tagIncest/TabooHS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 06

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 06


It was after 1pm when I got up the next day. My head was spinning, not from being sick, but from the wild night of fucking I had just experienced. My black principal Mr. Jeffers was gone when I got up. I totally missed school and as I lay back in my bed thoughts of the night washed over me. The night started with me getting fucked by Mr. Jeffers in his office for four hours straight, by his huge, black, punishing cock, than coming back to my house to humiliate my father and fuck in front of him, to being so turned onto my father that I wanted to fuck him more than any man in the world. Twisted you say?...Well welcome to Beverly Hills!

As I lay in bed I thought about the strained relationship between my father and I throughout the years and how it changed so drastically last night. The thought about his amazing skills at making me cum, adding the fact that he had a huge, 12 inch cock, had me going insane with lust.

Suddenly, I was instantly turned on again, imagining how my sexy father drove me wild and made me cum, greater than any guy I fucked ever had. I was squirming in bed at the thought of how enormous he was and how amazing he felt inside my pussy, the few moments we got to fuck. As I played with my nipples and pussy, I reached for my cell and called my father. I was so thrilled to hear his voice and immediately told him how much I missed him and how much he turned me on and drove me insane.

He said he was afraid I might change my mind about him, because of being lost in the moment of last night, but he said he was so glad that I hadn't changed my mind. He said he was also so surprised at how I changed my attitude towards him, especially after all the years of being at odds with him.

"That was way before I knew you had such a huge cock and that just your kiss could make me cum baby," I moaned as I played w/my burning cunt. My father had to leave to drive my grandfather (he was his personal chauffer) to a meeting. Before we hung-up the phone I told him how much I couldn't wait to fuck him this coming weekend when my mother went away.

"Baby, this is a dream come true for me. I've wanted to fuck you for so long. Your gorgeous body has driven me crazy Allison," he said in a deep sexy voice that made me cum.

"Oh god baby, I can't wait to have that huge cock of yours deep inside my pussy. After I felt that huge cock inside me for a few minutes, it's all I could think about. I can't wait till that bitch (my mother) is gone so that we could start our fuck," I groaned as I continued to cum.

"Oh god. Me too baby," my father groaned, and exploded himself.

The week was crawling by at a snail's pace. It seemed like every second of the day, all I could think about was my father coming back from New York on Friday and spending the entire weekend intimately fucking like two sex starved lovers. All I could think about was the two of us spending every second of the weekend together, playing with each other, kissing and turning each other on, and fucking non-stop.

This all happened because of the night my black Principal came into my house and fucked me in front of my father. It started out with me wanting to tease my father, but ended up with him and I spending an hour of overheated intimacy together, which was prompted by my Principal when he left the room. In that hour I realized that my father had a huge cock, 12 inches and as fat around as a beer can. I also learned that he was an amazing kisser and gave the greatest head I ever had. The way he ate my pussy and made me cum was unlike any other guy, or girl ever did. The night that Mr. Jeffers came to our house and made my father and I get intimate with each other, opened the genie bottle of lust for the two of us.

Even in my classes at High School, all I could think about was how incredibly sexy my father was, and how he drove me wild the night I came back to our house with my black Principal (See previous stories). I couldn't stop thinking about the way my father turned me on with his touch, and especially the way he kissed me, and how he made me cum so intensely over and over, just by kissing me and his amazing touch. My father made my body explode in ways no one ever has, and I was going wild with lust as I counted down the days that we would be fucking.

My father had me crawling out of my skin that night and I couldn't wait to finally start our long, overdue fuck. I was never this horny, or excited to fuck anyone in my life, including my huge cocked black principal, or my boyfriend's enormously, huge- cocked father. The only other time I would feel this kind of lust, crazed state-of-mind, would be when I finally got to fuck my wealthy, and very powerful grandfather, who had a tireless 14 inch cock that was unmatched by any man I had or would ever fuck.

The wait to fuck my sexy father was driving me insane. Thinking about him and his huge cock was all consuming for me. I needed to fuck him and his huge cock as much as I needed to breath. As I said, it all started with my Principal and I fucking right in front of my father, as a way to ultimately humiliate him, from all the years of me teasing him, because I had virtually no respect for him as a man, but the wild night turned into something I never would have believed. It ended with my father and I being so turned on to each other, and so hungry for each other, desperate to fuck.

All the years of me taunting my father and being a real bitch to him were erased by his incredible skills at driving my body insane, and making me hotter than ever. He turned me on more than any other boyfriend or guy I ever fucked ever had. My father had ways of just touching my body or kissing me that made me shudder and cum, in the most mind-blowing waves. Just the ways he would run his hands slowly over my ass, or the way he would run his fingertips around the edges of my bud-like nipples, barely brushing against the sides as he circled each one, would make me moan and cum. So, here I was after all these years of not having an ounce of respect for my father, teasing him at every opportunity, to now, at a place where I now couldn't wait to fuck him.

During the week I'd rush home from school after cheerleading practice, shower, then change into something real sexy, like short, see-thru teddies with thigh high stockings and a skimpy thong and high heels, or a naughty garter set with different types of sheer, strapless bras and pumps. I was trying on different outfits to decide on the one to wear to greet my father at the door in when he came home from New York. In the shower I was so hot imagining my father being in there with me, kissing and playing with each other as we washed each other sensually, then fucked like lovers that hungered each other. I imagined how he would bend me forward and press me against the glass door as he ate my ass and pussy, and how I wound squat down and suck his beautiful, and shockingly big, 12 inch cock.

I was going crazy, and couldn't wait to be my sexy fathers lover. I wanted to look absolutely sexy for him when he walked in the house. I wanted to wear a sinful outfit, like something I used to wear when I'd tease him, but this time I wanted to wear something that would let him know I was going to fuck him.

After the shower I dressed in a sinful outfit and called him and we talked about how we couldn't wait to be together. The conversation always got real hot as we told each other how we couldn't wait to fuck each other. Just hearing his voice would make me instantly wet, as I imagined everything he did to my body the night my black Principal came to the house. At one point in a conversation I was standing in front of my floor- length mirror in black thigh high stockings attached to a bustier with long garter straps attached. I had on a pair of classic black high heel pumps that made me look real hot.

The bustier was a cut-out style which exposed my nude 36DD tits. I took a picture on my camera phone and sent it to him. He went wild and began telling me that he couldn't wait to get his hands and mouth on me. He began telling me how he was going to eat my delicious ass for hours and then how he was going to suck on my beautiful hanging pussy lips. He told me how he was going to cup my beautiful, big tits, and suck each nipple until I came.

As he talked to me in his sexy, hot voice, I was bent over the dresser and had two fingers buried in my pussy. As I finger-fucked myself, I imagined all the things my father said he was going to do to me, and when I told him how I was standing and what I was doing to my pussy as I thought about him, he said he couldn't wait to get behind me and slow fuck me as he cupped my big sexy tits and kissed my neck, as he ran his fingers along the edge of my stockings.

Just hearing this and imagining it, especially his skilled fingers running over my thigh high stockings made me cum instantly. After I came I told him that I couldn't wait to feel his huge, sexy cock explode inside my pussy. "Oh God, I wish you were here fucking me right now baby," I said, knowing he was stroking off thinking about our long overdue fuck. "Oh god baby, I can't wait to feel your great, big, beautiful cock fucking my pussy," I said in a heated voice, as I listened to him groaning, telling me he couldn't wait to fuck me.

I needed to make him cum. I told him I wanted him to cum for me. When I said, "Oh baby, that's it. Cum inside me baby. Cum inside you're daughters horny young 18 year old pussy baby. Cum inside the pussy you've wanted to fuck for years baby. Fill it with your big hot load. Fill it baby,"

He groaned like a deep roar and shot his load. After he came I told him that I couldn't wait to make him cum for me.

During the week I would run into my mother, who was constantly on the go, rushing to some country club or another with her various wealthy Beverly Hills crowd. One night she was dressed in the shortest mini dress with nude stockings and black high heel pumps. The dress showed every inch of her tapered legs, right up to the bottom of her ass. The dress had a plunging front and open back.

She said she was going to dinner with an old friend, then going to the club for drinks and that she would be staying at her friends over night, and then she would be leaving for the airport the next day. I was laughing at her inside, because I knew she was going to meet my boyfriend at her favorite hotel in the Hills. I knew they were going to fuck because my boyfriend had told me that he was going to be out that night with friends and would be staying at one of their houses that night.

I didn't press him, partially because I really didn't care, but mostly because it gave me the time to pick out the sexiest, most perfect outfit I'd wear when I greeted my father at the door the next night.

After days of trying on what seemed like a hundred different sexy outfits, each highlighting every sexy inch of my body, I finally decided on meeting my lover at the door in all white. I bought a sheer transparent white, lace bustier that came down to the top of my stomach. The top was a very sheer strapless, half-bra style that showed the full, round tops of my tits, and allowed my big, wide nipples to show right through.

I selected it because, I knew my nipples would be aching to be sucked the moment I walked to open the door for my father. My nipples were aching all week, imagining my father expertly sucking and licking them the way he did the night my black Principal fucked me at our house. I was going insane, just thinking about my father and I fucking this weekend. I wanted him to see how turned on I was for him, and knew that seeing my huge nipples through the sheer, white material would have the desired effect.

What I liked about wearing the short bustier was that it showed my tight stomach, and because the garter straps attached to it were a lot longer than if I had worn a waist-type of garter belt. I knew the attached garter to the bustier would make me look even sexier, naughtier, and more nude, because of the extra-long straps. The extra-long look of the garter straps, gave me a naughty, and very sinful look. I knew my father would really be turned on seeing the long garter straps running down the sides of my thighs before they attached to my sheer, white stockings. I had a real narrow thong that just covered my pussy lips and disappeared between my ass cheeks.

I decided to wear a pair of closed toe, white, high heel pumps instead of the open toe pair I had. I wanted to save the open toe pair for when we were out by the pool, or if my father and I went to dinner the next night. After deciding on wearing all white I had a devilish thought to wear a wedding veil. I became curious about my mothers wedding dress and went into her storage room in our house and found the box labeled 'wedding dress.' In the top of the box was her wedding veil. I knew that this would be the perfect touch to add to my hot garter outfit.

I decided to take the next day off from school and spend the day getting ready for my fathers return. I went to the nail parlor and had my finger and toes done, then went to the hair salon and hand my long blond hair styled. I went to the lingerie store and bought six pairs of new stockings in different shades, some to attach to a garter belt, and some that were elastic top thigh highs. I knew that I'd be wearing a lot of different outfits throughout the weekend to keep my fatter hot for me, and wanted to have enough stockings.

In the afternoon I laid my outfit out on my bed. It looked so sexy seeing the white veil next to my garter outfit I then took a nice, hot bath, and as I soaked I imagined my father and I finally being alone together. In the past when we were alone, I would tease him and taunt him by wearing the sexiest of outfits, but now everything changed, and now the weekend was all about the two of us fucking.

When I was in the tub, my cell rang and my pussy instantly got wet when I saw that it was my father. When I answered he said that he had just gotten into the airport on my grandfathers private jet and would be home in a just over an hour. He said he couldn't wait to have me all to himself this weekend. I told him that I was in the tub, and that I was going crazy thinking about him and I finally being together. I told him I wished he was here with me in the hot tub, and that I couldn't wait to see him. He told me that I was all he thought about and that he couldn't wait to see me. "Oh god, I want you to fuck me so bad baby," I said lustfully, as I played with my aching nipples, then my rock hard clit. "I can't wait to finally have that huge, cock of yours buried deep inside me again baby. God, I can't wait to fuck every inch of it" I said in a hot voice as he groaned saying he couldn't wait to fuck me.

"I'm going to slow fuck your beautiful pussy all night baby. Your bodies all I thought about this week," he said in a deep, sexy voice that made me cum.

When I got out of the tube, I lotioned my body and sprayed on some perfume. I then went to my bedroom and began getting dressed. After I put on my bustier I rolled my stockings up my long tapered legs. My body was on fire, consumed with lust, as I thought of the long, overdue fuck I was finally going to have with my sexy father. I couldn't wait to have him between my legs, fucking me for hours with his skilled 12 inch cock, as we looked into each other's eyes, and kissed with passion and hunger. I imagined all the different ways I would ride his huge, horny cock, as I squatted over him in my high heel pumps, lifting my tight pussy up and down every delicious inch.

After I attached the long garter straps to my stockings I stepped into my white pumps. As I dressed I felt so incredibly sexy knowing I was dressing for my father, dressing to turn him on, dressing to fuck him. It was so different than all the times I dressed to go out with my boyfriend or another guy. I was hotter than I have ever been, knowing that it was my father I was dressing this sexy for.

I know I used to dress sexy to tease him and drive him crazy. Those were the times I had deep-seeded resentment towards him. That was before I knew what an amazing lover he was and before I knew he had an enormous, foot-long cock. I was now getting turned on with each new item I put on. Getting hotter by the second, knowing my sexy father and I were going to be lovers soon.

When I looked in the floor length mirror and saw how the long garters looked against my skin, I felt so wicked, so sinful. I then put on the almost non-existent string thong and when I turned to the side to see it disappear between my firm ass cheeks, a chill went up my spine. I then put on the finishing touch, my mothers wedding veil. At that moment my heart began to pound, as the doorbell rang.

It was finally going to happen I thought to myself. When I looked at myself in the mirror dressed like a girl on her wedding day, I said in a soft sexy voice," Time to go greet my sexy father. It's time to finally fuck each other," I added hotly as I walked out of my bedroom.

As I walked out of my bedroom I smirked thinking it would be the last time that weekend I would sleep in my bed. As I walked down the marble staircase I looked to the side and could not believe how sexy and wanton I looked as my outfit reflected off the mirrored walls. The clicking of my high heels filled the staircase and the foyer with the sexy sounds of lust and passion. My bud-like nipples were aching as my hands turned the door knob. As soon as my father and I laid eyes on each other, we knew that this was going to be a weekend that we would remember for the rest of our lives.

As my father took in the sight of my body dressed in my white garter outfit, and my wedding veil, I was looking at the sexiest man I'd ever seen. My body was on fire as he looked over every inch of me, from my white pumps, up my stocking covered legs to the long garter straps attached to my bustier, then over my big 36DD tits. I was so turned on by his chiseled face, and his sexy, slender physique, and his deep penetrating blue eyes.

"You are the sexiest fucking thing I have ever seen Allison," my father said hotly. He then took me into his arms and pushed the veil to the side and we began kissing in the most passionate way I have ever experienced. So soon as our lips met our tongues started to snake and flick against each other's, causing sparks to go off inside my pussy.

During our heated kiss, I couldn't stop moaning for a second, as the tips of our tongues met in small slow-moving spirals for a few minutes, before the pace of the flicking increased. As our tongues met, our breathing began to get deeper, and more intense, until our mouths were sealed firmly against each other's. Just the tip of my fathers tongue against mine was sending shock waves deep into my already turned on, soaking pussy. After ten minutes I felt my fathers hands run along the length of my garter straps. Feeling his fingers against my skin and along the material of the lace, garter straps drove me wild with lust. He was taking his time with me, taking his time and it was driving me wild.

The feel of his finger tips on my skin then on my garters was making me crazy. This caused me to moan as I thought back a week ago when he drove me wild with lust. Once again, I knew that this was a man who knew how to really fuck.

For the next ten minutes we continued to kiss. It was the sexiest kiss ever. We kissed in the open foyer, not even caring who saw us, with the foyer door wide open, as my father than ran his hand across my ass, and over the long straps of my garters. With just his hands on my ass, and his lips skillfully kissing my neck I groaned as I felt my pussy spasm.

"Oh fuck, you are turning me on like crazy baby," I moaned heatedly, as he ran his hands over my firm ass cheeks, pulling my thong away from my ass then letting go of it as it snapped back into place, between my sexy ass cheeks. Even this was his way of turning me on. "Ohhh fuck, I moaned from the skill my father had. He knew just what to do to make me crazy. I could not believe that this was the same man I used to think was spineless and had no ambition, the man I resented all these years.

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