tagNovels and NovellasHonor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 26

Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 26


Note: This is a work of Fiction! Although the areas this story takes place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story try to remember:


107. Strangers in Paradise

When Dycke was told about Harold and Callie's situation, he put his fleet of aircraft into action. Payne's aircraft would have solved their problems, but it had been sent east as part of the plan to allow Payne and him to stay in Arizona for a two-week vacation. He had a smaller jet fly them from Phoenix to San Diego, accompanied by four FBI agents. One of his company's Gulfstream 650's took them from San Diego to Christchurch, New Zealand 7000 miles away.

He ran into a problem getting them from New Zealand, to the American Facility at McMurdo Sound. The Air Forces' C-17's and LC-130 aircraft that flew resupply missions to McMurdo Research Station, Antarctica were logged as full for the next five weeks. He called a friend in the White House, who spoke to the President on his behalf.

Soon thereafter, the President's chief of staff, Richard Axel, called General Brent Russell. He was in charge of the 13th Expeditionary Group, which ran "Operation Deep Freeze." He told him the President would be very displeased if these people weren't on the first aircraft that departed for McMurdo. He reiterated to him that the President might even be 'angry' if these people were not on that aircraft.

General Russell forwarded that message to Colonel Robert Stanton, the commander of the 61st Air National Guard Wing, out of McCord Air Force Base, near Seattle, Washington. He was in command of 'Operation Deep Freeze' air assets.

"I mean no disrespect General, but everything going on these flights is considered 'Top Priority' by the National Science Foundation. What does he want me to take off?"

"Bob, your name is one of the top five to go from a Bird to a Star. There are only three slots open. I would suggest you figure something out. You don't want to get on my bad side, because I don't want to be on his bad side."

"Your message is received loud and clear sir. I'll figure something out, even if I have to steal an airplane."

As it turned out, he didn't have to. A C-17/3 Globemaster had flown nonstop, from its home base, Altus Air Force Base, in Oklahoma, in less than 20 hours. It carried spare parts, and a helicopter for the base at Christchurch. On the manifest the crew of the C-17 carried, it gave the final destination of the helicopter as "McMurdo Research Facility. The Telex from Altus showed the helicopters destination as Christchurch, New Zealand.

The C-17's loadmaster approached Colonel Stanton, showed him the manifest, and asked him if he had anything that needed to go to McMurdo, because his aircraft was half-empty. He needed something to balance it, so he didn't have to move the helicopter.

Stanton wanted to kiss the Senior Master Sergeant, but restrained himself. He verified the invoice, and then told him he had six passengers, and as much cargo as he could handle. 9 hours later, the Globemaster was in the air, using satellites to navigate its way towards the South Pole. Magnetic compasses do not work very well south of the 60th parallel, and the further south you go, the less accurate they get.

Flying in the Globemaster was a lot different than flying in a private jet. It's nearly 3800 miles from Christchurch to. McMurdo, and takes nearly 8 hours to get there. Instead of sitting on the plush comfortable seats of a private jet, Callie and Harold were sitting in upright canvas webbing seats meant for military personnel wearing parachutes, or combat gear.

Callie was not comfortable and neither was Harold. Callie made it worse for Harold, when she moved to sit on his lap.

"Callie, you should be wearing your seatbelt, it is awful bumpy up here."

"I can't sit on that seat any longer. It is crushing the bones of my ass. At least you have some meat on yours, and it is cushioning the blows. I will make it up to you when we get on the ground."

"Remember my love; you are the one that wanted to come here, not me. I could have taken you to a private desert island, with all the comforts of home. You could have worn all those tiny bikinis you bought in Paris. Better still, you could have worn nothing at all. Now we are going to the bottom of the world, because you wanted to see it. Just because your bottom is hurting doesn't give you the right to crush mine."

"Crush yours; if we were alone I would break your neck. You weigh over 200 pounds and I weigh 122. You pick me up like I am a feather, and throw me wherever you want. Now you say I am crushing you. Wait until we are on the ice, and you want to get warm. You keep your hands and that other thing to yourself Harold. Dream about how warm it could be if it were inside me."

"You certainly are pregnant. Your hormones are all over the place. You used to have a sense of humor. Now you sound like Patty, when she is talking to Stephano. Everything has only one meaning, and there is no possibility of it being anything else. There are no double entendres, no jokes, and no possibility of error. When we get to our destination, I think we should ask for separate rooms. Otherwise when we return home, we will have to file for a divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty."

Callie started to cry. She put her face into Harold's shoulder to hide her face as the tears streamed down.

"You are not allowed to do that to me. You make me feel guilty for telling you the truth about how you are behaving. We are never going to get divorced. I told you that many, many times. I am never letting you go, even if you get fat. If you reach 125 pounds, I will put you on a diet, and get you back down to your fighting weight."

Callie laughed, while she continued to sniffle. "What about you Harold, are you going to continue on your diet?"

"You bet I am. If I don't, Dycke is going to send me a personal trainer to get me into shape. I spoke to her, and she was very nice. She told me what to do to lose the weight. She said I could do it in a year. If I didn't she would come to Cottonwood and tear me apart, day after day, until I was a proper physical specimen."

"I like her Harold; what was her name?"

"I am going to put you back on your seat, and see how much you like sitting on your 'boney ass."

"I didn't know you were pregnant, Harold."

"You are real bitch, as opposed to a fake bitch, Callie."

"You knew that before you asked me to 'Move In With You', before you 'Proposed to Me', and before you said 'I Do.' So that should not be a surprise to you."

"You are correct, and if we were on the alone, I could do something about it. However, we are in the air, with four chaperones. I cannot take you over my knee and spank you. I cannot pull down your draws and fuck you until you scream. I cannot put a gag in your mouth, tie your hands and feet, and torture your pussy until you pass out. I can't do any of those things to get even with you, until we are alone. Then and only then can I get you to return to the woman I love, cherish, and adore."

"Oh my poor Harold, he needs to get laid."

"No Callie, you are the one that needs to get laid. Your body is screwing up your mind and the only thing that will get you back to where it belongs she is a good screwing."

"I will be back, Harold; I have to speak to a man about a bed."

Callie walked up the aisle to where Senior Master Sergeant Reese was sitting, with his crew. She asked, "Sir, may I speak to you for a moment?"

Cliff Reese smiled at her. "Ma'am, I work for a living; I am a Sergeant not a sir."

"Can I call you Cliff instead of Sergeant?"

"Yes ma'am that would be fine."

"Cliff, my name is Callie. I have a problem. I am pregnant and I need to lie down. Is there any place on this aircraft I can do that?"

"They did not tell us that at Christchurch, otherwise we would have made arrangements for you there. Give us 10 minutes and we will make you as comfortable as a bug in a rug. Let's go to work men."

"Thank you Cliff, anything you can do would be appreciated. I just have to lie down, and get some sleep."

Callie sat down by Harold and smiled. "Honey, be prepared to give Cliff and his crew a very large check when we land. They are going to do something very nice for you and me."

"Okay, you little devil, who's Cliff; and what did do this time?"

"I told the truth. I told him I was pregnant, and I had to lie down. I did not tell him why I had to lie down; I left that to his imagination."

"The male population this planet should get down on their knees and thank me for taking you off the market. One devil roaming around doing evil is more than this world can handle. With you on the loose, every other man was in danger of losing his immortal soul."

"That's not true, Harold; I was just horny all the time."

"I rest my case. God gave you the body of an angel, and the devil made you hotter than fire. What if Alan is right and our baby is a little girl that looks like you?"

Callie's bottom lip began to quiver, and before she started to cry, Harold kissed her, and did not let her go.

Sergeant Reese showed up at that moment. "I have a place where you can both lie down and be comfortable. We were able to requisition pillows and blankets also. If you would follow me please, I will take you there."

They walked down the right side of the huge C-17 Globemaster, and Cliffs' men finishing work around the helicopter.

Callie asked, "Cliff, how did you get this helicopter in here?"

"It is really easy, miss. The nose of this bird tilts 90° up. The truck carrying this chopper backs up to the aircraft, and a system of pulleys drags it into place. The hard part is to know where to put all the other cargo, and then securing it properly. We don't want to damage the helicopter, and we want to keep this big bird balanced while it's in flight. That is where my team and I come in."

Harold laughed. "I am glad you said it was easy, because these crates do not look like they are very light to me."

"That is the magic of hydraulics. You see it used in your local supermarket every day. Ours just happened to be a little larger, and capable of carrying heavier loads."

An airman approached and said, "Everything is ready for inspection, Master Sergeant."

"I will be right back folks," Sergeant Reese said. He climbed into the back of the helicopter, verified that all the sharp edges, where toolboxes, and other instrumentation would be stored, were covered and everything else he had ordered had been done to his specifications. He was pleased with the work his men had done.

He called Harold and Callie over and showed them where they would be staying for the next five hours of their trip. He showed them where food and water was, and told them what to do in case of an emergency.

Harold and Callie thanked the Sergeant and his crew for their help. Callie started to lie down, while Sergeant Reese closed the helicopter door, and led his men forward to their seating area.

Callie had a glint in her eye when she said to Harold, "You better make that a very big check."

"I told you the devil was in you. You have that effect on all men. They will do whatever you ask them to do, whenever you ask them to do it. They have no control over themselves when they look into those big blue eyes."

"Why don't I have that effect on you Harold? How can you control yourself around me?"

"I will use Alan's words. ' It's so simple the answer is easier than the question.' Baby, I wear contacts.'"

Callie laughed. "You are so full of shit your eyes are brown."

Harold laughed at her. "Actually my eyes are a very light green. I didn't like the color, so I wear tinted contacts. Would you like to see them?"

She was suspicious after being with him all this time, but he seemed to be sincere. "Yes, take out your contacts and let me see what your eyes really look like."

He sat down beside her on their makeshift bed, and told her to hold out her hands so he could give her the contacts as he took them out. He said, "Remember, these are prescription lenses, and I don't have any spares with me. If we lose them I am as blind as a bat."

Now she was more concerned than ever, and she concentrated on his every move. He dropped his head towards her hands and moved ever closer to her hands. He faked having trouble getting them out, until he was exactly where he wanted to be. Then he pounced on her. His mouth covered hers before she could scream. He grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head. He had a knee between her thighs before she could lock them closed. He slid his right hand under her slacks and panties, and headed towards the Promised Land.

Callie screamed into his mouth, words that no lady should speak. However, at this moment, she was not being a lady. She was being Callie, and Callie was on fire.

His hand played millimeters above and around her slit. She moved her hips to help him find his way in. He was not lost, he was tormenting her. He knew it, and worse than that she knew it.

He released her mouth from his kiss and her words music to his ears.

"Chase if you don't touch me I'm going to cut you to pieces."

"Darling, I am touching you."

"You know what I mean Harold, if you want to live to see the Permanent Icepack, your fingers had better grow eyes."

He readied his hand and said, "You mean like this?" His fingers mashed down hard on her protruding clit. To keep the sound of her scream from alerting the entire aircraft, his mouth descended on hers and covered it with his again.

When he released her mouth, she screamed at him, "You bastard I will get even with you for that, if it's the last thing I ever do."

He kissed her nose and smiled. "Callie, you just made my day. However, I am not finished with you yet."

"Will you let go of my hands now?"

"Are you going to scratch me?"

"On a probability scale of 1 to 10, I would say 10."

"If you had said anything less, I would not have believed you."

When her hands were free she went for his neck, and pulled him to her mouth. This time she was the aggressor, and she tried to suck the life out of him. She let him breathe, and attacked his neck with her lips. Her right hand was unbuckling his belt, as her left hand was unbuttoning his shirt.

"I didn't know you could multitask."

"Fuck you Harold."

He moved like lightning, pulling her pants and panties down her legs, but they got stuck when they encountered her shoes. He pulled her legs up to her chest, and pushed his rigid cock into her.

She was so wet and ready for him; he slid in to her without any discomfort.

However she had a problem with her pants. They were hanging down from her legs, and covering her face. She couldn't see Harold at all.

When she tried to move them away, he was no help at all. He held them firmly with his teeth, while his hands mauled her breasts.

"Harold, you are a dead man."

He stroked into and out of her very slowly, and when she was in a highly sensitized condition like this, she needed to be fucked; not made love to. What Harold was doing to her, drove her to the edge of insanity.

She screamed, "Please Harold do not do this to me."

"I can't hear anything, because I am dead, remember."

"Please, I will let you live for 100 years, if you give me what I need."

"Callie, don't promise what you can't give me. Promise you will love me, and stop acting like a child, when you are not feeling well. Talk to me, instead of blaming me for the ills of the world. I will move heaven and earth to make your dreams come true."

"I will try Harold. If I fail, tell me, and I will try harder. I love you so much it hurts sometimes."

"Why does it only hurt sometimes Callie?"

"Because the other times, Harold, when you are fucking me like this, I want to wring your neck, and kill you."

He laughed, and picked up his speed, until he heard her say 'Yes.' She was finally able to move her hips in union with his and their mouths attacked each other's, until they drew blood.

She fought through her first orgasm, not willing to stop moving. She marveled at the way he had changed from the way he was at the very beginning of their relationship. She had always been the aggressor, but now, either one of them could attack the other at any time. He was a lion in his prime, and she was a tigress in bed.

She regretted turning Harold down seven years ago, when he asked her to marry him. She didn't, because of her student loans, and her pride in wanting to pay them off by herself. She had all those men, in the interim. She thought she loved them, or at least liked them a lot, as she bedded them. She should have married Harold, and started a family with him, instead of starting one at the age of 29. She hoped she had triplets, even if they were all girls. She would go crazy if they were, because Alan would never let her hear the end of it. She knew it would be useless to hide from him in a cave in the Grand Teton Mountains. He would find her if it took him 10 years to do it.

Harold said, "Your back! Should I ask you where you went, or were you just enjoying the aftereffects of your last orgasm?"

"It was a beautiful orgasm, and I'm building up to another one. Don't stop, Harold, please don't stop."

He moved her onto his lap and slowed his stroke. His thumb entered her slit and played with her clit. Callie moaned at this new stimulation and her fluids flowed out of her pussy and down her ass rapidly.

Her eyes closed, her head moved from side to side, and soon she lost control. "Harold, I'm cuming; I'm cuming again."

She did, and she squirted her fluids all over him. It was also enough for him to blast her insides with his offering.

Callie felt his hot seed flow into her, and she screamed, "Oh God, here I go again." She did, squirting him with a copious amount of her fluids, time and time again.

As his penis shrunk back to its flaccid state, and he removed it from her, Callie said, "Harold, you have exhausted me; I am going to sleep."

"Excuse me miss; I don't get a kiss, or thank you, for a job well done? I have taken the edge off your temper, and made you feel human again. I deserve something in return."

Nearly unconscious she said, "Its times like these, Harold, I want to wring your neck."

Harold laughed, kissed her, covered her with a blanket, and opened the door of the helicopter to rid it of the smell of sex. Cargo aircraft are notoriously loud. Noone heard what had transpired on that helicopter, in the center of the cargo bay. Most of them had fallen asleep listening to the droning of the jet engines, as they closed the distance between Christchurch and Antarctica.

Nearly 5 hours later, Cliff Reese knocked on the door to the helicopter. Harold opened it from the inside, and Callie was still peacefully sleeping. The Sergeant said, "Harold, we are going to start descending into McMurdo. You are going to have to wake the misses up and return her to her seat. It is going to get very rough as we descend through the winds from 20,000 feet down."

"Thank you Cliff, I'll wake her up. I'll bring her forward as soon as she is ready. I appreciate the way you handled things for her. This pregnancy is knocking her for a loop."

"How far along is she?"

"The doctor says she is almost 8 weeks gone."

"It is a tough time for her to be flying."

"It's better than having people shoot at you. That's why we have the four FBI agents guarding us."

"What the heck did you two people see or do?"

"I'm sorry Cliff, I'm not allowed to say, but people are angry enough that they want to kill Callie and me. The Director of the FBI said if he can't protect us in Antarctica, he can't protect us anywhere."

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