tagIncest/TabooHot Summer Night Ch. 19

Hot Summer Night Ch. 19


Hot Summer Night Ch. 19 - Vacation Day 5

As a refresher, my name is Mark. I am 43 and in great shape with ripped abs, pecks, back, arms and legs as I work out in my basement gym on a daily basis. I am 6'5" tall and weigh 230 lbs. My hair is dark brown cut short with blue eyes. My wife Carrie is a smoking hot 43 year old blue eyed blonde who stands 5'10" in her stocking feet. She has a 38-26-36 figure with large full and pert DD breasts. She has long legs and slim waist and curvy hips. Her hair is shoulder length and is full and wavy. Our daughter Julia will be 19 years old in a couple of weeks and is about to enter college as a freshman next week. She is very slim standing at 5'7" and weighing around 100 lbs. She has a 32-A bust but has very sexy puffy tits. She has narrow hips and slim waist with long thin legs. She has shoulder length brown hair that is thick and wavy like her mothers. She has huge green eyes and a pouty Angelina Jolie mouth. She is extremely attractive as is her mother.

Julia and her best friend initiated sex with me several weeks ago during the early morning in my bed while my wife faked being asleep next to me (see ch 1). Carrie had been having sex with Julia for some time and felt guilty about that while leaving me on the outside as our sexual and marital relationship continued to erode. I'm not on the outside anymore. Our family relationship is unbelievably strong even if it is unconventional. Read the previous 14 Chapters to fully understand the events of the past several weeks. Chapter15 starts a very hot vacation. Enjoy.

At six on the dot I was awake and getting out of bed. I dressed as usual for my workout and went to the breakfast buffet and got a coffee and continued on to the gym. I opened the gym door and walked in. As I expected, Angel and Izzy were there working out on the treadmills. I came in and said Hello.

I sat down at one of my bench stations and started working out. I asked how things went in town yesterday. Angel said, "We had a great time. Roger never enjoys shopping like any man, but he was tolerant. Izzy and I bought so much stuff we don't know if we can get it home in our bags. We may have to buy another bag.

Angel asked how our day was. I said, "It was an amazing day. I didn't go into any details about Olivia. I did say that Carrie and I had capped of the day with a private hot-tub fuck even though technically it was the start of today.

I asked Angel if there was anything they had hoped to do before they went back to their lives. She stopped the treadmill and turned to look at me. She said, "Well let me see. Izzy and I had sex with you so I checked that off my list. We have had sex with others down on the beach. What a crazy bunch that group was. I can only think of one thing we haven't done, I guess." I stayed quiet and let her finish her thought.

Angel was hemming and hawing and was obviously reticent about continuing this thread of conversation. Finally Izzy just butted it and said, "We want to have sex with your wife and daughter and we want you guys to be available if we need a cock or two."

Angel looked at Izzy and then back at me. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "What she said."

I laughed out loud and noticed that she thought I was laughing at her bucket list item. I stopped and waved my hands and said, "No. No. No. Wait. I'm laughing because I asked Carrie what her bucket list included that she hadn't done yet this week. She said she wanted a four-way with you and Izzy. I'm not kidding at all."

Izzy stopped her treadmill and spun around and said, "Really. When can we do it?"

I said, "Have you said anything to Meat about this." Angel looked at Izzy and they both shook their heads. "Don't you think you should if you want him to be there? I already know the question so I'm in."

Angel said, "Izzy we need to go talk to your dad about this." She looked at me and said, "How about we meet you at the pool later this morning with our answer. OK? It'll have to be by tonight. We go home early in the morning."

I said, "OK. I won't say anything to Carrie until we know so she won't be disappointed if it doesn't work out." They both left with a sense of urgency.

I did my one hour workout and every muscle in my body burned when I was done. I stopped at the buffet and ate breakfast. It was 7:20 when I was finishing up. I made a tray for Carrie and Julia to take back to the room.

I ran into Olivia's group coming the other way. Olivia said, "I was hoping I would run into you this morning." She said to the others, "You go ahead, I'll be right there." They continued on their way. Olivia looked around and took my hand and led me into the men's room outside the restaurant. I set the tray on the counter and said, "What's up."

She came up close to me and pulled herself into my chest and kissed me hard. She said, "I have been lying in bed all morning since 5:00. I can't stop thinking about your cock and how it felt in me. I have been using the big dildo to fuck myself and I've had so many orgasms I'm a mass of jelly."

She pushed me back to sit on the counter and pulled my shorts down. She immediately went to her knees and sucked my flaccid cock into her mouth. She swallowed it right into her throat and pulled it back out. "I've been practicing since yesterday afternoon. She jammed my cock back in mouth and gave a furious blowjob and a handjob until my cock was at full attention. She pulled off and said, "Please fuck me one last time. We go home later this morning. Please. I want to feel the real thing one last time." She was pulling down her panties and kicking them aside.

I pushed her down on the floor and spread her legs and knelt down. She was soaking wet, so there was no need for foreplay. She grabbed my cock and pulled me to her pussy. I pushed into her and sank to my balls. She was instantly in orgasm as I started to fuck her hard. She was gasping for air. I could feel her cunt pulsing and grabbing my cock. I fucked her through several orgasms. She was now just throwing her head from side to side as she gasped, "Oh my God. Yes.. Yessssssss. Oh please. Fuck me forever."

I didn't try to hold myself back. I continued fucking her hard and fast. She felt the surge of my cock and she knew I was about to cum. She yelled, "Yes. Yes. Fill me up with your cum." I promptly did just that. She screamed as a flood of cum emptied into her cunt. I was slamming my cock into her trying to pump it deep inside. I continued to fuck her until my cock softened and wouldn't stay in her anymore. Still gasping for air she said, "Oh my God that was wonderful. Mark, Thank you. I think I love you."

I said, "Olivia darling. You don't love me, you're in lust. You will learn the difference as you get older. Now you get yourself together and go with your friends. OK?" She gave me a pout and I pulled her up. She pulled on her panties without cleaning herself up. In fact, she reached her hand down and put it in her pussy. Her hand came out with a large glob of cum that had leaked out of her. She carefully applied it to her chin and lower lip. She adjusted herself in the mirror. I looked disgustedly at her and said, "Now who's bragging." I walked out with my tray and headed back to my room. I didn't see Olivia again.

When I walked in the room my ladies were up and in the shower. I joined them. Julia wrapped a hand around my cock before I could get under the water sprays. She said, "Well, I see you have been busy this morning."

I told them about running into Olivia on the way back from the restaurant and about her applying cum to her face before she went to meet her friends. Carrie could tell I was upset about it and she hugged me. I said, "On a brighter note. I ran into Angel and Izzy working out at the gym. It turns out that they both have the same bucket list item that you have and before you get excited, they have to clear it with Meat. They will see us at the pool later with an answer. They go home early in the morning, so it would have to be today tonight."

Carrie looked at Julia and said, "What do you think Jules? Day or night and public or private?"

Julia said, "I don't care. It's your bucket list. It's your call mom."

We finished our shower and everyone scurried around to get ready for the day. Carrie asked me which of her bathing suits gave me the biggest hard-on. I told her it was the bright red one with the thong bottom and the triangle patch top that tied behind her neck and back. I suggested that we start at the beach and go in the surf. They agreed.

It was too early for many people to be on the beach but the men and women who were there couldn't take their eyes off Carrie. Nearly all of them were taking pictures and videos of her. We had a blast body surfing. Every time the run would end Carrie would stand up with tits completely exposed and readjust her top back over her nipples. They were the only things the top covered anyway. I was getting a hard-on which pushed the head of my cock out of the elastic on my left leg. I tried pushing it in and decided the best thing was to let it poke out the top of the suit above my navel.

We lounged on the beach for quite a while before gathering our towels and heading for the pool. It was 10:00 and the pool-bar would be open. We garnered a lot of attention as we walked toward our usual spot. New people, I assumed. Men's cocks were rising like iron poles to a magnet as my wife walked by; and she was still wearing her bathing suit. She looked magnificent in it though.

We stood by our chairs and stripped out of our suits. Cameras clicked all around us. Definitely, new people. Many people were sitting around naked but there was no sexual activity in sight. I walked to the bar with dick swinging and ordered our drinks and returned to our seats.

Julia said, "Let's do like we did at our pool at home when Aunt Rachel and Cousin Sarah were there." I smiled and while I stood beside her chair with her drink in my hand, she reached up and started jerking my limp cock. It didn't take long to respond. I glanced around to see everyone close by watching Julia stroke my cock. Several men had their cocks in their hands already stroking theirs.

When I was totally hard, Julia pulled my hips closer to her chair and I spilled some of her drink on her shoulder. It was cold but she was hotter and she didn't even flinch. She shoved her mouth onto my cock and started a half-cock blowjob and a one hand handjob. Her lips were stretched and her cheeks were hollow as she took suction on my cock. Out of this rhythm she pushed my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She opened her mouth wide and you could see her tongue lathing the underside of my cock and flicking on my balls.

I glanced around and discovered that many of the guys with cocks in their hands now had women bobbing up and down on them. All the others were jacking themselves off.

After several moments, Julia pulled back up to the tip and lightly bit the velvety head and grinned broadly. I knew the little imp would do that sometime, it's her BJ signature.

She gave me one more deep-throat as a couple guys sitting close by groaned as if Julia was blowing them. She pulled completely off my raging hard cock and reached out and took her drink from my hand. She leaned back against her chair and stuck the straw in her mouth and sucked on her drink. She looked up at me, smiled and blew me an 'air kiss'.

I walked over to Carrie's chair to hand the drink in my other hand to her. She looked up at me and put her legs up on the arms of her chair and patted the seat near her crotch. Her pussy lips separated and her clitoris was visible. Her pink inner lips, like the soft petals of a peony were beckoning to me.

As instructed I sat down facing her with my legs by her hips and feet facing forward on the deck. My cock was pointing slightly above her clit. She never reached for the drink which was still in my hand. She lifted her legs off the chair arms and draped them over my legs used them as leverage to pull her pussy toward my cock.

She guided my cock into her pussy as she continued to pull herself onto it. Once the head was inside her pussy she pulled hard with her legs against mine and pulled herself up so my cock was buried completely. Her tits were rock hard and her nipples felt like they were piercing my chest. Her arms were around my neck and she was passionately kissing me. I didn't move. She moved her legs so they were wrapped around my back with her feet crossed.

Carrie placed her hands on my pectorals and used her arms to push herself back and then her legs to pull me back on. She continued for several minutes. I could tell she was getting tired from this physical exertion.

All around us, women were bobbing up and down on their man's cock but every one of them was watching us. Most of the guys were looking down in their own crotch or were sky-gazing as they pumped their loads into the face below them.

Carrie was exhausted and whispered in my ear. "Turn me over and finish me off, would you love?" I could tell from years of marriage that she wanted to be dominated right then. She pulled back her legs and I leaned back to pull off her pussy and stood up. I grabbed her hand, like it was my idea and I had total control of my woman, and pulled her up forcefully from her chair.

Carrie screamed lightly as was her role. I spun her around and forced her onto her hands and knees at the bottom of the chair. She gasped out loud, like, 'Oh no. This brute of a man is going to rape me.' I moved my shaft up to the entrance of her sopping wet pussy and pushed into her fast and hard. She screamed out again. I pulled all the way out until the tip was outside her pussy lips and being careful not to miss I fired my cock back into her. Carrie groaned, "Oh please. Be gentle with me."

I had to smile then. Her acting was atrocious. I established a rhythm that was insanely fast and rough. I pummeled her for several minutes and I could feel multiple orgasms crawl through so slowly they seemed to build up like waves on the beach. Her pussy was clamping furiously on my cock. Her head hung down. Her mouth hung open. She gasped for air.

Just as I could feel another orgasm gaining strength, I felt my balls tighten quickly and a sudden surge of cum shot up and into her pussy. She felt it coming and she felt it when it arrived. It was timed perfectly with the crescendo of her climax and she screamed again. I kept on fucking her until my limp cock dropped out of her.

Her orgasm was still going on as each spasm pushed more and more of my cum from her. Julia saw it and launched herself out of her chair and shoved her face into her mother's pussy. She lapped up the new stuff being pushed out and then worked her way down Carrie's legs to get the rest. Then Julia turned around and inserted my flagging cock into her mouth and sucked and licked me all over. When she was satisfied that we were both clean, she sat back down in her chair and smacked her lips and wiped cum off her cheeks and pushed her fingers in her mouth and sucked on those. She stuck the drink-straw back in her mouth and sank back against her chair.

Carrie righted herself and sat down. I picked her drink up off the table and handed it to her. She looked at me and said, "Why thank you kind sir." and grinned.

As I turned around to go to my chair, a women sitting beside us reached up from her position kneeling on the deck with her man's cock in her mouth and grabbed my cock. I thought she was just going to touch it but she held on tightly as I moved away from her. This snapped me back toward her. She came up off her man's cock and sank her lips around mine.

This woman stepped her legs on either side of her man's hips and sank her pussy down onto his cock but never relinquished position of my cock in her mouth. One look at her face and I knew she was completely in heat. She was overcome with passion. She had my cock in one hand and while fucking her man, she furiously pushed her head onto my flaccid cock. It didn't respond and after a couple minutes she pulled her head back and smiled up at me with that glassy look which drifted off to concentrate on her fucking rhythm. I walked back to my chair and sat down.

Carrie said, "Well Babe, I guess we got the balls rolling." She laughed at her own pun. Julia giggled too. A new group of people were fucking and sucking everywhere you looked. They were on the grass, on the concrete deck, in their lounge chairs, in the pool and even one couple on the far edge of the bar.

I looked for Phoenix at the bar and she was on duty. She apparently had been looking over at me and waved when I spotted her. I stepped down into the pool and waded with the water-line at my hips over to the swim up bar seats. I sat down and ordered another drink when Phoenix finished with a customer and came over.

She pulled herself up onto the bar and leaned over to kiss me. I leaned in and kissed her back. I asked her about her day off. She told me it was great but she missed seeing me. She said, "When do you go home?" I told her it was tomorrow around noon. She asked me what my room number was. She said she had a gift for me. I told her.

Phoenix looked around at the copulating bodies and said, "I love it when a new plane-load of people arrive. They are always so tentative until someone sets the tone. Then they know where the boundaries are and 'bam' they're off to the races." She looked at me as I was pushing off the bar-stool and said with a grin, "You wouldn't know who pushed the button this morning would you?"

I looked at her and with a straight face said, "I haven't a clue." I threw her a kiss, turned around and started back across the pool with my drink in hand. Before I got three feet I heard, "Yeah right. You're such an asshole." I turned back to her and said, "My wife says that all the time." Phoenix laughed and threw a handful of ice at me.

Back at my seat, Carrie and Julia were enjoying the live pornography show going on in 3D all around them. Consciously or not they both had their hands furiously working their own pussies and clits. They were both soaked with vaginal fluids. With my drink still in hand I told Carrie I was going to take a walk. She barely acknowledged me and I walked away through the sex crazed crowd.

I had taken my suit so I wouldn't get in any trouble with the staff. It didn't hide anything and was uncomfortable as hell, but rules are rules I guess. At the sign. I put my drink on a table and pulled it on and finally found a position for my cock that wasn't too uncomfortable.

I finished my drink as I walked and decided to head for the beach bar to get another. The beach was covered with new people as well. This was not the nude part of the beach but topless seemed to be acceptable as there were several topless beauties sit or lying in the sand.

As I approached the bar a woman ran up to walk beside me. I turned when I noticed her. She stood 5'11" with nice legs, flat stomach narrow waist and nicely flared hips and massive tits. I would guess 38-GG. If she bought them they were worth every penny. At first I didn't even notice if she had a head. When I recovered from the tits I noticed she had flaming red hair down over her shoulders and a clear creamy complexion. She had emerald green eyes. It was a stunning combination.

She was wearing a very small bikini. Maybe it wasn't so small. It was just that any attempt by a bathing suit top to corral her huge tits would be an ultimate failure. It wasn't a thong but she would have stopped time if she were wearing one. Her ass was spectacular. My guess is she was around thirty. She had very faint smile lines around her eyes and had a bearing about her that told me she wasn't a kid. She reached a hand out as we continued toward the bar and said, "Hi. I'm Kate." I instantly assigned her a 'fuckability factor of 9.95.

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