tagFetishHow You Find Out

How You Find Out


A Submissive's Life Begins

In spite of the crowd in the lounge, her laughter carried across the room to his corner booth. He had first noticed her voice more than thirty minutes before, the first time she let go a throaty expletive that left the others with her smiling at her and one another. He couldn't help but look over to see the face that accompanied the two words, "Holy Fuck!" As she repeated herself more softly, but still loud enough for him to hear, she dropped her hands to her lower thighs and bent her knees. She looked at each person in her group with a dazzling smile that radiated energy across the thirty feet that separated them. He'd actually silently mouthed the word "Wow" and, since, his eyes had not left her.

She was, at once, sensually feminine and a little masculine. He found the contrast appealing. Her jeans weren't tight, not worn to attract attention. Rather they had a soft, worn, look that suggested they were a favorite and frequent garment. The checker cotton work shirt seemed no less familiar. Her sandy-blonde hair was pulled back and retained by a butterfly clip. Sunglasses rested atop her head and the red splash across her cheekbones said they had been needed earlier in the day and weren't being worn for affect. Her appearance and her bearing suggested a natural authenticity. As he took all this in, he was amassed at the level of his consideration of her. He wasn't thrown to evaluating women in a bar. In fact, the bar scene wasn't any more his thing than was chasing women. His professional life brought him in contact with women enough and he was comfortable in creating and maintaining relationships. No, something unique was happening here and his hard-on was the evidence. He'd had a soft throb going for the last twenty minutes, was enjoying his fantasies about her and, wasn't at all worried that his buddy Michael was late for their meeting.

Standing while the friends around her sat, she was the natural center of attention. That attention appeared freely given. Three men and three women were clearly enjoying the story she shared. He wondered what it was she had to say that mesmerized them as much as he found himself mesmerized. He realized he needed to get closer to her, to experience her words being directed toward her. When, finally, she broke from her group heading toward the Ladies Room he moved with her. His walk was direct, no silly detours or staging. He intercepted her as she reached for the doorknob.

"Hi, I'm Hunter. You've probably felt me watching you for the last half hour. I love your laugh." He held her eyes and waited for her response.

"Well, Hunter I'm Melanie and I have to pee. Stand right here and don't move. I'll be right back." She actually pointed to a spot on the floor and he move a foot or so to stand there. She pushed past him into the restroom, leaving the subtle scent of her behind for his mind to toy with. Minutes passed during which he found himself thinking of what she might be doing behind the door. Such musings weren't usual for him. Standing in his spot, he imagined her naked ass cheeks on a white toilet seat, those soft jeans pooled around her ankles. Strange sensations, strange thoughts; His cock hardened.

He was startled from his imaginings by softly spoken questions, "Do you always do exactly what a woman tells you? You haven't moved an inch. Do you expect a reward? If so, what do you want?" Her eyes smiled as much as her mouth and lips. She waited for his response, he found himself blushing, struggling to put a coherent response together. Weird.

Finally, "In reverse order, I want to buy you a drink, to talk with you, to hear you laugh at something I say. Call it a reward if you want to. And, until now I've not thought about it. But, if doing exactly what you want is going to get me a drink with you then okay." As he finished his comment she reached with her right hand to softly draw the back-side of her fingertips across his right cheek.

"Really. Hunter be careful, you might be asking for more than you can handle," her eyes locked on to his and he couldn't look away. Hunter felt emboldened. "Melanie, I can take whatever you have to offer." She smiled knowingly. "Let me say good-bye to my friends. Get me a Bloody-Mary and I'll join you in ten minutes."

"I'm in the booth...," he started to turn his head directionally as he spoke, but she cut him off. "I know where you are." She said it so directly that he found himself creating a deeper meaning in her words, what meaning exactly he didn't know, but he suddenly wanted her to mean more. Moving away, she turned back to speak quietly over her shoulder, "Oh, before you get that drink, go in the bathroom and remove your underwear. Throw them away. You won't be needing them any more." He blinked and nodded affirmatively.

Hunter's head was spinning, but he never questioned his intention to do exactly as she said, as she directed. He moved into the vacant stall in the men's head and removed his sandals and jeans, sliding his boxers to his ankles. He was surprised as he did so that his penis was rock hard, pre-cum glistened at the tip. Stepping out of the boxers, he put the jeans back on enjoying the coarseness of the fabric as is drew across a now-throbbing engorged knob. ""Jesus, what is this woman doing to me. Or, what am I doing to myself?" Hard cock, hanging left, evident clearly through the jeans he returned to the booth. She didn't approach for more than an hour. He waited and waited, surprisingly patient as he stole occasional glances in the direction of her and her friends, who now stared directly at him from time to time, laughing. He never went soft even as his humiliation grew.

Finally, she approached the booth. "Are you commando?" He knew what she meant. He's spent ten years in the Coast Guard, a swimmer. He tried to sound casual and upbeat. "Yeah, hanging free and easy." Melanie slid in next to him.

"Pull out your cock and balls. Leave them out until I tell you to tuck them away." As she spoke she looked challengingly into his face. Her expression had changed from a teasing smile. Her features commanded his compliance. He actually found himself stuttering in response, "You can't, can't really expect me to do that. This bar is full of people. Someone will see me. We'll get thrown out, or worse, be put in jail." Melanie shook her head softly from side to side. "Hunter, Hunter, are you strong enough to be one of my men or were you just bull-shitting when you said you'd take my orders to get to know me? I don't play games, do you?"

"No, no, I am willing to obey your commands, but this isn't what I expected. You don't really want me to pull my cock out right here and now." Hunter didn't know what he was pleading for: to keep from exposing his cock in public or to ensure she didn't walk away, release her hold on him. Two hours ago he never seen this woman, he surely didn't know her now, and he was on the edge of performing a lewd act in public at her command. What hold did she have on him?

"I want you to do that and so much more. I'll have you eating your own cum in public for the opportunity to wipe my ass. You'll do it tonight. Or... you won't. I don't care. But, I think you will." Hunter was stunned. This wasn't some sleaze talking to him this way. Sitting next to him was once of the most attractive women he'd ever seen. Minutes before, he sat watching her interact normally with her friends. He glanced over to see they were still across the lounge, some now watching their exchange. One of the smartly dressed ladies, catching his glance, spread her knees apart and exposed a beautiful shaved pussy. She smiled at him as she revealed herself. His head spun. What was going on?

"My best friend, Cici. When you are fully-trained, I'll share you with her. She'll show you no mercy." Hunter looked at Melanie in surprise. This was way over his head. How did he get here?

"Wait, wait. You don't understand, I'm not a slave... don't want to be a slave or anything like that. Never even thought about it. I was just interested in you as a, you know, a woman." He was afraid now to look her fully in the face, afraid of giving away the excitement he felt. He was afraid to let her know that he just realized he was going to do as she asked.

"Hunter, take your cock out now. Pull your balls out completely, too. Don't take your eyes off mine. Tell me what you are doing each step of the way. Do you understand?" As she spoke to him he couldn't stop thinking how beautiful she was, how willing to perform for her that beauty made him. He unzipped his fly. "Talk to me," she whispered.

'I'm pulling my cock and balls out of my pants for you. I'm stroking my cock for you."


"Because you want me to cum." He wanted to please her.

"No!" Her voice sternly inflected to suggest he was not responding correctly. He instinctively caught the distinction. It excited him all the more.

"Because I want to come for you. I want to shoot my cum all over under the table because you are so fucking beautiful." He realized he really meant what he said. It was about being nasty for her. He really wanted to thrown his knees wide and shoot all over the underside of the table. He could see it happening. He wanted to see her breast and her pussy.

His right hand moved more quickly up and down his cock. His left hand dropped below the table to cup his balls. He kneaded the sac.

Melanie watched his intensity grow, she asked, "Does it feel good baby? Tell Mama what you want now Cunter, My Cunt Boy. What can Mama do for you Hunt-for-My-Cunt?"

"I want to see your cunt, your tits. I fuck'in want to shoot all over them." He hunched his shoulders and dropped his head to stare in her lap as if he might see the pussy he spoke of. He felt he was about to cum.

"Stop stroking yourself, my little Cunter. The waitress is coming over to take a drink order. Really I think she suspects what you are doing. Do you want to tell her what you are doing, doing for Mistress Melanie, your Mistress Melanie. Tell her when it is time." Melanie looked up to greet the waitress. Hunter, both hands now on the table, hung his head not looking up. Melanie spoke.

"Dee, another Bloody Mary and a beer. Did Cici tell you what is going on here? Do you want my new friend Hunter to tell you?" Cici smiled knowingly and addressed Hunter. "Yeah, tell me Hunter what are you doing?" Without looking up, Hunter whispered hoarsely, "I'm jacking-off for Mistress Melanie. I want to cum for her." Under the table his cock involuntarily jumped as he mouthed the words with total sincerity, a sincerity that surprised him.

Dee knew much more than Melanie first led him to believe. "Mistress Melanie likes it when her Babies eat their cum for her. Are you going to eat your cum for your Mistress, Hunter?" Both women looked at him. He looked up, looked into Melanie's eyes and said, "Yes Mistress." He shocked himself. He'd not been down this road before and he was wantonly moving forward at breakneck speed.

"Play with your cock, but don't stroke it yet. Play with your pee-slit with your index finger. Widen your pee-hole; push your fingertip in the hole. Squeeze your balls with your other hand at the same time. You pre-cum will start to flow. I want Cici to watch you eat your cum for the first time." Melanie looked over, caught Cici's eye and beckoned her over.

"So, my Melanie, I can see you've got yourself a new Cum-Boy." Cici slid in next to Hunter, look into his lap and sighed. "Big nut-sac! Ol'Hunter's, gun 'a shoot you quite the load. Can I help him get there?" Mistress Melanie nodded, keeping her eyes locked on Hunter's. "Yes my little Bitch, you can hurt him. He'll like it. Tear his nipples up until he shoots in his hand. Maybe I share him with you." Cici gave Melanie an adoring look Hunter would only later come to understand.

Cici reached inside Hunter's shirt, grabbed his right nipple between two painted fingernails and pinched so hard he was forced to whimper. Mistress Melanie spoke, "Nasty Cum-Eater, I knew you'd like the pain, I could see it in your eyes. Now you can jack-off for Mama. Do it fast! I want you to shoot big." Cici looked at Melanie and really worked at Hunter's tit. She didn't look at Hunter or his cock. She looked into the eyes of her Mistress. She wanted Melanie's approval. She got it along with a moan from Hunter.

"Oh my little sluts, you both want it don't you. You want to cum in front of me, in public. Anything to make your Mistress happy. Go ahead Cici; pull down your shorts and those pink panties you wear for all to see. Spread your dripping cunt wide; show me your throbbing asshole below it. Tilt it up, show me. I want your whole hand in your pussy before he comes. Work on yourself Baby. Cum for me." Melanie still had her eyes locked on Hunter's. His mouth gaped open, his eyes were unwavering.

"Don't your waste a drop Hunter, or I'll punish you. Hell, I'll punish you anyway. But, if you waste any of that cum, you'll cheat Cici out of desert. Tell me when you are about to cum. I want Dee to see you shoot." Hunter groaned, "Mistress, Mistress Mel, I'm ready, ready."

"Stroke slower now, wait for Dee." Melanie waved the waitress over. "He's ready. Watch him dribble. Lean back now Hunter. Show us what you have." Dribble? Hunter pushed back against the booth seat and fully exposed his slowly jerking hand. His cock had swelled to larger proportions than he could recall. He was throwing his hips upward as his spasm approached. He felt like he was going to blow sky-high.

Cici was whimpering. She wanted Melanie's attention. She shoved four fingers and a thumb deep into her own twat, her wrist ringed by a band of thick vaginal mucus. She too pumped her hips skyward and she twisted full circles around Hunter's nipple with sharp fingernails. She let loose a sensual string, "Fuck, Fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh, Fuck." The waitress never stopped looking at Cici. This was her attraction.

Melanie saw that the time was right; she spoke in a manner that told both Hunter and Cici she was speaking directly to each of them, "Stop."

Both seemed shocked, but both obeyed. Cici began to slowly squirt her female jism all over the seat. A stream of clear liquid pooled on the red plastic between her spread legs. Melanie didn't look but whispered, "Good Little Slut, let it run for me." Dee dropped her hands to the tabletop; spread her own legs and her knees buckled slightly. She came, too.

Then as she continued to look into Hunter's eyes, she spoke, "Just let it ooze Hunter. Let your cum run into your cupped palm." He did and it poured. He had never cum like this before. He shook a couple of times as the flow subsided. "Now, suck the cum into your mouth while I watch. Take it all in."

Hunter kept looking at the new Mistress he knew would control his life from this point forward. He'd do anything to please her. He'd eat his own cum. He took a huge glob into his mouth.

Melanie watched and he was certain he read pleasure in her eyes, on her face. "Now, share your cum with my baby, Cici." Hunter turned, breaking eye-contact with Mistress Melanie for the first time since this event began. He pressed his lips to Cici's as she sat beside him. With force, he blew his cum into her mouth and felt her shake as an orgasm worked through her. She bent her head back, swallowed, and said, Mistress!" Hunter dropped his head and whispered the same. He now knew what he was and for whom.

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