tagIncest/TabooHow Carol Got Her Groove Back Ch. 03

How Carol Got Her Groove Back Ch. 03


Getting Off With Mom

Sorry for the inconsistency in chapters but Literotica labels what I had envisioned as "parts" as chapters so I will re-organize a little and change now to avoid any confusion. What was originally chapter 6 is now chapter 3. The second part of this story was more interracial than incest so it was placed in that category instead. This chapter is short and to the point but still just a tease. Brad and Carol will do the deed I assure you but not quite all the way in this chapter.

Carol and Brad avoided each other after the events of that night. Brad was of course embarrassed about being caught spying on his mom having sex and masturbating to the sight. Carol was mortified that her son had heard her role-playing that her lover, Jerome, was Brad her son. She knew he must have heard her screaming his name as she came, lost in the fantasy. Living in the same house it was pretty hard not to run into each other though and after only a couple of days Carol decided to put an end to it. She got up the courage to talk to her son but could not find him until she heard him working out in the gym. She decided she should work out too, that way she could bring the subject up gradually rather than bursting through the door and accusing her son. The gym could also be locked, insuring that Brad's little brother Joey would not interrupt them again as Carol certainly did not want him to realize what was going on. She went to change quickly.

Brad froze as Carol entered the gym, noticing that she locked the door behind her. He couldn't help but admire her round ass squeezed into too her small booty shorts and notice that her legs were getting toned and her calves were really well defined. He struggled to make eye contact as she turned back around and not to focus on her heavy and large tits jostling around in an undersized athletic bra. The bra smashed her tits down a bit but also squeezed them together creating and exposing an obscene amount of milky white cleavage.

"Hi honey. You don't mind if I work out with you, do you?" Carol asked as she tied her long red hair back in a sporty ponytail. This thrust her chest out putting her ripe melons on full display.

"Uhhhh, yeah. No problem mom, you know I like working out with you" Brad replied while continuing to do reps on the machine.

"Well we certainly did have a lot of fun last time, didn't we" Carol commented. Brad blushed and giggled a little awkwardly as he remembered how their last workout session had deteriorated into a dry hump between mother and son.

Carol and Brad quieted down as they worked out in earnest. As Brad grew comfortable his gaze lingered on his mom' big breasts, bubble butt, and the camel toe forming in her crotch. As the two became drenched in sweat the view became much better and Brad's leering, lingering gazes were not lost on Carol. She also did not fail to notice the snake like bulge growing along Brad's legs within his loose shorts. She realized that she had better discuss the topic that brought her in here before it got too hot.

"Brad honey, I wanted to explain what you saw the other night" Carol said as they both took a break to drink some water.

Brad was blushing bright red as he stuttered out an excuse. "Uhhhh, yeah. I am so sorry about that mom, I needed ummm, a glass of water and I heard noises coming from your room, and, well...

"And your dick fell into your hand?" Carol finished for him, cocking an eyebrow and smiling warmly. "Honey its fine that you were watching. I am the one who needs to apologize; I had too much to drink and was loud and careless. I was more worried about what you heard momma saying. I want you to know that fantasies are a healthy aspect of any relationship and that a lot of couples role-play in the bedroom. However most fantasies need to stay fantasies and don't necessarily translate into reality. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes, of course." Brad said swallowing the lump in his throat. He had expected to get hell from his mom for being so perverted and now here he was getting an apology from his mother.

"Just one question mom, is that one of your fantasies?" Brad asked pushing his luck a little.

"Well Jerome started that one and I was actually against it, but well..." Carol blushed deep scarlet and looked up afraid to finish. She saw that Brad's eyes were glued to the spandex of her gym shorts where it molded to her sweaty crotch and the plump swollen pussy that was clearly outlined. She also noticed the sizeable erection tenting her son's shorts and found the courage to finish. "Well by the end, I was extremely excited by the thought, as you saw. My point honey though is that fantasies don't always translate to reality and that one is not going to. I don't want you to get the wrong idea." Carol finished.

"Oh...I see. OK." Brad responded, sounding defeated. As his eyes rose to meet Carol's she saw the extreme disappointment and hurt in them. She had wanted to make her boundaries clear but she had not meant to crush her sweet son. She had to cheer him up quickly.

"You know I really liked how we worked out together last time. Would you like to do that again?" Carol asked, her green eyes sparkling and her plump lips spreading into a mischievous grin. "Whadaya say kiddo want momma to sit on your lap?"

Carol was pleased to see Brad's defeated look switch to that of a kid on Christmas morning. "Hell yeah! That would be great mom!" Brad exclaimed, his rock hard cock tenting his shorts obscenely as he sat expectantly.

"Well hold on one minute, buster. I need you to answer a question first" Carol teased striking a sexy pose for her son. "Which of my features do you like the best? Let me help you decide." Carol bent way down and stroked her toes. Delicate and slender each one ended in a perfectly manicured nail coated in midnight blue nail polish. "Does sonny have a foot fetish?" She asked stretching her toes out. "No?" Carol ran her hand over the sharp bulge of her calf muscle and along the sleek smoothness of the rest of her leg as she slowly rose. "Or did I raise a leg man?"

Carol abruptly turned around, hopping and standing straight up, causing her bubble butt to quiver enticingly. "I know I raised an ass-man. Every time I turn around I catch you staring at it with the look of a slack-jawed yokel. Well here you go sonny-boy; mom is going to do a booty-shake just for you!" Carol announced as she bent over and started shaking her meaty ass at her boy. Brad started to feel drool forming at the corners of his mouth as he watched the twin globes of his mother's perfect ass ripple, shake and collide together with tremendous slaps. Carol soon got a rhythm going getting her ass to wobble enticingly bobbing up and down. She took a hold of her booty shorts and helped really shake her ass, making it shudder and jiggle madly. Brad felt like he was being hypnotized by the alabaster orbs of his hot mother's ass, split by the thong like booty shorts she wore in the gym. Brad was amazed as his previously conservative mother did a private dance for him better than any stripper he had seen on the internet.

Carol did the splits, landing with a resounding "thwack" as the weight of her meaty mommy ass hit the cold tile floor. She rose up just enough to elevate her bulging ass cheeks off the ground and started shaking her big ass at her child with abandon. The movement of the splits had forced the fabric of Carol's shorts right up her ass crack. She looked like she was wearing a thin thong that perfectly separated her globes of flawless flesh. Carol continued to wave her trembling ass at her son, excited by the lewd performance she was giving him. She looked over her shoulder and saw that Brad was bug-eyed with lust and his hand was absentmindedly fondling the huge bulge formed by his trembling erection.

Carol stood up and backed up into Brad until his red hot shaft, still encased in his loose shorts bumped into her soft ass. She gave her son a mini lap-dance, trapping the fat plum shaped head of his cock within the tight groove of her ass cheeks. Carol began sliding up and down Brad's prick as he bent his knees and lowered himself a little giving his mom some leverage. Carol used her pillowy ass to massage Brad's cock and she clenched her cheeks together applying pressure all along his shaft as she heard her boy gasp behind her. She held his throbbing fuck-stick encased in the heavenly grip of her bubble-butt for a few moments and then released. She began sliding her matronly ass up and down her son's cock while rhythmically squeezing his cock with her pliant cheeks. She soon heard Brad's ragged panting turn manic and felt his cock bucking within the sweaty crack of her ass. She realized the boy was seconds from spewing his load and she slid off his prick and turned around.

Brad locked eyes with his voluptuous mother and the two remained silent as they peered into each other's souls. Sweat dripped off both their bodies and their chests rose quickly with their heavy excited breathing. Brad's straining erection, wrapped snugly in the thin loose fabric of his shorts, stood out like a flagpole. Carols plump lips curled up in a seductive smile. "Don't pop honey, mommy is hardly done yet."

Carol bent down straight legged pointing her shapely rear at her son. Carol began shaking her ass again sending the twin globes wobbling. She decided to show her son a trick and began twitching her leg muscles; by doing this she could raise each jiggling butt-cheek individually. She began making her ass dance for her son, the cheeks rising and falling opposite each other and in unison and crashing back down. Carol looked over her shoulder not stopping her ass shaking and made sure Brad was not touching his cock. He wasn't but was watching her intently, his eyes sparkling with lust. "You ready for more fun?" She asked with a grin.

"Hell yeah, Mom! This is amazing; I can't believe how good you look." Brad replied grinning back as his busty lil mother snuggled back against him.

"MMM, I am glad you like it honey. I feel amazing too. Let's get back to where we were" Carol said as she pushed Brad backwards forcing him to sit on the seat of the bow-bend machine. Carol turned around and resumed her lap dance wiggling her ass until Brad's raging erection was wrapped snugly inside the crack of her bubble-butt. Their combined sweat and the tremendous amount of pre-cum soaking the front of Brad's shorts provided al l the lube they needed to turn the deep cleft between Carol's tremendous ass cheeks into a wet, hot, squishy and tight tunnel for Brad's oversized dong to split apart. Brad was in absolute heaven as his mom rode her gigantic ass on top of his donkey dick. He gripped her waist and Carol continued to writhe around in his lap smothering his twitching penis. He let his hands slide down her inner thighs until his fingers rested just centimeters from her dripping wet pussy and the incredible heat radiating from it.

"Oh, that's right; you still hadn't picked your favorite part of mommy. Is it the part that is every man's favorite?" Carol questioned as she pushed his hand the final inch to cup and knead her steaming gash through the wet fabric of her shorts. Carol arched up to meet his hand, grinding her clit into the heel of his hand.

"Can I see it mom? Please" Brad asked as he hunched into her pillowy booty and fondled her dripping kitten.

"Oh, Honey. I don't think that is a good idea" Carol panted. She was feeling her own desire rise and she did not want her lust to completely overtake her.

"Please mom. I saw it the other night already. I just want a closer look" Brad pleaded, using the same voice he had used when whining for something as a child.

"That's true it would not be anything new" Carol reasoned as she spun around and straddled her son. She crushed her cock with her weight and smashed her soaking mommy muffin against his hot rod. As she scooted back off his cock it sprung out of the piss hole of his shorts in all its nude glory. Carol gasped at the beast in her sons lap winking pre-cum at her. It seemed bigger than ever before, over 9 inches of rigid, thick-veined teenaged cock.

"Shit, sorry mom!" Brad apologized as he attempted unsuccessfully to shove his hunk of man meat back into his shorts.

"That's OK baby, I saw that the other night too" Carol said her voice dripping with lust.

Carol reached down and stopped Brad's hands from trying to hide his erection back in his shorts. Brad groaned as his mother's manicured fingernails danced across the taut skin of his dick briefly. Carol slowly pulled aside her gym shorts, moving the soaked spandex aside to show her son her most secret place. Brad deeply inhaled the scent of aroused female as he watched his mother unveiling her sacred opening to him.

"Is this your favorite?" Carol asked as her pink painted nails spread the fat lips of her labia showing her son the glistening pink flesh of her inner pussy. "You did spend nine months there long ago" Carol giggled. She moaned as she took a brief moment to massage her aching clit poking out of the top of her slit.

"And now I would like nothing more than to return there" Brad thought. He remained silent knowing that comment might cross his mother's boundaries and he did not want this show to end.

"How about my tummy?" Carol continued with her teasing display rubbing her hands across her taut flat stomach. All her exercising had given her the stomach of someone in their 20's and she was proud of it. She teasingly traced her way from her dripping pussy up to her tiny belly button and flicked her finger in and out a few times as Brad continued to stare in awe. Her hands rose to cup her bountiful bosom although the spongy flesh overflowed her small hands.

"Or is it the twins that capture the most attention?" Carol laughed at her son's expression as she lifted the right orb up and dropped it letting it bounce and shake back into place, and then doing the same to the left tit. She grabbed both of her hooters and shook them in her sons face her athletic bra barely containing the jiggling flesh. She was bouncing up and down against her eldest son's shaft as she shook her big knockers in his face. She was careful not to let him penetrate her, but she was smothering his pulsating cock in soaking mommy pussy.

"You know I got a pretty good look at these the other night too" brad commented slyly as his mother continued to wave her tits in his face.

"Oh, you naughty boy. It is a good thing you have a naughty mother!" Carol laughed as she pulled the tight bra over her slick breast and arms. Her sweaty jugs bounced wildly, suddenly liberated from their tight prison. Her thick crinkled nipples rose out of her pink and pebbly areolas like missiles, stiff and erect. Carol leaned forward and put brad's head between her heavy outthrust breasts. She resumed her tit-shaking but with Brad's head trapped between her flopping melons. Brad's cheeks received quite a beating from his mom's firm jugs.

"Motorboat mama, go wild Brad!" Carol laughed as she heard wet sputtering and felt her son's vibrating lips and splashing saliva between her shining breasts.

"Are these big beauties the winner? You have been obsessed with momma's titties since you first sucked on them. You know, you used to play with yourself whenever I would nurse you. It would get me so fucking hot that I would wish that I could do this". Carol's hand shot down and gripped Brad's long tool. She scooped up the precum gurgling out of his mushroom tip and spread it along the shaft getting it nice and slippery.

"Oh fuck yeah mom. That feels so good. Jack on my prick" Brad moaned before taking a swollen nipple between his lips and beginning to gently suckle.

"Mmmm, that's it baby. Suck on momma's titties" Carol gasped as she gripped her son's huge prick. The prick was spewing precum and it coated Carol's fist as she rotated her tightly clenched hand up and down Brad's throbbing rod. The stacked mature mother jacked her well hung stud of a son as he nursed on her swollen tits for several minutes. She sensed he was near cumming and let go of his rod, not ready to let this experience end.

"Or, how about my face?" Carol whispered as she stared into her son's eyes. Her own eyes were sparkling with mirth and a vibrant emerald color. Her flushed face was shining and dripping with sweat. Loose strand of ruby hair stuck to her forehead. Her pouting lips were plump and deep red, her pink tongue snaked out to wet them as brad watched.

Carol leaned forward and slowly and sensually kissed her son, crushing her plump lips against his slightly open mouth. As Carol felt Brad respond and begin kissing back she slid her tongue into his mouth and began wetly twisting it with Brad's. Brad twisted his tongue right back and soon their tongues were wresting and dueling as mother and son moaned into each other's mouths. The sound of sucking and slurping filled the room as the couple exchanged a messy and deep soul kiss. Each devouring the other's mouth with a hunger born of lust.

Carol scooted forward on her son's lap, shoving her sopping wet pussy against his hard cock. "Can I trust you?" the busty mother asked.

"Yes" Brad replied having no idea why she was asking him that now.

"I am going to make us feel really good, but only if you promise not to put yourself inside me. Do you promise?" Carol asked her breath ragged and hot. She felt like she was in heat but was trying to maintain some control. There was that final line that she did not want to cross. Part of her mind rationalized that they had done nothing wrong, no penetration no incest. She was not ready to actually commit incest, at least not yet.

"OK Mom. I promise, please don't stop I have never felt this good" the chiseled teen beneath her groaned. His bucking dick was nudging at her pussy.

Carol slid up and down her son a few times smothering his cock and then slid off his lap. She stood in front of him and took off her soaked gym shorts. The busty short mom with a bubble butt was now standing in front of her son in nothing but sporty socks. Her neatly trimmed thatch of glistening red pubic hair sat just above her engorged and distended clit. Beneath this were the dripping wet folds of her pussy.

Carol climbed back on her son's lap and rose up pushing herself against her son's chest and positioning his rod just centimeters above the opening where he had entered this world. Her thick slippery pussy lips spread apart as she sank down and let his bulbous dickhead slide through her outer lips. She soon got a rhythm going and bounced up and down smothering Brad's rigid cock in sopping wet, steaming mommy pussy.

Brad was lost in another world of intense pleasure unlike anything he had ever experienced. His mom's pussylips were juicy wet and scalding hot as his dick split her plump outer lips. With just a slight thrust Brad could have popped into her inner sanctum and become a true motherfucker but he just sat back and let her do all the work; not wanting to violate her trust or end this moment. His mom's lips crushed his in a deep kiss and her nimble tongue snaked into his mouth dancing circles around Brad's own. The two shared a full embrace and a deep soul kiss as the mother hunched herself against her boy, their crotches a wet mess of precum and sweat. Brad's long hard cock plowed against his mother's silky clutching pussy lips.

Carol felt herself approaching the brink, with another hard crushing of her clit by the bell shaped end of her son's engorged phallus. She sucked hard on Brad's tongue drawing him into her mouth as she practically climbed up his body. She repeatedly crushed brad's cock with her wet spasming pussy grinding against him. She was using her body to massage his, rubbing her naked flesh all over the excited teen beneath her. She dragged her body up sliding her tits along his face and bringing her pussy close enough for Brad to smell the sweet musky scent of her arousal and to see the dripping lips of her pussy just beneath him. Then she reversed direction sliding down and making sure to smother her son in sweaty excited flesh, returning her burning pussy to his rigid tool and grinding herself on it.

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