tagHow ToHow to Have Great Sex on the Beach

How to Have Great Sex on the Beach


This guide is not for committed exhibitionists, nor is it for the faint hearted. It's not a guide for nudists, as nudists don't usually associate nudity with sex.

I'm writing it because being naked and fucking on a remote, secluded or even sparsely populated beach is the one of life's great erotic experiences. The combination of the exhilarating freedom of being naked in the elements combines with the risk of being caught to produce an incredible sexual frisson. This guide is for not for the experienced: it's for those who are interested in trying it.

Step 1 -- Overcoming fear and timidity

You can't run before you can walk: don't expect to head down to the local beach, strip off and hit on your significant other in a trice. It won't work: you'll be far too nervous even to take your clothes off.

First of all, get comfortable being naked. While it is not always the case, women find this initial stage harder than men. So take it slow. If you have not been topless before, take a trip to a beachwear shop and buy a skimpy bikini. Then find a beach where topless bathing is accepted (stay away from "family" beaches). Try letting your husband or boyfriend slip the top off in the water first: water flowing over sensitive nipples is very sensual. Stay under water and no one will see. Next try slipping your top off while you are sunbaking on your front. When you feel comfortable doing it, flip over on your back.

What you'll notice is that you won't be stared at, provided toplessness is the norm at the beach you have chosen. You might get a few admiring looks, which you might find a bit embarrassing at first, but they'll also excite you.

Take a few trips to the beach doing this, to get really comfortable with the idea of being topless. If you feel up to it, walk around the beach and into the water topless. Get to the point where it's the norm, and it's not something that worries you. You'll both naturally start to combine all this with some mild sex play. Do this in the water, and you can have total privacy. Provide you've chosen a beach that's not densely populated, you can do it on dry land as well. Guys, caress your girl's tits and nipples, and feel her clit and pussy gently. Girls: you know what to do. In the end, you'll both rush home and fuck each other's brains out.

The next step is getting it all off. Girls, you might find this easier than your partners, as you've already done half the job. But for both of you, it's a big step: risking being seen by total strangers completely naked. There are two approaches: one is to go to an official or unofficial clothing optional beach, and joining the throng. If you can overcome your initial fear, you'll relax quickly as you'll be two of many. If that's too confronting, the other option is a deserted beach or one with hardly anyone it. These are harder to find, but I reckon that's a better option. Once the bottoms are off, you're much freer to be yourselves, horse around in the water and on the beach and so on. Other beachcombers won't make a fuss, and will keep a discreet distance.

If neither of these options works for you, try going out to a quiet beach on a warm night. But don't swim out: if anything happens, no one will be there to rescue you. Waste deep is as far as you should go out.

Once you've done this a few times, you'll be ready to take the whole thing much further, if you haven't already started, and the rest of this guide is designed to help you do just that.

Step 2 -- Choosing the right beach

Rule number one is that it needs to be remote. This usually involves a walk from the car, and it will mean a drive away from main population centres. It can be a clothing optional beach, but it's more likely to be an unofficial one than an official one, as there will be fewer people there. A thinly populated unofficial CO beach is the best: if other people are naked, you won't draw as much attention to yourselves. But CO is not essential: the most important thing is a thin spread of people. The people on it need to be sufficiently spread out so that each person can't easily see what everyone else is doing.

Rule number two is to go somewhere you won't be known: you'll be far more relaxed about this far from home, I can tell you! If you do get caught, you don't want to get caught by your friends. In fact, doing this on vacation is a great idea, provided you are able to suss out the local beaches.

Rule number three: don't choose a busy period. Labor day weekend or spring break are no nos for first timers. Even weekends are not great. Weekdays, particularly those early in the week, are good. Go early morning -- say around nine -- before many people have arrived or after four, when most have left.

Rule number four is to find a fairly long beach: this will allow you to find a part with few others on it, to pick your spot.

The most important rule of all is to find a pretty beach, with nice sand, trees and bushes. Choose a day which is warm not hot, and not too windy. Strong breezes are distinctly unromantic.

Step 3 -- Choosing your spot on the right beach

There are two distinct approaches here. Find a spot in the dunes or bushes, which is totally private. There's only one problem with this: if someone walks in on you, you'll have no warning at all, and there'll be red faces and limp pricks all round, particular if this is your first time.

For this reason, even though you'll feel much more exposed, I think you're best to choose an open part of the beach, where you can see people coming for miles, so you have plenty of warning before others get too close. Check the fringes of the beach to make sure that there are no tracks at that point from the road, to avoid surprises from the hinterland. Other than that, ensure that you are far enough away from the nearest people so that you can't really see what they're doing. If you can't see them, they won't see you.

Step 4 -- Doing it the first time

Get comfortable first, relax in the sun, go for a swim. Whatever. Don't try to have sex the nanosecond you arrive.

A bit of serious foreplay is a great way to start, and it's very easy to stop quickly if you have unwanted visitors. Guys, if you girl is multi-orgasmic, try getting her off by masturbating her: she can lie flat face up, while you can lie on your side, finger her and keep a lookout at the same time.

Girls: give your guy the start of a blow job. Your guy can be on his back, lying down, while you kneel over him and suck him off. Guys: it's your job to keep the lookout. In this position: no girl can give a decent blow job and watch for intruders at the same time.

When it comes to the first fuck, there's one position which is just meant for sex on the beach, and that's the cowgirl position. It works well on sand, and you have an instant female lookout tower with a 270 deg. range of vision. If you choose cowgirl, no visitor will ever be a total surprise. This is a stunning position anyway: the girl is in control but has impaled herself, the guy has this fantastic view of his lover's torso, from her cunt and pubic hair over that lovely flat expanse of tummy to her tits. The guy can also watch, as his prick slides into her cunt. He can feel her clit and her tits, or she can feel her own, if she's so inclined (many are). Best of all guys, she can squeeze your balls while she fingers herself as you feel her tits and you both come.

Missionary and girl on top both work OK, but the sand will always slip away from your ass, making it hard to maintain penetration some times. Spooning works quite well too. Doggy style is obviously fine, although this is one that anyone who can make you out at all will recognise. But hell, who cares if they do?

Either way, finish it off with a swim. You can clean up and have more fun at the same time.

Spicing it up

If you both get into this, you'll develop your own ways of giving the whole experience more of a sexual edge. Here's a few ideas based on our experiences. Some of the ideas lean towards a bit of exhibitionism, but if you've got this far you have the tendencies anyway.

Girls, try getting yourselves off. If your guy is into live porn (most men are), there's nothing much hotter than a female flat on her back in a public place, legs spread, rubbing her cunt as if her life depended on it and then having an explosive orgasm (and believe me you will in that setting).

Try wandering up and down the beach without your clothes on and without towels of anything. The sense of freedom is just unbelievable. Find some hard sand, lie down and fuck each other and it's even better.

The wandering about bit can be good fun at an unofficial CO beach, as you can wander around among the others on the beach and do some mutual looking. Girls, if you get into this, you'll appreciate some admiring looks from other men, some of whom will be on their own. Don't be afraid of smiling in their direction: you'll make their day, and you'll turn yourself right on. Guys, if you've got good control, get you cock just erect enough that it looks large without looking erect: you'll get the once over from the female population on the beach.

Try dressing for the occasion. One of the thing my wife has done many times is wearing a sheer beach blouse with only a bikini bottom underneath, and unbuttoning the blouse while walking in or out and letting her tits hang free. We'd nearly always walk past someone with her in this state, and she'd get a real rush from it. Once she walked back from a beach topless, and we passed an army detail. What a hoot!

If you're driving, you can extend all that to the car, but I won't get into that detail, because that would require another guide in itself.

Close up the distance between you and the other couples. This works where you're not the only ones playing games, and a fair few people are nude as well. Get as close as you dare. Fucking mightn't work, but pussy fingering can be done fairly discreetly at quite close range.

You'll even find some beaches with people who like to watch. If this makes you uncomfortable or at risk, then don't. We've done it, kept it reasonably discreet -- we couldn't see them but knew they were there. My wife was so turned on she brought herself off five times. It's the most obscene thing she's ever done. The combination of fear and excitement is intoxicating.

You can of course do more. We've never done them, but a threesome or foursome on the beach would be just amazing, and could be done safely using Step 3 above.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun. Respect each other's limits, do it in stages if you want, but above all enjoy!

Some words of warning

As this is a "how to" guide, I need to add a few words of warning.

First, remember that what we're talking about here is illegal in most if not all countries. So if you don't know the area you're in, do some research first. You'll find that some CO beaches are patrolled by police from time to time, so stay away from those. If you are close enough that others can see what you're doing, think about whether you are likely to offend first.

Secondly, some beaches are known for this sort of activity and attract voyeurs as a result. Voyeurs are often harmless, but you may not feel comfortable in that environment. There are also spots frequented by people who are much more aggressive. Harassment is absolutely the last thing you want. Again, some local research will help you avoid those places.

Finally, respect the rights of others and avoid offence. Stay away from family beaches and don't get too close to others unless you are really sure of your ground.

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by Anonymous04/23/18

Good advice

This is some very good advice. I have done this many times over the years with my wife and it can be very enjoyable.
One thing though; be very careful if there are other people around, especially minors.more...

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