Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 05


The slippery wet sounds of my hand jacking his huge cock were turning me on and making me desperate to have him pop for me. As his moans grew louder I began to taunt, "Ummmmm baby, I think you're ready to drop a nice big load for me. I kissed his huge cock head and said, "Ooooohhhhh…. yeah baby, let it go baby….Let it pop off for me….. I'm so fucking hot to watch your great big cock cum…. I love pumping off your great big sexy cock baby…. Let me jack this huge cock through a nice big shoot baby."

The lustful way I was jerking and blowing the older ad agents' huge shaft finally caused him to groan and say, "Oooohhh yeeeeessss…. It's fucking time to show you baby."

I said encouragingly as I pumped his now throbbing 13 inch hard on my hand faster and faster, "Ooohhhhh yeah, let it go baby….Drop your big hot load for me."

Suddenly, a long rope of cum shot out, which almost caused his huge shaft to snap from my grasp. It flew out nearly ten feet, followed by a second, then a third and fourth blast. I frantically continued fisting his spurting shaft, eager to drain it dry.

The 64 year old ad agent was going crazy as burst after burst of long hot ropes of cum flew out of his pulsing shaft. He leaned back then shouted, "Ohhhh yeeesssss, keep stroking my big cock…. get it all. Ahhhh fuuuuck yeeeeessss…. Your so hot baby."

As he shot burst after burst I uttered shockingly, "Ohhh fuck, your big cock is so fucking sexy baby…. I love watching your hot cum explode for me."

Just feeling such a powerful cock shoot while my hands were pleasing it made me shutter in a wild orgasm myself. I came so hard from just stroking his massive 13 inch shaft. After I came I thought to myself, 'This is the type of reaction every woman must have when she has his great big cock to play with.'

After ten amazing blast of cum leapt out of his huge cock he immediately pulled me up to him and we engaged in another wanton tongue kiss. This was not a tender loving or passionate kiss, this was a sinful kiss between a sexy young 18 year old model looking to get ahead and a confident 64 year old man with a giant cock, combined with an arrogant, powerful attitude knowing that he demanded this type of fucking, and always got what he wanted.

We continued our sinful tongue kiss for about ten minutes as our hands explored each others turned on bodies. He then led me almost forcefully to his big desk. As he guided me to the desk I looked at his giant cock and almost came as I stared at it and thought, 'Fuck even now just the way that big cock hangs down between his legs like that is so fucking powerful and sexy. God, even hanging half-hard like that, almost 12 inches is so amazingly powerful.'

I thought to myself that having a cock like this is such an amazing turn on to women. It shows that he's a man of power and that he could have any women or, in my case any sexy teenage girl he wants, and all on his terms. When a mans cock hangs down nine or ten inches when soft it sends a message that he is a man of power and confidence, not like guys who shrink down to one or two inches after they cum. It's almost laughable when you're with these high powered guys and you see their smallish cocks shrunk down to about two inches. It makes you so unimpressed with there success. Whereas a guy this hung actually makes you cum just by looking at his cock in a relaxed state.

As I went to sit on the edge of the desk thinking he wanted to fuck me, he pulled me off and had me face the desk then slapped my ass which drew a moan from me. He immediately went down on his knees and started kissing my ass through the thin material of my ultra thin tight shorts. As he did this for a few minutes his hands were reaching up and puling on my swollen distended nipples. I was going wild and then he grabbed my tight shorts and pulled them down to my black high heels. I lifted one high heel and then the 64 year old German ad agent removed my shorts over my black pumps. I was now standing in my black high heels while leaning over the desk as my ass proudly stuck out in front of his face.

He began spanking my ass saying in his German accent, "Oh you're a naughty young girl who likes fucking older men with big cocks don't you baby?"

I moaned saying, "Oh yeeeesssss baby.... You're so sexy and your cock is soooooooo fucking big baby."

As I went on about how much older men turned me on he began spreading my ass cheeks and began licking then tongue fucking my turned on ass forcefully. As the older German ad agent stabbed my ass with his piercing tongue he moaned saying, "Oh yes…., you have such a delicious and sexy ass baby."

God, I was moaning out loud as I was thinking about how aggressive he was at taking me and getting whatever he wanted. I was also going crazy knowing that he had a huge cock and that I was going to be fucking it. God, I was going wild with lust!

As his long tongue violently stabbed into my dark brown tight asshole his fingers began playing with my long my pussy lips. He used his thumb and index finger to rub my fuck lips together as if he was jerking my pussy lips off.

This was such an exquisite feeling that I moaned lustfully saying, "Oh fuck….That feels sooooo fucking good baby." He then took his fingers and began stretching my lips apart then ran his hot tongue from my ass to my long distended clit. My clit felt so exposed, as he flicked the tip of his hot tongue against it. As his tongue flicked away at my clit I moaned lustfully saying, "Ohhhh fuck your tongue feels soooo fucking good on my hard clit baby….You've got me so fucking hot….So fucking worked up baby."

The older German ad agent had an incredible way with using his mouth and tongue. He was really fucking me up. After a while he went back to fucking my hot ass with that deep probing tongue fuck, while his fingers played with my big hanging clit. He then began inserting a finger into my wet ass as his mouth and tongue worked on my sex starved pussy.

I was going crazy and whimpered, "Oh baby, you've got me so fucked up…..Your mouth is driving me crazy baby."

Here was a 64 year old man going down on my 18 year old pussy and ass better than any guy my age ever has, especially my fiancé. He knew he had me all fucked up. This is how he fucked all his girls. He knew his great big cock was something that every girl would adore fucking and he used his mouth and tongue exactly how he used his huge cock. This is just how he liked to fuck. He was giving me what he wanted, all on his terms and I was loving every fucking second of it.

This wild ass and pussy tongue fucking went on for over an hour and I thought I was going to die if he didn't get me off soon. Every time I told him I needed to cum he would stand and kiss me and said demandingly, "Taste your delicious ass on my mouth baby…Taste that hot ass and pussy."

We kissed like two sex starved animals and I was moaning like crazy as I tasted my ass and pussy on his mouth. As we desperately kissed the German ad agent was pinching my inch long nipples with one hand as the other was fingering my ass with his thumb and my pussy with his long middle finger. We kissed for fifteen minutes as his hands continued working my 18 year old body into a sex crazed frenzy. He then pulled his fingers out of my ass and pussy and made me suck on them. I was delirious with lust and eagerly sucked his fingers madly. I loved tasting my lust filled juices and licking them off his fingers. It was so nasty how we were playing with each other; so depraved.

He then spun me around and pulled my hair and as my head snapped back and he kissed my neck then my mouth and snarled, "Yes baby, now I'll go back to your wild ass and get it off baby."

I was delirious as he threw me forward over the desk then bent over and began fucking my explosive pussy and ass again with his tongue. With a sex crazed look I snarled, "Ohhh fuck… I'm so fucking hot…..So fucking hot…Your driving me crazy baby…..Ohhhh god,I'm gonna pop from my ass and my pussy all over your mouth, you sexy bastard you."

The 64 year old German was now going wild on my young 18 year old ass and pussy and judging by the sounds he was making, told me he loved eating me from behind this way. It was so wild to be in getting the tongue fucking of my life by a man that was 46 years older then me. It was such a turn on the way he was playing with my pussy and ass, and the fact that he was so much older then me added to this lust crazed scene.

When he came up for one more kiss it was to tell me that he need to taste my ass and pussy and wanted me to explode all over his face. We kissed like animals for a few more seconds and then he spun me around and went back down on my cum filled ass and pussy.

The German add agent told me to bend forward and cross my legs. I immediately put one black high heel pump over the other which totally exposed my brown asshole to him and caused my fuck lips to push way out. The older add agent said confidently, "Yes baby now I'm going to make your pussy and ass cum the way I want you to."

His hands and mouth were all over my ass and pussy now, he had me going fucking insane as his tongue fucked into my soaking wet asshole then went deep into my cum filled pussy. He then focused his tongue on my engorged clit while one hand pulled and played with my swollen inch long nipples and the other hand fingered my burning ass. I was now seconds away from an orgasm I was almost afraid to have.

The 64 year old German ad agent said confidently, "Yeah that's it baby, build up your sexy young pussy and get ready to explode… I want your young pussy to cum all over my face you young sexy bitch."

I couldn't hold back another second and moaned deliriously, "Ohhhhh fuck…Here I cum baby."

The back of my high heels came off the floor then clicked back down as my body began to convulse and spasm hungrily. Suddenly I felt an orgasm shoot through me like I never experienced. I felt cum exploding from my ass and my pussy at he same time. The ad agent was thoroughly enjoying this. I'm sure he brought off all of his girls this way.

He was urging me on as his tongue and fingers assaulted my pussy and ass saying, "That's right you sexy young bitch, let that wild ass and pussy cum."

For the next few minutes I was delirious, trembling uncontrollably and moaned, "Ahhhhhhh …So fucking gooood…. So fucking gooood."

He knew he was controlling me and wouldn't let it end. He began finger fucking me faster and faster as he said insistently, "Don't fucking stop baby….Keep that wild pussy and ass cumming….DONT FUCKING STOP!"

As my body shuttered through the volcanic orgasm the German ad agent stood and proceeded to finger fuck my pussy and ass and rub my hard clit with his thumb. Here I was standing 6' tall in my black high heels, 6 inches taller then the German ad agent which gave him easy access to my scorching ass and pussy. I tilted my head down and we met for a sexy kiss as he spit into my mouth causing me to suck his tongue and as he drove his fingers into my convulsing pussy and ass.

He snarled at me causing me to continue my orgasm and bring me to a more depraved level saying, "Keep that ass and pussy cumming baby….Don't fucking stop cumming you sexy bitch"

He kept pounding his fingers into me relentlessly and kissing me as I continued to cum. He remembered me talking to my fiancé and began toying with me saying, "So you like fucking a big cock while your fiancé is away …Don't you baby… You know his cock is much to small to drive your pussy this crazy. Your pussy needs a big cock to fuck baby…A real mans big cock."

He then really twisted me as he began talking about my father- in – law saying, "Maybe his father has a real big cock that you would love to fuck baby…Would you like to fuck his fathers cock? ....Oh yes I think you would baby."

I moaned as I thought about what he was saying to me. It was true that my fiancé had an average sized cock like most men, but the ad agent suddenly had me thinking about my father-in-law, and what his cock would look like, and taste like.

The German ad agent was pushing all of my buttons and he knew it too. He then turned me on even more and said, "Oh yes baby your cumming so good, maybe it's your father-in-law your thinking about fucking….Are you baby? ....Are you thinking of your father-in-laws fingers and big cock fucking you baby?"

I lost it and shuddered even harder as I began to think about my father-in-law fucking me, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh …..Yeesssss baby, I'm thinking about fucking him... I'm thinking about my father-in-laws big cock baby."

The German ad agent then pushed me up onto the desk and took his huge angry cock in his fist and brought it to the opening of my wet pussy. Even his hand looked tiny in comparison to his huge 13 inch cock. His big cock looked so angry to fuck, it needed to fuck and I was going crazy to fuck it too.

I put one of my black high heel pumps up on the edge of the desk as he began pushing his great big 13inch cock into my tight hot 18 year old pussy. He was so aggressive.

He said his big cock needed to fuck and I was so turned on I said, "Oh baby give me that big fucking cock of yours….Show me how your great big cock fucks."

The German ad agent was wild with lust and that angry cock began pushing into my tight 18 year old pussy with one thing in mind: To please his huge cock and not to care about pounding and ripping apart my tight 18 year old pussy. It was his turn now, and with no concern for my pussy he began aggressively forcing that monster into me.

The German ad agent was snarling at me saying, "Yes baby… now you're going to feel my big fucking cock….Your so fucking sexy…..So young and sexy ….My big cock is very turned to you baby."

I knew that there was no preparing for such a big cock. I thought back to the times when Earl was so turned on with my body, and when he got that same angry look on his face, that there was no preparing myself for such a huge cock.

My pussy was so wet and excited from just having cum that I just let him take me. I wanted that 13 inch cock in me so bad that I put my hand around his narrow waist and helped push him forward. I groaned, "Ohhhhhh baby your cock is fucking huge…..So fucking big baby….Take my 18 year old pussy with your huge cock lover. Make it yours baby"

The ad agent fucked his big cock into me angrily then leaned over and we began kissing wildly. His gigantic cock was aggressively fucking into me as I tried to keep my high heel anchored to the edge of the desk. His great big cock began to pry my pussy lips apart and as he ruthlessly fucked into my scorching 18 teenage pussy. My pussy was so wet and so turned on that it clung to his massive cock like a second skin. When he pulled his big cock back, my pussy felt as if it was been stretched a mile as it stayed glued to his big shaft. Once it reached his cock head the 64 year old German ad agent pounded into me until he hit the bottom of my pussy.

It felt so delicious to have such a big cock inside me, so full and so powerful. It seemed to take an eternity to go from his cock head to the base of his giant shaft. When he finally bottomed out we kissed and then he resumed the onslaught on my tight young 18 year old pussy. He started by pulling out of my pussy as my fuck lips clung tightly to his huge shaft then he thrust back into me which caused my fuck lips to fold in on themselves. He plowed to the bottom and when his big balls slapped my ass he pushed had and held there for a few seconds as we kissed naughtily as I caught my breath. With each stroke into me the ad agent moaned that my pussy felt incredible wrapped around his big cock. I was so pleased and turned on knowing that this man who had hundreds of girls was enjoying our fuck.

He fucked in a steady rhythm until he felt my pussy could handle his rapid fucking thrust. He began fucking me in a quick rhythm. I was going wild with each thrust of his huge cock. As his giant cock filled up every inch of my sex starved turned on pussy and I said, "Ohhhhh baby fuck me with that great big sexy cock…..Give my pussy every inch of your beautiful cock baby…Every fucking inch."

The ad agent was getting more aggressive with each thrust and was so turned on that my pussy was taking his big cock. He snarled, "Ohhh yes….You have a nice big pussy baby….Not many babies can take my big cock to the bottom."

He went on saying, "For being so young, your pussy knows how to fuck a real big cock baby."

I added heatedly, "Oh baby I love the way your great big cock fucks….I love using my 18 year old pussy to jerk off your sexy big cock….Fuck me baby….Fuck me deep lover….Use my tight pussy to please every inch of your huge fucking cock baby"

After a half hour he put his foot up on the desk and went wild on me, fucking that 13 inch cock into me relentlessly. My head was thrown back and my firms, round 32D tits were going in circles from his long deep powerful thrust. I came again and again repeatedly over his big cock as I felt it invade my tight pussy. As he thrust his huge cock into me I could feel the big blue veins along the sides of my pussy walls as he stroked back and forth into me. The feeling of those big blue veins against the walls of my tight pussy was keeping me in a constant orgasm!

I was going wild from the overstuffed feeling of having his great big cock in me. He fucked me non- stop for another hour, as that huge cock slammed into me like I was there to be used as a fuck toy, and oh did I love it. The German ad agent wasn't content with just fucking me straight in and out like all the guys I've fucked, including my fiancé. He began angling his big cock to the left and then to the right as he pounded into me. He was hitting every sensitive inch of my burning pussy and by doing this was stretching me out wider then I ever have before. By angling his huge cock into me differently caused the top of his giant shaft and the veins that ran along it to hit my big extended clit from so many different ways. This set me off and I shot cum all over his huge hard on over and over. I was in pure ecstasy from the fuck his huge cock was giving my turned on pussy.

After half an hour of this non-stop fucking the German ad agent began to growl, saying that my pussy was too good for his big cock to hold back and that it was bringing him off. He fucked into me a few more times then pulled his giant cock out as I instantly went to my knees to taste it as it came.

Cum began shooting out of his pulsing cock head and I began to devotedly catch every blast that hit the roof of my open mouth. He was going wild saying, "Don't miss a drop baby," and I eagerly did. I swallowed ten times before the 64 year old German ad agent finally stopped shooting.

After he came I continued to worship his great big cock, by letting the cum that was left in my mouth spill out onto the head of his big inflated shaft, then used my tongue to lick it back up. I continued to play with his big cock like this for twenty minuets, as I devotedly worshiped his powerful- sexy cock. When it finally started to soften I took the big shaft in my mouth and began to suck it clean as I tasted his cum mixed with my pussy all over his big cock.

The ad agent knew I loved blowing him like this, because this it what all his young fucks did after he came. They needed to keep worshiping his big cock, as a reminder to him that they knew he was so huge and so fucking powerful and that he was so much bigger then their boyfriends, or husbands or even fiancés.

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