tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 04

Hoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 04


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a work of fantasy/fiction. While some of the characters resemble those in a double-episode of Star Trek Enterprise, most of them are purely fictional. THIS SERIES IS AN EXTENSION OF MY 'ENTERPRISE-THE OTHER SIDE' SERIES, set in the time following the coup by Hoshi Sato when she took over leadership of the Terran Empire as its Empress.

Hoshi's Empire - Chapter 4

Officers Meat the Girls

The morning had been a busy one with the girls arriving and going through Phlox' physical exams before meeting to choose roommates. Mynka had the facilities staff preparing the cargo bay for the afternoon/evening gathering of the officers and the girls. She and Ross would be there to keep an eye on things, as would Trip and T'Pol. Malcom and Janet were invited, should they choose to attend. Mynka would be stopping by the quarters of the new crewmembers early in the afternoon to pass on her guidelines and to let the girls know what to expect. "These men are very horny" was the common comment she would make. The event was set to kickoff at sixteen hundred hours, and there was much anticipation in the air.

Commander Tucker and Captain Burke called a meeting of the officers invited to the event, to reinforce the guidelines they would be held to during the evening. While Trip and Ross wanted their men to take advantage of the opportunity to satisfy their urges, they also wanted everyone - including the girls - to enjoy the time and to be able to continue to enjoy the company of the others involved. If this 'pool' system was going to work, the men had to participate in the success. Trip and Ross didn't want the men to treat these girls as whores, even though that is basically what they were. Burke's final advice to the officers was "Take your time. Choose a partner you would want to know anyway. Don't be confrontational when other men like the same girl you do - it's a two-to-one ratio, so two men with one girl is likely to be the order of the day." Then he added. "Have fun."

Sixteen hundred hours had finally arrived, the men had moved into the room and chosen a 'partner' with whom to share a table. Each table had two additional chairs; but there would more than likely be only one of them occupied. Mynka called for everyone's attention. "I want to welcome you boys to our official kickoff for the 'pool' program on Starship Defiant." she began. "Rather than boring you with rules or even guidance, I will no introduce the girls we have selected for your pleasure." she said, waving to the door where T'Pol was waiting with the ladies.

"First, from my home planet of Andor, Valerik Shran." she called, watching all the eyes as they followed the petite and colorful Andorian girl on her way to the stage to a round of applause. So far so good she thought. "Next is T'Ren, from T'Pol's home planet of Vulcan." she called. Again a round of applause accompanied the girl's walk to the stage. "From Risa, please welcome Anah Trahl." Mynka called. The applause was particularly enthusiastic as the dark skinned, voluptuous beauty swayed her sumptuous hips to the stage. "Now, please welcome Railyn Rah from Risa." Mynka called. The slender and vivacious girl oozed sex as she moved to take her place on the stage to a chorus of ooooo's and wolf whistles. "From the Terran colony on Mars, please welcome Talara." she called, waving the statuesque beauty with waist-length hair on her way. "Hailing from her native Ireland, please welcome Katy Breen" Mynka called, enjoying the cat calls that accompanied the red haired, freckled beauty. "Now please welcome Balari Tren, from Luna Eight." she called, her eyes widening at the revealing outfit that highlighted the girl's pink nipples against her dark skin. "Another Andorian beauty, please welcome Lynka Sha'na!" she called, admiring the very tall young woman as she moved to the stage. "Here is Mohra Lehn from Rigel" she said, enjoying the simultaneous intake of breath as the exotic and sultry woman entered the room. "Hailing from the Korean Republic on Earth, it's Jendra Li!" Mynka called, waving the girl in to catcalls and wolf whistles at the Asian beauty with shocking red hair. "And finally, please welcome Bal Chalka from Trill" she called, hearing plenty of comments as the girl showed off her spots with an almost transparent body suit. An extended round of applause followed the introduction of the final girl, the men standing as they gave the girls a hearty welcome. After the ovation finally calmed down, Mynka got everyone's attention again. "Ladies, meet your men!" she said, waving the girls off the stage and down to the tables.

The girls walked down from the stage, each eyeing the men at a different table based on a predetermined plan. They would spend a minute or two, greeting the two officers at that table and introducing themselves briefly before moving on to the next table. Within ten minutes or so each of the girls had introduced herself to all of the men, and Mynka took the podium again. "Alright everyone, just relax, enjoy a drink and some food, and get to know each other a little better." she said, adding "Clothing is optional from this point on, so enjoy."

Pete McDuff had his eye on Katy Breen and the Lieutenant sharing his table, Brad Beauchamp, was okay with that choice. Pete had let her know on their initial introduction that he would like to get to know her better when the time came. He was pleased when she approached their table, a broad smile on her cute irish face. "May I join you, gentlemen?" she asked with a slight bow. Pete stood up and moved around to pull out her chair, earning a kiss on the cheek for his chivalry. "So I gather this little party is a chance for us to have a little - um - fun?" she giggled, lifting a foot under the table to tease at Pete's lap while her fingernails grazed the back of Brad's hand. "I can think of several ways we can all enjoy this." she added, winking at both men as she licked her lips. One of the attendants brought a plate of appetizers along with three drinks, and Katy thanked him with a squeeze of his privates. She picked up her glass. "To new friends." she said, taking a long pull of the liquor. She spread a layer of pate' on a cracker and made a show of eating it, noting that both men were staring at her mouth. She finished the cracker and the drink, then looked at Pete and smiled. "I can think of things I would much rather be tasting." she told him, slowly easing her body under the table. As she moved to their side of the table, one hand went to Brad's lap while the other headed to Pete's. Her fingers deftly unfastened both men's fly's and pulled out their organs. Seconds later her lips wrapped around first Pete's, then Brad's cock. She began alternating between them, spending thirty seconds at a time on each man's penis while her fingers stroked the other.

Pete nodded to Brad. "Definitely a Katy kind of evening." he said hoarsely as the girl wolfed down his manhood out of sight under the table. He hoisted his glass. "To anonymous blow jobs" he laughed.

Brad looked at his watch. Less than ten minutes had elapsed since Katy Breen joined them, and she was already sucking not just one dick; but both of them. "Anonymous BJ's are good; but I for one cannot wait to see that cute face while I fuck her." Brad said, his eyes rolling upward as the girl took his cock to the root in her throat. "ohhhhFUCKYEAH.." he growled.

"Tell you what buddy, you can fuck her first while I watch - maybe get a handjob. Then I'll fuck her in the ass and she can finish you in her mouth." Pete suggested. He glanced to the center of the table to verify they had the special lubricant Mynka had mentioned. It was there. He looked around the room, noting that apparently they had gotten off to a very fast start compared with most of the tables, although there was one table with Master Chief Carmolene and Carl MacPhee who had the Asian girl Jendra Li bent over, taking Carl's cock in her mouth while the Chief fucked her pussy from behind. Bal Chalka also had her mouth full of Jim Walton's dick while K'Ren appeared to be exploring her rear with his fingers.

Katy could hear the men talking as she fellated them, and could feel the warmth spreading through her loins at the thought of being fucked by the two men. She wondered if they would want to cum in her mouth first, not that it mattered. Then as she took Pete's smooth shaft into her throat she felt him twitch, his fingers finding her ears. He grunted as his balls pumped their contents into her feverishly swallowing mouth, and she felt a twitch from Brad's dick in her hand. Her fingers found Pete's balls, gently fondling them as she sucked hard to drain him so she could get her mouth on Brad's meat before he blew. Pete's grip on her ears relaxed, and she pulled her lips from his shaft, quickly moving to the other penis and taking it deep into her throat - just in time. Her fingers found Brad's balls, one digit pushing into his anus as he began spilling his seed into her throat. She gurgled and sucked, fingerfucking his asshole to drive the semen from his testicles while he grunted and twitched. Her lips and tongue worked his meat until his spasms subsided, then slowly withdrew. She popped her head up from beneath the table, smiling at the men as she licked the remaining jizm from her lips and swallowed it. "Mmmm..." she moaned, taking her seat.

The two men watched Katy wolf down several mouthfuls of the fried squid, chasing it with another beverage before she sat back and smiled at them. "Hey you guys, I heard something about a fuck and handjob, and something else about a buttfuck and blowjob." she told them. "So where do you want me?" she asked, standing up and removing her clothes with a few efficient tugs.

"Why don't you come over here, sit on the table, and let me have a taste of that pretty red haired pussy of yours first." Pete suggested, clearing the impliments from the table in front of him. He watched her naked body as she moved around the table, then helped her up in front of him, with one leg on either side of his. He hooked his fingers behind her knees and lifted them up and back to splay her crotch open for his exploration. The wispy red curls were neatly trimmed away from the folds of her pussy, her labia glistening with her juices. He could smell the fragrant musk of her womanhood, lowering his head to flick at her clit with his tongue. Her hips shuddered at the contact, a low mewl emanating from her throat. "Beautiful pussy, Katy." he said softly, letting his tongue explore the soft folds as she moaned in appreciation.

Brad watched his friend eating the girl's juicy cunt and moved his chair over into position. He took her hand and placed it on his flaccid but wet cock. To his surprise she groaned "let me suck it" and tugged on his dick trying to pull it to her face. Pete looked up and nodded, and Brad stood up to position his soft cock at her lips. She opened her mouth to let him push his meat between her lips and began suckling at his organ as his friend performed cunnilingus on her hot pussy, getting it nice and wet for him. Within a few minutes Brad was ready, tapping Pete on the shoulder to let him know. As Pete slowly withdrew from his oral ministrations, kissing her inner thighs as he stood up, Brad took his place and eased his shaft into her hot cunt in one long, slow stroke. Pete watched as his friend began thrusting in and out of the girl's willing vaginal port, noting that Brad's eyes were closed as he fucked her. Then Katy's hand began reaching for him and he moved around the table to give her access to his organ. "Let me suck it. I'll get it nice and wet so it will slide easily up my tight ass." she told him. Seconds later Katy Breen was taking cock in her pussy and down her throat, her body happily pleasing the two men.

Pete pushed his cock into her mouth and held still, letting her talented lips and tongue stimulate his penis as Brad screwed into the clenching cauldron of her cunt. Both men were trying hard to put off their orgasms, and Katy was doing her best to help with that objective; but Pete's expert oral work on her pussy had her very close to climax when Brad began fucking her. She couldn't hold back any longer. Pete watched her body tremble then begin convulsing, her mouth working both cocks as her muffled squeals signalled her climax. Both men held their organs still to let her quivering body recover, then they nodded and withdrew in unison. Pete indicated to Brad that he wanted the girl on her belly, and Brad's hands gently turned her over, bending her over the edge of the table. "F-fuck my ass..." she moaned, reaching back to pull her cheeks apart as Pete took his place behind her. Pete lowered his head to tease her little wrinkle with his tongue as she pulled it open, then grabbed the lube and applied it to her asshole and his dick. He hadn't had anal sex in months, and his body quivered in anticipation as he positioned his cockhead at her snug little ring and pushed. "ohhhhhyesss... fuck my ASSSSSSS" she squealed as he gripped her hips and slowly pushed his cock all the way into her rear. He looked down at her pale cheeks, split now by his sodomizing penis. Katy Breen moaned softly as he began a slow rhythm, stroking his dick in and out of her rubbery little hole.

Brad watched his friend's dick disappear between the girl's firm cheeks, saw her wince as he pushed his meat all the way into her rectum, and began stroking her hair gently as Pete buttfucked her willing form. He felt her fingers gently tugging at his still turgid cock, and let her pull him to her mouth. "Ohhh baby.. suck my cock Katy... suck it nice..." he grunted, letting her take it deep into her throat. For a good ten minutes the two men used her two holes, Brad easing his organ in and out of her suckling mouth as Pete fought off an orgasm inside her tight asshole. There eyes met and they nodded - it was time. "Get ready Katy girl. We're going to cum now." Brad told her, his fingers gripping her ears as both of them began stroking in and out of her in earnest. She let out a muffled grunt when Brad's dick bottomed out in her throat, with a muffled squeal accompanying Pete's thrusts into her bottom. Minutes later they unleashed a torrent of semen into her throat and bowels, their cocks spasming with each blast of sticky white jizm.

Pete pounded the pretty Irish girl's ass, fucking her snug pooper as her sphincter clenched around his spasming penis. After his final twitching spurt, Pete slowly eased his dick out of her puckered hole and sat down - still behind her. His hands gently fondled her buttocks, his thumbs easing them apart to reveal the slowly closing ring he'd just fucked. "Such a beautiful ass Katy." he said softly. He looked across as Brad similarly sat down after filling her mouth again. His hands stroked her hair and tickled her ears. Both men were very satisfied after two orgasms within an hour. Katy Breen seemed satisfied as well, as she remained in that position, unceremoniously draped across the table between the two men. They heard a scream and looked over to find Jendra Li pinned down on her table, Carl MacPhee behind her forcing his sizeable meat stick up her ass as the Chief held her in position.

Carl MacPhee had never fucked a girl up the butt before, only hearing about it from his buddies and watching the act on porn videos. The Chief had taunted him into taking their girl that way, helping him out by lubing her asshole with his fingers first then holding the girl down for his assault. Carl knew the girl couldn't refuse him; but still... Once he had two inches of his big cock inside that tight channel he wasn't pulling back until it was buried in that hole. He let the Chief pour more lube on the point of penetration, then eased all nine inches of his raging hardon up her quivering, convulsing rectal channel. Her squeals could be heard throughout the room; but he'd never felt such exquisite sensations as those inside Jendra Li's asshole, the buttery smooth tunnel gripping his dick in delicious spasms as he slipped it in and out slowly. Any faster and he would simply have lost control, so tight was her little back door. After several minutes of gentle sodomy Jendra had relaxed enough that she wasn't crying out with each thrust and Carl had an easy rhythm going. The Chief couldn't just watch this lewd act, and pushed his cockhead to her wet lips. She opened her mouth to let him slide inside, and began suckling at his penis as the man behind her fucked her up the ass.

"I think everyone is enjoying themselves." Mynka said to Ross, pressing her firm little boobs against his back as she massaged his shoulders. "Looks like the men are behaving themselves, and the girls are being receptive." she added, one of her hands roaming down over her consort's belly to graze his semi-turgid organ through his thin trousers. His cock quickly grew to full strength as her fingers ran along it's length. She kissed his neck, whispering into his ear "You want to fuck me, don't you Ross." she stated an obvious fact. "You want to slide this beautiful cock inside me, don't you" she added. Then she moved around him without losing her grip on his meat, pulling him behind her until they arrived at a small table near the side of the room. Mynka reached back to open her flimsy skirt, then bent over the table and looked back at him. "Fuck me my Consort. Fuck your lady." she demanded, reaching back to guide his shaft to her damp vulva. "mmmmmyesssss..." she moaned as his cock slipped deep into her cunt. She closed her eyes and began writhing in rhythm with his gentle thrusts, her passion rising quickly toward an easy climax.

He looked down at his cock parting her wet lips, the beautiful little wrinkle of her anus just above. That sight alone was enough to send tingles through his loins as his hips joined hers in a lusty fuck. Her lithe form drove men mad with desire, and he wasn't immune to that emotion. He watched carefully, working his hips in harmony with hers to give her the pleasure he knew would keep him in her bed - or wherever she wanted him. Ross glanced around the room, finding sex at every table as the men took full advantage of their newfound treasures. Semen flowed into every orifice in each of the eleven girls, and the men were all smiles in between their lusty grunts. His cock was suddenly gripped by Mynka's vaginal muscles, her soft mewls growing abruptly into squeals of passion as she flew over passion's peak into orgasm's abyss. His hands gripped her hips and he pounded into her belly, finding his own climax before she had finished hers and emptying his balls into her cunt. He ground his groin against her backside, holding her close with his hands as he twitched his last ounce of semen into her pussy. Then they both relaxed without disengaging, their sex organs cuddling as they recovered.

"Thank you for that pleasure, my Consort" Mynka said hoarsely, wriggling her hips until his cock slipped free. His fingertips trailed gently down her back as he pulled back, taking her hand as she turned around to face him. She smiled, leaning close to plant a soft kiss on his lips. "You make me happy, Ross Burke" she told him with a wink. "Kindly get your lady another drink?" she asked politely, reaching down to give his cock a squeeze. She looked around the room, searching for her fellow Andorian Lynka Sha'na, finding her lying on her back between Ensigns Quigley and Rahjne. She could see the Irishman's slender cock slipping slowly in and out of her ass as the Rigelian man rested his organ in her actively sucking mouth. She was pleased that the girl was showing her skills so willingly, and planned to take her aside when the opportunity arose. Ross returned with their drinks, handing her one and raising his in a toast. "To sexual gratification amongst the troops." she said as another loud squeal signalled pleasure for one of the girls. They both laughed at the timing. Just then Malcom and Janet came through the door, looking 'refreshed' after some late afternoon sex. Mynka waved them over.

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