right out of his head, and that was exactly the effect she was shooting for -- absolute devastation.

Donning the negligee and heels, she went to the kitchen to retrieve the cake, carrying it back to the bedroom. Her preparations complete, she returned to the living room and amused herself with a bit of television until she heard the sound of the garage door opening, announcing Eric's arrival. Turning off the television, she lit a cigarette and settled into what she hoped was a sexy pose, to await her son. She wondered how he would react to seeing her like that.

She didn't have long to wait. Moments later, Eric entered the room. She smiled as she saw his eyes go wide and round and his lips curve into an appreciative wolf-whistle.

"God, Mom," he began hoarsely, "You look soooo sexy, like that! I love the outfit! Is that what women mean, when they tell the guy that they need a minute or two to 'slip into something a little more comfortable'?"

"Uh-huh," she answered, flashing him a wink. "You really like it?"

"Fuck, yeah!" he told her. "Oops -- sorry about dropping the 'F-bomb', like that. It's just that... "

"It's alright, honey," Sue laughed merrily. "In fact, that's actually the sort of reaction I was hoping for. After all, if we're going to be doing it, shortly, you ought to be able to let the word slip once in awhile without having to apologize for it, don't you think?"

"I suppose so," Eric mused. "I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead, yet."

"Well, I had," she giggled again. "Better get used to it, because you're probably going to hear ME use that word a few times, before the night's over! Anyway, I'm glad you approve of the outfit. Now, why don't you run along and get changed, too? I left a little something on your bed, so that you could 'slip into something a little more comfortable', as well."

Eric headed back the hall, his cock already hardening in anticipation of whatever his mother had planned for the two of them. Of course, the sight of her in that negligee, with the panties and teddy-top that left almost nothing to the imagination, was an added bit of stimulation. He hit the shower, first, making certain that every part of him was squeaky clean -- and finding that his arousal made washing and rinsing his cock a torturous task to accomplish without having it 'go off' prematurely. After he dried, he spent a few minutes shaving his face. If his new-found lover was going to treat him to another taste of her succulent pussy, he wanted to make sure she didn't get whisker-burn from his actions. Then, naked, he padded into his bedroom, where he found a pair of black silk boxers laid out on the foot of his bed. On top of the boxers was a simple card that read, "Happy Birthday, Baby! Now, come and get the rest of your 'present'!"

Smiling, Eric slipped the boxers into place. He had never worn silk, before, and he took a moment to luxuriate in the feel of the slick cloth sliding over his cock. When he got back to the living room, he found his mother still sitting on the couch in a sexy pose. The lights had been turned off, however, and a half-dozen candles gave the room a warm glow.

"Come here, and sit down, baby," Sue invited him in a sultry voice that literally dripped seduction.

He did as she asked, leaning toward her with his lips puckering for a kiss.

"Oops," Sue exclaimed, suddenly, rising from the couch. "I'll be right back."

"Where are you going, Mom?" Eric asked her, his face indicating how puzzled he was by her sudden action.

"To the bathroom, to use a little mouthwash," she explained. "I just finished a cigarette, and I'm sure you don't want to kiss me after that."

"Why not?" he asked her.

"What is it that all the anti-smoking commercials say? 'Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray'?"

"Come back here!" he commanded her, and the look on his face startled her enough that she complied, despite the sudden reversal of the parent-child dynamic.

"Now, then," he told her sternly, "I don't want to hear any more of that, out of you, ever! If you and I are going to continue what we started this afternoon, then each of us is going to have to get used to some changes. You've apparently started smoking again, so that is something I have to get used to. And you can't be running off to the bathroom, or some other place, to use mouthwash, every time you've just smoked a cigarette and I want a kiss from you. Understood?"

"Yes, baby," she nodded a bit timidly. Mentally, though, she was awed by his sudden take-charge attitude, and hoped that it would surface again, once they reached the bedroom.

"Besides," he continued, "I've already kissed you after you had a smoke -- earlier this evening, just before you sent me out to go cruising with the guys. Remember?"


"I didn't think your mouth tasted bad, then, and I doubt that I will, now. So kiss me, give it your best shot!"

With that, he pulled her into the circle of his arms and brought his lips to hers. At first, the kiss was soft and gentle but, after a few seconds, she opened her mouth to his in an intimate invitation -- one that he gladly accepted -- and their tongues began to duel hotly with each other in the cavern of their mouths.

"Doesn't taste like an ashtray, to me, Mom," Eric managed to inform her in the brief breaks in lip-contact. "You taste delicious -- at both ends!"

"Mmm, baby," she murmured in answer, "you know just what to say, to your woman, to make her happy..."

On and on, the kiss continued, becoming a series of kisses that were only broken by the normal movements of a lover's kiss.

"Whew!" Sue eventually blurted, as she pulled slightly away from him some fifteen minutes later. "That was some kiss, let me tell you! I honestly don't think that anyone has ever kissed me that way -- not even your father, in all the years we were together! I could really learn to love kisses like that!"

"Then learn, Mom," Eric grinned at her. "Because that's the only kind you're ever going to get, from me. It's the only kind worth giving a woman who's as wonderful as you!"

"Oh, I do hope so, baby," she chuckled softly, winking at him. She turned, then, in the circle of his embrace, and slid her body along the couch until she lay on her back with her head cradled in his lap.

"You feel so good, Eric," she told him. "I love you -- and I love the way you were kissing me, just now."

She undid the knot that allowed the front of her gown to open, and Eric's eyes and hands went for her voluptuous breasts -- gently caressing at first, then squeezing gently and rolling the nipples back and forth between his fingers and thumbs. Sue rolled slightly onto her side and began caressing his steel-hard cock through the silk of the boxers.

"You're so much like your dad in so many ways," she told him.

"I am?" he wondered aloud.

"Yes, darling, you are. Except for this," she nodded, grasping his cock through the slick fabric. "You're a good bit bigger than your dad was."

"You're just saying that," he waved a hand, his face flushing in embarrassment.

"Not at all, honey," she smiled up at him. "I could get my hand all the way around your father's cock, but not yours. And I could get more of him, lengthwise, in my mouth than I could, of yours, this afternoon. I'm so looking forward to feeling what it will do to me, in just a little while!"

They fondled each other lovingly as they talked about their feelings for one another. Sue eventually worked her son's cock out through the opening in the front of his shorts and gently stroked it and kissed it all over, occasionally slipping her lips over the head and teasing the tip with her tongue.

By this time, Eric had changed tactics a bit, alternately rolling each nipple between the thumb and index finger of one hand, while the other gently stroked her soaking slit through the thin fabric of her panties. Eventually, the sensations grew to the point where both were on the ragged edge of being unable to take it any longer. It was Eric, though, who 'surrendered' first.

"Mom, I need you," he groaned in the midst of ecstasy so great that it nearly approached agony. "I need you now!"

Sue smiled, leaving go of his throbbing cock. This was exactly where she wanted him to be -- primed and aching. Now for a little time to let him cool off, so that he wouldn't be quite so hair-triggered as he'd been earlier in the day. Sitting up, she leaned forward and kissed him deeply.

"We have to have some cake, first, darling," she teased, rubbing her nose against his. "I've got it in our bedroom. Give me three minutes, and then join me."

Standing, then, she plucked her cigarettes and ashtray from the coffee table, along with her glass of wine, and strode back the hallway to her bedroom.

"Oh -- my -- fucking -- God!" Eric groaned out loud as he watched her walk away, awed by the movement of her legs, hips, and buttocks.

"Be a dear, and blow out the candles before you join me, won't you, baby?" she tossed the request backward, over her shoulder.

Eric waited for three minutes that seemed like an hour, and then walked back the hallway, gently tapping on his mother's door.

"Come in son," Her sultry voice beckoned from beyond the closed panel. "I've got the candles lit, on your cake."

When he opened the door, he almost couldn't believe what he saw. His mother was laying there, spread-eagle, on the bed. She had shed the teddy, but kept the gown, which was draped out on either side of her like a cape. The mound of her pussy was lathered in cake-frosting, as were the tops of her breasts. On each, where the nipple should have been visible, there was a lighted candle sticking up. As he stood there in utter awe of his mother's devious plotting, she raised her head slightly from the pillow, put a cigarette to her lips, and lighted it from the candle-flame atop her left breast.

"Well, son," she chuckled at him, "Are you just gonna stand there with your mouth hanging open, or come over here and make a wish and blow out the candles on your 'cake'?"

Eric slowly walked to the bed, his throbbing cock leading the way like a flagpole in a parade. He bent over and blew out the two candles, saying "I've already got my wish."

"Okay, then, baby; enjoy your cake," she suggested. "I know you're anxious to get to your main birthday present, but you can't have it until you're done eating!"

"Can I go get my camera, first, and take a picture?" he pleaded. "Cross my heart, I promise I'll never show it to anyone else unless you give me permission, but I really want a photo of this, to help me remember this night forever!"

"I suppose, darling," she laughed.

It took him less than a minute to run and fetch his digital camera but, by the time he returned to his mother's bedroom, she'd re-lit the candles.

"I figured you'd want the full effect," she chuckled, and then gave him her most seductive smile as he snapped the photo.

"Thanks," he told her. "You're absolutely the greatest!"

He bent over her once more to blow out the candles, and then slid onto the bed while he plucked the candles from the 'cake'.

"That's the best-looking birthday cake I've ever seen,!" he commented, waving his hand to indicate her luscious, decorated body. "Who said, 'You can't have your cake, and eat it, too.'?"

"I don't know, baby," she giggled, "but it sure wasn't this woman, I'll tell you that much!"

Eric bent to the task at hand, then, starting in on the right breast. He licked and sucked the frosting from each of the lovely orbs, in turn, paying special attention to the nipples once he managed to uncover them. Alternately, he licked with his tongue and nibbled with his teeth -- an effort that brought a sudden startled hiss from his mother.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked, pulling away from her suddenly, startled.

"Fuck, no, baby!" she shook her head wildly. "I absolutely loved that! Please, baby, do it some more!"

Ever the willing son, Eric gladly obliged her, finding that the sounds she made were sweet music in his ears. At length, though, he had both of her breasts totally cleaned of any lingering traces of the frosting, and it was time to move on to the remainder of his luscious 'dessert'. Slipping down the bed beside her body, he came to rest between her wide-spread legs and too his first taste of 'frosted pussy'.

"You have the sweetest pussy in the world, Mom," he informed her, "with, or without, the frosting!

Then, returning to his task, he spent the next fifteen minutes tonguing every curve and valley in the vicinity of her Mound of Venus until she was writhing uncontrollably on the bed, her body heaving and her pussy coating his mouth and tongue with her sweet nectar.

Finally, after her third tongue-induced orgasm, she grabbed a handful of his hair and gently pulled his face away from her now-throbbing clit.

"Stop, now, and let Mama have her cake, too!" she begged, panting.

They switched places, then, and she removed the silk boxers. Finding a comfortable position between her son's spread legs, Sue slowly covered his cock and balls with a thick coating of the frosting and began her oral assault. Since she'd already sucked him off once, that day, she decided to take her sweet time with this effort, wanting to raise her lover to a fever-pitch before allowing him to give her the taste she craved as a follow-up to the frosting. She spent fully ten minutes and more, baring his throbbing rod of its sugary coating. He was rock-hard, for her, and his shaft twitched every time she slid her tongue across the sensitive area on the underside of his glans.

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