Homesick For Mom Ch. 02


In the kitchen, she hit the button on the coffee-maker, thankful that she'd thought to get it ready the previous evening, before Eric had returned from cruising with his friends. She pulled a chair out from the kitchen table and sat, lighting a cigarette while she waited for the coffee to brew.

"So, where do we go, from here?" she asked the empty room.

Where, indeed? With what had happened between them last night, there were basically only two ways her son could react. Either he would be okay with it all, or he would regret what they'd done -- or, at least, his part in the escapade.

Did she regret it, though, Susan asked herself. By the time she had poured a cup of coffee and lit a second cigarette, she had reached the conclusion that her response was going to be governed by his. If their love-making had in any way damaged the close relationship that they'd enjoyed before going to bed together, she would never stop hating herself for having started it. It WAS her fault, after all. She'd mad the first move, that afternoon in the meadow, when she'd sucked him off and then offered her pussy to his lips and tongue.

If he was alright with it? Oh, god, please let him be alright with what we did! She wanted it to be alright with him because, deep down, she wanted it to continue. She'd never felt more alive, nor more in love with anyone in the world, than last night when he was hammering away at her pussy with his beautiful cock. No man had ever pleasured her half as much as her handsome son, nor had she ever felt as totally free to give of herself to a man as she had, with Eric.

She SO wanted that aspect of their interaction not to be over!

She sipped her coffee and took a long drag from her cigarette, exhaling the smoke along with a long, wistful sigh.

She was just going to have to sit there and wait, wait until Eric awoke, to learn where the two of them stood.


Eric opened his eyes, finally, to find himself in his mother's bed, naked, and smiled. His sleep had been filled with wild erotic dreams of making love to his mother and, in those fuzzy moments that come just on the verge of transiting between sleep and wakefulness, he got the notion that it had all been nothing more than a dream. A wet dream, to be sure, but still only a dream and not reality.

The manner of his waking, however -- naked, in his mother's bed -- convinced him that it had been otherwise. He really had made love to his mother, and she had been every bit as much a willing participant as he. In fact, now that the full memory of Monday came into focus, it was his mother who had actually initiated the whole thing. She had seduced him!

Not that it was really a seduction, he mused. He'd always heard that it was as hard to seduce the willing as it was to rape them. Seduction usually involved some degree of reluctance or unwillingness on the part of one person, and neither he nor his mother had seemed at all unwilling. She'd let him know that she was aware of his feelings for her, and then told him that she felt the same way. That was all it had taken, really, and they had wound up making mad, passionate love to each other for half the night.

He smiled at the memory, and then wondered at the fact that she was absent from the bed. Had she awakened to second-thoughts about what they'd done? It was possible. They had moved from the usual mother-son relationship into one that, to his knowledge, was only truly 'legal' in France -- though he had heard through the grapevine that they tended to turn a blind eye to it, in West Virginia. Was she sitting downstairs, even now, thinking about what they'd done and regretting it?

"Better go and face the music," he murmured to himself.

Taking a few moments to wash his face and run a finger-comb through his hair, he slipped into the black silk boxers she had given him for his birthday and headed for the kitchen.

He tip-toed to the doorway into the kitchen and stood there, surveying the scene.

She was sitting at the table, clad in a short silken robe, sipping coffee and smoking a cigarette. Her hair was still somewhat mussed from sleep, her make-up was smudged and a bit streaked -- had she been crying? -- and Eric couldn't keep his eyes off of her, she was so very beautiful.

Padding softly into the kitchen, he stopped next to her and reached down, placing a finger beneath her chin to turn her face toward him.

"Good morning, beautiful," he greeted her with a big smile, and then kissed her fully on the lips. At first, she tried to pull away, but he leaned into the kiss and prevented their lips from parting quite so easily. After a moment, she responded, fully pouring herself into the embrace.

"'Morning, baby," she gave him a hesitant smile. 'Sleep well?"

"How could I not, Mom," he chuckled. "I spent the night sleeping with the most beautiful woman in the world!"

Her smile brightened, and then she took notice of what he was wearing -- and the fact his cock was obviously growing inside its silk enclosure. Her pulse quickened at the sight.

"Sit down, and I'll get you a cup of coffee," she told him.

She took another drag from her cigarette and stood to get the coffee, and Eric caught her waist and pulled her into another kiss before she could exhale. Sue found herself with the choice of exhaling through her nose, or into Eric's mouth. On a whim, she chose the latter, feeling her son's lips curl into a smile, even in the midst of the kiss.

"So you DO like those 'special' kisses of mine, do you?" she joked with him.

"I told you, I'd take kisses like that whenever you were in the mood," he reminded her.

"What if I occasionally want to be on the receiving end?" she bantered back.

In answer, he took the cigarette from between her fingers and puffed at it, inhaling and placing his lips to hers. As he breathed gently into her, he noted in passing that her smoky kisses of the previous night must have conditioned him to handle the smoke, because he had no urge to cough.

He pulled his lips away from hers and watched as she vented a thin, weak cone of smoke at the ceiling fan overhead.

"I guess that answers my question,' she told him with a soft, yet obviously pleased, smile. "Now sit down, and let me get your coffee."

Her son's actions, at least thus far, had gone a long way to dispelling the cloud of doubt that had been hanging over her head. He appeared to be quite alright with what had passed between them overnight, and the thought that this new level of intimacy could continue made her very happy, indeed.

Pouring a cup and adding the requisite amounts of creamer and sugar, she returned to the table and leaned over a bit more than was necessary to place the cup in front of him. She had loosened the belt of her robe while fetching the coffee, to expose more of her charms to her son, and so Eric had a perfect view of her taut nipples beneath the loose-fitting robe. His arousal increased another notch. An his cock began to pitch an obvious tent in the silk boxers.

Sue returned to the counter with her own mug, refilled it, and returned to the table. As she took her seat, she made sure that the bottom hem of her robe parted, affording him a good peek at her moist pussy. She could see that he was fully erect, now, and straining for release.

"Why don't you let that thing out to play?" she suggested coyly. "It looks terribly uncomfortable, trapped in there."

"If you feel such pity for its condition," Eric returned, "why don't you set it free, yourself, baby?"

It was the first time in his life that Eric had ever addressed her as anything other than some form of "Mom", and he was a bit nervous as he tried the variation, but the smile that lit her face as he said the word, 'baby', let him know that he'd done exactly the right thing. In turn, he smiled as his mother reached over and fished his rampant cock out through the slit in the boxers.

"Now, doesn't that feel better?" she asked rhetorically. "It sure looks better! Mmm, I could look at your thick, hard cock all day long"

"I don't want you to just look at it, baby," Eric told her as he took his raging hard-on in hand and began to lightly stroke it. "I want you to wrap those beautiful lips around it and suck it, and let me cum in your mouth! I want to feel my cum paint your tonsils, and then watch as you drink my sperm! Then, I want to spread your legs and lick your pussy and your clit until I make you climax as I taste your pussy juice on my lips and tongue!"

"I'll do whatever you want, baby," she murmured, nodding, and her eyes were alight with eagerness. "Let me take care of my man!"

Standing, she stepped over between his splayed legs, loosening the tie that held her robe in place. A sexy shrug of her shoulders sent it fluttering to the floor around her feet as she lightly dropped to her knees and grasped his cock in her dainty hand. She rubbed his glans over her sensitive nipples and across her cheeks and nose before finally taking him between her lips, all the time looking him in the eyes.

Rolling her tongue around the head of his wonderful cock, she jacked him off into her mouth while caressing his balls thru the slick silk of his shorts until she felt him tense and swell. At that point, she lifted her mouth from his cock and slowly jacked him again, wanting to delay his orgasm for a few moments to let the cum in his balls have time to simmer a bit before boiling over. She knew, from experience, that this would produce a bigger load of cream, as well as heightened sensations for her lover.

"Watch Momma take your hot load, baby!" she uttered the words in her throatiest, most sultry voice, feeling the twitches in his cock as his brain registered the naughtiness of her words. "Watch your cock fill Momma's mouth with your love. I'm going to drink every drop of your sweet cum, Eric! I love the taste of your seed! Come on and give Momma some cream to go with her coffee, baby!"

She pumped his cock until she felt his seed surge up thru the rigid shaft and splash across her lips and tongue, filling her wide open mouth. She kept her mouth open as she swirled the hot, white nectar around with her tongue before swallowing it all and licking her lips with a smacking sound.

Eric got up on shaky legs, led his mother to the living room couch, and laid her down.

"I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel, Mom," he informed her.

Remembering how wonderfully her son had licked her pussy on earlier occasions, Sue was not about to pass up another opportunity to experience such delights, so she didn't tell Eric that she'd actually managed to arouse herself so much -- while sucking his big, thick cock -- that she'd had a half-decent orgasm as his cum filled her mouth. Still, she was feeling in need of a cigarette to speed her recovery, and so she lit one as she leaned back on the sofa and bared her dripping pussy for her son's attentions.

Eric started kissing her, beginning at her forehead and then working his way down her body. When he kissed her lips, he could taste himself in her mouth and on her tongue. Again, he decided that it was a taste he could get used to, provided that every time he tasted it, it was connected with his mother. He tweaked and sucked her nipples, rolling them in his mouth, first one and then the other, delighting in the sound of her moans and groans and the way her body writhed and undulated beneath him.

He worked his way downward, stopping to ream her navel with his tongue before licking across her smooth lower abdomen to the target of his love. He sucked her labia into his mouth, one at a time, lashing them with his tongue as he gently nibbled them with his teeth and lips. He hadn't really paid attention, the last couple times he'd had his mouth between his mother's thighs, but now he cataloged and cross-indexed his actions and her reactions, trying to figure out what touches pleased her the most.

"Come here, baby," she called softly to him, trying to cup a hand beneath his chin.

"Later, Mom," he answered, his words somewhat muffled by the folds of her labia.

"Just for a moment, honey," she pleaded. "Please? Just for a moment, and then you can go back to what you're doing."

With a plaintive sigh, Eric surrendered to her request and levered his body back up to where he could face her. As he did, Sue closed her legs and shifted her posture so that he could sit in her lap with his face next to hers. There was a brief moment in which they were almost nose-to-nose, gazing into at other, and he could see her love for him blazing out of her deep green eyes.

It was a moment that etched itself in his mind for eternity, as he understood in some wordless way that their love for each other had just touched a new level. His brain collected data from each of his senses... The warm feel of her body against his. The scents of his cologne (Nautica) and her perfume (Issey Miyake), the smoke from her cigarette, and the aroma of her pussy from the juices that coated his lips and chin. The look in her eyes and the devastating warmth of her smile -- a smile that he somehow knew would always be for him, alone.

The overload of it all was nearly enough to bring tears of joy to his eyes.

"I wanted to tell you, my darling," she began in a low voice, "that I love you so very much. And I wanted to let you know something else. I know I've already told you that no man has ever made me feel the way you're making me feel right now. I need you to know that it's not just a 'line'. It's the absolute truth."

"Thank Dad for that, Mom," he told her.

"What do you mean?" she asked, her face showing her puzzlement.

"When I was twelve, my pubic hair started coming in, and I got my first real erection," he explained. It was kind of scary, so I worked up the nerve to go ask Dad about it. You had gone to the grocery store, so we had time, and he gave me what he called 'Part One' of the "Dad-Talk' on the birds and bees. It wasn't really a lot, but he let me know that what was happening to me was perfectly normal, as my body was starting to prepare itself for adulthood."

He saw her glance at her nearly-spent cigarette, and paused to let her stub it out and light another. She gave him a quick smoky kiss, and then prompted him to continue.

"Well, do you remember when I turned sixteen, and Dad planned that father-son fishing expedition?"


"Well, we really did go fishing, during the daytime but, after dinner that Saturday night, when we got back to the motel, Dad gave me 'Part Two' of his 'talk'. For this one, he had some photographs clipped from some pretty 'naughty' magazines, and a couple of DVD's and a portable DVD player."

"Oh, my!" Sue exclaimed. "He never told me about that!"

"It was supposed to be just between us guys, Mom," Eric laughed. "Of course he never told you. And I was sworn to absolute secrecy! The photographs were very explicit in what they showed, and the DVD's were triple-x-rated. I was only sixteen, and here was Dad, showing me stuff that you're supposed to be eighteen, to look at. He could have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, if the wrong people got wind of what he did!

"But, Dad was using the stuff strictly as 'visual aid' material. He wanted to satisfy a teenage boy's natural curiosity as to what a naked woman looks like, first of all. And, of course, there's the whole aspect of sex. In school, in Health class, we got the standard course in human reproduction, with almost no illustrations in the textbook and only the generic 'fit Tab A into Slot B' explanation of missionary-position intercourse. Dad wanted me to know about things like foreplay, so that I'd be prepared to be a good lover whenever the opportunity first presented itself to me."

"Well, his lessons apparently worked," Sue laughed briefly.

"Sort of," Eric nodded in agreement. "The first couple times, I was still a little nervous and fumbled a bit, but at least I had some idea of what goes on. But, yes, Dad's talk, and his maxims, did pay off for me, in the long run."

"Oh, good grief!" Sue went wide-eyed. "He had 'maxims' for you, in a 'birds-and-bees' lecture?"

"Well, there were only two," Eric shrugged. "There was 'Anything worth doing is worth doing well,' and 'Nice guys finish last.'"

He had to wait, then, until his mother finished laughing at the second 'proverb', but even he had to admit that his dad had come up with a winning play on words, with that one."

"Now," he said, as her laughter subsided, "if you'll be so kind as to give me one of your 'special kisses', I'd like to get back to what I was doing earlier, before your pussy gets cold."

Sue smiled sweetly, fed him a smoky kiss, and then Eric began his slow descent along her body, starting almost from scratch to ensure that he built up her arousal to a proper level. Finally, after paying another round of attention to her labia, he drove his tongue deep into her love-tunnel, massaging her clit with his nose as he lapped up the sweet juices that oozed from her nether-lips. He inhaled deeply, filling his nostrils with her womanly aroma. He sucked and licked her pussy and clit, driving up inside her with a hooked forefinger rubbing across the spongy-textured cluster if tissue that was her G-spot, until she screamed out in an overwhelming orgasm. He continued his efforts, loving the way her body jerked and writhed at his touch, until sue was forced to push him away because her pussy was too sensitive to let things go on any longer.

Understanding that she was on 'overload' at the moment, he slid up onto the couch beside her, curling an arm around her while she spun down from her massive orgasm. It took her nearly half an hour, and two more cigarettes, but eventually she was nearly back to normal again, at which point she turned her face to him and begged him to fuck her one more time. This time, though, their love-making was slow and languid, a relaxed sort of coupling that was far different from their frenzied efforts of the previous night, but was nonetheless utterly enjoyable.

When they had recovered from that effort, they walked hand-in-hand back to their bedroom and took a long shower. For the first time in over fifteen years, Sue washed her son's body for him, while Eric washed his mother's lithe form for the very first time, deciding it was something else he'd enjoy doing on a regular basis. As Eric glided his soapy hand over her body, Sue grew aroused again and repaid the favor by stroking her son's cock until it was rock hard. She was taken by surprise, though, when Eric lifted her in his arms, pinned her against the shower wall, and thrust his cock deep inside her.

"Oh, fuck!" she exclaimed. "Do me, baby! Fuck me hard!"

As aroused as the simple -- but never before experience -- act of showering together had left them, it wasn't long until they were both nearing orgasm once more.

"Don't cum inside me, this time, baby!" she begged him.

"What?" he asked. "Why not?"

"I want you to pull out and cum all over my face, honey. Will you do that, for Momma?"

The simple request -- the thought, in Sue's mind, and the words, in Eric's ears -- was all it took to put both of them over the top. Hastily, Eric pulled out of her and put her feet back on the shower floor. Sue dropped to her knees, slurping her son's cock into her mouth for a brief instant, then pulling it out and stroking it as it spewed forth its load all over her face."

"That's it, baby!" she told him seductively. "Spew your hot cum all over me! Give your Momma a cum-facial!"

Because he had already cum several times, in the span of only a couple hours, Eric's load this time was somewhat small, and he finished ejaculating quickly. Sue relaxed, letting her buttocks drop and rest on her heels as she knelt on the shower floor, giving her son a good long look at her face, blotched and splattered with his sperm. Then, looking him in the eyes all the while, she slowly and seductively scraped his seed from her face with her fingers and fed it into her mouth. Swallowing, finally, she stood and leaned past him to rinse the last film of it from her face.

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