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Hotel Window Exposure


Hello and thanks for reading this story. The story is quite tame but does describe an evening of exhibitionism and it a true story as well.

For some reason one of my favorite places where I have had ample opportunity to show of T's naked body is in Duluth, MN. We do have a favorite hotel in where we often stay and exhibitionism there is very easy, but we've also taken advantage of several other hotels, bed and breakfasts, driven all the way through Duluth with her tits exposed and done other things as well.

This story is about our most recent visit to Duluth where we stayed at our favorite hotel, it is written exactly as it happened. If you are familiar with Duluth you might be able to guess the exact location and the name of the hotel. If this does sound familiar please send me an email.

Since it was the not the high tourist season we were able to get a very good price on the most expensive room in the hotel, and since there wouldn't be too many tourists around it also presented us with a great opportunity to do some showing off without the chance of having kids, cops, or others take too much notice who might not appreciate what we were doing.

Our room was on the second floor so that would give us a bit of privacy and would keep the casual passerby from looking into the room. The two outside walls of the room, it was a corner unit, were almost completely made up of tall windows that were almost floor to ceiling and provided us with a great view of the harbor, the tourist area of the city, and could also provide a view into the room as well.

When we entered the room I immediately opened all the drapes and blinds and moved the chairs around so we would be able to enjoy the view. After opening up a bottle of wine we moved out on the balcony in full view of all those passing by on the sidewalk below, or across the canal. It didn't take very long before I was unbuttoning T's shirt and had her tits pulled out above the top of the camisole that she was wearing.

She was facing me and mostly shielded from the view of others but it's always exciting to see your wife's tits fully on display as you watch people walk around behind her, and to the side, and the traffic steadily drives past not knowing that her tits are being so blatantly exposed.

We only sat that way for a few more minutes and I couldn't take it any longer so as I got up to go refill the glasses I also grabbed my camera and took several photos of T's exposed tits bared to the sunshine with the normal tourist area and activity in the background. It was really a promise of more to come later that day.

Although I was enjoying the view it was still a bit chilly so we went inside and got ready to go out for dinner. T wore a very soft thin sweater and a 1/4 cup bra underneath that lifted her tits up and out and also put her nipples on display very clearly. We then walked into town and eventually ended up at a restaurant for a nice meal. Unfortunately we had a female waitress that didn't pay any attention to how T was dressed and only the two men sitting a couple of tables away from us noticed that T's tits were on display.

After dinner we walked back to our room and as it had cooled off quite a bit by then we opted to spend some time in the hot tub so we could relax, warm up and enjoy another glass of wine. The hot tub was located in the living room part of the room so it was also surrounded by the large windows. As T was filling the hot tub I looked across the canal and noticed that there was group of 3-5 guys sitting at a couple of picnic tables just hanging out. The sun was starting to set so they weren't very visible but it was obvious that they would be able to see right into our room from where they were sitting.

When the tub was filled T changed her clothes in the bedroom but came back to the hot tub carrying her robe over her arm and otherwise totally naked. I thought that she might see the group of guys across the way but somehow she missed them. However, there was a spotlight over the hot tub and even with the brightness turned way down low it still illuminated her naked body quite nicely.

Then just as she was getting ready to step into the tub she noticed a couple standing right below our window so she pulled back for a minute to see if they were looking up into our room. It quickly became obvious that there were more interested in their own kissing and hugging than to be looking into our room so eventually T dropped her robe, walked past the window where they could have seen her nakedness and stepped into the hot tub. I quickly did the same thing and even though we were sitting in the hot tub I could still make out the shapes of the guys across the way.

After a good half hour of enjoying the hot water and the soothing jets we decided that we'd had enough as I watched as T got out of the tub and dried herself off with a towel. Although she didn't realize it she was in full view of the group of guys. I watched her until she finished and slipped on her robe knowing that it wasn't only me that was enjoying the show.

By now it was quite dark out and unless you knew where to look, like I did, you wouldn't have noticed the group of guys sitting across the canal enjoying their beer. We sat in a couple of chairs and enjoyed the fireplace as we finished our glasses of wine. I couldn't wait much longer so I took T by the hand and as I always do when we're in a hotel I lead her over to stand in front of the window.

As usual we start out just kissing and fondling each other even though we still have on our robes. But soon I've get her robe untied and opened as I kiss her and the move down to kiss her neck as I start to open it even wider. Eventually as I kiss her neck and shoulders she drops her hands and her robe slides down her arms and she allows it to drop on the floor.

She's now totally nude, standing just a foot or two right away from the glass, in front of the wide open window. Since she's still facing me, and I'm looking out the window, I can see that by now we have the attention of the group across the canal. T's ass is fully on display and as I continue to kiss her I make certain that they can see me squeezing and playing with her ass. We spend a few minutes like this as I play with her ass and while I squeeze her ass she lifts her leg a bit and I play with her asshole as well.

It seemed like a long time as I was anxious to turn T around to face the window, but it what was probably only a couple of minutes before I reached around her and slowly turned her around. She's now facing the window totally nude as she leans back into me as I continue to kiss and caress her body.. Her tits and her freshly shaved pussy are clearly on display to her admirers.

We stand that way for several more minutes as I expose every bit of her naked body to her voyeurs. I keep thinking and wondering how long it will be before she notices that she has an audience but either she doesn't care by now or she just doesn't see them. It's obvious that they see her as we have several lights on in the room and although it's not brightly lit up there is plenty of light to see what's happening. I notice movement across the way as they must be opening more beer to watch the show and the glow of cigarettes is visible. They are definatly watching.

As I continue to explore T's body and expose her in front of the open windows she continues to get more and more turned on. I'm doing everything that I can to keep from cumming as she's pulling on my cock as I stroke her pussy, pull her nipples and continue to kiss her while I stand behind her and show her nudity to everyone that is watching.

I'm thankful that I was able to outlast her and she soon tenses up and grabs my hand with hers to get me to stop the caresses on her clit. T has had her orgasm while standing exposed in front of the window (which has happened before in other places too) only this time I know that she's had a audience.

After she comes down and cools off a bit I push her forward a little bit more so that she leaves titty prints on the glass of the window, something that we've done in many other places, but this also serves to show her voyeurs that she was done for the night.

We adjourned to the bedroom when T gladly offered up a blow job and satisfied me as only she can do. It was only then that I asked her about her audience during her window show. She claimed that she didn't see anyone and that if there were people out there she would have noticed. I teased her that she had given an extra special show since she was being watched but she didn't agree and denied that anyone was out there. With that we drifted off to a pleasant night sleep.

The next morning after breakfast we went for a walk and as we were walking we passed the corner where the guys had been sitting during our window display. Sitting on the tables were the remains of a 24 pack of beer cans and cigarette butts were strewn on the ground. It was obvious that they had been for quite sometime and that they were there during the whole time she was naked.

We looked across the canal from where they had been sitting and it was obvious that our window was openly on display and T was somewhat embarrassed that it was so easy to see into our room. We could also see the top edge of the hot tub from where we were standing so she realized that they'd also had a complete view of her nudity as she got into and out of the hot tub and while she was drying off last night.

The rest of the day I often teased her about the show that she'd given the night before and how blatantly she'd been exposed in the window. She kept telling me that she hadn't seen the guys and wouldn't have been standing in the window naked if she had seen them.

Later that night we once again got into the hot tub and I even had the overhead spotlight turned on a little brighter but she made no move to block off the view from anyone as the windows were wide open in the room. She didn't even hesitate for a moment when I took her by the hand and brought her over to the same window where we had been standing the night before.

As soon as we got to the window I untied the sash of her robe and as I started to slide her robe off her shoulders she straightened her arms and just let it slide to the floor without any resistance. Once again she was standing nude in front of the window, and this time without any hesitation and also knowing that she would be fully exposed to anyone that might be looking.

However tonight it seemed that nobody was around, and certainly nobody was standing around watching us. I was disappointed as I was looking forward to another opportunity to expose T.

After a few minutes of us standing in front of the window and T being totally nude I reached over and turned on a light that was right next to her. It was one of those flexible arm reading lamps so it brightly lit her up from the shoulders on down. She thought that it was a bit too obvious so I shut it off after a minute and we adjourned to the bedroom.

Although I didn't get a second chance to expose T on this trip we did take a few minutes the next day and I took several topless photos of her standing in front of the windows on both sides of the room. This was in the morning daylight and there were several bike riders, dog walkers and joggers out that morning. I don't know if any of them saw T posing for me with her tits exposed, but if they had looked at the room they would have gotten a show.

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