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Hosting the Coach


My family signed up to host members of a Danish girls soccer team that was visiting our soccer club as part of a yearly exchange program. We have a fairly large house and agreed to host both a player and a coach. It turns out that Ria and Marika were sisters. Marika played on the U-17 girls team and Ria is a 21 years old assistant coach for the team. Ria also played in college in the United States for one year before homesickness drove her back to Denmark. The schedule called for both of them to spend two weeks with us and then Marika would return home and Ria would stay with another family for an additional two weeks and help out with a boys team that was coming over from her club.

Ria and Marika were 4 years apart in age but looked almost identical. Ria was an inch or two taller at about 5'4" but otherwise they were both blonde with a very stocky build. My daughter Amy got along wonderfully with Marika and within a day they were out doing things with other members of the teams. They were also playing in soccer matches almost every day. Ria coached and socialized with the other coaches but she chose not to hang around with the younger girls so that her younger sister could have a little freedom.

Ria was a lot of fun to have around our house and she never failed to make my wife and I laugh usually over something that was lost in translation. Ria and Marika were fascinated by the idea that we had our own pool in the backyard and they spent much of their free time either swimming or laying out. Both had brought one-piece swimsuits and one of the unwritten goals of the entire Danish contingent was to get a good suntan while they were in the states. It was an obsession and Ria and Marika were no different. Amy who was a little bit smaller in every area than the two Danes offered up two of her bikinis so they could pursue their tanning goals with the proper attire.

It was the second day they were there when I first saw Ria in my daughter's bikini and it is a sight I will never forget. The bikini was white and it was clearly too small for Ria. The top stretched across her breasts and had to constantly be adjusted to keep too much from showing. The bottoms were simply stunning. Ria's butt and thighs are very muscular and she was packed into the bikini bottoms.

My wife Karen who is wide open with comments about other women commented upon seeing her, "It doesn't leave much to the imagination does it?"

"Nope, I think I know what she looks like naked." I responded with a chuckle.

Ria's lower body was very attractive but unusual. She had the very strong haunches of a soccer player but not an ounce of fat on her stomach or thighs. What was truly unique was the size of her pubic mound. Her pussy literally stuck out further than any woman I had ever seen and my daughter's bikini clung to her and created a very pronounced crease. It was difficult to keep my eyes off of her.

I work from home so every day when the girls would come back from the fields for their midday break I would get to see Ria in her bikini. Their tans were an ongoing joke amongst the players as their fair skin did not bronze easily and their soccer shorts caused a ridiculous tan line.

I was enjoying myself during that first week but it was all very innocent. I typically give my daughter one of my famous foot massages after she has played a match and by the middle of that first week I was giving them to Marika and Ria as well. They had fit in nicely into our home and everyone including my wife was enjoying their company. They loved being in the States and our personalities were a great fit. I could tell that Ria was very fond of me. Not in a sexual way but I would catch her looking at me at odd times and she always laughed a little harder at my jokes than when others told them. My wife teased me saying that both of them had a crush on me. I laughed it off but there was no doubt that Ria liked having me around.

On Friday afternoon of the first week I was working from home when the girls arrived home from training. Ria went out to the pool and Amy and Marika drove off to meet some of their teammates. I went out to the pool to give Ria a beer and was disappointed to see that she was laying out in her bikini top but with shorts on. She thanked me for the beer and told me she had not used sunscreen on her thighs the day before and they were so sunburned that she could not take her shorts off. I nearly fell off my chair when she pulled her soccer short up and revealed her reddish pink skin on her upper thighs.

I told her to come with me and I would fix her up. I took her in our master bathroom and got out a bottle of aloe.

"What is that?" Ria said with her adorable accent.

"Sunburn medicine." I said as I removed the cap and sat on my foot stool.

Ria stepped out of her soccer shorts and stood in front of me. I squirted the aloe into my right hand, rubbed my hands together and began to rub the lotion into her thighs. The view was incredible as I spread the aloe over the front and back of each thigh. Her white bikini was only inches from my face and as I spun her around I got an eyeful of her mound and her ass. I was careful not to rub too closely to her bikini area and she appeared to think my actions were completely innocent.

"I am also going to give you the right sunscreen so this does not happen again." I said as I ran my hands over her.

It occurred to me that if Karen or the girls heard about this it would be difficult to explain. My wife knew me too well to think this was just a good deed.

I looked up and said, "Ria, I should have asked before I put this on you myself."

"No, no, it is alright." Ria replied trying hard to dismiss my concern.

"I really didn't think about it but I am not sure what Karen and the girls would think about it." I responded and intentionally gave her a very worried look.

In her cute Danish accent she eased my worries by replying, "You are being silly but I will not say anything. It is like a foot massage, OK."

For days I replayed the aloe incident in my mind and relished the memory of touching her thighs and her being so close to me.

The next week was the last week that they would be staying at our house and Marika was flying home on Sunday. I continued to enjoy Ria in her bikini and an occasional short foot massage but the week was uneventful. Karen continued teasing me about the girls having a crush on me and I would playfully respond that it made perfect sense that they would be enamored with a handsome and fit older gentlemen.

Ria seemed to be having a great time. She was very relaxed with our family and evenings were spent eating, drinking a few beers, and sometimes swimming. I think we were all saddened by the thought of Marika going home and Ria moving to another host family. It was my wife who suggested that if Ria wanted to stay with us for the following two weeks we would be more than happy to have her. I ran it by the club and the other family and it was agreed that we would let Ria decide. I asked Ria when she came in from the pool and she jumped at the offer. In fact she jumped into my arms and gave me a big hug. She was truly elated to be staying with us and we were thrilled as well.

Things changed dramatically the last night that Marika was in town. My wife who is an event planner and often out of town on weekends was in San Antonio through Monday and on Saturday night there was a farewell party at one of Amy's teammates house. The party was fun but fairly low key. The adults, Ria included had many beers and the two teams ate and swapped stories from their two weeks together. I drove all of us back to our place around 10pm and as soon as we got out of the car all three of them raced upstairs to change and go for a swim. I was feeling pretty good after several beers and decided to join them.

Swimming at night is really energizing and we immediately began playing a game of basketball on the floating goal. It is not really basketball but more like rugby with a hoop. Ria and Marika challenged me and Amy in what they dubbed as the first ever world cup final of pool basketball between Denmark and the USA. Ria was guarding me and as soon as I got the ball she was all over me. All I could think of was her body, in her too small bikini, wrapped around me trying to pry the ball loose. With the courage of a few beers I played aggressively as well and had my hands all over Ria when she had the ball. There was no doubt in my mind that she knew this was a little more than an innocent game.

I bailed out of the game mainly so my daughter would not get suspicious and made my way to our hot tub. In the summer we kept the water lukewarm but it felt great in the cool of the evening. The girls joined me and I fetched a couple of beers for me and Ria and ginger ales for Amy and Marika. We chatted for a while and the girls decided they had to get out and make sure Marika was packed and ready for her trip the next day. I was left alone in the hot tub.

As I sat under the stars drinking beer and enjoying myself, Ria came back out to the hot tub smiling and holding two more beers. She jumped in and told me that Amy and Marika were having fun and she did not want to be a third wheel. I could tell she was a little tipsy by the way she was talking. Whenever she was a little drunk she would be very demanding in very cute sort of way. Her accent made it adorable.

"I want a foot massage." She demanded playfully as she put her feet in my lap.

I knew this was a turning point because I knew myself well enough to know my hands would roam beyond her feet, especially unseen under the swirling water.

"I will give you a short one." I responded in a feeble attempt to act like I had control.

As I started rubbing her feet I asked her if she was excited to stay with us and she said she was so happy. We continued chatting and drinking as my hands moved to her calves. While that does not sound bold I had never extended my foot massage above her ankles. She did not resist in the slightest and as we talked I moved above her knee. I knew I had to say something.

"You know I should probably not be rubbing your thighs don't you?" I said to her.

With her beer bottle tucked under her lips and with a look of girly mischief she responded, "You have rubbed them before."

"That was different." I said. "You had a sunburn."

"Well, you did it once and I liked it so it is OK if you do it again." She replied.

Ria playfully tapped me on the head with her beer bottle and said, "You Americans worry too much."

So I continued to rub her legs and worked high on her thigh. I could tell that she was going to let me put my hands anywhere I wanted but I could not bring myself to move them to her pussy. I had a full erection but I could not touch her there while sitting in my back yard hot tub with my daughter in the house.

"I don't think I should go any further." I whispered to her.

Ria reached under the water and grabbed my hand and pulled it to her crotch. "Just for a minute." She said as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

I ran my hand over the thin fabric of her bathing suit mound and got my first feel of the slit I had seen pressed against her bikini for the last two weeks. Ria opened her legs for me and I continued to rub my finger up and down the outside of her bikini. I pushed my hand in through the leg hole moved my hand over her opening. I could feel the hair on her pussy and it surprised me. I thought from looking at her in her bikini that she was shaved. Ria's face was showing her pleasure and I knew I had to stop this before my daughter came out.

"We can't do this here." I said as I removed her legs from my lap. "Let's go inside and see what the girls are doing." I said taking control of the situation.

Ria followed me out of the hot tub and into the house. I was frazzled and I busied myself in the kitchen as Ria went upstairs to check on Amy and Marika. She returned twenty minutes later wearing a night shirt that came down to about mid thigh. She had rinsed in her shower and looked fresh and dry.

"They are in bed talking." Ria said to me while standing in the doorway to our kitchen. "I think they will be asleep in a few minutes."

I looked at her but did not say a thing. I honestly was not sure where I wanted this to go but she looked so inviting with her shirt hugging her body. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hard and pressing against the thin material of her shirt. I knew that she would be driving things from here on.

"Let me go change clothes." I said and as I walked by her I instructed her to check on the girls again.

I took a quick shower and took stock of the fact that I had the opportunity to fuck a 21 year-old houseguest. I knew it was risky but I sensed I could trust her. I knew I was going to do it. I changed into a loose pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt and returned to our living room. Ria appeared from the kitchen and motioned me to follow her down to our playroom in the basement. I followed her onto the stairs and she turned to lock the door behind us.

"The girls are asleep." She said as she locked the door and turned to kiss me.

I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. "Can you keep a secret?" I said as I pulled away from her mouth.

"Yes." She said as she pulled me back toward her.

We kissed our way down the stairs and we fumbled our way to the L-shaped couch in the middle of the room. I sat on the couch and she immediately knelt on top of me. Our hands were moving furiously as we pulled our shirts off and I moved my mouth to her rock hard nipples while my right hand cupped her pubic mound over her flimsy nylon panties. She ground herself into my hand as her hips rocked back and forth and I waisted no time in pulling her panties to the side and sliding my finger back and forth over the length of her slit. She was dripping wet and my finger pushed into her fully lubricated pussy causing her to gasp with pleasure. I worked my shorts down to knees and she moved my cock head to her opening. We were frantic in our desire to get me inside of her and she quickly began rocking down on me as more and more of my length slid inside her.

"Are you on the pill?" I asked as I felt my orgasm coming on.

"Yes." She gasped. "Come inside me."

I reached up to her shoulders and pulled her down on me with all my power as my cock exploded inside of her. She groaned with pleasure and continued to move on top of me until she was sure I was completely spent.

Regret began to invade my thoughts even as her sweet skin lay against me and my cock remained inside her.

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