tagGroup SexHot Nude Yoga Pt. 03: Sandi

Hot Nude Yoga Pt. 03: Sandi


This is the continuation of the story I submitted for the 2018 Nude Day contest. The story began from Dan, a middle-aged man in a passionless marriage. Part 2 takes the story further from Dan's wife, Janice's perspective. Now we hear from the beautiful young woman, Sandi, and her role in this unlikely threesome.


Content, sexually satisfied, I lay in bed with Dan and Janice, the couple I desperately want to become a part of my life. Janice is sleeping, as I gently run my fingers over her, my mind cannot stay quiet. Thoughts, emotions and memories are swirling around.

Suddenly I found myself back in law school with my two best friends, Bill and Carol.

"Tough exam today," Bill consoled, having experienced himself. We all did.

"I'm ready to let off a little steam," Carol added. She was right. For the past few weeks we worked tirelessly to pass this exam on corporate law. It wasn't so much about the law of right and wrong, it was more about the art of negotiation using the law.

"So, let's do something wild and crazy," I exclaimed. Bill, Carol and I have been friends all year, our second year in law school. The work has been, at times, overwhelming so we grew close supporting each other. Now we are at the end of the school year ready to take on our summer internships at a large prestigious law firm in the city.

"Yea, this all work and no play is starting to suck," Bill, said sadly thinking that the summer isn't going to be much better.

"So, what can we do totally outrageous to make this year memorable?" Carol threw out there.

"Don't think I'm too crazy and have me committed but I have an idea," I said with some hesitation.

"Well, let's have it," Bill replied.

"You know that sometimes when we are studying, I get a little distracted. Well, it's because, and don't get mad at me. It's because I find you both very hot and I am attracted to you," I confessed. " There's a nudist resort in the mountains and I would like to spend the weekend there with both of you." I added sheepishly.

"Wow girl, where did that come from?" Carol shouted out. "Can't beat that for outrageous."

"Ugh, I'm not sure I could control myself," Bill said. In the past year we had kept our friendship strictly Platonic.

"Well, I won't want you to control yourself, Bill. You know how long it's been since I saw, let alone touched, a nice erect dick?" Carol threw up. "It's been forever, it seems."

"Me too," I added. "This year has been arduous and I could certainly use some relief."

That's how it began with Bill, Carol and I. We spent that weekend at the nudist resort. Not much time was spent with the other guests as we explored each other's bodies and tested the limits of our sexuality. Carol and I had Bill spent, we fucked and sucked him dry, so we turned to each other.

Eight years into our love triangle, everything came to a crashing end.

"Sandi, Bill, I need to talk about something serious," Carol said concerned.

"OK. We're listening," Bill replied.

"I'm pregnant. I'm going to start showing soon so I need to get it out now," Carol cried.

"Oh my god, Carol. We were both supposed to be on the pill. We agreed," I was starting to get angry.

"I want a baby. I want a family," Carol continued crying as Bill went over to console her. He didn't need to say anything, it was what he did that sent me over the edge. Bill put his arms around Carol and gave her a huge passionate kiss.

"Fuck You," I yelled as I stormed out of the only serious relationship I knew.

Now, lying in bed with Dan and Janice I felt somewhat relieved that children were not going to get in the way. They are mature. Their two children are grown with lives of their own. My only fear is would they accept me as part of their marriage, their relationship. I want this to be something more than a weekend fuck fest. I want to love them and they love me.


Sunday morning I woke up next to Dan, Janice was gone. Seriously, I wanted to roll him over and ride his morning wood. I thought the better of it. Let Janice take the lead, I want her to draw me in and not get jealous, thinking all I want is to fuck Dan.

I thought about throwing on a robe when I saw Janice's hanging there, then thought she probably wants to continue Nude Day, so I decided to go downstairs naked.

"Great minds think alike," I exclaimed.

"I thought it would be a waste of time getting dressed since I plan on most of the day's activities to be conducted in the buff," Sandi replied. I went over to give her a giant hug and a passionate good morning kiss. Janice took my hand and placed it on her already wet sex and said, "You can see how happy I am to see you."

"I don't know what you are planning for breakfast but I will be happy just to eat your delicious pussy," I responded. I sat her down, got on my knees and voraciously attacked her sweet, aromatic sex.

"That's a great idea for breakfast," Dan exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen.

"Obviously you didn't get the memo," I scolded Dan.

"We are extending nude day," Janice informed her husband. "Let's lose those shirt and shorts." Dan quickly complied. "I prepared stuff for omelets but now I think I'll have a hunk of meat."

Janice went over and took Dan into her mouth so I decided to join her. We were swapping Dan's hot throbbing cock back and forth, alternately mouthing his balls. Then suddenly Janice lightly pulled me off him.

"Oh god, I was getting ready to cum," Dan moaned.

"I know, I could feel it," Janice said. "But you have a full day of pleasing us today; we can't let you get spent early."

"So, you're going to keep teasing me?" Dan lamented.

"Let's call it edging," I added.

We joked around while eating the delicious omelets Janice prepared. Thankfully, there was no tension from yesterday. The way Janice behaved I was looking forward to a fun day. We finished breakfast. Janice and I cleaned the table, loaded the dishwasher and put the leftovers away.

Janice announced our first activity for the day. "I feel almost like a kid again, so let's act like teenagers and make out on the couch," she said gleefully.

"OK, Dan. You're monkey in the middle," I added.

Janice and Dan were like teenage lovers, locked in long sloppy kisses. His hands playing with her breasts while I gently stroked hi cock, not hard to make him cum, just enough to pleasure him. After a while, Janice broke off with Dan and he turned to me. Our lips pressed together and our tongues dancing. His hand was rubbing my swollen pussy lips; he slid a finger in, then two. Still locked in in wet sloppy kisses I felt Janice's lips on my right breast, her tongue flicking my nipples.

Dan began ravishing my sensitive tits, biting softly on my hard nipples as Janice slid down, her head between my thighs, tongue thrusting in and out, driving me to orgasm.

"Ohhhh, Fuck," I moaned as I came in waves building up to a giant climax. I felt my girl juice gush out my pussy as I thrust my hips into Janice's face, my back arched pushing my left tit into Dan's mouth.

It took a few minutes to come down off that wonderful orgasm. Janice brought us all glasses of ice water to rehydrate after that last hour of sensual touching, making out and my wonderfully huge orgasm. We all settled down for a breather.

"Wow, that one was great. Janice and I have both had great orgasms this morning, how would you like to get yours, Dan?' I asked.

"I want to shoot my load in either of your asses," Dan replied to my inquiring. "Actually, you have the most beautiful one, Sandi. My wife agrees with me on that."

"Yes, I love it Sandi," Janice agreed. "Do you want to try Dan's cock in there? I know our little anal encounter was your first experience."

"Oh, god yes, I want to try it," I stated enthusiastically. When Janice had penetrated my tiny orifice with her tongue and then her fingers, I was almost in heaven. "Please take your time and get me ready so I thoroughly enjoy it."

"Let's go to the bedroom for this. It will be a lot more comfortable there instead of the sofa," Janice offered. So we made our back upstairs to the bedroom, straightened out the sheets that were ruffled from the night before as I awaited Janice's instructions.

"Lay down on your stomach, stick your butt up in the air," Janice commanded. I could feel all four hands caressing my ass. I believe it was Janice who slid a couple of fingers in my pussy as I felt a tongue on my butthole. The tongue kept probing, inserting itself sending shivers through my body. The fingers that were working my pussy suddenly pushed in an inch or so and worked their way around stretching my hole.

"Is her natural lubrication good?" I heard Dan ask.

"For my fingers, yes, but not for your cock. Go get some lube from the top dresser drawer," I heard Janice tell Dan.

Dan gave me a little kiss on my cheek as he returned with lube. "It's going to feel a little cool," he said as he poured some in my butt. I could feel the pressure of his cock against my butt hole as he said, "the key is to relax." He pushed a little and about an inch went in me. I reacted by contracting my muscles and Dan told me, "Push back on me and relax." I did as he said, slowly I could feel his cock filling my bowels.

"I'm all the way in," he informed me, I could feel him stop, his balls against my ass. Slowly he pulled back, then in. He was gently fucking my ass as I grew accustomed to the feel of it, becoming more and more pleasurable as he quickened the pace. Eventually, I couldn't get enough.

"Harder, fuck me harder," I screamed at Dan. He complied. Now he was pounding me so hard I could hardly keep my ass up for him. "Fuck," I screamed as I climbed to the intensity of an orgasm. I came really hard, clamping my butt muscles around his cock still trying to thrust harder and harder. Then I felt his hot cum pouring into me, stream after stream pumped in my bowels, I came again so hard I collapsed, no longer able to hold myself up.

I laid there for about ten minutes, unable to move a muscle in my body. When I came to and started to move around, Dan kissed me and said," Let's get you in the shower to clean up. Janice is downstairs getting some lunch together."

"I sure could use a glass of wine," I told Dan has he helped me wash off.

"I bet you could," was his retort. "You were absolutely amazing. How do you feel now?," he asked.

"Wonderful, like a woman who has just been fabulously fucked," I replied with a huge smile and a kiss.

There were plates of pasta and asparagus salad waiting for us as Dan and I entered the kitchen. He went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of Pinot Grigio, pouring Janice and I a glass. Dan had a beer. After finishing lunch, we poured another glass of wine and retired to the living room to relax.

"How did you like your first time?" Janice asked.

"I never imagined it could be that good. When I was in a relationship before we pretty much only had vanilla sex," I explained.

"Do you want to tell us about that relationship?" Dan inquired. "It's OK if you don't."

"No, that's alright," I said as I proceeded to tell them about Bill and Carol, about our eight years living together as a loving threesome. Then about how they broke my heart and didn't want me anymore. They wanted a family that didn't include me.

"That was the only serious relationship I ever had. Sure, I fooled around some in high school and college, but I was always focused on my academic work and a successful career," I told them.

"Have you dated anyone since Bill and Carol?" Dan asked me.

"No," I replied. "I go out with the girls and guys are always hitting on me, but I was never interested. Even when I was horny as hell," I further explained. I hesitated. "The only one I have been interested in is you, Dan."

There was silence.

"And when I met you. Janice, I became overwhelmingly attracted to the both of you," I said, afraid of the reaction. Here we were. Sitting around naked and I was confessing the deepest secrets of my soul.

Janice gave me a hug. I instinctively planted my lips on hers. My emotions took over. Dan came over and wrapped his arms around both of us. Suddenly I knew everything was going to be all right with my two new lovers.

The rest of the afternoon we spent back in the bedroom. The feeling was different now. When John spread my legs to enter me it felt like he was making love. Yes, he thrust his cock in me hard, but it was not about powerfully taking me, the sexual energy we shared enhanced by our emotional bonding led to the most powerful orgasm I ever experienced.

We kissed, caressed and cuddled. Janice and I playfully adored each other's bodies. She could not seem to keep her hands, lips and tongue off my ass. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Dan began orally pleasing his wife's delicious pussy while I enjoyed her breasts. I saw Dan's erection growing; he was ready to make love to his wife. I got out of bed and sat in a chair and watched Dan and Janice. He bent her legs back, they rested on his shoulders as his cock rhythmically pounded her sopping wet pussy. Her moans were loud as she came over and over.

Dan pulled out, flipped Janice over, and slowly pushed his cock, coated with her womanly cum, into her welcoming butt hole. She screamed, "Oh god yes. Please. Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard." Dan obliged. I watched the most erotic scene ever witnessed as my new lovers brought each other to an amazing climax. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," Dan let out loudly as he pumped once, twice and a third time into Janice's bowels. Tears welled up in my eyes. They collapsed on the bed.

"What are you sobbing about?" Dan asked.

"That was the most beautiful thing I ever saw," I responded.

I got up off the chair and noticed a puddle of my own girl juice. Watching them must have affected me more than I thought. I went to get a washrag and clean it up; then I returned to bed with Dan and Janice still recovering.

My emotions were now overwhelming me. I wanted so much to stay with Dan and Janice but I didn't know how they felt about a long term relationship, living together. Would we just get together for occasional weekend sex? Or, could I be a part of them? I was afraid to bring it up. The afternoon turned into evening and I would either have to leave or go home to get some things and return.

"It's getting late," I said with a sigh afraid to express my desire to stay with them for fear they would reject the idea.

"Yes it is," Janice added. "This is so enjoyable but we can't stay in bed like this forever."

"I'll need to be prepared for work tomorrow," I threw out hesitantly.

"Dan, why don't you fix us up a light dinner while I go with Sandi so she can collect some clothes and the things she needs for work," Janice said to my relief. "I hope you want to stay with us, Sandi. I mean I don't want to be presumptuous," she pleaded.

"Oh god, yes," I cried softly. "I would like nothing more."

"Great. You girls go and get Sandi's stuff for now. We can work out something more permanent later on," Dan added.

Janice and I drove over to my house. I collected several days' clothes, some toiletries, my laptop and briefcase.

"Thank you," I said as we got in my car to return. My life was about to change for the good.

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Who is John?

"When John spread my legs to enter me it felt like he was making love." Do you mean Dan?

Great story, otherwise!

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