tagMatureHot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 05

Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 05


If you enjoy this story please revisit my previous series "Naughty High Class Mom pt. 1&2. under author hotteeat60.

Continued from Chapter 4

Within two months of moving to Miami I became engaged to a guy I met in a very up scale club in Miami during spring break. I was introduced to him by a modeling friend. I learned that his name was Ken and that he was in his final year of law school from an Ivy League law school. I thought he was cute but a little nerdy. Ken stands about 6 feet and has light blond hair. While I was dating Ken I had learned that he did not see his dad much while growing up because he lived with his mother and step dad in Seattle while his father lived in LA. I had seen a picture of Ken's dad and noted the similarity in there looks, but this photo clearly showed that it was his father that was in great shape especially for a 59 year old man! Even though Ken's dad was 59, he looked like he could have passed for his brother. It was a picture of the two of them on his father's yacht during the summer. I noted that his father did not have the same nerdy features as Ken in fact his father had a very distinguished look. Even in the photo it was obvious that my future father in law exuded a confidence and an animalistic sexuality. I couldn't help but think to myself saying, 'Wow, Ken's father is so fucking sex'

I could not get over the fact that he was 59 years old. He looked more like a distinguished corporate man in his early forties at the most. The father and son were dressed in their swimsuits and I was very impressed with his dad's physique. I thought to myself again, 'Fuck, his dad is not only very sexy, but he's in great shape too.' I kept looking at the picture and took mental notes.He looked like he worked out a lot, where as Ken did not have much definition to him, although he was tall and slender like his dad. There was also a girl my age in the picture. She was slender with dark hair.

I asked Ken if that was his girlfriend and he surprised me by saying she was with his father. She was a new girl who worked in his father's sales company. When I asked if they were together as a couple Ken just smirked and said, "Knowing his father they would be a couple for the weekend."

I learned that Kens dad liked to date frequently and was always with someone different. I also learned that he enjoyed the company of younger females. I started to think to myself that these girls must also enjoy being with such a handsome and very successful man themselves. I learned that his parents were divorced when he was young and his father never remarried, but was always entertaining young impressionable girls. If Ken's dad wasn't so handsome I would have thought that the girls would be just after his money. I had learned that his father was very charming, but was also very ruthless in business. This was a big difference in his son. Ken was almost docile where as his father was very aggressive.

Even though I thought Ken was a little nerdy, the fact that he was going to graduate from an Ivy League law school and that he had a wealthy father made me think twice about him. Even though I was only 18 I knew that this was going to be a great opportunity for me to climb the social ladder.

By the end of Spring break our relationship was getting serious. We were in contact constantly and he would tell me how much he missed me. When Ken came back to Miami a month later he proposed to me. I knew marrying Ken would be a great status move up so I accepted.

We made plans to get married in a few months, right after he graduated law school. During those few months I must confess to being very naughty a few times to advance my modeling career. I fucked that photographer from the shoot in Puerto Rico and few ad agents who gave me the cover shots to their magazines or calendars. I could only imagine what Ken would have thought as he was studying all night long for his bar exam while his darling, loyal fiancé was in bed fucking and sucking an ad agent all night long. I have always been quite grown up for my age and because I developed a body that all men wanted to fuck by the age of 15, I was always aware of how I could use it for my benefit and to elevate my career.

I began to relive a wild experience I just had with an older ad agent I fucked two days ago. He was from Germany and was casting a model for a major campaign for a trendy European sports car from Germany. They were looking for an ultra sexy model. There were 10 models being considered for the ad and I was one of them. I really wanted this job because it was very high profile.

He was a very distinguished looking older German man, and I was surprised to learn that he was 64 years old. He looked much younger and was in great shape. He only stood at 5' 6" in fact when I had my high heels on I towered over him by five inches. Although he was not that tall you knew instantly that he was a man who commanded attention. He exuded power! When I came into his office he was dressed sharply in a very expensive European tailored suit. For the interview I wore a sheer white see through blouse without a bra and a pair of white skin tight ultra shorts and a pair of classic black high heels. When I came out of the fitting room his eyes were all over my body, instantly scanning every inch of my long shapely legs to my sinfully long dark brown nipples that poked through the thin material of my blouse obscenely. The sight of my great big nipples piercing through the sheer material of my blouse gave the ad agent the impression that I was turned on, and this was exactly what I wanted him to think.

As he stood at the edge of his desk he had me walk slowly and assume various poses as he watched with his trained eyes fixed on my long sexy body. At one point I put one of my black high heels over the other and bent forward slightly as I ran a manicured finger nail up the back of my long slender crisscrossed legs.

As I leaned forward my ultra tight shorts rode up high and exposed my nice, firm 18 year old round ass cheeks to the 64 year old German ad agent. I was pleased when I heard him groan and say, "Oh yessssss…. very nice. You are very sexy baby."

As I walked sexily before him I noticed a very prominent bulge in his pants. I decided to turn up the heat so I walked in front of him seductively. The sound of my high heels clicking on the tile floor with each step was adding a sexy hot tension in the room. The older German ad agents' eyes went from my black high heels to the tops of my long legs. His eyes were scanning my body as if I was on display for his enjoyment. He was being very obvious about leering at me slowly up and down my perfect body and I had to admit it was really turning me on. I continued to walk seductively around the room for another ten minutes as I struck several naughty poses to tease him even more and make him crazy for me.

I went from one end of the room slowing clicking my high heels deliberately then leaned forward over the sofa. I then put one of my black high heels over the other and turned to one side slightly so the sexy older ad agent could see my profile and my long sexy legs.

As I leaned forward my ultra tight shorts rose up over my perfect round ass cheeks, which exposed most of my entire smooth perfect ass to him. I stood there in this sinful pose with my black high heel pumps crossed over each other and my long smooth legs clearly reviled in a sexy position for his viewing while my skin tight shorts ran up high over my ass cheeks.

As the 64 year old German ad agent stood confidently leaning at the edge of the desk he said in a sly tone, which suggested he knew my motives and that he enjoyed knowing that we were going to be fucking soon, "Oh yes, you do know you are very sexy body don't you baby." He added heatedly, "I like that quality in a young girl, and I can see you are enjoying putting on this sexy show for me too, aren't you baby?"

At this point I looked back at the ad agent and what was a large bulge in his pants a few minutes ago was now something that looked frighteningly huge! The front of his pants were billowing out almost a foot long down the front of his tailored pant leg while the huge girth pushed out from his pants about 4 inches! As I looked on in disbelief I began walking towards him anxious to see that huge bulge up close. Oh god, I was getting anxious to play with it, anxious to blow it and oh so anxious to fuck it! As I smirked I said, "Oh yes baby, I do know I'm sexy, and now I want to show you and that huge bulge in your pants just how sexy I can be."

When I approached him I ran the palm of my hand against his bulging crotch. He was moaning in a low throaty groan as I continued to run my long manicured nails seductively along the huge bulging shaft that was obscenely pushing against the confines of his expensive European business suit. As I continued to run the tip of my nail along his huge bulge I thought to myself saying, 'Oh fuuuuck this guy has a huge cock.'

I then turned so that my ass was brushing against his crotch. I crossed one high heel over the other which raised my hot shapely ass up against his frighteningly huge cock. I then put both of my hands on his thighs then pressed my scorching ass against his huge hard on. Once his huge fuck pole was wedged between my sexy ass cheeks I began to slide up and down the huge cock as we thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure my turned on ass was giving his great big German cock. As I teasingly rode the front of his huge cock between my sexy ass cheeks through my ultra tight shorts, I thought to myself saying, 'Oh fuck, this guy's cock is s even bigger then Earls.'

As I began slowly moving my turned on ass up and down the length of the distinguished older ad agents bulging shaft I began to moan, "Oh baby, your cock feels soooooo fucking huge." I began to moan in a guttural confident voice saying, "Does that great big cock like what it sees baby? Does it like the way my hot 18 year old ass slides up and down your great big fucking shaft baby?"

He was groaning, "Ooooohhhhh yeeeessss….Yeeeeessss baby that ass is perfect." I could feel his huge hard on throbbing each time my ass ran up then down his shaft. Having this enormous sexy older cock wedged between my firm young ass cheeks was driving me wild. I then turned my face to the side and said in a wicked confident voice, "Ummmmm, you like the way my sexy ass is jerking off your great big cock…..Oh yeah you do…..Don't you baby?"

He immediately turned me around to face him and we began hotly kissing each other. It was so sexy, especially since I was 18 and he was a much older man at 64. It made it even hotter and sexier knowing I was about to fuck a man who was 46 years older then me. Our mouths were wide open and our tongues were flicking wildly across each others.

The German ad agent had his hands all over my excited body. He began pinching my inch long nipples through the sheer material of my blouse then began putting his mouth over each nipple and began hungrily sucking each one until I was about to burst in wild lust. He was going crazy sucking each of my inch long nipples through the sheer material of my blouse.

In a German accent he said, "Fuck your nipples are so big for such a young girl. I've never seen nipples this big on such a young girl. I love your big sexy nipples. They are telling me that you are very horny to fuck my great big cock. Aren't you baby?"

I responded in a throaty voice, "Ohhh yes baby, I'm so fucking hot for this great big cock of yours. I want to fuck it so bad baby. Fuck it and blow it just the way you like baby. Just the way you like."

He was working me into frenzy as his saliva made my blouse look like I was in a wet t-shirt contest. As he played with my big aching nipples this way I continued running my palm over his huge confined cock. I could feel it pulsing with a need to be released. As I continued stroking his huge cock he would go from pinching my big hard inch long nipples to sucking them through the sheer wet material of my blouse then we would meet for a feverous open mouth kiss. Our tongue kiss was so sinful. This was not a kiss of passion; it was a sex kiss between an 18 year old girl and a man old enough to be her grand father.

I began to moan saying, "Oh baby you're driving fucking me crazy. Let me blow your great big cock baby…. Let me suck it off for you….. Oh baby-- I need to blow that huge fucking cock. "

He began to get very aggressive as he pulled my hair and demanded more of our hot kissing. Our tongues were all the way out of our mouths, and were flying across each others like two angry snakes.

He then said angrily, and quite confidently as he began pulling his zipper down then forcefully pulled down his pants, "Yes you sexy young bitch, now you're going to suck all over this 13 inch cock."

When he ripped off his pants his huge cock leaped out wildly over a foot from his body! "Oooooohhh fuuuck I groaned," as he began to laugh almost sadistically while I looked in disbelief at his huge staggering cock with both shock and delight. I couldn't believe my eyes. Not only was his cock bigger then Earls, but it was noticeably bigger in width!

He snarled arrogantly saying, "Yes this is the big cock that you're going to remember fucking every day of your life baby."

As I looked at his great big cock with both shock and excitement on my face, I thought to myself, 'I'll bet hundreds of girls heard the same thing and are still thinking about the German ad agents' great big cock.' It was so fat and long with thick blue veins that ran along the side in an almost freakish maze. It also looked so powerful and threatening. I've seen my share of cocks including Earls 12 inch monster, but the older ad agent was fucking HUGE! With all the wild veins that ran around, gave it a grotesque image. It wasn't like all of the silky cocks I was used to fucking including my fiancés. Maybe it was because he was older. This grotesque sight was turning me on like crazy.

As I watched with fascination as this distinguished 64 year old man fisted his big fat 13 inch cock in his hand I moaned and kissed him and said, "Oh baby I'm getting so fucking wet just watching you pump that huge cock of yours…. That's so fucking sexy baby….. Sooooo fucking sexy….Yeah...keep pumpin that great big fat cock."

As he fisted it angrily he said in an arrogant German accent, "Its 13 fucking inch's baby. Now come here and put that nasty, sexy 18 year old mouth all over this big cock"

Here I was engaged to be married in a week and I was about to fuck a man old enough that he could easily be my father-in- law not my fiancé! This was so fucking hot, so sexy to be with such a powerful, successful older man with such a huge sexy cock.

We both knew this was going to be a great fuck, a fuck that would easily go on all night. As I knelt down on my high heels so eager to blow him, so eager to please his big fat cock, I began kissing it up and down and over every delicious inch. I looked up at him slyly and said, "Oh baby your big cock is so fucking sexy….. It's soooooooo fucking huge…. This is the biggest cock I've ever played with baby…..This is the biggest cock I've ever blown!"

As I continued kissing and uttering comments about how huge his cock was and how much I loved playing with it he picked up the phone and told his secretary who was in the outer office to cancel all of the other models. He told her he had found just who he was looking for. He then told her to go home for the day and to take tomorrow off. As he said this I looked up at him smiling slyly and began flicking my burning tongue wildly over his big cock head.

As soon as he hung up the phone with his secretary I looked up with lust and said, "I hope you told her we were going to be fucking all night baby, because I've never had a cock this fucking big and I want to play with it and fuck it all night lover." I then went to work on his massive 13 inch hard on, as I licked all around his big cock head then down to his hanging balls. When I reached his balls I began kissing them saying, "Oh baby you have such a beautiful pair of balls….I love sucking your big sexy balls."

I began sucking them into my burning 18 year old mouth and began pulling and stretching them while I moaned, "Ummmmmm your balls are so big baby…. I can't wait to drain all the hot cum out of these great big balls of yours baby." As I sucked his big balls I pressed his huge cock against his chest. The German ad agent had such a big cock that it towered up his chest to the bottom of his pectoral muscles!

As I tugged on his sexy balls my hand began to fist his huge shaft and pump it up and down teasingly as I continued to work on his balls with my mouth and tongue.

He was enjoying this attention to his big cock and said, "Ohhhhh, that's nice the way you play with my big fat cock…. For such a young girl you know your way around a big cock," I looked up at him with a sly smile as if to say, 'Oh, you know me to well baby.' I then teased his giant cock as I licked up and down his huge pulsing shaft and said in a throaty voice, "Wait until you see how much I know about fucking this big fat cock baby."

I continued to work on the 64 year old German ad agents cock for almost an hour as I drove him crazy by the ways I was pumping and licking his huge cock. I teased him by taking my hands away as I licked all over his huge shaft with my hot flicking tongue as I looked up at him sinfully. I flicked at it wildly as I looked up at him with lust in my eyes without touching it with my hands.

I just used my tongue flicking all over the huge shaft wildly and then running the tip up and down teasingly over the maze of blue veins that ran along sides of his shaft. Every few minutes I would look up with a sly look on my face an utter, "Soooo fucking big…. Ohhhhh your cock is sooooo fucking big baby."

At one point I felt his hands wrap around my pony tail and he pulled me up to him. I knew he needed to kiss again, and so did I. After blowing and teasing his huge cock for almost an hour we both needed to kiss again. While our tongues met for that wild kiss I took his huge shaft in my hands and pumped it lovingly.

After about 15 minutes of our sexy kissing the older ad agent spit into my mouth a few times and said heatedly, "Now go put my spit on my big cock and get it nice and wet baby."

Oh god when he spit into my mouth I almost came! He was so nasty, I've never been with someone this aggressive and nasty before, and I was loving every depraved second of it. Even Earl wasn't as nasty as the German ad agent. With this 64 year old man it was clearly all about his pleasure and what his frighteningly huge 13 inch cock demanded and deserved.

I then went back down, squatting on my black high heels and began spitting all over his huge cock. As it got wetter, saliva began to run off the sides and I quickly tried to catch the long drops before they hit the tiled floor.

I was insane with lust as he said, "Oh yeeessss, you sexy 18 year old bitch….That's how you make love to a real big cock… Ohhh I could tell you like my big cock baby… You are such a sexy young slut….A perfect teen slut for my great big cock."

After I had his huge cock dripping all over the floor with his saliva mixed with mine I went back up and kissed him until he spit in my mouth again, then I went back down and repeated blowing his 13 inch monster and spitting all over it again and again. After an hour of this deranged play we both had a need to see his big cock shoot. As I was licking and spitting all over his great big cock my hands were aggressively jacking his throbbing shaft. As I vigorously pumped it off, pre cum began to trickle out of his wide slit. As his pre cum dripped through my vigorous hands I was able to squeeze harder and pump faster.

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