Hot Tub Wager


This is a true story, not a single embellishment. I love public nudity, and am always trying to figure out how to get my wife and her friends naked. For years this was an uphill battle and usually required enormous amounts of alcohol to accomplish. Even then it was hit or miss, usually miss.

But in the last few years she has become much more comfortable getting naked in front of other people, and we now play games like strip poker or truth or dare on a pretty frequent basis. The best part about my wife's new openness is that it is far easier to get a strip game started if at least one of the women is leading the charge.

I am going to try to document all of our best stories because I love reliving them, I think they are amazing, and best of all they are 100 percent true.

Our Friend's Hot Tub

A couple years ago my wife and I were hanging out with some friends at their house. After a bunch of hours and a bunch of beers, we decided to go in their new hot tub. As always, I was secretly trying to figure out how to get the wives to get naked or at least topless in the tub.

Knowing that my wife is very competitive, and will do things to win a bet that she won't in regular life, I cooked up a plan. While the girls were getting their bathing suits on I bet my friend $100 that I could get the wives topless in the hot tub.

My friend said it would never happen, he had tried the hot tub naked thing recently with his wife and some neighbors and it didn't go well. One of his neighbors is an aerobics instructor at a local gym and she had recently gotten breast implants and loves to show them off. In fact after a drink or two she would whip out the new boobs at the drop of a hat.

This casual attitude toward nudity totally pissed off my friend's wife, in part because she thought it was slutty and in part because she has small breasts and I think she felt inadequate next to the surgically enhanced neighbor.

I said that if my wife led the way, I was sure his wife would follow, they have been best friends since 3rd grade. He said that he hated to take my money, but if I insisted he would take the bet.

About 10 minutes later, the girls are in the tub and my friend gets up to get another round of beers. So I tell the girls, "listen, you have to help me out. I made a bet that you guys would get topless in the tub and I don't want to lose $100 bucks."

So as predicted my wife says, "we can't lose a bet" and starts talking it up. Her friend is kind of dubious, but she isn't mad or anything like my friend predicted. As I said before, it is totally different if a woman is leading the charge, and at this point, with a bet on the line, my wife is definitely leading the charge. I'm just sitting with fingers crossed.

My friend comes back and sits down in the tub. After a few minutes my wife says "hey, did you have a wager you wanted to tell us about?" My friend is totally unprepared for the direct question not realizing I was going to use the bet to get the ladies naked and he says he doesn't know what she's talking about. He also looks over at me with an "are you out of your mind?" expression.

"Oh, cause my understanding is that these are the bet" as she slowly raises herself out of the hot tub to reveal that she has dropped her bathing suit top and is now standing topless in the hot tub with steam rising off her exposed breasts, water trickling down, and her nipples getting unbelieveably hard. I forgot to mention that it is the middle of winter, hence the steam rising from her beautiful breasts.

She stands for what seems like an hour but is probably a good minute. This is no quick flash, she is putting her tits on full display. It is one of the most unbelieveable sights I have ever seen. My friend cannot take his eyes off my wife's breasts and makes no attempt to pretend he's not looking. I take a quick glance at my friend's wife to see if she's getting uncomfortable, but she seems to be enjoying the show too.

Then my wife slowly slides back under the water. Over the next hour my normally reserved wife makes a point of raising her breasts above the water-line numerous times, even sitting back with her elbows up on the edge of the tub as her beautiful breasts steam and drip water. She seems completely comfortable with her boobs out although after the initial show of standing up, she is now being more casual about her nudity, not showing off exactly, but definitely not letting us forget that she is topless.

Even after three kids, my wife has a great body, and although her boobs don't stand quite as high as when we were in our twenties, they are still the most beautiful breasts in the world.

My wife's friend is not as endowed and doesn't want her boobs on display despite constant encouragement from her husband and my wife.

Shortly it becomes clear we all need more beer and my wife jumps up and says that she will make the beer run. She climbs out of the tub giving us another extended show and walks into the house making no effort to cover herself. When she gets back with beer she hands them all out before climbing back into the tub. Remember it is freezing outside and her nipples are so rock hard you could hang a heavy coat on them.

My friend is now really frustrated that his wife won't get topless and he pulls her over to him for a hug. As he hugs her, he unties her top and pulls it off of her as she protests. She tries to get it back, but he throws it into the back yard well away from the tub.

So now both girls are topless, although my wife's friend is not nearly as much of an exhibitionist as my wife, and she is only allowing the briefest of flashes of her tits.

After a while my wife, who is pretty drunk by now, says "Head-Stand!" and flips over and does a head-stand in the hot-tub.

The water is only 3 or 4 ft deep. When she completes the head-stand we all discover to our surprise that my wife has also dropped her bottoms. Her pussy is well above the water-line and very exposed. And recently completely waxed. I hold her legs up straight as long as possible. I'm not sure whether she realized her completely bare vagina was going to be on display when she did the head-stand, but it was. Bigtime. And the way she is facing she is giving my friend a full on view of her most private of private parts.

Not to be out done, my wife's friend jumps up and says she wants to do a head stand too. Remember she didn't even get topless until her husband ripped her top off, but apparently she feels differently about getting bottomless as we find out when she flips her legs up out of the water to reveal her charms. Once again I am johnny on the spot with the leg hold and make no effort to hide the fact that I am staring straight down at my wife's friend's pussy.

Then the evening took a wierd turn. My wife says "beer run" and climbs out of the tub totally naked to fetch another round. As she climbs down the steps she slips on some ice that has formed from all the water splashed out of the tub and completely wipes out. She is laying on the cold ground with her legs splayed open. Her friend tries to come to her rescue jumping out of the tub (also totally naked) to help her. She wipes out too, and hits the ground hard. Later we would find out that she broke one of her fingers in the fall, but there is too much booze in the system and we are feeling no pain.

The double fall has changed the mood pretty significantly, and we all grab towels and head inside to warm up and compare bruises.

I know many of you would like to hear that we then had a big orgy or swapped wives or something like that, but in my experience "true" stories rarely end that way. This one ends like most of our stories, with each couple being very horny, going to seperate rooms and fucking each others brains out.

In our case, my wife and I sometimes re-live this story late at night with me telling it to her as I fondle her breasts. Sometimes in our fantasy re-enactment we change the characters around, have different friends with us, and sometimes we do go further and the story ends in a group grope rather than contusions, abrasions and a broken finger. But that's the fantasy and it can be a lot of fun, but in many ways the truth is still the best story of all.

And I never did get my $100. I am holding on to that marker for the right night to bring it up and see what it leads to.

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