tagIncest/TabooHouse Sitter Ch. 02

House Sitter Ch. 02


Back in the house the girls were naked under the towels they had wrapped around their full bodies.

"You two are fantastic... I can't believe my good fortune of a broken leg."

We laughed and had another glass of wine.

"But Gramps, we aren't done yet... Right Laila?"

They both smiled, dropped their towels and came to me as I sat on the couch.

"We know you can't get around very well so we thought we would help you get to bed tonight... Larna take his other arm and lets put our patient to bed."

We walked down the hall, my arms around their shoulders, each hand resting on a tit. I couldn't believe these two beautiful, sexy woman were taking me to bed. They laid me back.

"It's my turn to suck his cock, Larna."

Laila knelt between my legs. She continued:

"Boy for an old white guy it sure doesn't take you long to get hard again." Larna stood above my head her back to Laila.

"How would you like to have a black pussy sitting on you face?"

What a view. "I'd love it... Come on down..."

Larna squatted bringing her sweet black labial lips to my mouth. I grabbed her hips to support her and began lapping her young pink pussy.

"You sure are a good cunt lapper" she said as she continued to press her pelvis down.

Meanwhile, Laila was busy with my cock. I could feel her tongue dancing up and down my shaft then her full lips engulf and consume my staff. Our pace increased and I thought it would end as it had in the hot tub, when Laila stopped.

"I want to feel this beautiful pink cock in my bad black cunt"

Wow... Sounded good to me. Larna eased up and said:

"Okay but you better save some for me." She spun around, still keeping her pussy in my face, now watching her sister straddle my cock she lower her muff on me.

"Oh Laila you are so tight... And wet..."

She wiggled her butt and slid further down till her pussy had swallowed my prick. Slowly she began to move up and down... up and down Larna joined her rhythm as she continued to fuck my face. I sure wish I had video taped this because all I can see is Larna's creamy cunt.

"Here pinch you nipples while you ride his cock... Like this."

I'm over sixty years old and could die from this ... but what a way to go... I'd probably end up in Hell. I just hope the devil lets me keep the memory of this moment. I am sucking and fucking the girl, they are riding me like there is no tomorrow when Larna says it's her turn. As she rose I could finally speak.

"We have all summer girls. You don't want to ware me out the fist night."

Ignoring me, Laila keeps fucking and wouldn't you know I'm ready to shoot.

"Here I cum baby... Pop is popping."

Laila's body stiffens, she slams her body and cries out:

"Oh Jesus.. I'm Cummins ...I am Cumin!... Oh ...yes..."

As I lay on the bed both girls are kneeling at my cock. Twin tongues licking and lips kissing. Larna takes my balls in her mouth flicking them with her tongue while Laila continues to lick me clean. Both heads look up and smile.

"Oh Laila your juices and Pops cum taste so good mixed together."

Laila nodded as she continued to stroke my cock.

"Wow Pop your getting hard again... are you taking that little blue pill?"

I nodded. I must admit I did take one just for staying power... And it was working.

Larna looked at my reborn rod and said, "Okay Granddaddy it's Larna's turn... I want it in my ass."

She knelt next to me and patted her beautiful brown bubble butt. I maneuvered my self behind her and asked Laila to check the dresser drawer for a lubricant. Sure enough, he's his father's son... My daughter-in-law had a tube of KY Jelly just for this purpose.

I coated my fingers and began to circled Larna's anal entrance. She wiggled her butt as I slid one... then two fingers in... Deeper.. Deeper.

"Oh that feels so good ..." I continued with a little finger fuck.

"Okay Pops I'm ready... I want to feel that rod of yours in my rectum."

I smeared more lubricant on my cock and pressed the throbbing head against her now enlarged orifice. Laila was kneeling next to me rubbing my back while she repeatedly squeezed and released my testicles as my knob popped in Larna's anal ally. Oh it was so tight. Larna's body shook as I plunged deeper.

"Oh yes Granddaddy... Fuck me... Fuck your little girl's black ass... Oh Daddy!"

Laila was now rubbing my ass cheeks and fingering my asshole while my balls slammed against Larna's cunt. I reached around and began to rub her clit as I continued to bang her butt. Larna pushed back wanting to feel me deeper. Her breathing quickened and she began to pant as we increased the speed of our motion.

"Oh yes. Finger my clit... Fuck my ass... Oh god ... Fuck me hard... Fuck me fast... Oh god I'm Cumming... Gee... Ho... Yes."

I shot my love juice filling her anus. Larna collapsed on the bed.

As I withdrew, my white cream trickled down between her cheeks. Larna said:

"That was the best butt fuck I ever had... You're some sexy old man."

Laila grabbed my face and gave me a big wet kiss.

"Oh Pop that was so exciting... You have to fuck me in the ass too."

"We have the whole summer girls... We have the whole summer."

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