tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHotel Window Exposure Ch. 02

Hotel Window Exposure Ch. 02


I've had several people comment on the story I wrote in which I recalled the events of an evening spent in Duluth, MN where I took full advantage of exposing T in front of the large windows of our hotel room. There was a group of guys across the canal watching us during this time and I thought I'd try to write a story from the perspective of one of the watchers.


It was a holiday the next day from school so as we often do when we get done with work a few of my friends and I gather together to down a 24 pack of beer and just enjoy hanging out since we don't have to get up early for college the next day. We usually hang out at a couple of picnic tables that are located near the restaurant where a couple of the guys work since it's a convenient place for all of us to meet.

There's also another advantage to this spot and that's because it's located between a large warehouse type building that has apartments above the first floor business and there's also an upscale hotel right across the canal from where we're sitting. We often get a peek into one of the suites as someone is getting undressed for bed but even more often there's a quick glimpse into the hotel rooms as some one forgets to close the curtains when they're getting into or out of the whirlpool

As we sitting around one of my buds points out that the hotel room on the end of the building, which was directly across from us, had all the curtains pulled wide open and that there was a light turned as well. We hoped that tonight we'd get a little show, but we never expected the show we did get!

It wasn't long before we saw movement in the room and my first thought was that the shades were going to be closed, but I was wrong. We could see that it was a couple in the room and it looked like they were getting ready to get into the whirlpool tub that's located in the living room part of the room. The lady was dressed but the guy was already in his robe. She disappeared from sight but while she was gone the man looked out the window and since it there was still a bit of sunlight he must have seen us sitting across the way.

I kept hoping that he wasn't going to shut the curtains now that he'd seen us sitting across the canal but I expected that this would be the end of our entertainment for the night. Thankfully he turned away from the window and reached over to adjust the light above the whirlpool tub. It sure seemed that he turned it brighter than it had been before.

Suddenly the moment we'd all been waiting for happened as the woman came out of the back part of the hotel and into our line of sight. She was completely naked and carrying her bathrobe over her arm. She looked like she was going to get into the tub right away but hesitated a bit before stepping into the tub where she was clearly seen by all of us. She stood up for a few moments before sitting down in the water and then the guy dropped his robe and quickly got in with her.

They were now mostly out of sight but we could still see them from about the shoulders up as they sat in the whirlpool tub. We all knew that we'd get the chance to see her naked at least one more time when she got out of the tub so we decided to wait around and see what happened.

As we were waiting, and enjoying a couple more cans of beer, most of the conversation was about the women we'd just seen naked. One of the guys said he wasn't at all interested as she was just some old lady and he could go home and look at his girlfriend naked and have more fun. A couple of the other guys said that they didn't care about how old she was because she still looked good and that they would fuck her if they had the chance.

We talked some more and although it was obvious that the couple in the room were at least the age of our own parents most of us still wanted to stick around and see what was going to happen next, so we all sat and waited a bit more and took turns watching the window for any movement. After a few more minutes one of my buddies yells out that "she's standing up" and we all turned around just in time to see the woman stand up in the tub so that her body was fully revealed to us. It was at this time I realized that her pussy was shaved bare and although she was quite a bit older than me she still had a nice set of tits on her that hadn't sagged very much.

We all watched as she grabbed her towel and started to dry off while she was still standing in the tub she was completely bathed in the glow of the overhead light. As she as drying herself off we had a great view of her naked body and then as she stepped out of the tub she bent down to wipe off her feet and then reached out for her robe. A couple of my buds were "high fiving" each other as we'd all gotten quite the show as the woman dried herself off and was full frontal facing us during most of the time. We've never gotten to see this much for this long, into a room with a naked woman.

Once again we thought that our show was over but instead of heading off to the bedroom the couple sat down in a couple of chairs and he poured a glass of wine for both of them. I was secretly hoping that she was too drunk to notice us sitting across the canal, and maybe she was, or maybe she just didn't care if the curtains were wide open. It sure seemed that she didn't care as it wasn't long before the guy got up and took her by the hand and brought her over to the fireplace.

As they moved toward the fireplace I could see that her robe was not tied and as she walked she was fully exposed as the robe slipped wide open. They stood by the fireplace for a few minutes and as they started to move again we all thought that they'd be heading to the bedroom but instead they turned towards the window.

He was leading her by the hand so it seemed obvious to me that he wanted her to be in front of the large window as he stopped directly in the middle of the window. They were still standing a few feet away from the window and he was looking out the window as she was standing with her back toward the window. They were doing a lot of kissing and feeling each other up and as he kissed her on the neck he slowly began to slide her bathrobe off her shoulders.

Once the robe slide down far enough that it was only being held up by her elbows he moved her arms down and she let the robe slide to the floor. The woman is now standing just a couple of feet away from the window and her ass is exposed to us. They had to know that we're watching, at least he had to have seen us sitting around looking into their room. They stand this way for what seems like a long time but was maybe only a couple of minutes and then he begins the motions of turning her around.

Suddenly there she was facing us and totally naked, this was what we'd all been waiting and hoping for as she was facing us. He held on to her for some time and it seemed like he was just giving us the go ahead to look at his naked wife and check out every bit of her exposed body. While she was standing there exposed I think everyone one of us grabbed for our cell phones and tried to shoot a photo or a short video but it was too dark and too far away for a phone so it didn't show much.

However, I grabbed my back pack and pulled out my camera and when I zoomed it in I could get a clear enough picture with the available light to shoot a couple of non-flash photos. I then flipped it over to movie mode and although it still wasn't very good quality you could easily tell what was happening in the room. I kept the camera recording and I looked up to watch the man as he began to fondle the woman.

He was pulling on her nipples and rubbing her tits with one hand while his other hand was between her legs. He kept busy moving from one of her tits to the other and even moved has hand behind her so the he was either fingering her pussy from behind or playing with her ass. After a couple of minutes of watching this he pushes her even closer to the window so that now she can't be more an a few inches away from the glass.

She's completely and clearly exposed to us now as she has both hands behind her back stroking his cock while he rubs her tits and pussy. It isn't long before she lifts her foot up onto something so that her legs are spread even more to give him access to her pussy. Suddenly she grabs his hand that's working her pussy and holds him still. Wow, she's just had an orgasm while she's being exposed in the window and we got to watch.

They just stand still for awhile with the woman still totally naked and spent as we all continue to watch and try to record the events. Then he leans against her from the back so that her tits are pressed up against the window for a few seconds before he takes her by the hand and leads her out of our sight.

We all realize that the show is over and we say that at least the guy knew that he was showing off his woman to us, and she must have also seen us. As we start to head home I anticipate getting into my room so I can load up the video to my computer then I'll finally have the chance to get my cock out and stroke it which is what I wanted to do all the time we were watching the couple but was too afraid to do in front of my friends.

Yes, I did enjoy the video that night, and I've enjoyed many times since then. Two of the guys who were there that night have asked for and been given copies which I'm sure they've also used for there pleasure. Although it isn't real clear you can easily tell what's going on in front of the big window and since I was there to see it happen in real time it makes it all the more exciting to watch again.

I've even played it for a girlfriend hoping that she would get the idea and go do something like that but she told me I was a pervert and that cooled off our relationship.

I wonder if the couple will come back to the hotel another time? I wish I knew who they were, but in the meantime I'll keep looking for a girlfriend of my own that will do the same thing and when I find her I'll marry her. I'm hooked and I want to have the same experiences in my life that I was able to watch in the hotel window. Just maybe in the future I'll find someone to watch us get naked in front of the window and they'll continue the cycle.

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