tagLesbian SexHow I Had My Secretary...Ch. 5

How I Had My Secretary...Ch. 5


No sooner had Sharon gone into the bedroom when the door bell rang, Cindy didn't waste any time getting over to the house.

I know that Cindy liked Sharon because one day, as I was cutting the front lawn, Cindy walked by and we started talking, as friendly neighbors do. After a couple of minutes of getting caught up with the neighborhood gossip, Cindy asked if Sharon was home and that she would like to go in and say hello. I told her no, she was at the high school jogging around the football field. Then she said, Bob, I have to tell you, your wife is one hot looking babe." Sharon is only a few years older than Cindy so they have a lot in common as far as music, movies, etc.etc.to talk about, however I was surprised that Cindy would make that kind of a comment.

Linda shouted to Sharon, "There is someone at the door, come in here and open it., I'm sure it's your neighbor." "Linda, would you please open it for her, I haven't washed up yet or put on my cover up.." Sharon's face was still covered with Linda's cum. "You don't have to wash up. Now come and open the door." It was said in a way that it was an ORDER, and Sharon knew it.

Sharon came flying out of her room, her face glistening with Linda's cum, and her so called skimpy robe, not quite covering her beautiful ass and not leaving any part of her body totally covered, "Linda, I think you could have opened the door for her. Look, I'm a mess and what is she going to think when she sees me virtually naked. I didn't even get a chance to wipe your cum juices off my face, I'm sure that she will be able figure out what we have been doing." "Let's get this straight, as long as I'm here, taking Bob's place, you'll do as I ORDER or I'll paddle your sweet butt again. Another thing, the sooner your neighbor figures out that you're a slut, if she hasn't figured it out by now, the sooner we can have some fun."

I don't think that Sharon was aware of the fact that Linda was going to seduce our neighbors into having lesbian sex.

When Sharon opened the door, Cindy looked at her in awe and just stared at Sharon. Cindy knew that Sharon, as a rule, would be conservatively dressed, but what she saw at the door greeting her was a woman whose body was almost totally exposed to her glances, but she also looked disheveled as if she just got out of bed and she reeked of female sex.

"Oh, I'm sorry Sharon, I guess I rushed over too quickly, maybe I should come back a little later." Sharon didn't know what to say and her embarrassment was obvious.

Linda quickly rushed to the door and said, "Sharon, invite this sexy young lady in and introduce me to her." Linda just ignored Sharon when she hesitated to say anything, mostly out of shame. Linda then told Cindy, "excuse Sharon, she is a little worked up," as she gave Cindy a wink and a smile. My name is Linda and you must be Cindy, Sharon's neighbor. She has told me all about you and your Mom, and I've got to say, she wasn't exaggerating about your beauty, you are adorable. She tells me that you're the spitting image of your mother and that the two of you could pass as sisters." The only thing Cindy could say, being a little overwhelmed by what confronted her, "thank you."

"Please sit down Cindy and I'll go and get some 'ice tea for us." Then she turned to Sharon and said, "if you don't mind sweetheart, could you bring out a plate of crackers and slices of that wonderful sausages that your mother introduced you to, so that we can have it with our ice tea."

Linda had prepared the spiked 'ice tea' in advance and gave Cindy and Sharon a glass and told them, "I made this tea and added some spices, you'll find it very refreshing." Linda lifted her glass and said, "here is to new friends," and they all took a sip.

When Sharon had put down the tray with crackers, as well as the sliced up sausage that only a short time before had been buried deep in Linda's love hole and given Linda so much pleasure, Linda said to Sharon, "let's get you comfy sweetheart in this nice recliner facing your pretty neighbor and myself, I know you're a little tired." Sharon was in a position where her legs were stretched out in front of her and she realized there would be no way she could conceal her pussy that would be completely exposed, especially to her young neighbor.

"So Cindy, I understand you're going to take a year off before going to college." Linda said, and without getting an answer from Cindy, asked her, "how are you going to spend this next year?" Linda noticed that while she was talking to Cindy, Cindy's eyes were focused on Sharon, especially looking at Sharon's exposed bottom. Linda chuckled to herself.

"Oh, umm," Cindy muttered to Linda's question. Then Cindy continued, "I want to spend as much time with my mom as I can, after I start college I probably won't be coming home too often, depending where I go."

Linda seemed in complete control of what was going on and was in charge of the conversation. Poor Sharon was embarrassed to tears because of the exposure of her most intimate body parts, i.e. her bald pussy. On the other hand, Cindy was so intent at looking at Sharon's pussy that she was also at a loss for words.

"Cindy, Sharon, drink up, I made a whole pitcher of ice tea. Cindy have some crackers and sausage, the sausage is great, try it."

Cindy took a cracker and a couple slices of the sausage and then said, "the sausage is good; it has a nice tangy flavor, a little on the musky side."

Sharon spoke up and said, "let me refresh your glasses with some more ice tea." Linda and Cindy both nodded their approval. In getting up from the recliner, Sharon put one foot down on the floor, and when she did, her flowered pussy lips opened up and Cindy's eye's zeroed in to the view in front of her and noticed the glistening moisture .

I knew at this point, both Cindy and Sharon were starting to feel the effects of the 'ice tea.' I know that Cindy was sheltered from any drinking or sex. In conversations with her mother, Sandra, she had told me that she wasn't going to let any guy get her sweet daughter drunk and take advantage of her. So neither did my wife or Cindy, handle the drinks that Linda spiked without feeling the buzz, hence, losing some of their inhibitions.

Sharon brought the drinks back into the room and looked like her normal, sexy self and didn't seem to be shy about the fact that her breasts as well as her bottom where almost completely exposed to her young neighbor.

Linda started again by asking, or I should say telling Cindy, "I bet you have men stopping by your house at all hours of the day and night. With two beautiful sexy , and available women, they must be knocking your doors down?"

"Not really," Cindy replied. "My mom was happily married for many years and after my dad died, she said all the guys that tried to date her were jerks. As for myself, mom tells me that right now I don't need some hormone primed kid in my life. Mom tells me I have plenty of time to meet Mr. Right."

"I think Sandy is right," Sharon said. "Your mom has had some pretty bad experiences with some of those 'jerks' that she has dated."

"That's well and good, Sharon, but in the meantime what do they do with their pent up hormones? When I was Cindy's age, if I wasn't allowed to have sex I would have ended up in some kind of nut house. Of course, now they, the likes of Dr. Ruth, encourage masturbation, even though I did it often." Then, very matter- of- factly said to Cindy, " I'm sure that you and your mom spend many times masturbating after reading a sexy book or watching an xxx rated movie; I know that Sharon does, as well as myself."

Cindy and Sharon were just staring at Linda, not saying a word but in awe of what Linda just said. Sharon started to defend herself but no sooner had she muttered a word or two, Linda said, "Sharon, don't even think of denying it, I've watched you as you did it right in front of me, and besides, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

After that comment, Cindy and Sharon were blushing as they gulped down their tea.

"Now Sharon, I want you to be honest." It was a good thing that Sharon had those drinks. "You have to tell us the truth, you masturbate often, don't you?"

Linda was up to the same old tricks, get them a little high, not drunk, but just enough so that they lose most of their inhibitions regarding sex as their male hormones, (testosterone,) start to kick in and they start feeling horny and their juices start flowing. It was working.

"Yes I do," Sharon blurted out, "and I'm not ashamed of it. In fact I masturbate frequently because it feels good and it also relaxes me and gets me all charged up. In fact, I've read that it's a healthy thing to do if you're sexually frustrated."

"Well Cindy, are you going to be honest about it, or are you going to try to hide the fact that you're just like the rest of us girls. There is nothing wrong with it and it's perfectly normal. In fact, if you didn't masturbate I would say that there was something wrong with you and that your mother should take you to a doctor. O.K., let me put it this way, have you ever had an orgasm?"

Cindy had never had this kind of conversation with anyone, not even her mother. She had some very basic classes in human sexuality in her last year of high school and they did touch the subject of masturbation, but she never discussed it with anyone.

Cindy was now squirming in her chair, as well as Sharon. Then Cindy got up the courage to say, "I'm not sure if I've ever had an orgasm. Oh gosh, if my mom ever heard me talk about masturbation with anyone, I'm sure she would really be upset with me."

"Cindy," interrupted Linda, "I'll guarantee you that your mother probably masturbates as frequently as we do, if not more, because she doesn't have anyone else to have sex with."

Cindy continued, not commenting on Linda's statement about her mother masturbating. "I touch myself down there sometimes when I get the urge and I will admit that it feels good, but I don't know what an orgasm feels like. Some times it makes me feel like I have to pee, and other times it feels good while I'm rubbing it down there, but when I stop, I feel kind of restless."

"Sharon," Linda said, " I can tell that you're real horny and that you have been dying to get yourself off, just by the way you're squirming , so I want you to show Cindy how you masturbate and give yourself a pleasurable orgasm. Do it just like you did for me. If we don't show her she will end up being frustrated for a long time, or until she starts college and meets up with a nice boy or girl." It was obvious that Cindy, by her reaction, picked up on the "or girl."

"Linda, I can't do that in front of Cindy, I would be too embarrassed. Besides, I think that Cindy would be embarrassed to watch,. I'm not going to do it."

"Come here Sharon, first of all, do you want me to give you a spanking like I gave you earlier, in front of Cindy?" As she said this, she pulled Sharon's loosely tied cover up, off of her. "Now stand up in front of Cindy." Then Linda looked at Cindy and said to her, "I noticed that you've been looking at Sharon for most of the time while you have been visiting, isn't she sexy looking."

Now Sharon was standing immediately in front of Cindy and her glistening and swollen cunt lips were only inches away from Cindy's face. Sharon indeed was horny. Both girls were a little flushed but the drinks had made them more submissive than they would ordinarily be.

Linda then spoke to Cindy again, "do you find Sharon to be a sexy and beautiful girl?" Poor Cindy was almost overcome from the view that was in front of her face as she sat, but also the musky scent that was filling her nostrils. Then Cindy said to Linda, "Yeah, well like, I do find Sharon to be very attractive and my mom thinks so as well." This gave Linda food for thought.

Sharon had finished her second drink, as well as Cindy had, and from the looks of things, I think that they were ripe for anything that Linda asked of them.

"What's it going to be, Sharon, a spanking or are you going to show Cindy how you masturbate?" Then turned to Cindy as Sharon was nervously moving her body, "Would you like to see how I spank Sharon over my knees? In fact Cindy, maybe I'll let you give Sharon her spanking if she doesn't obey."

Then Sharon looked at Cindy and asked her, "Cindy, Would you be offended if I did what Linda asked of me in front of you?" Cindy's answer threw me. "No Sharon, in fact I think it would be kind of cool and a real turn on. I've read a couple of books about things like this, but never let my mom know." I think at this point, both Sharon and Cindy were pretty much under the influence of the drinks.

This is all it took, Sharon was so horny that her pre-cum juices were starting to run down her legs. I don't know if the excitement of being watched by this sexy younger girl, or by the fact that she was being ordered to do it. Sharon got back on the recliner, with her legs spread and her head slightly tilted back. Linda told Cindy to get closer to Sharon so that she could get a good look at how Sharon played with herself as well as a good look at her cunt.

There was no question about it, poor Sharon was on fire as she quickly and aggressively started rubbing her cunt and pulling on her swollen nipples. Needless to say, if she kept up at the pace that she was going, she would cum in seconds. "Now I want you to stop for a minute, Sharon, how is poor Cindy to see what's going on; this is for Cindy's benefit, not just yours. "Cindy, give me your hand and let me have you touch Sharon's pussy, see how engorged her inner lips are? Now just lightly run your fingers up and down, from her bum hole all the way up to her clitty."

With Cindy's fingers caressing Sharon's excitable and bloated cunt lips, Sharon let out a loud moan and pumped her butt up to hump Cindy's hand. "Sharon, I told you to be still, I'm trying to teach Cindy how to masturbate."

"Now Cindy, I want you to stick a couple of your fingers into her vagina, or as we call it, cunt or love hole. See how wet it gets, that is in anticipation of having sex. Cindy, do you have your panties on?"

Cindy looked up at Linda and said, "Well yes, I have my thongs on." Knowing that Cindy, as well as Sharon, was sexually aroused, said to Cindy, "please take them off and hand them to me." Linda told her in a firm voice to intimidate her. Cindy didn't even think about, she stood up and pulled off her thongs and handed them to Linda.

"Oh my, Cindy, I see that you're as aroused as Sharon, your panties are soaked. You really do like her, don't you?" "Well yeah Linda, I do like Sharon a lot and I enjoy being with her, and I do get excited when I watch her and talk to her."

Watching this video and listening to Cindy's confession got me off in a second. Were these hidden cameras such a good idea? HELL YES, I'd never find a porno movie that is as sexy as these, besides, any porno vid that I've ever seen, the woman never cums, that's what turns me on, I can watch myself cum any time. Now I don't even have to take the videos with me on my business trips, I can watch them LIVE on my lap top.

"Well Cindy, we know that you didn't pee in your panties. Here, I want you to lick some of your juices with your tongue." Cindy looked at Linda, knowing better and not wanting to get Linda upset, ran her tongue along the crotch of her panties. "Now Cindy," Linda said, as she put her hand in back of Cindy's head and pushed it down to Sharon's boiling hot cunt. "I want you to run your tongue along Sharon's bloated lips and suck some of her juices." Cindy had no choice as her face was pushed into Sharon's over flowing cunt.

Cindy may have had her face pushed into my wife's aroused pussy, but it seemed to me that Cindy didn't waste any time licking and sucking Sharon's sweet nectar. "Ohhhgaaaawwwdd Ciiiindyyy, please don't stop. Please I'mmm ready to cum." But my poor frustrated wife was not to get her wish as Linda pulled Cindy's head up and away from Sharon's quivering pussy. In a pathetic and pleading voice, Sharon said, "Linda, ohh please,please let me come."

"I will, soon my love, but remember, we can't be selfish and not think of Cindy. Cindy has needs and she must learn how to take care of those needs just as we do." From the expression on Cindy's face, I would say that she was hurting as much as Sharon was.

Linda took Cindy's face in her hand and stroked it and then leaned over and gave Cindy a mouth to mouth kiss. I could almost see Linda's tongue forcing its way into Cindy's mouth. Cindy tried to pull away, but Linda had her arm wrapped around her back and there was no way that pretty little Cindy was going to break loose.

When Linda finally came up for air, Cindy looked totally out of focus and bewildered, as though she didn't know what was happening to her.

Sharon was fighting back tears, she was so frustrated that it was becoming painful for her to just watch what was going on and pleaded again for Linda to let her reach a climax.

"Cindy, I want you to watch Sharon closely because I'm going to let her make herself cum, with your help. I want you to lean over and kiss Sharon on the mouth just as I did to you." I think at this point, Cindy would have done anything that Linda would have asked of her. "Then Cindy, I want you to pinch and suck on Sharon's nipples." Cindy did not hesitate in following Linda's instructions.

"Sharon, what are you waiting for, do you want to cum or not? Start playing with your throbbing pussy." Sharon was going ballistic, her fingers were poking her cunt hole, as her hips gyrated and humped like a bitch in heat.

Cindy was so absorbed in watching Sharon fucking herself, she seemed to be unaware that Linda had raised her skirt, (Cindy's,) and was starting to play with her sopping pussy. Then Cindy was moaning as loudly as Sharon as both girls were starting to go into the throes of reaching a climax.

Sharon's body stiffened, she arched her back and screamed out, "ooohhhh fuuccck yeeeeeaaas. ohhhmyygaaawwddd." and in a matter of a minute, she collapsed as her body went limp.

At this point, Cindy was besides herself, she was so totally lost and confused in her mind, her body was responding on its own instincts. She was crying and moaning as Linda's fingers were doing what Cindy had never felt before. Then when Linda saw that Cindy couldn't take much more, she put a finger into Cindy's cunt, and then two and curled up her finger tips to Cindy's G-spot as she started teasing Cindy's very engorged and hard clit. She felt Cindy's love muscles clamp down on her fingers as Cindy squeezed her thighs together and let out a loud, almost agonizing moan and then she collapsed. Linda had a grin on her face from ear to ear, then took her cum drenched fingers and put them in her mouth, sucking off every drop. With her other hand , she quickly rubbed herself to a very satisfying orgasm.

Linda let Sharon and Cindy bask in the after-glow of their powerful orgasms for a while. "Well, you two sleepy heads, let's head for the Jacuzzi where we can relax and chat." Both Sharon and Cindy had mind shattering orgasms and between the orgasms and the spiked drinks, they were still a little woozy.

"Sharon, go turn on the Jacuzzi while I help Cindy out of her clothes and she can help me out of mine." This was Cindy's first ever orgasm, and an explosive one at that, so she was still in a little bit of a daze, she didn't resist Linda stripping her.

Linda had Cindy sit in between her and Sharon. The jets that I set for the sexual stimulation would come on in about five minutes; I could even control that from my lap-top. "God Cindy, you have a fantastic body." Linda said. "Now I want to know a couple of things, was this cum that you just had, anything like what you have felt when you touched yourself?" Cindy answered, "Oh, like no way. I felt like my entire body was going to explode, it was the most awesome and feeling that I've ever had. I'm feeling so fantastic, it's unbelievable. Thank you sooo much."

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