tagLoving WivesHow Bad Did She Want It?

How Bad Did She Want It?


It was in the Summer of 2001. Nancy breathed a sigh of relief to be out of the hot Texas heat as she closed the door behind herself and entered the front room with her usual brisk walk. She greeted me with a quick smile as she placed her purse on the table and headed to our room to change out of her work clothes. I watched her shapely ass clad in a snug black business skirt as she walked down the hall.

Ten minutes later in the kitchen we worked together fixing dinner when I asked her if everything was OK as she didn't seem to be in a good mood and was a little late. She said she was just frustrated as she had stopped to look at the car she had seen advertised.

"It was absolutely perfect." she said. "In great condition, all the right options, original paint."

But this 1971 Mustang Boss 351 was priced about five grand over what she had saved. Nancy had been looking for a 1971 Mustang for about 5 years. She had been eating bag lunches, working extra and even doing some tutoring to earn and save extra money for her car fund. She was desperately in love with vintage Mustangs, especially the 1971 model. That was the year she was born and it happened to be the car model her father had owned and restored when she was a teenager. Her father had passed in a construction accident two years ago and the emotionally strain had contributed to her compulsion to acquire a 1971 Mustang.

Nancy broke down in tears as she went on about how perfect the car was. She looked at me with her puppy dog sad face and expressed a concern that the value of Mustangs was growing faster than the pace at which she could save for one.

I offered to supplement her car fund and she gave her usual refusal, as this was something she had to do on her own without hurting the household savings.

She was planning to check out the car closer this weekend when she was dressed in casual clothes and could check the VIN numbers and give it a thorough going over. She hoped to be able to negotiate but was not optimistic that she could close the $5k gap between what she could offer and what the owner wanted. She was also worried that someone else would grab the car.

She said the car was being shown by John, the brother of the owner. The owner was finishing med school. He was planning to be in town the following weekend for a graduation diner and to sign over the title before heading off for his internship in Chicago. He didn't need a car but did need the cash to pay off some loans. She knew the market for these cars well and she was pretty confident he would get a good offer before then.

Nancy complained, "John seemed more interested in trying to peek down my blouse or ogle my butt as I checked out the car than he did in negotiating the price."

I responded, "You looked great in your white blouse and black skirt, what do you expect? I gave Nancy a quick kiss and hug and comforted her by saying I was sure something would work out eventually.

Nancy and I had married in 1995. Nancy worked in real estate as an account manager. I was in engineering with an energy company. We lived in Arlington Texas and Nancy commuted to Dallas and I commuted to Fort Worth. Nancy was 5' 6" tall, weighted about 130 and had her high school cheerleader figure plus about five pounds that had slightly softened her bottom and filled out her 36C top. Texas has lots of attractive women and Nancy held her own. Her A-type personality gave her a slightly stern persona but she was a warm and friendly person when one got to know her and had a sweet smile that had melted my heart 8 years earlier when we met.

Nancy's long brown hair could be piled on top of her head giving her a stunning look in a little black dress for a dinner out or she could look delicious in cutoffs and a tank top during the Texas summer. And Nancy undressed real nice. While Nancy held her own in collecting shoes, I had something of a compulsive lingerie fetish and Nancy had an embarrassingly large collection of sexy lingerie that displayed her body nicely. I delighted in dressing her to attract attention and taking her home to undress as part of our active sex life.

During the week Nancy continued to obsess about the car. She did some more research and talked with John on the phone to set up a time to give it a more thorough inspection. The car had been garaged for three years and Nancy talked him through the steps he needed to go through to get it running again. She was eager for a test drive as part of the Saturday inspection. She asked me to accompany her on the car inspection.

Saturday finally arrived and around noon we got ready to go. Nancy had a folder of papers, a clipboard, magnet to test for body putty, flashlight and a handful of tools. As she said it's time to go I asked her if she really planned to negotiate for her dream car dressed in an old shirt and baggy shorts. She gave me a funny look and said, "I'm going to be crawling around an old dusty car."

I responded, "You have no trouble wearing a sexy satin or silk blouse when you go to negotiate a real estate deal so you should wear a pair of hot cutoffs and top to negotiate a car deal."

Nancy countered, "You dirty old man, you think I'll get a better price if I show more skin?"


"Ok Mr. pimp, what should I wear?" Nancy countered.

"Those red denim cutoffs and that red and white Daisy Duke bustier style blouse." I replied.

"I've never worn that top out in public. You want me climbing around a car with my boobs and butt cheeks hanging out in front of a guy that was checking me out when I was in my conservative work clothes? Nancy said.


Before we were out the door Nancy got a call from John saying that he was unable to get the car started so we might want to delay the test drive. Nancy, not one to be deterred, said she would still like to take a look at it with me even if we couldn't get it started. We stopped at an auto parts store on the way and got a can of spray starter. The attention Nancy got when we went in the store reaffirmed just how hot the outfit was. The clerk could hardly take his eyes off Nancy's chest as we checked out.

Nancy blushed and said, "I told you this outfit wasn't fit to wear in public." Twenty minutes later we pulled into the long drive at the country style house where John lived.

The Mustang had been pushed out onto the driveway and it did look good. John had cleaned it up and waxed it. Nancy checked the paperwork and the VIN numbers then searched for signs of accident damage or body work. As she climbed all around and through the car John enjoyed watching for views of her ass or cleavage from her skimpy top. John's leering was obvious and he made little attempt to disguise his interest saying at one point how Nancy's hot body looked real good in the Mustang.

By this time Nancy had already indicated that she was willing to go to $18 grand with her offer, the absolute maximum amount she was able to pay. John indicated that that was still $3,500 below the minimum of what Ken, his brother was willing to take.

By now Nancy was working under the hood and had the air cleaner off and was checking out the carburetor. As she worked John and I visited about his brother's planned visit to town and his job. In a few minutes Nancy had the car running to both hers and John's delight. As the vehicle came to life John encouraged her to take it for a spin. We continued our visit while she headed down the road. In the fifteen minutes that Nancy was gone I got to know more about John and his brother Ken. Ken would have to make the final decision on the car next weekend when he came to town. As Nancy returned and got out of the car John inadvertently mumbled that $18 grand and a few hours in the back seat with Nancy might be enough to clinch the deal.

Rather than being surprised and offended, I nonchalantly said, "She wants that car so bad she just might be willing to supplement the offer."

John looked at me for a few moments to see if I was going to retract the statement before saying, "Be careful what you say, Ken broke up with his fiancé three months ago and he would have no qualms about taking his mind off his loss by busying himself with a pretty package like that." "A little Bukkake with Nancy might just cinch the deal."

On the way home Nancy debriefed me on her test drive but then asked what we were laughing about when she got back from the test drive. I mentioned, "John joked that $18 grand and a few hours in the back seat of the Mustang with you might be enough to cinch the deal with Ken. He said something about those nice boobs and Bukakka."

Nancy blushed and gave me an arm punch to register her protest. "You are both dirty old men." She said. Then she put her hand on my crotch and giggled, "Was it my cleavage or the thought of me in the back seat with another man that got you so excited?"

I was laughing and protesting but Nancy was rubbing my cock in my shorts all the while expressing disbelief that I was getting excited thinking about her having sex with a stranger while she was trying to attain her dream of owning a 1971 Mustang. "What in the world is Bukkake anyway?" she said.

"You will have to check on the internet." I responded not wanting to have to explain any more.

The next week was anxious for Nancy as she was expecting John to call and report the rejection of her offer. On Wednesday when Nancy was out, I got a call from John. He mentioned they did have another offer that was better than ours but not a full price offer and John was kind of interested in giving Nancy the first option since she was so helpful. I told him Nancy was very disciplined financially and not in a position to up the offer as she refused to borrow money or dip into household funds for this purchase.

John responded, "How disciplined is she regarding getting into the back seat of Mustangs and letting a stranger enjoy those beautiful boobs? And, are you really ok with that?"

There was a pause on the line as I thought through how I wanted to respond. "Nancy would only do that if she were desperate. She is desperate for the car but I can't imagine her willing to go along with that plan. Maybe if she was real horny, and had a couple of drinks, and found Ken attractive, and I dared her to."

"And would you let her?" John responded.

"If I met Ken and felt she were safe and willing, I think I would. I think it would be exciting for both of us."

"Well, we will be in touch." John responded.

That night in bed I mentioned to Nancy that John had called. Her heart sank as she awaited the news. I explained the situation with the other offer and Ken's interest in giving her a chance to up her offer. As she laid there I told her that the "guy talk" about her in the back seat of the Mustang last Saturday started after John had told me that Ken had broken up with a fiancé several months ago and was very horny plus needing to sell the Mustang had gotten to him. John had said Ken's fiancé was modest in the bust department and when John saw your nice cleavage he immediately started thinking about Ken enjoying your tits.

As I relayed the story my hand gently cupped Nancy's breast and teased her nipple.

"Who can blame him." I said as I gave Nancy a tender kiss.

"So you want me to prostitute myself for a car?" Nancy responded. Then she grabbed my cock and said, "You seem to find that exciting." "I know you like to show me off and dress me sexy but ..."

"Prostitution sounds so harsh, maybe think of it as bartering." I said.

"You don't like the sound of prostitution, how about adultery, or cheating, or having an affair?" Nancy countered.

"Those terms only apply if you have an emotional attachment or do it behind my back." I said. Then I smothered her lips with mine and ended the conversation.

I was out of town on travel the next two days and returned Friday evening. Nancy had gotten a call from John that afternoon. She reported that the car status was the same. A better offer was on the table and if we were interested we should come by to see Ken Saturday evening. They would be home from an outing about 8. "Anything else?" I asked.

"Yes, he said they were looking forward to seeing me." Nancy reported.

"And what did you say? I asked.

"I said I'm not sure I will be able to sweeten the offer. He said at least stop by and have a drink and tell Ken what the car is really worth. And I said we would think about it."

Saturday Nancy and I had the usual weekend errands and planned on going out for dinner Saturday night as we always did on weeks where I had to be out of town part of the week. I laid out a particularly sexy set of lingerie for Nancy. Since that was a pretty typical pattern for me she didn't read anything into it. A silky summer dress and 3 inch heels completed the outfit. As we got ready to leave I asked Nancy if she wanted to bring her checkbook and stop at John's place to check on the Mustang. Nancy seemed dejected but said I could call and see if the car has been sold yet. As we headed off to the restaurant I reported that Ken had two offers and a commitment to negitiate a decision by tomorrow.

"Ken said he would like your advice on what a fair price is as you know more about the market than he does."

Nancy smiled, "Well it's good to see John noticed more than just my breasts." I had picked a Mexican restaurant in the same general direction as John's house. In addition to a delicious meal, I ordered a pitcher of Sangria and kept Nancy's glass filled. By the time dinner was done Nancy had a giggly buzz and a sexy glow. As I escorted her to the car with my hand on her ass, I asked her if she wanted to drop by John's or head straight home for a little fun.

Nancy looked at me and said, "We can stop by John's -- I'd actually like to meet this Ken fellow but let's not stay long."

We pulled into John's drive about ten minutes later. The Mustang was sitting in the drive and looked great. The For Sale sign read "Best offer over $21,000." Nancy walked around the car while I went to the door and knocked. John and his brother Ken came to the door and then quickly invited us in. Ken was particularly gracious and quickly thanked Nancy for helping John get the car running.

"You are as beautiful and sexy as John said." He commented as he obviously looked her over from head to toes.

It was so obvious that Nancy blushed. The fact that Ken was quite striking and Nancy had had several drinks no doubt contributed to her flushed look.

Ken quickly asked Nancy what she would like to drink and invited her into the family room. In moments she was nursing a tropical drink and talking Mustangs. By the time she was on her second drink she admitted to Ken that the car was probably worth $22 grand in its currently condition and that if she had saved that much she would have had no reservations about offering that much. Ken looked directly at her and said, "I would really like to see you get the car -- is there anything you can do to sweeten your offer?"

"Nancy giggled slightly saying, "Well John and my husband seemed to think that I might be able to barter an hour in the back seat of the Mustang with you to close the gap."

Ken asked, "And what do you think?"

Nancy nervously took another big swallow of her drink then looked down as she shared her feelings, "I know I will regret not getting the car as it is exactly what I have been watching for for years. I'm not sure if I would regret getting in the back seat with you. And if I do get in the back seat with you, you haven't assured me that it is enough to close the deal. I know my husband, Paul, very much wants me to barter but I'm concerned he may feel different tomorrow or next week." "Finally, she smiled, "I do know that John would love for it to happen -- especially if he gets to watch."

John laughed and pleaded guilty. I told Nancy that I would be fine with whatever decision she made, that I was confident in our relationship and saw this as just an exciting experience. We all looked at Ken.

Ken smiled ever so slightly and stood asking Nancy to go with him to look at the car one more time -- saying, I think I left the car title in the back seat. Ken held out his hand to help Nancy from her chair.

As she stood, slightly wobbly, she said, "We can go get the title but I'm not getting in the back seat."

Nancy looked at us and saw disappointment on each of our faces. Then she continued, "....the couch looks much more comfortable."

My heart was beating a hundred beats a minute and there was a stirring in my crotch as her words sunk in. Ken kissed Nancy softly on the cheek and shook her hand saying, "Then it's a deal."

They left hand in hand to walk to the car. Nancy and Ken returned a few minutes later. Ken had signed the title and Nancy got her purse and checkbook. Nancy handed me the check and said if you are sure you give him the check.

I said, "Absolutely." I nervously wrote out the check, set it on the coffee table then I kissed Nancy gently and gave her a hug.

Ken approached Nancy and leaned to kiss her while his hands went to her waist. My cock jerked within the confines of my slacks at the thought of what he would do. At first he contented himself with kissing her, first tenderly then with more passion. After a few minutes of this Ken parted their lips, Nancy moaned as she submitted to him. Her pretty blue eyes flickered while her breath came in short pants and gasps. She was 75 percent drunk and 100 percent horny. When Ken grinned down at Nancy I knew as well as he did that she had reached a stage where she would not protest his advances. His hands moved from her hips to her breasts and with a gentle pressure he turned her around so that her back was to him. Nancy offered no resistance as he turned her, now I could see her face fully I noted that it was flushed with arousal and although she was looking right at me her eyes seemed glazed over. Once she was turned Ken put his hands back on her breasts. John was watching with rapt attention. I could see the pleasure on Nancy's face as Ken fondled her more aggressively. Between pants and gasps Nancy began to hum almost continuously.

Leaning down Ken flicked his tongue over one of Nancy's ears, nibbled the lobe for a few moments then started to kiss his way down her neck to her shoulders. Nancy writhed against him, pushing her bottom hard to his groin while he kissed her shoulders, first one side then the other, her arms hung loose at her sides, but her hands clenched and unclenched.

Ken kissed her right shoulder again, as he did so one of his hands moved from her breast to slide up her chest to her shoulder, my mouth went dry as he gently pushed the thin strap of her dress off her shoulder. Still squeezing her left breast and kissing her right shoulder he slowly pushed the strap down her upper arm until it would go no further. Reaching down he took her elbow in his hand and gently pulled it up so that her arm passed through the loop of the strap, although she did nothing to aid him Nancy offered no resistance as he pulled her arm out of the strap then laid it back at her side. His hand went back to her breasts and his lips turned their attention to her left shoulder. Ken slid his hand to her shoulder and repeated the process to remove her left strap. Her snug dress top was now held up only by her breasts. Once again his hand went back to my wife's breasts where he spent a few minutes fondling her pleasure mounds. John and I watched intently as his brother was undressing my wife in front of both of us.

Then one of his hands was moving again, slowly it stroked down the front of Nancy's dress until it came to rest over her groin. With a sharp tug that made Nancy gasp loudly Ken pulled her lower body tightly to his, then his fingers started to rub over and around her mound, at first delicately then with ever increasing pressure until Nancy was squirming and moaning in his grasp. Still stroking her pussy through her dress and panties, Ken moved his other hand, I saw it slide around her body to her back and the dress zipper. I drew in a sharp breath as her dress began to go loose. A moment later the material slithered down her top until it lay at her hips. Her lacy white demi bra came into view. Her chest was heaving with her deep breaths and her breasts were bulging in the skimpy bra. With a little help, the dress was pulled over Nancy's shapely hips and soon lay in a heap around my wife's feet.

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