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How to Submit a Text with Audio Story


Once you have completed writing and recording your Text with Audio Story with all the embellishments and effects you need, you are ready to submit your work to Literotica. Unlike your other submissions to Literotica, submitting a Text with Audio Story is a two step process since you will be submitting your sound file separately from your text file.

The more tedious of these two processes is submitting the audio portion of your story. The first thing you will want to do is go to the Literotica web site and go to the FAQ section. You will want to click on Multimedia Submission and continue following the menu trail for submitting an audio file. You will find you have three ways to submit the file, you can upload the file to Literotica, you can email the file or you can phone it in. The method I feel most comfortable with is uploading the file to Literotica because it seems like the most efficient way to get the information in.

To upload the file directly to Literotica you will need to click on the link provided in the FAQ. This will take you to an upload site where you can actually submit more than one file at a time. The first thing you will need to do is fill in the box to identify yourself. I normally fill in an email address here. Then you hit the browse button to locate the first file you want to upload. Simply locate your file from your hard drive and click on it. Once this is done it is very important you fill in the comment box adjacent to you file selection. This step is the key to a correct and timely submission. You need to put your Literotica user name and indicate that you will be submitting the text for the sound file using the online submission form. Make sure you indicate the title of you text file! Once this is complete, you can click to transfer the single file, or repeat the steps above to send multiple files. Now, depending upon your file size, it will take some time for the file to upload. Be patient and watch the bottom of the page for updates on how the upload is progressing. Do not close out of this page until the page changes and notifies you the upload was successful! If you click out to quickly, the file may be damaged or lost.

If you prefer, you can email the audio file in to Literotica. A link for the email address can be found in the FAQ under Multimedia Submission. When you send in the email you will need to be sure and provide your Literotica user name as well as the title of your text story in the body of your email. Once you have that information in the body of the email you can attach the sound file to your email and send it.

The third means of submitting the audio to Literotica lets you submit the sound portion of your story without having to record your story. You simply dial up the toll free number identified in the FAQ under Multimedia Submission and then read your story. Obviously you will have no real control over sound quality and you will be limited on any special effects you can add, but you can submit your audio even if you don't own any recording software. Again, you will want to be sure and provide your Literotica user name and the title of the text file.

Once you have submitted the audio portion of your file, the rest is relatively simple. You will then submit the text portion of your story as you would any other story, however, you will need to add some information to the comments box on your submission. To make sure the editors can associate this text with the audio you already submitted you need to identify how you submitted the audio, and if you uploaded directly to the site be sure and give the same email address or name you used to identify yourself on the upload form. You will also need to identify the sound file you uploaded by file name, including the extension. Once you have provided this information then you can complete your submission as you would any other story.

Keep in mind that, when you make a Text with Audio submission, the editors at Literotica will need to work to locate the audio and connect it to the text file, so be patient. Typically the editors will gather together the Text with Audio stories along with the Illustrated stories and post them around the same time, usually once a month, so your submission may take as much as four to six weeks to show up. If it runs longer than that you might want to PM Laurel and ask about your submission.

While there are always glitches in every system, if you follow the instructions above and pay attention to the FAQ links and instructions you should have no difficulty submitting your Text with Audio story. Please note that the above instructions also work with Audio Poetry submissions. Be sure and watch for other articles in How to Record a Text with Audio Story, How to Create Some Special Effects in Sound Recorder, and How to Write for a Text with Audio Submission.

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