How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 09


When she had finished, she looked up at me, almost as if giving one last chance, one last opportunity for us both to change our minds. But I think she knew, we both knew that our being there that night was something we had already committed to.

Laura reached over and took the pen as she scrawled her signature on the paper just as our waitress was coming around for another drink order.

I saw her eyes fixate on the red satin thong laying beside Laura's wine glass as her eyes widened and her face reddened just a hair before she looked away nonchalantly filling Wanda and my water goblets, her eyes darting back to the object of her fascination.

Completing her task, the waitress made a hasty retreat.

"Very well," Carl said when Laura had affixed her signature.

"Gary, you will leave us and go home. Laura will join Wanda and myself at our home for the weekend. I will call you Sunday afternoon with directions on where we live and you will join us then."

Carl continued, "However, from this point on, all vestiges of Laura, the woman you know as your wife will cease to be. On the occasions you are both permitted to attend family gatherings, social, and professional events, you may still refer to her as Laura. You will, however, never refer to her as 'my wife or spouse.' In all other settings, your home, or together with or without our presence, she will be referred to as Anna."

"The woman you knew, that she knew, as Laura will cease to be. She will be reborn, trained, disciplined, and instructed in how to please us and others as Anna."

Carl continued, "She will answer only to that. The name Anna will be a reminder of the future - what you two are now. You, however, shall remain Gary as a reminder of where you were and how far you have come."

Looking at my wife, Carl asked, "What is her name?"

"Anna," I replied without hesitation.

"And who is it she belongs to?" he questioned as he savored the golden nectar in his ball glass as the ice crashed against the side.

"You, and our mistress. We both belong to you now," I stated my eyes careful to avoid his.

"That's Excellent," Wanda chimed in. "Now I want you to stand up from the table and walk over and kiss her."

I was almost in a trance as I did as she said, bending over and lightly placing a soft kiss on her full soft lips. "Now pick up both the panties and the contract and bring them to me," Carl directed.

I picked up both and sat them down in front of him, just to the left of the empty desert plate that had held a slice of pecan pie earlier that evening.

"Now, leave us. I'll call your cell on Sunday," he directed.

I looked over once at Laura... Anna, as I turned and walked out of the dimly lit room. The hostess looked up only momentarily at my walking out without the woman I had entered with. But just as quickly, she directed her gaze back on the seating chart she had been studying.

Getting in my car I had a multitude of thoughts tearing through my mind. I wondered if we had made a terrible decision. Here I had left my wife with a couple I had just met that evening. Turning over our lives to two people I didn't really even know.

We were to be their slaves, giving ourselves totally to them. It started by Laura giving over her own identity. She was now Anna. According to Carl, she was no longer my wife. No more than I was her husband. We were nothing more than personal belongings to our new masters.

I felt my cock stir at the thought of Laura... Anna kneeling naked before her new owners. Carl would likely take her tonight. Fuck my wife as often as he wished while his own wife looked on. Anna as she was now referred to would be made to orally please both Wanda and Carl until they were satisfied.

My cock strained against the fabric of my trousers and I longed to watch her, watch her service our owners. I longed for the moment when I would kneel before them too ... their slave, committed, devoted, resigned.

That was one year ago ... tonight.

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