tagIncest/TabooHow It Is With Lindy Ch. 02

How It Is With Lindy Ch. 02


This is probably not the nastiest story on Literotica, but it does contain some 'water works'. I've always wanted to write about that and I just couldn't help myself. Let me say, I have no personal experience with the act besides what I've watched in porn and read here on this site. I'm sure there are some golden shower aficionados who might take issue, but I'm just telling my story.

If you are offended by piss play then you might want to pass this up. Also, swallowing piss is not a good idea...FYI.

Part II


Ditching school to visit my brother for a noontime office romp was the best decision I'd made in my life. Of course, things didn't work out like I had planned. Kyle and I didn't have sex, but I did get to suck his big fucking cock; not to mention, the load of his sweet cum that I swallowed. In my opinion, that alone made the journey worth it.

Who would have guessed all my Starbucks adventures were just practice runs for seducing my brother. My little-girl school outfit—the same one I wore to entice men, while also getting a white chocolate mocha—had paid off in a big way.

I sighed as I ran a thick bristled brush through my hair. No, Kyle hadn't fucked me, but he promised we would. I worried, though, that the guilt monster my brother wrestled with would overpower him—cause him to break his word—but before I had left his office he had given me a really hot kiss. My toes tingled from thinking about it. I knew Kyle still felt guilty about the whole incest thing, but I hoped his desire for me was stronger. I hoped, but I wasn't sure.

A knock sounded at my bedroom door, and my father called out, asking if I was decent. I told him I was, and he opened my door, smiling at me. "Did you finish all your homework?"

I rolled my eyes, wondering why my dad wanted to know. He wasn't going to check, and I guessed the question was perfunctory, so I replied in kind. "Yep. It's all done. No worries."

"That's good. Your mother forgot to tell you, your brother is coming for dinner. She wants you to come down and help her set the table. We're eating in the dining room."

My eyes had widened as soon as dad said Kyle was coming, and I jumped from my bed, assuring him I would be down soon. I felt giddy like I was twelve years old getting ready for my first winter dance. I had never really dressed up for any of Kyle's visits before, but that was when we were just plain ole' brother and sister. Things had definitely changed between us. Now, I wanted to impress him. I wanted Kyle to continue looking at me as a desirable woman, and not as his little sister, but I knew I couldn't go overboard. Definitely couldn't wear my sexy school girl outfit with mom and dad around; instead, I donned a pair of tight-fitted jeans, a tank top, and a cute pair of heeled sandal thongs. I even put on a bit of makeup, though I don't usually wear it, to add that extra zing. Admiring my reflection in the mirror, I decided to leave my hair down. I had blown it out after my shower. It was wavy like I just got out of bed. I thought my hair looked nice with the tight jeans and tank.

Once I got down to the kitchen, I was very helpful. After setting the table, I also helped mom load serving dishes. I was near bouncing with anticipation when the doorbell finally rang, and I rushed to it before either of my parents could move.

I looked over my shoulder to make sure they were still in the kitchen, then I threw the door open and myself into Kyle's arms. "Hi," I rushed, happy to see him—smell him—again.

"Lindy..." he gasped, stiffening against me like a board.

"Don't worry mom and dad are—"

I stopped myself before I could finish telling Kyle mom and dad were in the kitchen. Over his shoulder I saw a short, petite red head, holding what looked like a casserole dish. I recognized her immediately. I'd met her before. It was Kyle's girlfriend, Jessica.

"Hi! I'm Jess. Kyle's girlfriend," she said, one second after I figured it out.

Immediately, I stepped back from Kyle. He looked guilty...and a little afraid. I thought he should be afraid. I was so angry. I felt like I could claw Jess's eyes out.

Without another word, I turned on my heels and stomped back toward the stairs, my appetite for my mom's Spanish pot roast gone. Behind me, I heard Jess ask if she'd done something wrong, but I was too far away to hear what Kyle had to say in return, and I didn't care either. I no longer wanted to see him.

"Lindy? We're about to have dinner. Where are you going?"

"I'm not hungry."

"What? Ten minutes ago you said you were starving."

I turned to look at my mother to tell her to leave me the hell alone, but my brother, father and Jess were standing behind her like the goddamn cavalry. Mom and dad wore the exasperated expressions I was familiar with, and Kyle stared at me, pleading with his eyes for me to calm down, and not say whatever I was about to say. But...it was Jess's expression that finally made me gain some control. She looked at me like I was a child—a bratty child—and I couldn't fucking stand it!

Smiling, though it felt like my face would crack, I let go of the stair railing and walked toward the group. "Okay, let's eat," I said, tossing one last evil smile at Kyle.

The dining room was located at the front of the house, and we only ever usef it for special occasions. I guessed since Jess was here my mother considered this "special". I really didn't know, but I was sure mom wouldn't be recounting this dinner as a success to anyone later. I made sure of it.

In addition to just being bitchy, whenever Jess tried to speak, I found a way to interrupt her. I didn't want her fawning all over my parents, so I was determined to cut the bitch off mid-sentence every time she opened her mouth. At first, Jess seemed confused by my eagerness to speak over her, but then she got the picture. After that, she was a lot more subdued, and finished the rest of her meal in silence. I gloated as I chewed on some potatoes.

Kyle said a grand total of two words throughout the entire meal. His first word was "yes" to my mother when she asked if the meal was good, and "no" when she asked if he wanted anymore. He barely touched his plate, but he'd pushed enough food around to make it look good.

As soon as my dad gave his customary "that was good, honey", signaling he was finished eating, I bolted from my chair. "I'm going to my room," I called over my shoulder.

"Lindy? I made dessert and some people are still eating. You leaving the table like this is rude."

"Get over it, Mom!" I yelled.

"Do you see what I mean, Kyle? This is the type of behavior I'm talking about, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. She—"

Thankfully, I couldn't hear what my mom said next. I was already taking the stairs two at a time, and was inside my room in about ten seconds flat. I slammed my door and locked it for good measure, then I pounced on my bed, falling backwards with a huff. I wasn't surprised by the knocking moments later. Likely my parents wanted to scold me. Fuck'em! I didn't care and knew if I didn't answer they would go away.

The knocks came again, stronger this time, then the handle started to jiggle.

"Lindsey. Open the door." It was Kyle, but I didn't want to talk to him. "Open it now, Lindsey, or I'll go get the key from dad."

He would do it too. I knew it. "What do you want?" I asked as soon as I had opened the door, but I stood in the frame, not letting him cross the threshold.

"Can I please come in?"

"Why? So you can lie to me again? Tell me you're going to find a special time for us while laughing at me with your girlfriend."

Kyle tensed, then looked over his shoulder down the hallway. "Would you please keep your voice down? You know that's not true."

"So you still plan to-to—" I wanted to say "fuck me", but somehow that seemed really dirty while standing in the hallway of our parent's house. "To have sex with me," I finished.

Kyle tensed again, then pushed me backwards so I had no choice but to walk backwards into my room. Next, he quickly flipped the lock before turning to stare down at me, his green eyes sparkling with emotion. "Lindsey, you know I want to, but you're my sister and we—"

I knew it! Somehow I knew this would happen. The guilt monster had my brother in a head lock! I still wanted Kyle. I had wanted him nearly my whole life, but I wasn't going to beg. "Forget it!" I interrupted, before he could finish his asinine speech. "You don't want me. That's fine. I'll fuck someone else who does. Now get out! You said what you had to say. No need to say anything else."

Satisfied I had the last word, I took one step and felt the ground leave my feet. Then I was tossed on my bed, ass up, and before I could shift over, Kyle was on top of me, his hands tugging at the clasp and zipper of my jeans. I croaked, because he had them open in mere seconds, his fingers burying swiftly through the folds of my cunt.

The burning pain I always felt when my clit filled with blood lanced me like a knife, then I felt his fingers become slick against me. Unlike when I played with my pussy, my brother's fingers toying with me felt like a cosmic event, and it dawned—dimly—this was the first time Kyle had touched me there. He'd almost stuck his cock in me, but he'd barely gone inside, so that didn't count. Plus, he was using his hands to make my body sing. They were so different from the boys I let feel me up. Kyle's hands were the hands of a man. My body instantly responded.

"Oh God," I moaned, feeling near to passing out.

"Shh...shh," Kyle whispered, slowing his fingers.

For a few moments, the only sounds in the room were our harsh respirations, and I could feel Kyle's hot breath against my ear. The rhythmic pace started to bring my lust down to a more manageable level, and I finally relaxed back against him.

"Listen to me little sister. This tight...wet pussy...is mine." Kyle punctuated each of his words with sharp strokes from his hand. "Your whole body is mine. I don't care how mad you get. I don't ever want to hear you say you'll fuck someone else. Understand me."

I nodded, but my mind was blown. Kyle moved his fingers and hand in a way I had never felt. Each caress started to rebuild the fire inside, and I'm moaned louder and louder, my clit tingling with pressure.

"Tell me what I want to hear, Lindy. Tell me it's mine."

"It's yours," I groaned.

Kyle laughed, pushing one finger inside me, and my aching hole chomped down on his digits like a hungry hippo. "I already know you have a nasty mouth. Tell me what I want to hear," he demanded.

I was near delirious with pleasure and would have said anything. "It's your pussy. It belongs to you. My cunt belongs to my big brother. He's the only one who can ever stick his cock in me."

Kyle dropped his head against my nape, and his hot lips started trailing down the back of my neck as he gently eased one more finger inside me. The pressure emanating from my clit started to spread like wild fire, and I screamed until he silenced me by placing a hand over my mouth.

"Shh...you have to be quiet. I told mom and dad I was coming up here to talk to you, so we have a little time, but not if you start screaming at the top of your lungs."

"I-I can't help it...it feels...soooo gooood," I moaned once Kyle had removed his hand.

My brother laughed again while laying another kiss on my neck. His hand now free of my mouth, I felt him tugging my jeans and panties over my ass. I'm not even sure how he accomplished it since my jeans were pretty tight, and I was bent over, but he was skilled. I soon felt the rough material sliding down my thighs moments later. The other hand he latched to my pussy never left me.

"Your hot little ass needs to come. I was mean to you yesterday. I should have ate your pussy before you left my office. You probably wouldn't be acting out now if I did."

Kyle made me sound like a child, but I didn't give a shit. The thought of his head buried between my legs, coupled with his hand on my cunt, made me wild with need. "Please. Please lick my pussy, Kyle. I'll be quiet. I promise."

I could hear him breathing like a race horse behind me. I knew he was tempted, but it was risky with mom and dad in the house; not to mention his bitch of a girlfriend, Jess.

Finally, I heard a long sigh, then his hand flexed on my bare ass. "Use the pillow. If you get too loud this is over."

I nodded eagerly, arching my back, so my ass rose high in the air. I grabbed for a pillow, but didn't use it. I was waiting. There was no sound behind me, and I wasn't sure what Kyle was waiting for. I almost thought the guilt monster had ahold of him again, but then in the next instant I felt his mouth on my cunt—just right there like a suction cup. His tongue splayed my pussy with long slow strokes, then he licked me repeatedly from the tip of my harden nub to the small puckered hole of my anus. It felt like a wet, hot pleasure snake slithering against my sensitive cunny, and I gasped for breath as a shudder moved through me. Then Kyle started really toying with my clit, using the tip of his tongue to flick and tickle the nub until I had to grab the pillow lest I screamed the house down.

I had my pussy eaten before. I nearly always demanded it when I sucked a guy's cock, but I had never had my pussy eaten like this. Kyle was an absolute monster. He licked my asshole clean of residue, and repeatedly annihilated my clit and pussy lips with his tongue. I could not let go of the pillow at this point, or my father would have bust in the room with his gun. The only thing I could do was smash my face into the cushion, nearly smothering myself, until I came in a rush. Then I rocked back and forth until I finally stopped shaking.

Kyle remained behind me, and when I looked over my shoulder at him, it was weird. I felt like I hadn't seen him for a long time. I had my face buried in that pillow for so long, it was a wonder I was alive.

The look on my brother's face, though, was one I had wanted to see for a long, long time. There was no real way to describe it except to say he looked devastated. I understood. I had worn that same look often. It was the look that said he was powerless to stop feeling what he was feeling for me, even though it was wrong—even though I was his baby sister. I knew this look, and I rose up, turning on my knees to face him. I refused to let the guilt monster have him again.

There were only two things I could do; so I did the first and kissed my brother softly on the lips, licking my juices away with long swipes from my tongue. Then I did the second. "I love you," I whispered. "I love you so much. Please never feel wrong about us."

Kyle sighed, closing his eyes, but he pulled me closer and kissed me back with what felt like all the passion in his body. He didn't resist when I started to unbutton his pants; so I gently pulled his cock free and wasted no time dropping on all fours to suck him off. I wasn't frantic like I was in his office yesterday. I used a leisurely pace, slow and easy, to lick him all over until he was sloppy and wet with my saliva. Then I used my hands to jack him off while I sucked on the tip of his cock. He was sensitive around the head, so his hips started bucking like crazy, and then he began to fuck my mouth, holding my head with both hands so he could thrust exactly where he wanted to go.

With his hands bunched in my hair, my mouth became nothing more than a pleasure apparatus for my brother's cock. He used me as he wanted, thrusting inside until I could feel his fleshy head bumping the back of my throat. I was near to gagging, but determined to let him use me as he wished.

"Fuck...shit. I'm about...to cum," Kyle grunted.

I didn't need him to tell me that. His rod had hardened like a lead pipe in my mouth. Seconds later, his cum shot forth and I pulled back, opened my mouth as wide as it could go, stuck my tongue out, and let my brother deposit all his jism inside.

Kyle shouted, then realized where we were, and squeezed his eyes shut like that would help keep the sound in. It didn't and he continued giving a series of grunts and groans. I was tempted to hand him my pillow, but I was too busy swallowing his sweet load.

After several moments, Kyle finally began to get himself under control, and his dick got a little soft, but it was still sort of hard like it was yesterday.

The fact my brother just shot a huge load and looked ready to start from the top all over again, filled me with feminine power, and I smiled up at him, smacking my lips.

"I don't even want to know how you got good at that," Kyle said, laughing softly as he shook his head.

"I won't tell then, but I like it so much because I know you do."

Kyle's eye's bulged. "What? How did you know that before yesterday?"

I bit my bottom lip, afraid of what his reaction would be to my spying days. "I used to watch you."

Kyle's eyes widened so large, it looked like his head might pop. "When?"

"When you lived at home."

"But you were...young."

"It's not like I knew what you were doing. I just watched, but when I started to get older...I remembered."

Kyle blinked, opened his mouth then closed it, appearing shocked.

I decided to keep going; might as well tell it all. "I watched you fuck a girl in the ass once. Then I think you...pissed on her."

Kyle's bugged out stare finally failed, and I knew he was remembering. "I did," he uttered in a husky voice, nodding his head.

I licked my lips and started to caress his cock once more, staring up into his eyes so he knew I was serious. "I want you to do that to me. All of it...and more."

Before I could take my next breath, my brother was on top of me, pushing me backward on the bed, his mouth glued to mine. When he started pulling at my tank top, I wiggled underneath him, trying to help him get it off. Then I started unbuttoning his shirt, eager to feel his bare chest against mine. All I had on was my bra.

It must have been my hands sliding across his naked skin that brought him back from the brink, but as soon as that happened Kyle jumped off me and stood to his feet. He breathed so hard it sounded like he might have a heart attack. "No, not here," he gasped. "Not with mom and dad downstairs."

"I can sneak out and we can go to a hotel? Or back to your place?" I offered, but then I remembered Jess, his girlfriend, downstairs. "Unless she's going home with you?"

Kyle blinked, then his eyes widened like they had before. "Shit! How long have we been up here?"

I shrugged. "I don't know."

"Fuck, we have to get downstairs," my brother said, quickly buttoning his shirt and righting his pants, but he slowed as he finished buckling his belt, his gaze suspicious. "Promise me you'll come down and be nice to Jess. And mom and dad."

I rolled my eyes. I didn't want to promise that. I didn't think I could deliver. "Promise me you'll get rid of her. You can't be with both of us."

Kyle looked heavenward for a second before looking back at me with a weary glint. "Lindy, this is all...very complicated, and happening very fast. I can't just break up with Jess at the drop of a hat."

"Why not? Guys do it all the time!"

"Not this guy. Give me some time to work this out."

I shook my head. I felt like he was stringing me a long with words. "Okay. Then you promise not to fuck her until she's history. I trust you if you say you won't...and I won't either," I added, waiting for his reaction.

I didn't have to wait long. My brother's eyes narrowed, and it sounded like he growled, though it was probably just a grunt.

"Fine. I won't fuck her. Now put your clothes back on and come downstairs." Kyle walked toward the door, but I still hadn't moved. He looked over his shoulder just as he unlocked it, his gaze running all over my body. "Downstairs. I don't want to have to come up here again...but you know I will." Then he left, taking the satisfaction of the last word with him.

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