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Hot Tickles


After 9 years of married life, I knew I had myself a little hot pistol of a wife. Most of my buddies had tried all sorts trickery to get in her panties. And Brenda was all too willing to tease them with her hot little body in some scenario or another.

Tom, Jack and Larry had coaxed her into a tickling session once when they were over for a weekend football game. This became a kind of standing joke because she insisted she wasn't ticklish. I wasn't exactly stupid so I figured they used this tickling thing every weekend to give them a few opportunities to squeeze her ample tits or "accidentally" feel her soft ass.

But they were always careful not to do anything but tickle her sides when I was in the room, so I would frequently leave them rolling around the living room and go out to the kitchen or make a trip to the bathroom.

This way, I could let my imagination run wild, conjuring up all sorts of images of what they were probably doing to my pretty little wife.

After a few weekends of this kidding around, we talked about it one night in bed. She was adamant that they only laughed and tickled each other and that the guys weren't feeling her up.

"Why?" She laughed. "Would that make you hot if they did?"

"You never can tell!" I joked back, feeling my dick quiver at the mere thought.

As time progressed, so did our exploits and she graduated to going braless during their little fun sessions. And soon, the group of guys had grown to five and they were now openly french kissing Brenda and running their hands under her shirt to squeeze and coax her tits.

But only when I left the room. I'd have to crack the kitchen door to get a peek at the real fun.

Last Saturday, I left Brenda with the guys to go get more beer. She was whipping up some snacks in the kitchen and none of them had started their usual frolicking.

When I returned, instead of going in, I decided to take a peek through the living room window. I wasn't ready for what I saw.

Brenda was laying in the middle of the floor with her shirt pushed up over her tits. Jack was on top of her rubbing one of them and kissing the other. Jack was fully dressed and Brenda still had her pants on, but he was pumping up and down as if he were fucking her.

Then Jack got up and Larry took his place. Brenda pushed her tongue into his mouth and pulled his still clothed ass cheeks down to her spread legs. She was humping her pussy up and down as if they were really fucking.

Each guy took his turn dry fucking her until I finally came in the kitchen door.

Brenda came in pulling her shirt down, red faced and breathing hard.

"Whew, I'm getting too old for these tickling sessions," she laughed. We're gonna have to find something else I can do with these guys."

I wonder what that would be?

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