tagTransgender & CrossdressersHow I Met the Love of My Life

How I Met the Love of My Life


My name is Brian Stevens, and this is the true story of how I met the love of my life. At the time of this story I was eighteen, with brown hair and eyes, 6'1'' and 160 lbs. Some names and locations have been changed, but other than that it's absolutely true. It's going to start out with a little gay sex and spread to some cross dressing and eventually HRT. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Stress

I was really starting to stress out. It was senior year in high school, and even though the coach had pretty much told my teachers to take it easy I was still trying on my chemistry work. I hated that. My teacher's all seemed to think that cause I could hit a ball with a bat I should just be pushed on. Who cares if he understood his work, just give him a A! What a croc. And, for the most part, I didn't need help. I did great in English, was naturally good with numbers, and I could pass art class with a C at least. But Science was hard. I struggled all the time, and every time I asked for a tutor Mr. Andrews just smiled and said I really didn't need one. All cause I could hit a ball pretty far. It drove me insane.

So as I walked to the library after practice I contemplated what I could do. I knew there wasn't much. I needed that scholarship baseball would give me, and if I jacked that up I was screwed. My Coach and my Dad were determined I was going pro, but I knew I wasn't good enough for that. Minors maybe, but I knew that I didn't have the drive for it. You had to want that to make it, and I just didn't.

I got to the library and signed up for a private room. I took the one that was farthest from the main hall. I liked that room. It had a great view of the forest, and while it wouldn't really help me study it was a pretty calming place. I sat down and prepared to spend the next three hours trying to make sense of the periodic table.

I got probably a hour or so in when Alex Connors stomped in. Alex was our class valedictorian, and hated me for some reason. I tried to be polite to everyone, so I honestly had no clue why he started hating me in sixth grade. He was 5'10", with a slight build, shoulder length black hair, light freckles, and these great green eyes. I'd had a small crush on him for as long as I could remember, maybe because he didn't suck up to me. But right now my head was killing me and I just knew he was gonna throw some crap my way. Surprise surprise, he looked pissed.

"What are you doing in here", Alex demanded. "This is MY spot."

I just stared at him trying to find the words, and managed a thin response of, "Nobody was signed up for here."

He glared at me and spat acid, "I'm always here. This is where I study!"

"Look man, I'm just trying to..." I started to say but he just cut me off.

"You need to leave right FUCKING now." Alex snarled.

And then I lost it... all the frustration over the science, the crazy expectations of my Dad and my Coach, and the sheer lack of time I had due to practices... and if I had to be entirely honest looking back on it, the strain of my bisexuality hiding in my closet. "Shut the fuck up Alex." I growled, low menace in my tone. "I have no idea what the hell I ever did to you, and right now I don't fucking care. You want this room fine. You can have it." And then I stood up, dropped my pants, and pulled out my dick. "But you can blow me, asshole, cause I'm sick of the constant shit you throw my way."

I had no clue what would happen. I wasn't thinking clearly. I could've gotten in major trouble for pulling this stunt. But no one was more surprised than me when Alex walked forward quietly and dropped to his knees. I think I said stop, but I didn't exactly fight as he took my head into his mouth. I moaned as he licked up the slit, and practically fell against the wall when he began to play with my balls. He moaned around my cock and I felt a finger press against my hole... I shuddered but then it was in and it felt really fucking good. I didn't last long after he was fucking me with his finger and taking me down his throat. I exploded in his mouth and he swallowed as much as he could. The rest ran down the sides, and it was the sexiest thing my high school self had ever seen.

Alex wiped his mouth off and leaned back. He looked up at me, and I gazed down at him. Then he uttered just two words, "get out." I was stunned and confused. But I gathered up my stuff quietly and left. I didn't understand what the hell had just happened, but I was calmer than I'd probably been in a year. I had the hottest dreams of my life up to that point that night, all of them involving Alex. In some he was a cute boi, in others he was a hot girl, but he was the central focus of all of them. I slept better than I had in a while, and woke up with a raging hard boner. I masturbated quickly and rushed to chemistry. I ended up getting a b on the test and I felt great. Life was getting better it seemed.

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by Anonymous07/12/18

To short

Needed more. Kind of said in beginning there would be c d but never happened. This should have been under gay male

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