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How To See Female Relatives Naked


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Naked, naked, naked, Grandpa is blamed for forcing female relatives to strip naked on Nude Day.


This how to story explains not only how to see your female relatives naked but also how your female relatives will not only see you naked but also ask to see you naked, too. Further, this how to story explains how your female relatives will ask you to have sex with them. Unbelievable as it sounds, this is a tried and tested foolproof plan. Do try this at home, but use caution. For this plan to work, you must be deemed the victim and not the aggressor. For this plan to work, you must be the submissive one. Shall we begin?

Be honest. Everyone wishes they could see their female relatives naked, right? Whether it's a daughter, granddaughter, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, or cousin, all men want to know what their female relatives look like without their clothes. Albeit less in number and in their desire to see their male relatives naked, there are some women who'd like to see their fathers, grandfathers, sons, grandsons, brothers, uncles, and cousins naked. C'mon, there's no one here but me, the writer, and you, the reader. No one will ever know the incestuous pervert that you are by silently and secretly answering yes to the below questions. Are you ready? Let's proceed.

Have you ever wanted to see your female relatives naked, especially without having any detrimental consequences? Do you wish there was a way that your female relatives could see you naked without thinking of you as a total incestuous pervert? Have you ever wanted to have sex with your female relatives? Even better, have you ever wanted your female relatives to offer you sex with no strings attached, no guilt, and no penalty for being the horny, albeit incestuous male that you are? Here's how Tommy, the main character of this story, did all of the above without getting found out, that is, until after he had sex with all his female relatives.

Whether it's their mother, sister, cousins, aunts, or grandmothers, many men would love to see their female relatives naked but I'm not one of them. That's what Tommy told everyone, after talking about what Grandpa just did to this one or that one. Using Tommy as their sounding board, his female relatives trusted him with all their secrets. They had no idea that Tommy was just as, if not more perverted, than Grandpa.

"Have you ever thought about having incestuous sex?" No doubt, now thinking that all men were incestuous perverts, Tommy's sister, Sally, looked at her brother with questioning eyes, after being peeped on by Grandpa.

"Incestuous sex? Eww. Gross. Nope, not me," said Tommy. "I'd never have sex with a blood relative. That's just wrong. That's just nasty."

Sally looked at her brother, obviously uncomfortable with what she was about to confess.

"Grandpa tried to watch me undressing, but knowing he was there peeping through my bedroom door keyhole, I didn't undress. I slept in my clothes."

"He's such a disgusting degenerate, Sally," said Tommy showing a bit of outrage. "I don't want you going over there alone anymore," said Tommy playing the protective big brother, with a face full of disgust, while holding a hand over his hardening cock, over the imagined image of grandpa peeping through the keyhole to watch his baby sister undress.

"That's not all," she said biting her lip.

"What? Did he try to touch you? Did he molest you?" Tommy looked at her know that his grandfather did something to his sister. "Tell me, Sally. What did the bastard do?"

"Much like those Japanese videos, where perverted Japanese men lift the skirt of unsuspecting woman and pull down their panties to expose their asses and pussies--"

"Sharking. It's called sharking," said Tommy.

"Sharking? That's a weird name for doing something so perverted," said Sally. "Anyway, when I was loading the dishwasher, he lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. When I bent forward to pull up my panties, he stuck his hand between my legs. He fingered my pussy, Tommy," said Sally beginning to cry. "He touched me where no grandfather should ever touch his granddaughter."

"That dirty bastard," said Tommy. "I'll kill him!"

"No! Don't. It's okay. He's just a harmless, sick, old man," said Sally keeping a stiff upper lip.

"That's so disgusting. I'd never do something like that to anyone, never mind to a female relative."

"When I turned to admonish him, Tommy, he was standing there smiling, while holding and stroking his exposed cock in his hand. I saw Grandpa's cock, Tommy. That was so gross and I was so embarrassed," she said looking, as if she was about to cry. "He tried to grab my hand to put on his erect prick, but I pulled away from him."

"I'm sorry you had to be witness to his bizarre behavior, Sally," said Tommy, while wishing he could expose his cock to his sister.

Much in the way of Grandpa was always trying to do, whether it's their mother, sister, cousins, aunts, or grandmothers, many man would love to have sex with their blood related female relatives.

"Nope, not me. Incest is just not my cup of tea," repeated Tommy. "Sorry, but I can't help it, if I'm normal and Grandpa's not. I draw my limits, when it comes to sex and my female relatives are not on my sexual conquest list. Gross, that's so gross. Something that I detest, for me, incest is not best," said Tommy grooming them, whenever he had an audience of female relatives to show his disgust for Grandpa. Appearing so sincere, they all not only believed him but also trusted him.

Unfortunately, having heard Tommy lambast his poor grandfather for copping a cheap feel of his mother, his sister, his aunt, and his cousins, having ostracized him from the family for routinely flashing his cock to his mother, his sister, his aunt, and his cousins, Tommy now used his grandfather as his excuse to not only see his female relatives naked but also to have sex with his female relatives. His incestuous plan was deliciously devious. Tommy was a real sly one. Where most incestuous perverts are too obvious in their intent to bed their female relatives, Tommy was very sneaky about his intentions.

For sure, Tommy, the main character in this story felt differently about incest than what he professed. He not only wanted to see every one of his female relatives naked but also he wanted all of his female relatives to see him naked. Moreover, looking and not touching was not enough for Tommy. He wanted to have incestuous sex with all of his female relatives. After he fucked every single one of his female relatives, he wanted them all to suck his cock.

Tommy had much desire to see his MILF of a mother, his sexy sister, his hot cousins, and his attractive aunt, along with his busty grandmother, especially his busty grandmother, without their clothes. Born bad to the bone, he was just twisted in that way. Cut from the same cloth of his grandfather, he's abnormal, no doubt, but Tommy was smarter about not showing his proclivity for incest and for wanting to have sex with his female relatives. His incestuous peccadilloes were his dirty, little secret and not for family discussion, as was his grandfather's sexual liking for the females in the family. Yet, pretending that he never wanted to see his female relatives naked, pretending that he never wanted any of his female relatives to see him naked, he pretended that he'd never have sex with his female relatives, when he fantasized, while masturbating, about having sex with his mother, his sister, his aunt, his cousins, and his grandmother.

"Gross," he was the first one to say, whenever someone mentioned incest.

Actually, playing a game of trust and deceit, Tommy left everyone to believe that he's normal and well adjusted, when he wasn't. In the way that he openly verbalized his outspoken negative opinion about incest, never would any of his female relatives ever suspect and ever imagine that he's the incestuous pervert that he is. In actuality, a chip off the old block, albeit skipping a generation over his Mom, he has his Grandfather's degenerate, genetic code. Without doubt, with Grandpa the real pervert in the family, Tommy was the incestuous master. Having sexually molested and/or flashed every female member of his immediate and/or extended family, Grandpa's a real incestuous pervert. How he escaped arrest and being sent to jail or to an insane asylum is beyond Tommy's understanding. Only, Grandpa's fatal undoing was not being smart about his looks, wants, desires, touches, and flashes.

A failure that Tommy used in his favor, apparent in his intent to sexually use and incestuously abuse every female relative, Grandpa was too obvious in his objective. Much in the way of a fisherman baiting his hook with a fly or a spider weaving his web, with everyone now knowing that Grandpa is an incestuous pervert, he should have been a bit more subtle about his perversion. It's better to leave the female relatives scratching their heads, while wondering than giving them proof that he's a pervert by openly flashing them his cock. Had Grandpa made his flashes appear accidental, had Grandpa been satisfied with an occasional down blouse and/or a subtle up skirt, a welcome part of the family, instead of a man so detested, he still would have been endeared and revered. Now alone with his bad self, poor Grandpa lives without any female relatives visiting him to molest and/or to flash. A reality that Tommy didn't want to be his, he went out of his way to distance himself from his perverted Grandfather.

Although he wished that he could, in the way of the cliché that still waters run deep, Tommy hasn't yet sexually molested and/or flashed any female member of his immediate and/or extended family. Every day, he masturbates over having sex with a different one of his female relatives. From his thinking about his mother blowing him, to imagining his sister sucking his cock, to fucking his aunt and cousins, and to sexually abusing his grandmother, he imagine them all without their clothes and on their knees or on their backs, one time or another. Without a doubt, he's the same incestuous pervert that his grandfather is, only playing it cool and playing it smart, he's biding his time. Trying to think of a way to violate their trust without them ever knowing they've been sexually used and abused, a devious degenerate, without doubt, he's much so worse than Grandpa.

Always wondering what his female relatives looked like naked, while masturbating over the wicked thoughts of seeing them in their panties and bras, he can't wait to see his female relatives naked, especially his sexy sister, Sally, and his MILF of a mother, Elizabeth. Unable to, yet, come up with a way to see them without their clothes and without them suspecting him as being just as twisted as Grandpa, it took him a long while to think of a way to accomplish both his goals. Finally, he came up with a perfect way for him to see all of his female relatives naked. By using the exaggerated illness and subsequent premature death of his grandfather as his cover, he devised a foolproof plan to see all of his female relatives without their clothes, which is why the name of this story is entitled, How To See Female Relatives Naked?

The only question that he had left to answer was, when to implement his sinister, incestuous plan? Then, he thought of the reason to justify his ploy. How perfect would it be for his naked female relatives plan to come together on National Nude Day? Perfect. The day of nudity, his female relatives would never suspect him as the choreographer and orchestrator of the Nude Day plan naked female relative plan. Instead, they'd see him as just another one of Grandpa's victims.

Being that Tommy's so much into incest and as evidence by how popular incest stories are on the Literotica site, he intimately understood how seeing one's female relatives naked is a huge turn on for men and even some women, not only in regards to their male relatives but also to their females relatives, too. Yet, again, more of a how to story of how to see one's female relatives naked, this is not an incest story, per se. Sorry, but there's absolutely no incestuous sex involved, not really. Okay, maybe there's just a little incestuous sex in this story. Actually, to be honest, once you read by the introduction of players, there's more than just a little incestuous sex. Truth be told, this story is filled with incestuous sex. To be totally honest, what happens later in the story is more akin to a naked female and naked male incestuous orgy.

Yet, Tommy, our incestuous hero, had to take care not to reveal his perverse plan. Too much incestuous sex and he'd be discovered as the incestuous pervert that he is. Not enough sex and he wouldn't be sexually satisfied and you wouldn't even be sitting here reading this story. Best to leave his female relatives scratching their heads wondering, if he's an incestuous pervert, than to leave them without any doubt that he is. After given and taking the bait, after leading them down the perverse road, better for his female relatives to make the first move than for Tommy to show his hand. In that way, they'd have no one to blame but themselves for being sexually molested and emotionally abused by Tommy, he had come up with the perfect plan to see his female relatives naked.

As an addendum to this story, for Tommy's horny Nude Day plan to work, and if you readers want to try this plan at home, any idea for sex must come from your naked female relatives and not from you. This is very important. For your personal naked female plan to work, you must be deemed the victim and not the seducer. Better that any incestuous contact be their idea and not your idea. Yet, how can that be possibly accomplished? Allow me to explain. With Tommy acting much like the victim, the female relatives must be seen as the villains and as the sexual aggressors and incestuous predators. The female relatives must be perceived as the ones instigating the incestuous contact and the ones sexually taking advantage of him. Oh, it's such a good plan that I'm surprised no one has thought of it before.

Not an easy thing to do, a big risk and a dangerous gamble to take but one with a huge payoff, first to have his female relatives voluntarily strip naked and then to have them willingly want to have sex with him was his perfect, perverted plan. Unfortunately, with just one phone call to Grandpa, his whole house of cards could blow up in his face at any time. Unbelievable as it sounds, relatively easy to accomplish the first part of the plan of having his female relatives voluntarily strip naked, there was only one way to accomplish the second part of the plan of them wanting to have sex with him. A lot of alcohol was needed to get them in the mood to want to have incestuous sex with him. Once their sexual inhibitions were relaxed by lots of booze, once his female relatives had an excuse to explain their bizarre behavior on being inebriated, he'd wait until they were a bit drunk to make the first move. Yet, even before the alcohol, he needed to come up with a reason for them to strip off their clothes and he already had a good one.

Instead of a story filled with incestuous sex from beginning to end, even though most of this story is filled with incestuous sex, wanting to be more creative, in honor of Nude Day, as his gift to all of you, Tommy wanted to give everyone the ability to see their female relatives naked, should they have a need and desire to see that. Instead of only seeing female relatives naked and female relatives seeing you naked, Tommy wanted to explain how you, too, could have sex with your female relatives. This is a how to story that Tommy hoped would instruct and/or inspire you, dear reader, on not only how to see your female relatives naked but also on how your female relatives can see you naked, while giving you the ability to have sex with them, too. So as not to ruin it for the rest of us, please take care in how you implement your naked female relatives Nude Day plan.

Whether a son wanting to see his MILF of a mother, his sexy sister, his hot cousins, his attractive aunt, or his big breasted grandmother naked, incest is a huge taboo around the world from America to India, to Japan, and to Russia. Even when it's a horny mother-in-law or a sexy sister-in-law, most of the incest stories on this site culminate in a male member of the family initiating sexual contact between female relatives. Now, what you do, when you get your female relatives naked is your business and is not up to the writer of this story to write. The writer's job is just to give the reader one possible idea on how to get your female relatives naked, by showing you precisely how the main character, Tommy, did it.

In the way that every male reader of incest wishes that he could see their female relatives naked, this story is about a man, who needs to see his female relatives naked for a reason other than and in addition to sexual gratification. More about having complete control over them for them to voluntarily remove their clothes, he not only needed to see his female relatives naked, he not only needed to have sex with his female relatives but also he needed to know that he can. By tricking his female relatives to voluntarily strip naked without protest and have sex with him, having them agree to remove their clothes and initiate the sexual contact is even better than having to spy on them, drug them, or hypnotize them. I apologize for the long, narrative beginning but the explanation is necessary for you to understand how you, too, can do this at home to see your female relatives naked. Shall we begin with the story? Happy Nude Day.

"Nice camera, Tom," said Sally. "How can you afford such a fine camera, when you don't even have a job?"

"Grandpa bought it for me."

"Grandpa? What? Wait. Hold on. Back up." Sally looked at her older brother in total disbelief. "Grandpa bought you a camera? Which grandpa?"

"Mom's Dad."

"No way! You're lying. He's Scottish. He still has the first dollar he ever made. He still has his first car, a '47 Packard. He'd never buy you a camera, especially such an expensive camera. What kind of camera is that anyway?

"It's an $800.00 Canon Rebel t3i. He bought me the complete outfit with 50mm lens, 55mm-250mm telephoto lens, case, and all the accessories," said Tom.

"May I see it?" She held out her hand.

As was his way to have her see that it was just an innocuous and innocent camera and nothing to fear, especially when the man standing behind the lens would soon be taking her naked photographs, Tom happily handed his sister the camera.

"It's awesome," she said, while looking through the lens.

"Yeah, especially after my last camera was a point and shoot camera, I never thought I'd have such a fine camera as this."

"I don't understand. When the man has more money than God, he doesn't buy any of us anything, not even a card for our birthdays. Why you? Why such an expensive camera? Why now?"

"Actually, the gift has a double edge to it. I don't own the camera, yet."

"Double edge? What do you mean you don't own the camera, yet? You said he bought you the camera."

"Grandpa told me that if I gathered all the female relatives together, you, mother, our cousins, our aunt, and grandma, only those female relatives over the age 18-years-old, no kids, of course, to take a family photo, that I can keep the camera," said Tom.

"That's it? All you need to take is one lousy photo of all of us for you to keep this camera? Nice," she said.

"Yep. That's it. That's all that I have to do is to take one photo of the women in the family to keep the camera," said Tommy beaming with pride.

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