tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow I Fucked My Neighbours Pt. 01

How I Fucked My Neighbours Pt. 01


Shalna and Brian had lived next door to me for six months, and we had only spoken two or three times since then. In saying this though, it's not like I never noticed them. Shalna was thirty, five feet tall, shoulder length brown hair, big greenish-blue eyes, huge double D tits and an ass that didn't quit. Brian was the same age and built like a tank at nearly six feet tall and three hundred plus pounds. His cherub face made him look 10 years younger than he really was, and the gym shorts he commonly wore did nothing to hide the bulge that was underneath them. After moving in beside them, while putting away empty boxes and other nick-nacks into the attic. I discovered that looking out my end window, gave me a perfect view through the blinds into their bedroom, specifically seeing the whole bed.

The first time I seen anything, I had been in the attic looking for a set of guitar strings I knew I had packed away. The light had come on in their bedroom and I stepped to my small attic window hoping for a show, and a show I got. Shalna had just gotten out of her shower, wrapped in a towel with her hair still dripping wet. She stepped to the window, and took her towel off bending forward she dried her hair. Standing up again, she arched her back and thrust her beautiful breasts upwards, not that they needed help. In my thirty five years, I had never seen a pair of more beautiful tits and wanted nothing more than to hold them.

She reached to her left and grabbed a bottle of moisturizer, and squirted a large dollop into her hand. Starting on her little belly, she rubbed that cream all over her body. She must have spent five minutes alone on her tits, and then moved down between her legs. Now because of the way the blinds were I couldn't see her pussy, but when I watched her throw her head back with a wide open mouth, I knew what she was doing. I dropped the box I'd been holding this whole time, and reached into my shorts grabbing my hard cock. Matching her arm movements with mine, I stroked when she did. With my free hand I pulled my shorts down to my knees, to give me more movement. Then something amazing happened...she pulled up the blinds.

With the way our houses are situated, no one can see their room from the street, and the only other window I have besides this one on my house, is a basement one. But by god I felt like a twelve year old seeing his first nude woman, she was amazingly gorgeous. Her petite frame was surprisingly curvy and there wasn't a blemish anywhere on it to be seen. She pulled her hand away from her pussy for a moment and licked her fingers. Then it was right back to work. First clockwise, then counter clockwise, and up and down she rubbed her clit. I couldn't hold back anymore and shot my load onto the floor of my attic. Shalna in the mean time had grabbed hold of her nipple and was twisting and pulling at it for all it was worth. I realized I could actually hear her moaning if I held my breath, and so I did.

I blinked for what felt like a second and when I opened my eyes she had fallen onto her bed. Knees up, legs widespread she fingered her tight little peach with a ferocity only seen in porn. One finger was all she pushed between those puffy lips as her other hand grasped for the blanket laid across her bed. I watched her finger herself for another five minutes, until she arched her back and a small stream squirted from her pussy. Shalna lay on the bed catching her breath, as I stood in amazement of what I had just seen. My attic it seems was quickly becoming my favourite room in my new house. I decided I'd make a music room out of it, this way I'd have a reason to be up here.

A couple of days went by and the next time I seen anyone in the window it had been Shalna's husband Brian. I had woken up early to start drywalling the ceiling in the attic, and happened to look out the window to see what looked like a hairless bear laying in their bed. When Brian rolled over onto his back, he pushed the blanket off of himself, leaving just a sheet. It clung to his body like it had been painted on, and I could see the outline of his whole body. Muscles upon muscles, big thick legs and oh what was between those legs. At least nine inches long and as thick as my wrist, Brian was definitely a shower not a grower. He reached down and scratched himself, and then took ahold of his thick shaft. Stroking it ever so slowly on top of the sheets. I watched very happily as he pulled and twisted the sheets around that big thick cock, and hoped I'd get to see him finish.

He threw the sheets back and seeing that huge wonderful cock made my heart skip a beat. But he sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes, then stood up and left the room. My heart sank as I didn't think I'd get to see him finish, but a minute later he was back in bed. He laid back down and sprawled back out, and started stroking that wonderful piece of meat between his legs. I could feel my own cock getting hard in my pajama pants and decided to join him. His bulbous purple head slipped in and out of his fist with every stroke and I again matched him for speed just like I had with Shalna. When he spit in his hand I did the same to mine, and if he stopped then I did to.

All of a sudden, Brian picked up the pace. His body tensing, showing off his bulging muscles. Toes curling up towards his body I knew he was close. I focused on his big throbbing cock and imagined myself stroking it while he stroked mine, and Shalna watching the whole time. This was all it took as I watched him stiffen up and the first of three huge globs of cum shoot from his cock. I came with him, as mine splashed into the wall in front of me. We both sat there in our state of bliss, breathing heavy and holding our cocks. It was then I realized that I wanted to...no change that, I needed to fuck my neighbours.

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Can not wait for part two

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Hot look fwd to chapter 2...

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Need a second chapter

Great story keep it going!

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....and get to Chapter Two!

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I look forward to chapter two.

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