tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHow Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 4

How Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 4


The more I sucked his penis, the more confident I felt. Although practice never makes perfect, on this occasion, it definitely made me better in the art of oral sex, and I could tell by Kurt's moans that I was doing pretty well. Kurt had sat up and his arms were now on my shoulders. His big hands squeezed my flesh and acted as an encouragement.

"I'm coming, I'm coming..." he grunted.

My hands grabbed his meaty thighs and, as he shot his load into my mouth, I sunk my finger nails deep into his skin, making him curse. I swallowed as much as I could before I had to withdraw. Kurt fell back onto his back with a loud moan as I wiped the cum I had been unable to swallow from my face.

I climbed back on top of him and pressed my hands into his. His eyes were closed, but the widest smile was spread across his face.

"Oh, that was good. That was very good." he sighed. He sounded exhausted. I felt the same.

Kurt lifted his arms above his head and set them down behind him, my hands still pressed against his.

"You know, you're a very good fuck." Kurt groaned, his eyes still closed. "A very good fuck."

I giggled shyly.

"You fucked me good, babe. You really got me going. You really..."

With that, he rolled me over and lay on top of me, my arms pinned to the mat. What had happened to his feigned exhaustion? I was surprised at his swiftness.

"I want to ravage you." he hissed. "I want to hump you until my balls are empty. Open your legs, bitch. I want to fuck you."

Shocked, I did as I was told. His hands held me down and his grip on my wrists hurt.

"You've seen Hardcore matches, right?"

I nodded.

"Well, I'm in the mood for some Hardcore right now. Come on."

Kurt released his grip on my wrists and slid down my body, taking me by the ankles and dragging me to the edge of the ring. He lifted me to the ground and I stood there, naked, as he rummaged underneath the ring where the props were kept. An aluminium bin, a fire extinguisher, a baseball bat... all were tossed aside as Kurt, like a man possessed, continued his search.

I crossed my arms to cover my exposed breasts, feeling vulnerable and a little uncomfortable. I crossed my legs and nervously gazed around the vast arena at the empty chairs.

I heard a snap of metal on metal as Kurt opened a fold-up chair and turned it to face me.


I sat.

"Now give me your arms."

I put my arms behind my back and Kurt tied them to the back of the chair with some rope.

"Now open your legs."

In his hand, I saw a can of whipped cream. He shook it and laughed.

"The Rock likes pie, and so do I."

He parted my legs and sprayed the whipped cream all over my mound. He sprayed it into my breasts and, when the can was empty, he threw it aside. He smeared the cream roughly all over my chest and stomach.

"Oh yeah, that's good. Do you like that?"

I wasn't sure if I did, but I nodded and mumbled "I like it, Kurt."

Kurt got down onto his knees and buried his face in my pussy, licking ferociously at the cream and moaning. His hands kneaded my big breasts abruptly. My nipples ached.

His tongue lashed at me and my head spun. He found my clitoris and swirled around it. I could not contain my juices, which flowed into Kurt's mouth and down his chin. I wailed.

He pulled away and laughed, licking his lips suggestively. He took his penis in his right hand and began to masturbate, whilst his left hand grabbed at my privates, making me gasp.

He rubbed me 'down there' and I clenched the cheeks of my buttocks. He spanked me 'down there' and made me cry out. He fingered me, first with one finger, then two. His thick fingers excited me and he swirled deeper and deeper inside my vaginal walls.

"Kurt..." I stammered, I'm coming..."

With that, he vigorously poked me with his fingers, faster and harder than he had before.


He withdrew his hand and pushed the chair until it hit the steel steps of the ring behind me. He climbed up the steps and gyrated in front of me, his privates tantalisingly close to my face. His erection brushed across my forehead and I felt Kurt's juice trickle down my nose.

"Suck me!" he ordered, thrusting himself to my mouth.

I took the head of Kurt's penis in my mouth and sucked gently.

"Harder! Harder!"

Kurt grunted with each thrust and his cum hit the back of my throat, making me gag.

Kurt jumped from the steps and pulled the chair from the steps, untying my hands and freeing me from my constraints. He pulled me to my feet and I stumbled towards him, my arms clinging to his strong shoulders for support.

"Babe, you're making me so hot tonight!"

Kurt spun me around and grabbed me by the waist. Anal sex was something I had always wanted to try. Kurt's penis was placed ever-so-slightly between my cheeks, and his hands grabbed at my vagina again. He rocked me back and forth, nuzzling my neck and whispering "I can't get enough of you, girl."

To be continued...

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